The 8 Most Interesting and Noteworthy free Christmas slots of 2021

It is that time of the year when the crisp air smells like eggnog and candy canes while the chefs are busy basting those turkeys beautifully and on every corner of the street, there are sweet melodies of Christmas carols! Yes, Santa is coming to town and you must make the most of this holiday by any means necessary. The ideal way to enjoy yourself the most is none other than playing those ecstatically themed Christmas slots which whirl your mind into a world of pure bliss.

Of course, you would ideally want to place your bets on those exciting free Christmas slots designed especially to fulfill your need for entertainment. Since this holiday is loved and appreciated by gamers and software developers excessively, they make sure to provide you with the ultimate, attention-grabbing Christmas slot games.

Christmas slots

These games are available online very easily, and the best part is that the majority of these are free Christmas slots!!! Yes, you heard that right! Free of cost. There are an estimated seven thousand Christmas slots free for everyone to play every year. So why should we let this year go to waste? Here is a list of the best Christmas slots of 2020, compiled only for you.


There is no doubt that you must have come across this slot a gazillion times on the internet. It has taken the world of gaming by storm ever since its development by Net Entertainment software in 2016. This marvelous game consists of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. There are various Christmas themed classical symbols such as candles, gingerbread houses, bells, cookies and even our very own Santa Claus.

To start the game, you need to primarily place your bets which can be set by determining the number of coins per line. You also have the option of maximizing your bets to make it even more thrilling. The Spin button sets 3 reels in motion while the Autoplay mode will turn them for a certain number of specified times without any breaks or disturbances.

One great feature worth mentioning here is that Santa is a Wild symbol and can be substituted for almost all other symbols. Mr. Claus’s symbol can appear out of the blue or as part of the free spins. The Scatter symbol is another special one and if you acquire three or more of these on the reels, you automatically are eligible for free spins. 10 mighty spins are awarded on activation of the free spins feature.

Free spins come with highly interesting bonuses like the Wild reels which can award you even more additional spins and multipliers to double or triple your winnings. You also have to choose from 20 presents before starting your free spins and the number of picked triggers is based on the number of activated Scatters.

This game is one of the most popular ones amongst all free Christmas slots because it is extremely entertaining and has other wonderful features like a jolly background Christmas song with exceptional graphics. It’s super fun and easy to play and perfect for beginners as well. The Secrets of Christmas should be on your list this year.


Powered by Habanero software, this video slot is one of a kind. With 40 pay lines, 3 rows and 5 reels, you are in for a treat in the mighty world of free Christmas slots. The game possesses wicked graphics and the most adorable storyline ever. Christmas symbols include ornaments that are low paying while the high paying symbols are toys. There are different bet level options to choose from.

This Christmas slot has a remarkable Prize Pot feature which is triggered by collecting 3 or more of each star, globe, bell or moon symbols. Once the feature starts, pick up the Christmas wreath on reels and when you reveal 3 matching same symbols, you get multiple awards. Your awards can be multiplied by your bets as well. There are more wonderful and exciting features such as the Wild, Scatter and Free Spins symbols. The Free Spins feature allows you to play 15 free games altogether.

The slots screen is decorated with the most stunning Christmas themed gifts and has a gorgeous moonlit background that sparkles as well. There are cute huts and palm trees which look fabulous. The game plays Christmas carols and drums which brings it all together. Such Christmas slot games boost the festive mood and add an extra bit of oomph to your holidays. This game is a must-play this year.


Happy Holidays is one of the craziest Christmas slots online free for all to play. It is a great video slot, powered by Microgaming and has 5 reels with whooping 243 pay lines! These reels are designed in such a way that it looks like they are placed outside in the snowy landscape. You can head over to Microgaming Casinos if you are interested in playing for real money or you could play the spin online for completely free.

The game has highly impressive graphics and fancy animations. The Scatter symbol is shown as the ultimate Golden Ball Décor and by getting 3 or more of these scatter symbols, you will be qualified for 10 free spins and all your winnings will be tripled! The game also has other fascinating Christmassy symbols such as the snowman, kids with a sleigh, kids with presents, kids with Santa and even a Christmas tree. This right here is a fully festive and jolly slot machine.

The Snowman might be the coolest symbol in the game because it has the ability to convert into one of the higher paying symbols and you end up winning generously during the Free Spins feature. There is another Frosty feature in the game which makes the symbols freeze and become frosty, except for the high paying symbols. For the unfrozen symbols, instant cash rewards are given. You can also get Free spins which increases the payout of the unfrozen symbols. This is, by far, the most rewarding and highly interesting feature in this game.


Merry Xmas is a fascinating game with 15 pay lines and 5 reels and has wonderfully creative symbols like reindeers, bells, candles and our very own Santa Claus. This game runs on the Play’n Go software platform and is a work of remarkable art. Not only does it capture the Christmas spirit perfectly, but it also makes for a highly addictive game.

In this Christmas slot, you are required to adjust the coin size at first which is known as the “Coin Value”. You can also adjust the number of pay lines. There are options such as “Autoplay” which allows the wheels to turn a few times without any interruption and “Bet Max” which is the maximum betting you can do on the game. To trigger the Bonus game, 3 present symbols can be spun, after which the player has to choose either one of the symbols and this results in finding out the amount won.

The game also has the highly popular features of Wild and Scatter symbols, without which any slots game is incomplete. The Wild symbol represents the multipliers 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. The bonus feature is triggered if 3 Present symbols show up on the reels, after which you have to choose one of the three boxes and each box contains various amounts of instant rewards in the form of coins. The game is unique, catchy and worth getting busy with during these holidays.


This is one of the highly admirable Christmas slot games which is also powered by Play’n GO with 50 pay lines and 5 adjustable reels. You can play this game at any Play’n GO casino for real money or play such Christmas slots online free of cost as well.

Every year, this slot gets excessive recognition for its fabulous Christmas themed animations which get the joyous mood going.

By using the Coin Value setting, you can define your betting range. There is an Autoplay feature too in case you prefer that. When you make a win, you are offered to double to quadruple it by choosing Gamble. The symbol of the Wild present with a bow makes for the substitute which can become any symbol except for Scatter. Scatter is represented by Santa Claus and is responsible for triggering the bonus feature. By acquiring 3 Santas on the reels, you activate the Bonus Free Spins feature.

The Free Spins feature offers you 10 spins in the beginning and with every spin, your winning chances are massively increased as 2 additional Wild symbols appear stacked on reels 2 through 5. By retriggering this feature, you can be rewarded with 10 more spins.

Another great feature is the classic Gamble feature. When you hit the Gamble button, you can trigger this feature on any winning spin. By guess play, you would be asked to choose the color of the card or the suit which is to be drawn next. Your winnings get doubled with the color you pick and quadrupled with the suit. However, you can lose your wins by making incorrect guesses, so this is challenging and exciting as it adds an element of surprise and thrill to the game. Hence, these are fun-filled free Christmas slots to spend your holidays on!


This is another of the Christmas slot games powered by NetEnt software. It does cater to the Christmas theme in some areas but mostly it has a creepy twist to it. The mad Santa Claus is assisted by his dwarf helpers in this game which makes it quite appealing and interesting. The game is compatible with all devices and if you have played and loved another slot game called EggOMatic, this is something similar to that. There are smart cartoon-themed graphics and overall, the outlay is quite neat.

The Jingle Spin Slot contains 20 pay lines and 5 reels along with multiple other fascinating features. You can increase or decrease your coins at stake to start with or you could just go with Max Bet and play with the maximum allowed bet amount. The game has an Autoplay mode too just like all others so far. Once you spin the reels, the game shows Santa pulling the lever and spinning the wheel right behind him.

The spinning wheel has quite a few featured Baubles, such as the Free Spin Bauble, the Surprise Bauble, the Coin Win Bauble, and the Spreading Wild Bauble. These baubles are tossed in between dwarves during each spin. The Free Spins Bauble offers additional free spins on winning and the number of spins is determined by the number mentioned on the Bauble. These numbers go from 7 spins to around 50 free spins! Incredible, right?

The Coin Win Bauble helps you win more and more coins. These can be in the amounts of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2500, respectively. The dwarves drop the Coin Win Bauble onto the Wild symbol in the reel and this allows you to win the amount displayed on the bauble. The Spreading Wild Bauble gets activated during the regular game and when the bauble is dropped onto a Wild symbol by the dwarf, the Spreading Wild can be exchanged for almost all the symbols except the regular Wild.

The Surprise Bauble includes features from any of the 3 baubles mentioned above. When the Wild is triggered by the Surprise Bauble, you win either of the 3 baubles – either the Free Spins Bauble, the Coin Win Bauble or the Spreading Wild Bauble. Hence, it is a surprise. This game has been a regular favorite of gamers for quite a while now. It should spice up your holidays this year.


These dreamy free Christmas slots are breaking the internet with their 5 reels and 1024 pay lines. It is powered by Playson software and has transparent reels. The theme is, of course, Christmas based and the setting is of a graceful snow-capped village with abundant festive décor. There is a melodious soundtrack that fills the heart with gleeful Christmas vibes. For real money-making, Playson Casinos offers Christmas Eve Slot and you should head down there to win crazily.

Like all the other games, you start by deciding on your betting range or you can go all out with the Max Bet option. It also comes with the Auto-play button. The Frosty Wild symbol is the Present in the game and can be traded in for any other symbol with the exception of Scatter, while the Bear is the Gift Wild and can be substituted too for other symbols but only during Free Spins.

Santa Claus is the Scatter and to activate the free spins feature, you need to land on 3 or more Santa Clauses. This game guarantees tremendous wins right from the beginning, therefore, making it one of the most loved Christmas slot games ever. When a Scatter symbol lands on the reels, you can win 10, 15 and even 20 spins.

By winning during the Free Spins feature mode, you acquire multipliers x2, x3, x4 and even x5, which can drastically bring up your winning amount. If you are on x5, it stays static till the end of the mode, but if the series stops, your number for the multiplier goes down to x1. Hence, you can already feel how attractive and thrilling this slot video game is. Make sure to put it on your list of Christmas slot games this year.


The Flowers Christmas edition slot game is composed of 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Like many others, it is powered by the Net Entertainment software and is a highly imaginative slot based on the beautiful, mesmerizing Christmas theme. It contains vibrant colors that elevate the mood and encourage you to play.

The graphics are not too fancy but not too dull either – they are decent and quite engaging. The reels are placed in a gorgeous wooden, ornamented frame out in the snow. For real money, visit the NetEnt Casinos or you could always play with the Christmas slots online free for everyone.

First, start by placing your bet as usual or if you are a fan of giving it your all, you could select the option for maximum betting. If you want uninterrupted spinning, the Autoplay button is there as well. The Wild symbol is represented by the cute little Snowflake and it can be traded for all other symbols except for double symbols and free spins. You always have an enhanced chance of winning of Stacked Wilds appear on the reels.

If you hit the Free spin symbol 4 or more times, you will activate the feature of Free Spins mode and to re-trigger the mode, you need to get 4 more symbols. In this feature, the winnings are generously multiplied by 3 times. The bet multiplier will multiply the betting amount if anywhere you get Free Spins symbols. There are very positive chances of making big winnings in this game. It’s different, unique and has a floral, Christmas touch to it, which makes it even more appealing.


The 8 different Christmas Slots listed above are some of the best ones out there in 2020. There are more and more new arrivals every year but some of these remain the gold standard for playing online or even in casinos. Christmas is such a valuable and special holiday that everyone should be allowed to take a break from life and enjoy themselves with whatever makes them happy and content.

For gamers, Christmas slot games are the one true thing that empowers them and brings out their Christmas spirit. These slots are very intuitive and attention-grabbing. Some would even call it addictive. With such amazing and talented software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Habanero, Play’n Go and so on, the market for online and even in real life casino slot gaming is expanding massively. These software developers are the kings in the world of gaming and should be thanked abundantly for such vivid and enjoyable entertainment online.

At first, slot games were simple, basic, with poor graphics and limited rows, reels and pay lines. There was no attractiveness and it was just a means of killing free time. However, with the sudden boost and advancement in the world of gaming and technology over the past decade, the slots games have become a very popular and engrossing pastime. Now, the graphics are a thousand times better, animations are fluid and gripping. The improvement in the use of music has also added an appeal to slot games.

Before, the games were monotonous and had very limited variety. Now, there are slot games for all kinds of occasions. Christmas slots, thanksgiving slots, Easter slots, New Year slots, party-themed slots- the options are almost endless. Every rising day, there are numerous new innovative inventions and games to play. The Casinos keep upgrading their systems to provide their customers with the most captivating and compelling experience. Of course, winning fascinating amounts of money based on luck and chance is also a bonus factor.

2020 brings about a new, enticing decade with hundreds of intriguing, unique ideas and plans. This also applies to the world of gaming, especially slot gaming and casinos. We already have such amazing, action-packed slot games available as you can see based on just a single theme such as Christmas, so you can imagine how all the upcoming years will bring around more riveting and exciting new horizons in the slot gaming systems. We absolutely can not wait for interesting new developments. Till then, please do enjoy all the tempting, delightful and irresistible Christmas slots games listed above.

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