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Previously, a few years back, the entrance to the casinos was a source of absolute fun due to the amount of adrenaline that could generate bets in games like poker, Black Jack, roulette or the ever classic Quickspin Slot Games. Today it is not necessary to attend a place to play Quickspin Slot Games, because, with the digital era, the ease of finding online slot games generates a wide range of possibilities to choose from.


Quickspin developer has one of the best software of Quickspin Slot systems on the market, which not only stands out for its versatility and ease of use but also for its charming and striking designs that give users a unique and different experience with its various titles and scenarios for slot games.

Taking that into account, this can generate a list of Best Quickspin Slot Games on the online market, which may vary according to different aspects, but the one that matters most to players nowadays is the game that has the highest RTP (return to player).

Among the titles that can be considered the Top Quickspin Slot Games present to us for free use are the following:

Big Bad Wolf Slot

This title is positioned among the best Quickspin slot games, not for its beautiful fairy tale design. Quickspin is not the only developer that opted for this design style for their games but without a doubt it is one of the best ones because it knew how to capture its users with different forms of presentation of the characters and stories that surround them, capturing the attention of even the cold-hearted gamblers.

This slot game features a grid of five lines placed inside the straw house of the three little pigs that are determined to prevent the big bad wolf from winning. The antihero is on the reels as well, assuming the function of scattering symbols. Within the screen, you can find various elements of unique designs among the best slot games, such as beehives as the Wild symbol and the moon representing the bonuses. The best feature of this slot game is its Blowing down the house. This is obtained after collecting three or more moons symbols; this allows the player more free spins. The RTP of this slot game is 97.34%.

Beowulf Slot

The second place for the best RTP Quickspin Slot Game on the market is taken by this incredible design inspired by the epic English poem of Beowulf. The dark Celtic legend of this mighty warrior who travels through Scandinavia to face Grendel the monster and his mother is delicately represented among today’s best Quickspin Slot games thanks to its simple 5×3 grid.

The best feature of this slot game is without a doubt the Grendel Attack that is presented randomly as animations that occupy the screen and allow free spins and stacked Wilds, something that any player appreciates regardless of the moment. The main feature, however, is not far behind, where Beowulf and Grendel face each other in a battle that results from getting three dragon symbols, generating more free spins for the player if Beowulf wins. For those who would like to play Quickspin Slots Games that are worth the try, this title RTP is 97.20%.

Sinbad Slot

The next game adorns the view with another Best Quickspin Slot game inspired by adventure stories. It is thus that the story of the heroic sailor of the Middle East takes over the screens of the slot games, doing justice to its renowned name and fantastic trips with visual designs that hit the spot. The grid has a rather unusual arrangement of five lanes where the two sides have three spaces, while the middle ones have 4 spaces each. The symbols found in the game are mostly jewels and coins from treasures or Arab sailors among which Sinbad can be found.

This slot game unlike the previous ones that feature the classic 25 game lines has three different types of spins: Ape Free Spins, Roc Free Spins, and Snake Free Spins, with 7, 10 and 12 free spins respectively. The animations and videos of the game make it entertaining and its RTP of 97.10% undoubtedly places it as one of the Top Quickspin Slot Games.

To say that these Quickspin Slot Games are the only ones that exist in the top of best Quickspin Slot Games is a huge lie, but there is no doubt that their Return To Player is something that any gambler wishes to have on their side when facing the odds of the God of Luck. Certainly, you cannot miss that in addition to entertaining when playing slot games, the monotony of the grids make users end up getting bored of always doing the same, so you have to give credit to the developers of Quickspin Slot Games for making their games not only something entertaining but a delight to the sight that sticks you to your sit and leaves you wanting to continue playing more and more.

These are the best slot games according to their RTP, but you should not pass the opportunity to look at titles like Goldilocks and the Wild Bear Slot or Treasure Island Slot also belonging to the developers of Quickspin Slot Games since you will be surprised by the design quality and game versatility they own, letting them enter among the best slot games with an RTP also around 97%.

Final Verdict

So here you have it. These titles are the Top Quickspin Slot Games you will find with this RTP percentage. It is time to be encouraged to eat the bear’s porridge without being caught. Go and look for hidden treasures in the waters of the Pacific, or face all kinds of adversities with the characters of heroic tales of a legend like Sinbad or Beowulf, it is sure that you can get your money worth it and even multiply. Play Quickspin Slot Games! Don’t let someone else tell you about them.

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