A Thrilling Collection of the Most Popular Halloween Slots of the Year

For those that crave a little touch of thrill and the same excitement of the game, there are Halloween slots to play online. You can try the demo versions or play the Halloween free slots as well. These slots are popular around the whole year and offer some of the best examples of a carefully designed interface. They offer exciting features such as the Halloween Slot games to creepy multipliers as well. It is always a better idea to practice by playing the Halloween slots free online first before you hit it real.

Halloween slots

1. House of Doom Slot

Learning how to play the House of Doom Halloween Slot is really easy. It is also the most exciting to play when you sit back and turn up the music to regulate your bets. To play House of Doom, you should know about the petting panel buttons as they help you in increasing or decreasing the range of your bets. It all depends upon your strategy for betting. Once the bets have been chosen, the game can be played as the reels are set in motion.

Features of the Slot

It comes with outstanding audio and visual effects as House of Doom is known to have some amazing mechanics of the game. The target audiences of this game are the players who are truly hungry for the thrilling experience in a gothic setting. The music further works to enhance it. There are more features that come with more prize-winning opportunities and rewards in this Halloween slot.

The Hellgate

Unlike in other Halloween slots, there is a feature called the Hellgate, which allows a single reel to get selected randomly. This reel is also highlighted on every spin that follows. Any of the Wilds that are on this reel will be able to expand until they replace the other symbols on this highlighted reel. When the Doom Spins occur, the Hellgate will easily highlight around two to five features given here.

The Doom Spins

If you are able to land around three symbols of House of Doom on the reels, you can easily push ahead of the Doom Spins feature. This will allow you to get awarded with about 10 spins. When this feature is taking place, the House of Doom Scatter can act as a Wild. When this happens, it can easily take the place of all the symbols in the game. When there are three or more scatters happening during this Halloween Slot, this feature will award one extra spin per symbol easily.

Skulls of Abyss

When you have the three flaming skulls, you will be able to activate the bonus game. Once the bonus game starts, there will be around fifteen skulls that come up on the reels. After that, you have to select one skull, and it will reveal a hidden prize for you. You can even win the Doom Spin feature and some other prizes as well. You have to keep selecting the skulls until you either find the Doon symbol of the End sign. Options like these make Halloween Slots extremely interesting.

2. Halloween Fortune Slot

This thrilling slot is all about the witches brewing their potions and spell casting. In order to play it properly, you need to know how to can increase the value of your coin through the controls and place the maximum limit for the bets as well. Then you can press Spin to start the game. If you don’t want to manually spin repeatedly, then all you simply have to do is select Autoplay for the number of times you want the game to spin automatically.

Distinct Features of this Halloween Slot

The features contained in this slot are interesting for the people who love the theme. There are the normal symbols and the Wild symbols that appear in the form of a carved pumpkin. When playing, you can substitute this symbol for any other symbol except the Bonus and the Scatter symbol in the Halloween slot games.

The cauldron makes the bonus symbol in the feature of Witches’ brew. This feature is triggered when you are able to land on the reels one and five at the same given time. When this happens, you get the opportunity to create the brew. You get to choose one of the three witches and one of the six potions for the multipliers. Your selection can help you gain rewards and spins as well. Play Halloween slots free online for good practice.

Another feature that helps in doubling your wins is called the Gamble. You are taken to play cards that have been turned to face down, and you have to guess the next card correctly. A correct guess will help you in doubling your win, and the wrong guess will result in you losing it. You can easily collect the rewards.

3. The Blood Suckers Slot

You need to understand how you can play the Blood Sucker slot before you consider placing any serious bets. You can set the bets by controlling the coin value and use the option for MAX BET when you have to play a bet of the maximum level. Moreover, if you don’t like spinning manually, again and again, you can simply set the system on Autoplay. This will make sure that the reels spin automatically during the number of times you have specified.

There are some exciting slot features

Though the features for this slot are few, the ones available are creepy and exciting with every spin. You can earn more rewards with them as well. This is especially true in terms of the Wild Symbol. It can easily account for all the symbols in the game other than the feature symbols of Bonus and Scatter. Apart from that, Wilds can also form the winning combos for you as well.

Other notable features in this Halloween slot include the Bloody Bat and the Sledgehammer. These are the bonus symbols that come into play easily, and when you land three or more of these symbols, you are easily able to push the Bonus game forward. You can practice by playing the Halloween slots free games online.

When the Bonus game starts, it will easily lead you to the burial chamber. This chamber is even surrounded by more coffins too. You can kill the vampires by opening each of the coffins, and for every vampire you kill, you get more coins. This feature comes to an end when you select a coffin and bats fly out of it.

Another one of the Scatter features is the Vampire Bride, and you can easily trigger this by landing on three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the given reel. This will result in more free spins starting from around 10 of them in these Halloween Slot games.

4. How to Play the Halloween Jack Slot

The Halloween Jack slot is the kind of game in which you need to learn how you can easily place your bets and how you can become more brave or effective with them as well. The coin value section varies the bets you can make during the game. The button for MAX BET allows you to create the maximum value of bets that you can have. Hit the reels to start by clicking on the Spin button, and then you are in the game. If you do not want to spin the reels manually, then you can also specify the number of automatic reels you want to spin. The button for AutoPlay makes that possible.

The Slot Features

The developers have added some creepy features that will make every spin spookier, and you can also enjoy it as well. Some of the features are:

The Respins Jack-o-Lantern Walking Wild

There is a wild symbol in the shape of the Halloween pumpkin, and this makes up for all the given symbols instead of the symbol for scatter and lantern. It easily appears in the base game on all the levels of the reel except the first one. The feature of Jack-o-Lantern Walking Wild is turned on when a pumpkin for Halloween shows up on your reels. You get free to respin as a reward. The walking Wild is triggered as the wilds move a single reel to the left. More of these movements would trigger more respins, and they add to the final wins that you will make.

The rewards for Free Spins

You can easily trigger the free spins, and to do so, all you need to do is obtain some treasure chests on the reels. You will get the reward of 10 free spins for them as well. You can also retrigger more spins if you get the scatters during the features. When you are getting the free spins, they can also trigger the Walking Wild feature as well. As a whole, your chances of scoring are increased even further. The free spins also have the capability of triggering the Jack-o-lantern feature. When this happens on reel five, you will be able to obtain 3 wild extras as well. You can play a demo version or play the Halloween slots free online as well.

The Stacked Hell Hound Wild

If you are able to collect around three lanterns, the next wild you will obtain can turn into a higher Stacked Hell Hound Wild. This can easily trigger the effect of the Walking Wild with it as well.

The Stacked Jack-o-Lantern Wild

When you are able to collect around 6 lanterns, the next wild you will be able to obtain can easily have the Stacked Jack-o-Lantern Wild. Like the previous feature, this one is also fully capable of triggering the Walking Wild feature for you. This sets it apart from other Halloween slots.

Feature of Expanding Death Reaper Wild

This feature can get you some easy cash as all you need to do is obtain around nine lanterns, and the next wild you will obtain will be the Expanding Death Reaper Wild. You will obtain a wild reel that can shift for each spin you have left on you. This slot is generally not included in the Halloween Free Slots.

5. Pumpkin Smash

Powered by the Yggdrasil Gaming software, the carefully designed video slot offers around five reels and twenty pay lines. The major inspiration behind the game is the Mexican Day of the Dead. Between the two stone columns, the reels are set against the background of a cemetery at night. The players see the small and catchy introduction until the Halloween Slot games music starts.

You have to set the bets you are going to play with at the start of the game. You can control the amount by using the controls of Coin Value. The feature of MAX BET gives you the chance to set the maximum possible bet allowed, and by pressing Spin, the reels start to move. You can even specify the number of times and click on Autoplay. This makes the reels turn on their own without the interruption as many times as you wish for. There is also the Wild symbol. It can easily substitute for any symbol present in the game, and it can also form a winning line. But it cannot make the winning pair too.

The bonus symbols in the game appear in the forms of different pumpkins. Because of this, you can also easily cause the Pumpkin Smash bonus ability by landing two or more of those pumpkins. You also get the reward of a pumpkin when you score a bonus symbol on the reels. You also receive prizes for smashing the pumpkins as well. The bigger ones carry higher rewards in Halloween Slot Games.

The Pumpkin prizes are also the Free Spins, multipliers, coins, etc. However, you get the Free spin trigger, than` you can have more pumpkins. It starts a cycle as more pumpkins increase the chance of getting further free spins. The range in which you can score coins easily is around five to two thousand.

6. Witchcraft Academy

This is a properly designed Halloween slot that has a handful of interesting features. There is a Wild symbol that can appear anywhere on the third reel. This is where it acts like a substitute for all the symbols except the Scatter and the Bonus symbol. It is available in the base Halloween slot game and the feature of free spin as well.

When you are able to get three or more Scatter symbols on the reels, this causes the trigger of the feature of Elements Bonus. Once this is triggered, you can choose between the Efora and the Earthan. They can be casted at any random column. You can try practicing in the Halloween free slots available online.

If the scatters are able to hit during the Elements bonus, then the free spins will be activated. Each of the free spins can be unlocked only once in the features. However, when the shot is able to hit the Armour Guard, this guard will explode and collide with all the adjacent symbols in all directions.

The Reward of Free Spins

When the three or more bonus symbols for spin are able to land on the reels in the element bonus, this will trigger 5 spins to unlock more features. Additional spins will easily get you more spins. With around two symbols, you get to have five spins, and this pattern goes on. Once you understand these features, you can try other Halloween slots as well.

7. Lucky Witch Slot

This game of Halloween slot has some interesting features that generally operate by the rules of any other slot game for Halloween. However, there are some features that set it apart. The Wild in this game is represented by the Witch symbol, and it can only replace four more symbols. They include Witch, cat, owl, and the lizard. One way to understand the betting system is by practicing on Halloween free slots online.

There is also a scatter symbol that can be used as a combo completer, and it is depicted as a poison bottle. Once you are able to activate the Free Spins bonus round, you are easily rewarded with 13 more spins. There is also the option of a Magic Potion bonus game where you are given 12 bottles, and behind each bottle, there is a random bonus amount that you can win.

The pumpkin bonus game displays around 5 pumpkins, and there is a bonus amount behind each pumpkin as well.

There are other bonuses like the spellbook bonus and the secret vault bonus, and they give you a chance to multiple your winnings considerably in Halloween slots while enjoying the whole package of graphics as well.

8. Happy Halloween Slot

Before you are able to get into the Halloween spirit, you have to adjust your bets and utilize the Autoplay button however you want it to. You can adjust this by easily clicking on the Coin Value of the Halloween slots.

There is also a Wild Symbol that is given as a Carved Pumpkin, and this can easily substitute for all the symbols except for scattering. The witch is there to represent the scatter symbol. If you win around three or more of these, then you get to have an active pay line along with the activation of the free spin feature. When you are able to obtain the free spin feature, you get the award of ten spins. By playing the Halloween slots free online, you can understand the game better. More wilds are able to show up for every spin you play. New Wilds are easily added to the already present stacks so you can have more chances of scoring a winning deal. You only have a single chance to trigger the feature again. There is also a gamble feature which you can trigger after every win scored. If you choose this feature, you have a way to multiple your winnings two or three times in this Halloween slot.

However, if you fail in guessing the right color of the card that you have to pull out; you lose the extra winnings and get back to the base game.

9. Necromancer Halloween Slot

Not only does this slot look attractive, but it also has brilliant gaming mechanics and the outstanding features that can only go up high. If you are obsessed with virtual reality, then this is the ideal choice of slot for you. One of the easiest ways to learn the way the black magic in this works; all you have to do is spin the reels.

Offers features like the Jack-O-Lantern

This is a Wild Symbol that only appears on the reels of number two and four. However, once it appears on the given reels, it is able to take the place of all other symbols except the Scatter. Some of the features like these remain constant throughout the different Halloween slots.

The Scatter Symbol and respin

The chest image makes the symbol for the Scatter feature. This helps you in getting more free spins if you are able to land three or more on anywhere on the given reels. The scatter symbols can appear on the second, third, and four reels. When it is the round of free spins, any of the symbols selected at random will be cloned by the Necromancer. When this happens, it will appear a higher number of times. Any winning combo can activate the respin, and the necromancer will even clone the winning symbol. Try your luck on the Halloween slots free online as well.

10. The Vampires Slot

Before you have to go and play the Halloween slot game, you have to learn to set your bets. You have to click on the button that says Coin, which is above the reels. By clicking on the button that says BET, you can set the numbers of coins per line. There is also a button for AutoPlay that lets you play the game without repeatedly spinning manually.

There is a Wild symbol of a flying bat that you can substitute for all the symbols except for the symbol for scatter and bonus. This symbol is capable of forming its own winning combos, and all you have to do is hit two or more of them on reels.

The symbol for Scatter is given as a vampire attacking a maiden, and it can be used to form the scatter wins. Each of the scatter win you can be multiplied with the total bet that is in the base game. Hence, you get the scatter symbol three or more times, this will get you free spins. When this happens, you can get awarded with around ten free games. All of your winnings will be tripled during the bonus round in this Halloween slot game.

There is also a bonus game that you can achieve in the shape of a chalice. If you are able to hit 3 or more of the bonus symbols on the active pay line, the bonus game will be activated again. When you are able to get a win, two buttons will appear in place of Auto and Spin. The other option is to Take Risk, and this will take you to another screen where you can use the feature of a gamble. You can play the Halloween slots free online for more practice.

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