Discover the Best Fire Breathing Dragon Slot Online

Dragons are recurring favourite among online slots developers and it is not difficult to see why – they are exciting, they are big and most notably, they breathe fire; lots and lots of fire. The listed reasons are why you will hardly find any dragon slot machine games at the land based casino. As such, this is why you should try playing these games at the online casinos.

Given the number of Dragon slots online, it may be difficult to pick the right game for your gaming needs. To help out in this sector, we’ve tried and tested several titles and compiled this list for you.

Dragon slots

These Dragon slotsare On Fire!

CAUTION!: To some of our esteemed readers, these smokin’ hot dragon-themed slots might be a little bit too hot to handle. As you prepare yourself to play them, prepare yourself for fiery breathes, razor-sharp story lines and bodies embroiled in glistering scales.

888 Dragons Slot

Simplicity is a virtue that cut across all aspects of our lives and the industry of online slot games is no exception; you may like classic slots, five reel slots that sing, dance and promise different bonus rounds. You can also appreciate the attractions of a release such as 888 Dragons Slot.

In the Chinese culture, dragons play a very vital role, and are used to represent prosperity, good fortune and vitality for prehistoric Chinese emperors, royally power.

Pragmatic Play’s popular dragon themed slot, 888 Dragons Slothasn’t reinvented the reels as far as oriental or Chinese themed slots go. It ensures that you’ve travelled back to basics by displaying a simplistic set-up of one payline and three reels.

Beyond the simplistic design, you are required to enter the dragon and master the ways of the three reels in order to win yourself the elusive jackpot. However, be warned that with only one payline and a high volatility level, 888 Dragon Slotis going to test your patience. Rest assured however that when you land the big wins, they are going to be worth the wait.

Dragons Luck Megaways

In Dragons Luck Megaways slot, fiery Chinese dragons stand guard at the entrance of the temple of the Dragon’s Luck, which is located at the summit of the hill. We can describe these Chinese dragons as fiery ones as they sporadically spew hot fire onto the game’s reels when they wake up from their slumber.

Dragons Luck Megaways is a sophisticated title that follows on from a number of well-received titles in the series of the same name. The original in the series was Dragon’s Luck, which was tweaked to Dragon’s Luck Power Reels, a game that exponentially increased your winning opportunity to a whopping 3,888x your bet! Dragon’s Luck Power Reels was once again souped-up to give birth to Dragons Luck Megaways, a game that you can tell from its name features the innovative Megaways feature. Through this, you have a massive 117,649 unique win ways with each spin!

The Megways feature may be outstanding in the game but there are plenty of other notable in-game features that will make you want to play the game. This includes additional bonus rounds, massive 4×4 symbols, a lucrative pay that cumulates at 10,000x your bet and a genuinely well-made design that’s bound to intrigue those of you who are accustomed to Red Tiger slots.

Dragon Maiden Slot

This is one of those Dragon slotswith a story to tell – and here’s the story in brief. It has a red-head, armour-plated beauty who looks prepared to take on any one who tried to interfere with her relationship with the red dragon. But why is she doing this? What’s the back story and what events pushed her to the point where she can’t afford to let her dragon go? Of course that’s up to the designer of the game.

For us, we know it’s a visually appealing set in a mystical environment deep inside the forest. The reels are covered in jewel-encrusted ornaments, perhaps as a symbol of the wealth of riches that awaits you. There’s also the Dragon Maiden herself and her faithful steed.

Besides the fun aspect of the game, what really matters at the end of the day is the much you can win as you play Dragon Maiden slot. And to ensure that you can win as much as possible from a relatively fair bet, the game uses a 5 reel by 243-payline configuration. On this setup, there are two awesome features – the Golden Free Spins game and the usual Free Spins Game.

You need to land at least three dragon scatter symbols to activate the free spins game. During this game, the scatter symbols increase the height of any of the reels they occupy, up to six. When they do this, or when the Dragon scatter symbol appears on a fully expanded reel, the Golden Free Spins game is triggered. This way, your winning ways increases from 243 to a maximum of 7776. Better yet, you stand a chance of winning a massive 5,000x your bet.

Dragon Reborn Slot

At first glance, Dragon Reborn online slot is a less cinematic game than the two titles reviewed. But this shouldn’t deceive you – it features crisp graphics and fluid animations under the hood, you only to land the winning combinations to see them.

Dragon Reborn online slot features 5 reels and 20 paylines. And as a game that greatly relies on the ancient Chinese culture for its theme, it does feature a number of medieval-themed icons. This includessymbols such as shields, potions and swords. There’s also a dragon’s eye, which is represents a wild symbol. The eye opens to a flying dragon scene. The game also has a dragon’s egg that acts as the scatter symbol.

As you play Dragon Reborn slot, the maximum amount you can win is set at 4,000 coins. This is the base amount, though there are several other ways to increase your wins. They include through the Free Spins game, through the Jackpot Cards Mystery game and most notably, through the Gamble bonus game.

Dragon Reborn online slot is a game best suited for players looking for small wins that come up frequently.

Dragon Riches Slot

While doing our research on dragon slots games online, we came across points that insinuated the creatures are considered powerful and luck. This is one of the reasons why Dragon Riches online slot ticked all our boxes.

Tom Horn Gaming – the software developer behind this beau – has envisioned this Chinese delight, filled to the eye sockets with swankyoriental riches and dragons. With this game, you’ll be traveling own memory lane to ancient China and instead of meeting dragons alone, you’ll also find not only one, but FOUR PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS awaiting you.

And while there are so many things to like about this game, the main highlight for slot lovers is the Golden Symbols in-game feature. In this, you’ll be playing to go well with your budget and level of thrill. This means that those of you with a smaller budget will be enjoying this game as those looking for a bigger risks, bigger rewards experience.

A Dragon’s Story Slot

Plenty of Knight vs. Dragons online slots have been developed since the start of the online casino industry. And usually, the majority of players will always take sides with the knight in shining armour. In A Dragon’s Story Slot, things are going to take a slightly different twist as you’ll find yourself cheering on Ruff the Dragon.

Why? The greedy knight – Sir William – is after Ruffs hoard of gold and Ruff needs your help to fend him off. In return he promises to award you with a decent cut off the loot if you successfully repulse the greedy knight away.

How will you achieve this? You can either swipe back some of the stolen gold or torch Sir William’s armour or himself. In return, Ruff will award you with several bonus rounds and other features that come with ‘cash prizes’. The bonus rounds include free spins, a Gamble feature and a Brave Sir William Bonus. All these bonuses can be activated by landing Wild Dragons (represented by Ruff himself) or jewel scatter symbols.

You’ll be pleased to know that the free spins game can be re-triggered as well as multipliers that promise you massive wins.

If you also love cute, then you’ll like the cute Superbet feature. At the bottom of the reels, you’ll see cute little dragons that will burn the wild symbols into enhanced reels. Once you activate the Superbet feature, more cute little dragons will appear to award you more wild wins. And if you are in the free spins bonus round, the little dragons will increase their tempo to award you with more free spins.

As we mentioned at the start of this page, these are just some of the games that we found intriguing. There are plenty of other dragon slots games online that have been listed below. You can always try them and see what awaits you in each of the games.

Why Should I PlayDragon Slots Games Online?

One fact is for sure, you can get more than your fair share of fiery dragons when you choose to play dragon slots games online. Each of these games comes with its unique storyline and character(s) and while the majority of the online slots have a similar range of in-game bonus rounds and features, dragon slots have a unique twist.

If you are a big fan of the free spins feature, unique winning ways, massive progressive jackpots or daily jackpots, you can rest assured that there’s a game with your preferred feature. Besides that, dragon slots are also exciting to play because of the following reasons.

Dragon Slots Are Easy To Play

Like the majority of the other slots games online, Dragon Slots are easy to play – plain and simple. The majority of casino players want to have a relaxing time and it therefore doesn’t surprise us that games that require less beforehand strategies and knowledge are going to be much more inviting than those that require a high learning threshold beforehand.

These Games Are continually Innovating and Improving

Thanks to technology, software developers can now tweak and improve on the any element of a slot game in a bid to give it a fresh, original and more cool/trendy theme.The majority of the casino classics – blackjack and roulette – have rules that are hundreds of years old. These rules are so ingrained that modifying a small aspect of the game causes a total disorientation to the game itself.

New slots, including dragon themed slots, are constantly being innovated. And with state of the art3D technology, crisp graphics and sleek animations, you can expect a wide variety of dragon themed slots. This ensures that you don’t just play the same stagnant game recurrently.

They Are Fully Compatible With Mobile

If you’ve got the need for speed, you do not have to look very far! You’ll find plenty of dragon slot games online that are worth taking for a spin. These slots really pack a punch and offer you with the adrenaline rush that you’ve been looking for. And to make them as accessible as possible, online casinos have fully optimized them for play on the mobile platform.

Take for instance, NetEnt’s newly released game – East Sea Dragon King Slot or the more oldsko’l game Dragon Island Slot. These are titles that have been designed using NetEnt’s state of the art One Touch feature. Through this, you can play the game using your smartphone with the best possible gamin experience.

You Can Play Them For Free – Before Committing Any Real Cash

You do not want to miss out on what the online casinos have to offer; free to play slot games. While this is a provision that cuts across the industry, especially when it comes to playing software based games, you should try playing the dragon slots before committing any cash. Familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics, themes and settle for a game that you’ve only found as totally compatible.

Get More Cash to Play With At the Online Casinos

The expansive selection of online slots ensures that you get more bang for your back. And at the recommended online casino sites, they promise to give you plenty of freebies: free bonus rounds, free spins, and free slots. In other words, it’s freedom from the pesky bills. In this section, we are going to take a quick look at some of these bonuses. While multiple online casino sites tend to have their own unique offers, these offers cut across the industry.

  • No Deposit Bonus: Awarded free of any charges once you sign up at an online casino. Because there are usually no wagering requirement on these bonuses, they tend to be limited to a few monies, usually between $5 and $20
  • Free Spins: They are free spins awarded for you to use on a specific slot game. They could be anything from 10 free spins to 200 free spins. The number usually depends on the capacity of the online casino to offer freebies
  • Match Deposit Bonus: You can only receive this bonus once you’ve made a deposit into your account. Awarded as part of the welcome bonus promo, reload promo or surprise promo

Five Fun Facts About Dragons – That You Probably Didn’t Know!

Did you know that there are hundreds of dragons? However, regardless of this, only the following are well known worldwide.

The Y Ddraig Gogh Dragon

Most of you probably know of the Y Ddraig Gogh Dragon – which is a Welsh Dragon. This is because he is seen in the flag of Welsh, which is considered as one of the oldest flags in existence. But why precisely is this dragon so special that made it become the symbol of Wales?

The dragon is associated with the Arthurian folklore, where the prediction of Merlin saw a battle between a White Dragon (the English) and a red Dragon (the Whelsh). It’s therefore a symbolic of the past struggle between the two nations and from the look of things, it seems that the Welsh are very very proud of that victory!


Ajatar is considered as a dragon in the Finnish folklore tales, who lived in the mountains of Pohiola. As an evil dragon, she is the master of Lempos (erratic spirits of fertility and love) and Gnomes. She is also said to be responsible for spreading pestilence and disease. Those who’d seen her say she is a scary one, with half human appearance and half snake.

The Sea Dragon And An Asteroid

You are probably well versed with the Norse Sea Dragon by the name Jörmungandr. He is responsible for guarding Midgard. But what you’ll be shocked (just as we were shocked) is the fact that there’s an asteroid named after him! Which got us asking the question, what universe would Asteroid 471926 Jörmungandr be guarding? We’d like to hear from you if you have an answer.

Komodo Dragons

These are the only dragons that are factual in our list. They live in a few isolated islands, off the coast of Indonesia. They are considered as the largest lizards in existence today. While they may not have much resemblance with the dragons, especially given that they don’t breathe fire, they are still pretty much terrifying and their saliva contains very toxic bacteria. So if you happen to stop by onto the Island of Komodo, and decide to play any one of the dragon slots above, beware!

Time To Tame Some Dragons!Are You PreparedTo Slay The Dragon?

If you’ve read this far, then it’s about time you jumped on your horse, put on your silver and shining amour, and rode into the virtual hills, mountains and forests slaying some dragons.

Dragon Slots Games Online FAQs

Are dragon slots rigged?

Not at all! Dragon slots, like any other online slot game, have what is referred to as the Random Number Generator. This is a special software installed in the game to ensure that every other outcome is totally random, unpredictable and fair to both the casino and the player. You’ll be pleased to know that there are several bodies put in place to audit the authenticity of this software every other year.

What are my chances of winning while playing Dragon themed slots?

There are so many factors that determine whether you’ll be winning or not. Factors such as the RTP of the slot, volatility, and your bankroll management skills are just some of the factors that determine how often you win. It’s therefore important to understand all these features before you can choose to play any slot game.

Is there a sure winning strategy?

In slots, or any other online casino game for that matter, there’s no sure winning strategy. Slots are games that are based purely on luck. If you’d like to use a strategy, you are better of playing games such as poker, blackjack or strategy.

What is the work of the maximum bet feature?

The majority of the slots have this feature and they help you set the maximum possible bet with one click of the button. As a rule of the thumb, the higher the bet you place, the better the chances of winning in that slot game. It therefore goes without saying that using the maximum bet feature is very important in slots.

Can I play slots for free?

Ys, it’s possible to play all slots – including the dragon slots listed above – for free. All software providers have designed their games to be played for free, before you can commit any real cash.

Do free slots offer the same winning opportunity as real money slots?

Free to play slots offer you the same feature(s) just as the real money slots. This includes equal winning opportunities.

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