Yggdrasil Slots Guide 2021 – Best Online Yggdrasil Slots

Yggdrasil is one of the most important companies in the entire online casino industry and has played a very important role in it. When compared to others, this is at a much higher level, which is understandable due to the quality of its games slots that have been developing since its creation in 2013. If you want to try Yggdrasil slots free, their games have demo versions.


What does Yggdrasil develop?

It is very likely that you already know this company, especially if you have already played in an online casino. This is very innovative when it comes to your games. In addition to creating incredible slots for both smartphones and computers, this company also develops scratch cards and video lotteries, two types of games that few companies develop. It is important to know that your games are all created with great care so that the result is an excellent game that many people can play wherever and whenever they want.

How to find Yggdrasil games?

If you are interested in playing one of the Yggdrasil video slots you can do so in the various casinos with which this company works, which are quite a lot. Their games are available in over 60 online casinos, so you can find one without any difficulties and very quickly, so you can start playing right away. When you enter a casino you will be able to search for the games by the company that develops them, that is, you will only have to indicate Yggdrasil games slots as a supplier and then you will be able to access their games. And as said before, you can try through a demo to play Yggdrasil slots free.

Yggdrasil Game Slots:

Yggdrasil is known for its very original games, with crisp, high-quality graphics, creative bonus features, good performance, and interesting and compelling core ideas. As the company presents itself, its games are designed to provide maximum performance with short lead times for any device, including mobile phones and tablets. The sound effects of their games are also exceptional. As well as graphics and diversity of themes.

Which are the best Yggdrasil game slots?

This opinion may vary from person to person, but in our opinion the best Yggdrasil game slots are:

  • Sunny Shores
  • Vikings go to Hell
  • Dwarf Mine
  • Penguin City
  • Valley Of The Gods
  • Vikings Go Berzerk
  • Cazino Zeppelin
  • Spina Colada
  • Dark Vortex
  • Golden Fish Tank
  • Hanzo’s Dojo
  • Legend of the White Snake Lady

The latest titles released by Yggdrasil include Dwarf Mine (a slot with magnificent sound effects and graphics, allowing you to open even more pay lines!), Champions of Rome (where the player is taken into the Coliseum to experience the game) and Cazino Cosmos (an extension of the well-known Cazino Zeppelin slot).

More notable titles, like the Jokerizer, have a clearer interface for the player, with classic fruits, and a clown-like Joker. The Magic Mushrooms slot offers an experience full of magic and charm – as much as psychedelic, why not?! – In both quality sound effects, they elevate the experience of the slot for the player.

Other titles, like Fruitoids and Robotnik, have clear HD graphics. Of course, almost all of them have features like Free Spins and Wild Symbols, which add a lot of credibilities.

You may wonder why we highlighted three Yggdrasil games slots from the list, the answer is simple, we will provide you a review of them!

What do we think about Dwarf Mine?

One of Yggdrasil’s releases, from March 2019, dwarves are digging a mine full of prizes and bonuses! Dwarf Mine is a Yggdrasil video slot full of details, sounds, and graphics that impress by quality – which is typical of Yggdrasil since we first met it.

A different line expansion feature is the key point of this Yggdrasil video slot and the one that makes it stand out from the other launches at the moment. What are you waiting to dig for these prizes with the friendly dwarves and discover relics and different objects?!

Dwarf Mine ™ slot features

Dwarf Mine starts with 5 reels x 4 lines, and 1024 different pay lines, however, due to its Expanding Reels expansion mechanics, this slot game can offer up to 16,807 ways for the player to win! While the player is hitting combinations, Dwarf Mine expands two more lines, increasing the player’s chance of winning!

There are two bonus options when playing Dwarf Mine:

  • The standard bonus where the slot itself gives 10 free spins as the game flows;
  • Free Spins, where the player wins 5 free spins with symbols of higher values ​​than normal.

The Expanding Reels feature is obtained through in-game bonus symbols, a symbol in silver, blue and orange. The player needs a bonus symbol to appear on the first, third or fifth reel, and when that happens, the column in question expands by one position. The player can obtain up to 3 extra positions with symbols in each column. The feature can eventually bring up to 16,807 ways to win.

As for the free spins, to reach this stage of the game, the player needs bonus symbols appearing at the same time, on three of the reels. This gives you 10 free spins, where Expanding Reels or “reel expansion” are of any size, with 7 symbols each. The new lines that will expand and the player can also receive collectible icons. Once the player gets five identical symbols, this will trigger 5 free spins, but with higher value symbols.

The biggest victory that can be obtained in this game will be worth 3,904.2x the bet of the round made.

Penguin City ™ slot analysis:

We must prepare you to face this unique slot developed by Yggdrasil, as these penguins are not for fun, or… They are too much! In the middle of a dirty Chinese restaurant, Emperor Penguin is forcing some penguins to work for him for long and demanding hours. The goal behind this slot is to help the little penguins to escape the evil Emperor’s clutches.

Features like Win Both Ways, Stacked Wilds, and a curious Escape Mode, make this slot one of the most fun we’ve ever tested! What are you waiting for to know what we have to show you about this slot?

Penguin City ™ slot features:

Penguin City is a 5 reel x 3 line slot that pays both right to left and left to right, the famous feature Win Both Ways, and with 243 different pay lines.

Its symbols include the classic symbols of diamonds, hearts, sticks, and playing cards, as well as food symbols such as kitchen knives, bowls of noodle soup, pots full of soup, bottles of soy sauce and boxes of noodles, which are the highest paid symbols.

There is also a Wild symbol, which can stop only on the second and fourth rolls. Wilds that accumulate during a hit become Sticky Wilds for the next spin. If players win in any Wild, the penguin’s Escape or Escape Mode is activated.

Escape Mode from Penguin City

If the player forms a winning combination with a Wild during the game, this will also activate the Penguin Escape Mode feature. The scenario will change and the player will enter another blue and (even dirtier) universe, and see the penguins lined up to the left of the reels. Each of the friendly penguins will try to escape with every spin they fire unless the Emperor appears!

Min/max bet, jackpot, RTP and volatility

With a minimum bet of €0.10 and a maximum of €125.00 per round, this friendly slot has low volatility, which means more regular payments, but not so appetizing values. The Return to Player percentage is around 96%. The maximum you can win from Penguin City is 1,647x your stake in each round.

Dark Vortex slot analysis

A dark online slot launched by Yggdrasil for Halloween 2018 is promising everyone an amazing experience in the gaming world! It’s the cursed Dark Vortex. This slot game is governed by the black forces of online games, which will hold the attention of players, who they considered to be one of the best slots of 2018 ever launched by Yggdrasil.

The reason for being one of the best slots ever launched on the market is not only in the innovative and intriguing design, which is surrounded by dark creatures and monsters that have emerged from the depths; but the buy-a-bonus feature, which allows players to buy their way straight to the Vortex portal. The feature can be purchased by sacrificing x80 the stake, which will automatically take you to the Free Spins feature.

Dark Vortex is a Win all Ways slot, which means that the chances of winning are the same, either to the left or to the right, thus doubling the possibilities.

Bonuses in the Dark Vortex slot game

Dark Vortex is a very promising slot for more experienced players. It is not very complicated to understand and play, and you can count on the great bonus possibilities presented by Yggdrasil.

When entering as a new player in one of the casinos that offer Dark Vortex, you can receive a bonus of up to 200% over the deposited amount.

Minimum / maximum bets, RTP, volatility and maximum gain in Dark Vortex

Dark Vortex is very broad regarding the minimum and maximum bet amounts. You can start betting with just €0.10 and reach €50 per round.

The theoretical RTP is 96.5% and rises to 97% when the player chooses to buy the buy-a-bonus feature. Volatility varies from medium to high, with potential payouts of 7,318 times the stake when using the free spins feature.

The originality of the Dark Vortex slot is undoubtedly impressive. The feeling is that the player is really in the game, in addition to the great chances of winning that the slot presents with the great novelty presented by the unique buy-a-bonus function, to attract lovers of slot games.

The passion for games

If you have always enjoyed playing at online casinos and if you like those games, then you share the same passion as Yggdrasil. That is why the team behind this company develops its games carefully: so that it is possible to have a perfect and very attractive result. For this, it is necessary that the team likes what they do and is effective in doing it, and at Yggdrasil, this is completely true. They have a team full of professionals who make a difference when they are developing a game and this can be seen in the final product. Yggdrasil has a huge passion for what it does and that is why it will become more popular around the world, not least because besides enjoying what they do, they are excellent at doing it.

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