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Sports Betting in Delaware
Soccer Will Be Legal: TBD
Football Will Be Legal: TBD
Ice Hockey Will Be Legal: TBD
Basketball Will Be Legal: TBD
The current status of sports betting in Delaware is an interesting one. Betting in land casinos is permitted since 2018, and there has been a very positive reaction to the law change. The current litigation is concerning taking this sports betting to the online medium. There is widespread support for such a move, and the people of Delaware have fully endorsed the new bill that came from the Supreme Court. Read more below about the specific laws on gambling in the sections below. You can also give a chance to other states, of course, and check the sports betting opportunities in Indiana.

Gambling Laws in Delaware

The laws regarding Delaware sports betting and gambling overall are incredibly relaxed when compared to the harsh restrictions placed on gamblers in many other states. The Delaware government has sympathy for the efforts of legalising gambling, both in house, and online. For the current time, punters can visit the few licensed land-based casinos within the state and place their sports bets within the premises of the casinos. There is an abundance of other forms of gambling to be enjoyed within these building, with poker tables, cards and various types of slots and casino games to be enjoyed.

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Most Popular Sports in Delaware

There is a strong base of people who enjoy watching and playing sports within the state of Delaware. For the most part, elite level clubs do not have a strong representation here, and most of the attention for sports teams is placed on the local college, who have several teams across a few sports competing in the top division of the NCAA.

NCAA – University of Delaware Soccer

The men’s soccer team at the University of Delaware have been fairly successful in recent years. With a combined effort to recruit local talent and push more into the funding of grassroots clubs a couple of years ago, they are now beginning to see the benefits, with most of the roster in this year’s first-team squad originating from local high-schools. This is a testament to the spirit of Delaware. Тhey want to foster talent that is close to home and enable the university to be an opportunity and ambition for so many young and promising soccer players.

NCAA – University of Delaware Football

College football is one of the biggest prides of any NCAA Division 1 university, and Delaware is no different. With a highly skilled and talented head coach, they have managed to bolster the successes on the pitch over the past decade. Winning several state bowls, sending players into the NFL, and getting various awards for high performing players individually. If you want to catch a game, head down to the huge university stadium or catch them live on ESPN throughout most of the day.

ACHA Division 1 – University of Delaware Ice Hockey

The Delaware University Ice Hockey team are incredibly successful. The team have enjoyed a solid season and currently recruiting from the vast pool of talent in local high-schools, outside the state, and international players. Quality performances on the Ice have ensured that this team is very well funded. It has excellent facilities for training and matches, and have a full team of staff from physios to coaches that are fully dedicated to the welfare and improvement of this squad.

NCCA – Delaware State Hornets

Delaware State University men’s basketball team also compete in the highest tier of college basketball pyramid. With such a strong representation in the basketball of top college teams around the country, it is no surprise that this team produce some exceptionally talented players who in many cases go on to play in the NBA. With such an extensive reach, this basketball team attracts large funding and can play in an incred

History of Sports Betting in Delaware

Betting in this state was recently given a significant boost by the supreme court declaration making all forms of sports betting legal under the eyes of the Federal Government. The states have the right to determine for themselves whether to follow or not. This has sent shockwaves across the political fabric of the United States and given the tumultuous past that the gambling history of Delaware has, it is no wonder why the situation is tense.

Delaware Sports Betting History
1933 The Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission and the Harness Racing Commission are formed to regulate legal horse racing and betting in the state.
1937 The first legal betting racetrack opens, called Delaware Park.
1974 The Delaware Lottery is legalized and opens business, providing funds for the state.
2018 The first full sports bets are officially accepted in June 2018. Delaware is the first state to legalise full online sports betting.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Delaware

The legal situation in Delaware for various vices that are largely enjoyed by the general public is detailed in this section below. For marijuana usage, the state has decriminalised its usage, and has regulated the sale of medical marijuana at shops with a license. Alcohol consumption has always been strictly prohibited in individuals below the age of 21 and this is a law that is steadfast cemented into the legal fabric of the United States. As we previously mentioned, sports betting has been legalised for punters heading into the casino.

  • Sports Betting Age
    Sports Betting is legal in licensed venues and casinos for 21+ years.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal age for drinking alcohol in Delaware is 21+
  • Marijuana Age
    Marijuana was decriminalised in 2015, and the sale of medical marijuana is permitted.

Online sports betting is in the process of being fully legalised in Delaware. It surely won’t be long before we can look at the situation here and understand that there is a fundamental desire to get the legislation through the litigation process. In the future, we expect to see some further enhancement and growth of the online side of the sports betting business within this state. Fans of sports betting online need only to jump a short distance to New Jersey, and they can enjoy the full benefits that the liberalised version of the state law can bring.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

We are always hesitant to check our tax return statements; it is a difficult time. There are a few things to consider, however with gambling and any potential tax levy that is placed upon the winnings you make. You will not be eligible to pay taxes on the winnings you receive from gambling in Delaware, but the bookmaker, and or casino may charge you a small percentage to cover their tax obligations. This is sometimes factored into the odds on the sportsbook, or it is factored into the bet slip, and you can see the amount that is being taken, usually in the region of 5%.

Upcoming Changes in Sports Betting Law

There are many proposed improvements to the sports betting situation in Delaware. We need only see the last 12 months of political activity as evidence of the motivation for change. The state has taken significant steps to full legalisation, and neighbouring states that have already themselves legalised online sports betting, it won’t be long before Delaware joins the exclusive club of states that have sensible laws and attitudes on sports betting.

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