Introduction of the Best Classic 3 Reel Slots

Are you tired of the loud music and chaos that come with going to a pub or the famous casino down the street? Worry not! The 3 reel slot games are designed in a way that makes them adequate and relatable to the casino goers. This is made possible by their classic slots resemblance. Therefore, it can still be all “fun and games” without compromising your peace and comfort as you can play 3 reel slots free online.


If you are a beginner and want to join in on the fun, this article is there for you. 3 reel slots are straightforward to grasp and understand. They will offer you an elementary introduction into the world of online slots as a new player. You, therefore, have no reason to miss out., I am going to take you through some of the features of 3 reel slots and some of the best classic 3 reel slots online.

Features of 3 reel classic slots

Reduced symbols

It is crucial for you as a player to understand that 3 reel slots have a reduced number of symbols. These symbols offer you higher payouts when appearing on a pay line. They mainly include multipliers and wild symbols, and in many instances, the wild acts as both, thereby increasing your winning chances.

Extra features

To make the game more interesting, there are bonus features that allow you to modify your own game while playing classic 3 reel slots online. Some of these extra features are bonus game rounds, free spins and not the scatter and wild icons.

Smaller betting range

This is a handy feature, especially for a beginner. 3 reel slots has a decidedly lower betting range to work with compared to the other classic slots.They mostly have a choice of between two to three different coin values.This allows a beginner to get accustomed to such. It also prevents you from losing a lot of money. You don’t want to gamble all your wealth away before you even become a pro in the game.

There are several 3 reel slots available which offer you an opportunity to play online for free. Feel motivated to have a look and expand your scope of entertainment. Also, get one that suits you best. I am, however, going to recommend three of the best 3 reel slots available online. I hope that you find this guide insightful and that it will help you enjoy classic real slots knowing what to expect from the games.

i.Mega Joker

With all the features and thrill that comes with playing this game online, it has to be on the top 3 reel slots game. If you are a casino goer, then you will fall in love with it. This free online 3 reel slots resembles a fruit machine that you would normally find in a land-based casino and comes with all the traditional symbols such as bells, watermelons and grapes. However, the significant joker still remains the most important symbol and therefore awards you the most significant wins.

You can play this game with just one coin, which makes it friendly for you as a beginner. It allows you to place a bet of up to 10, presenting which qualifies you for the Supermeter game. I however recommend that you do not join the Supermeter game if you are not a pro yet since it requires skill and tact. You can select the level and lot size at which you collect your winnings. This game thrilling, engaging and very entertaining.

This 3 slots game also has a growing, which is usually awarded randomly, and therefore you can make huge earnings. In order to experience the ultimate thrill of playing a 3 reel slots game online, I highly suggest that you settle on this option.

ii. Couch Potato

If you are a beginner, the Couch Potato is an excellent option. This slot comes with easy-to-gauge guidelines and straightforward gameplay that enables you to grasp and enjoy the game easily. It has a total of 3 rows and reels each plus a single payline running through the middle. It also features a variety of symbols such as lucky 7’s, The most outstanding however is The Couch Potato symbol, which is considered a wild symbol.

This icon stands in for all the others and offers an incredibly generous multiplier value that makes the game even more exciting. You only need to get a highly rewarding combination and your bet will be multiplied by 5. 2 symbols will enable you to get a *25 win.This online slots game also has a great user interface.You may not want any interruptions once the game is full flow, as it is made extremely easy to play. The background is also amazing since it has all the buttons that you need laid out in an organized fashion.

What more could you ask for? This option offers big multipliers, I would consider The Couch Potato as one of the most amazing options in regards to our topic.

iii.Alchemist’s Lab

The Alchemist Lab is an amazing 3 reel slot that offers you a different treat It has super amazing outlay and various specifications that makes it outstanding. Instead of the standard traditional symbols, this game offers you varied symbols and diverse types of gold. The slots also allow you to have a free bonus which is earned by scoring tripple books on a single pay line.

You therefore get a workspace swelling with potions that are made into gold coins. All you need to do is go for three of these portions and you will get bonus coins wins.If you are into science and enjoy lab experiences, I recommend that you take a look at this 3 reel slots game since it is thrilling and very appealing. You do not have to miss out on the fun!


Do you want to play 3 reel slots free? Out of all the games available in the net, 3 reel slots is definitely worth your time, This game offers you the ultimate casino feeling at the comfort of your home.You are also protected from midnight walks from the casino which are normally risky.

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