Slot Machine Myths

Nowadays, the options in entertainment activities have become endless. Video games, series, and, in general, the Internet, are some of the things we do most during our daily free time trying to avoid obligations.

What are the most common Slot Machine myths and facts?

However, despite of the fact that the technological advances in the network are more than notorious, there is an activity whose origins dates back to the 19th century, which today continues being one of the favorites: The slot machine. What has the slot machine that still retains its popularity intact?


Once upon in San Francisco, between 1887 and 1895, Charles Fey devised an automatic mechanism that was the precursor of the current slot machine. Meanwhile, on 1891 in New York, Sittman and Pit brought to light another automatic machine that consisted of a poker game.

Both expanded rapidly through all pubs, throughout the United States and finally throughout the planet, evolving and modernizing until reaching a design as complex as infallible.

Notwithstanding from its invention to the present, the slot machines and their operation, their failures or the personal experiences of each user, remain subject to many false hoaxes or myths, some of which we will try to develop and explain:

  1. Each move on a slot machine is completely random and has no relation to previous or future moves. The operation is carried out of a system known as RNG (Random Number Generator) that starts on each play.
  2. The temperature of the coins has no relation to getting more money. Exactly as in the previous case, the only thing that dictates the results in each game is chance.
  3. Casinos or pubs cannot intervene in the money earned by any user. In addition to being ilegal to change the RNG system in gaming venues, in case of online casinos the RNG is visible to everyone, which makes it very transparent. Being able to modify it is also very complicated: it is the game developer who programs the payment percentages through software and then stores it in a non-volatile random accessmemory (NVRAM).
  4. Online casinos are exactly as safe as traditional casinos. The reality is that online casinos are subject to the jurisdiction like tradicional casinos and currently there are agencies that are responsable for identifying the legal operators of those who do not.

Probably the reason why there are so many beliefs, prejudices or insecurities around slot machines is because, as in all life in general, the risk of chance produces fear.

But, also as in the rest of life, true things only come when someone takes a chance to get them.

This doesn´t mean that the right thing to play with slot machines is to be informed and consult with professionals or people who work in the game places. We have already commented that chance is what prevails when we play this type of machines, but knowing how to use them is important if at any time you want to have a reward.

It is definitely not impossible to get gains playing with slot machines. Sometimes take time to happen, but there are numerous occasions when lucky people have won prizes. One of the most famous cases was that of a Finish player who in 2013 bet 25 cents and won the biggest jackpot in history with 18 million euros.

In short, the halo of mystery that surrounds slot machines is full of false myths, but it is that mystery that makes many people around the world feel attracted to try there machines. Anyways, if you feel like having a fun time, learn more about everything you´ve always read about slot machines and, hopefully make money, our recommendation is to try an occasion.

And if you are interested in knowing more curious facts about the world of betting, gaming machines and differences between different parts of the world, we hope you read our following articles.

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