The Best 5 Online Farm Slots That Will Earn You Real Cash

Farm slots come incorporated with farm animals and crop themes. In addition, the farm casino slots will give players awesome rewards.

Different people have different preferences for online slots, but everyone would be excited to have a slot game that suits their current mood and liking.

Farm slots

If you like to have a farm theme slot game, then you must be looking for the best one out there. There are also several factors that you must consider when selecting the best farm slots.

Another concern that you might be having is whether the farm slots offer real money. I am sure you might be excited to know how you can make more money from an online farm slot.

Luckily, this is a detailed guide that will cover most of your questions about farm casino slots. We are also going to review the best online farm slots that you can try.

The list of top farm slots is based on innovation used, color use, general rewards, and bonuses. Check them out.

1. The Cash Cow Farm

This is a beautiful 3D game that is a great online farm slot. The free farm slot features five reels and 45 pay lines slots. If you’re prepared to make money from the Cash Cow Farm slot, then you’re going to enjoy endless riches from the fun farm-themed online farm casino slot machine.

The game inspires all players from all over the world through exciting fresh farm twists. This also makes them change their mind and go for a farming career, which offers greater rewards and satisfaction.

The Cash Cow Farm allows players to participate in day-to-day farming activities across 45 pay lines farm slots. When players add new skills, they are able to progress across the five reels.

Since farming is labor-intensive, Cash Cow Farm has a helping hand because the farmer has his wife and daughter. In addition to base their adorable lease piglets and farm dogs which makes the whole gaming experience to be fun and entertaining.

There is nothing as exciting as a harvesting time. It gets even better in Cash Cow Farm because of the rewards that the player gets. There is an assortment of bonus features as well as spins. In the Cash Cow Farm casino slots, one spin can pay 4000 coins.

The following are the features of a Cash Cow Farm that makes it a very exciting free farm slots.

The Cash Cow Farm is packed with various features such as multipliers, wilds, harvest moon, scatters, cash prices, re-spins, and many more.

Cash Cow Wilds

In this farm casino slots, there is a wild scarecrow, which increases the payout due to its perfect combination. The scarecrow protects the harvest and also substitutes for all symbols except the harvest moon scatters.

The Harvest Moon Scatters

This symbol is capable of offering a cash price of over 1000 coins. This is possible during the harvest Moon super scatter bonus. To increase the chances of enjoying possibly wins the piggies stands in as a special re-spin symbol.

Cash Cow Spin Bonuses

The spins start at random, where the player gets to enjoy the reward and exciting bonus up to 10 times. The cookie chicken symbol boosts the bonus spins wins.

In addition, the milk container contributes to additional awards. All these spin bonuses create an exciting and fun playing environment for the players.

We can conclude that the Cash Cow Farm is packed with a lot of unique and fresh goodness. Players are capable of participating in various dairy farming tasks and be awarded cash rewards through trigger bonus spins.

With exiting rewards of up to 4000X, your bet, it makes it the best online farm casino slots which most people keep coming back for more.

2. Funky Fruit Farm

This is another interesting online farm casino slot that is liked by most people. The slot features five reels with 20 pay lines.

The game is from Playtech software, which has a very beautiful farm theme. Its uniqueness makes it stand out from other fruit-themed farm slots casino.

Most of the fruit games feature common and tropical fruits; however, in Funky Fruit Farm, you get awesome farm fruits, which makes it exciting and interesting to play.

The Funky Fruit Farm gives one free spin, which will enable you to get funky fruits bonus. With this bonus, players will get eight free games.

Players can win up to 33 free games using a 15X multiplier.

Features in Funky Fruit Farm slots game

Funky Fruit Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses, this is where the scatter symbol is important. In order for you to trigger the bonus, you need to have three scatter symbols.

The reward for funky fruit bonuses is eight spins with 2X multipliers. In addition to this, you also to be going to be given a chance to choose 2 out of five fruit characters that will help you get more spins and multipliers.

The maximum reward is 33 spins and 15X multiplier. When you match more than three brown-eyed farmers, you will get rewards of more spins adding up to 15. The most interesting thing is that no limitation of the times this can happen.

Progressive Jackpot

The Funky Fruit Farm is another interesting farm casino slots. The progressive jackpot feature attracts so many people to the farm slots to win a game. In order for you to win a progressive jackpot in a Funky Fruit Farm slot, you will need to match over eight cherries. For 1£ bet you get 10% jackpot, £2 bet, £5 bet, £10 bet you get 20%, 50% and 100% jackpot bet respectively.

Stacked Wild

Funky Fruit Farm provides stacked wilds, which means that each and every reel will have a column on top of each other of wild stacked. If you get to cover the whole reel stacked browned-eye farmer, you can win big.

You will be able to play the Funky Fruit Farm slot and win real cash. You will find this farm-themed farm slots from Playtech casinos available online.

If you are wondering on how to get farm slots to win big with Funky Fruit Farm slot, consider stacking the highest amounts. This gives you a chance to win big when you stake small amounts. With Funky Fruit Farm slot, you have to go bigger in order to win big in this farm slots.

You should stake high amounts but ensure that you are comfortable with it.

We can, therefore, conclude that the Funky Fruit Farm is interesting free farm slots to play due to its huge jackpot as well as entertaining experience.

3. Sweet Harvest

It is exciting to harvest crops on online farm slots. The experience is exciting and fun. This slot machine is very engaging to many players because it creates a sense of responsibility as well as creativity.

Sweet Harvest farm slot is a five-reel and 20 pay line slot. The game is farm-themed and is set for a beautiful countryside location. The free farm’s slots feature a wide range of fruits with lush fields ranging over hillsides and great distances.

The overall appearance of the farm slots is exciting, providing users with an awesome soundtrack to keep them entertained.

The farm slot symbols are humans who work on the farm. The Farmer has a cowboy character and a basket full of fruits. There is also the farmer’s daughter, who is an adorable young lady.

The scatter symbol in Sweet Harvest game is a big, red barn.

Before playing the farm casino slots, you will need to adjust their bet. The coins range from about 0.01 to 0.25 in size. The spin initiates the game while the bet arrows regulate the wager.

With the autoplay, you will be able to run the spins for a certain number of times without getting interrupted.

Features of Sweet Harvest farm slots

Bonus Features

Sweet Harvest slot offers free 12 spins if you get to land 3, 4, or 5 of the barn scatter symbols.

An interesting animation makes it fun; the farmworker and farm girl wilds appear as stacked wilds in these free spins. There are more winning opportunities as well as a 2X multipliers for the subsequent wins.

For the regularly paid spins, the Sweet Harvest logos are wild. These can also substitute for any other icon except for the fruit basket scatters.

The fruit basket mostly occurs 2 to 4 times, and if this happens, you have a chance to win a simple random bonus.

How to play Sweet Harvest Free Farm Slots

You just need to place 5 Coins on every 20 pay lines utilizing the button below the reel. Every wagering position on this farm slots is located under the bet button, and these will open up in order to allow you to set coin bets as well as set lines.

The Sweet Harvest slot is available or downloads or online farm slots casino across all the recommended Microgaming online casinos. With this, you will be able to choose whether to play the Sweet Harvest farm slots game to make real money, or you can opt for a free demo version.

Note that most of the online farm slots casinos may require you to sign up or register with them in order to play the Sweet Harvest game.

Just like other Microgaming online versions, the coin size for Sweet Harvest game ranges from 0.01 to 0.25. In addition to this, the maximum number of coins to pay for Sweet Harvest is 5. The total per bet spins can go up to 100.

Another awesome feature of Sweet Harvest is the Autoplay button. The RTP of Sweet Harvest is between 96 and 97%.

4. Rich Pickins Slot

Rich Pickins is another awesome farm-themed online casino slots. It offers English countryside theme. Rich Pickins from the OpenBet from the owner Rich Pickins a profitable free farm slots where money grows on the tree.

In this farm slots win, there are five reels and 20 paylines available. This online slot casino is excellent because of the nice features that make it way about other slots. In Rich Pickins, there are special symbols that really sparkly with diamond lemons, cherries, and melons. There are four additional baskets of non-sparkly oranges, tomatoes, and bananas.

There is also a wild card which is Rich Pickins himself. The logo for the Rich Pickins is a Golden Apple icon. These are on reels one and five.

Features of Rich Pickins

Market Bonus

This is awesome and the best feature of Rich Pickin’s slot. The bonus revolves around the basket of fruits. There is a basket of each under reels 3, 4, and 5.

Apples can only land on reel 3, bananas on reel five, and oranges on reel 4. This increases the cash value of each.

If you are capable of landing all three fruits on the same spin, then you get the bonus feature. Rich Pickins puts the baskets in the truck and head over to the route leading to the market. Then 2 baskets will fall off, leaving you cash price of the remaining fruits

Golden Apple Bonus

This is another great feature of the Rich Pickins farm slots. The bonus is triggered by the golden apple on reels one and five. This will offer 3 coins on the screen. One of these coins will be instant cash rewards.

The other coin will start a sub-game where the bear shakes a tree to dislodge other objects as well as cash. Rich Pickins also dash to grab the prizes.

The last coin will open a Beanstalk game whereby you will select a certain seed and then watch it grow. As it grows and becomes bigger, a greater multiplier will be applied to the original farm slots win. To further increase the multiplier, the beanstalk will begin to grow leaves and flowers.

The bet settings are user-friendly because they start at 0.01 and can increase up to 2.00 credits per line. This means that the maximum bet that you can place is about 40.00.

There is also an autoplay button that lets you select 1 to 10 instant spins. You will then need to just sit and watch while everything runs on autopilot. There is no further input that is needed from your sides. You can, however, stop the feature when you wish during the process.

Is it possible to get rich using the Rich Pickins farm slots game? This is one of the most asked questions for those people who love slots machines, especially those that are farm-themed. There is a possibility that you could make money and accumulate wealth using Rich Pickins.

The other exciting feature of Rich Pickin’s free farm slots is that it offers an amusing experience as well as an amazing farm theme to add more fun and experience.

If you are interested in becoming a farmer, then Rich Pickins is a great option for you. This is especially because money can grow on a tree in the Rich Pickins slot.

5. Flowers

This is a farm-themed slot from Net Entertainment. The flower makes it be among the most compelling online farm slots casino. To make the flower look awesome, the farm slots has high quality and pretty artwork. It also makes the whole gaming platform to appear brighter and fun to play.

The game features a 5 reel and 30 pay lines slots with giant red, white, and yellow flowers as the background of the farm slots.

The farm slots win features 3 rows, wilds; double symbols, 3X multipliers, free spin symbol as well as detailed 3D graphics. The best thing about the Flower free farm slots is that it is compatible with mobile devices with touchscreen and therefore making it accessible to most people all over the world.

Features Of Flowers Slot Game

Design And Theme

The Flower slot has a classic blossom theme and helps players earn real money. The developers have made the slot machine to be seamless, simple and slightly goofy. These blooming flowers are not just ordinary flowers; they bring about a smile of the face of the player and give whooping prizes.

This free farm slot design is combined with great music to make the playing experience a perfect one.

Free Spins And Multipliers

In the slot, the cloud symbols offer players free spins. There are two free spins in the farm slots win; one is represented by a cloud symbol while the other is the double cloud symbol. When you see more could symbol the more spins and multipliers the player will receive.

3 cloud icons = 2X bet multiplier = 0 spins

4 cloud icons = 2X bet multiplier = 10 extra spins

5 clouds icons = 2X bet multiplier = 15 bonus spins

6 cloud icons = 2X bet multiplier = 20 free spins

7 cloud symbols = 4X bet multiplier = 25 free spins

8 cloud symbols = 10X bet multiplier = 30 free spins.

Bonus Feature

Scatter symbol – This symbol offers extra spins and also scatter icons in Flower free play farm casino slots.

Wild symbol – The sun is the wild symbol of Flowers slot. This symbol substitutes all other symbols except the free spins and double symbols.

Other symbols – The J, Q, K, and A are low-value tokens. Bluebell, pink flower, red rose, sunflowers work as extra symbols in the farm slots casino.

Autoplay Button

The Flower farm casino slots offer free play while enables you to spin the reels automatically for a number of times without requiring your active input.

Flower farm slots game has a spin button to help you spin the reels. Bet level button will help you to choose the range of your betting on each level.

The big green button is used to start the game.

To play Flowers slot, you can either choose from free or demo versions. These free farm slots can be played on platforms such as mobile devices and PC.

What makes Flowers farm slots stand out from the rest is the massive payments that you can win when you land the wild symbol on the active pay lines. The RTP of Flowers farm slot game is 96%. The farm slots also have a high variance slot.

Another awesome feature of the Flower slot is that it is accessible from mobile devices. This creates an awesome experience for most people who love farm slots casino.

Farm slot casino is gaining popularity across the globe. In fact, in the US, farm slots are one of the most played casino games. Both online and live slot games are highly preferred. Most people wonder where and how to get the best results and earn real money from online casino slots.

Farm Slot Machines Tips

Choose farm casino slots that feature your personality traits and goals. As we have seen above, farm slot games are gaining popularity in recent times. This is because most people are attracted to farming and tend to indulge in farm slots games to have a feeling of how farming goes. So for you to enjoy the slots, you need to know what your goals are, and you’re playing personalities.

Playing within your budget is another important tip of the free farm slots machine. Make sure that you are flexible and that you will be willing to lower your set bet at any time. In addition, you should be able to stop playing if you happen to hit a limit so as not to lose your money.

The third tip is to make sure that you start small in order to win big. This is called the “prime the pump,” you need to understand that the winning will not come automatically, so you have to start small and work your way up to betting big and eventually winning big.

In conclusion, the above are the top online farm slots. To come up with this list, we have factored in the general look of the free farm slots machines, the RTP, bonuses, and free spins. Interested in playing a farm-themed online slots machine, then the above are your best choices.

Get immersed in the intuitive farm slots and win big cash rewards and great prizes. Farm slots provide both farming experience as well as money that grows on a tree. Try them today for an awesome experience.

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