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Are you looking for the best free slots no download casinos you can enjoy online? Whether you prefer high-risk pay lines or enjoy exploring the diverse themes while making some profit, playing online slots has never been easier. For the modern punter, internet and processor speed pair to enable smooth rendering of full–feature slots and casino games. There are several games and video slots available, so every player can find something to enjoy. However, before playing at an online casino, it is essential to review various critical aspects, including security, software, customer support, payment methods, gameplay, slot variety, bonuses and more.


No download slots casinos are some of the most popular platforms available, so finding one is a dauntless task. However, with so many offers and elements to review, choosing the best free slots can be overwhelming. We have made it easier by providing a comprehensive review of free slots no download offers in online casinos, including a list of the top offers in the market. It is still recommendable to review the critical aspects of an online casino and video slot, especially since there are numerous other exciting slots beyond our list. The quality and safety of online slots are also influenced by various factors, ranging from game developer capacity and reputation to compatibility issues.

What is a no download slot?

A no download slot simply means there is no download required to play the slot. No download slots are trendy in online casinos for their obvious merits. When slots first emerged, they were physical machines in brick and mortar casinos. The next evolution saw the introduction of online slots and virtual casino games. This required the player to download the client or casino app and install it on their PC, smartphone or tablet. However, space requirements and the fast-evolving digital technology is quickly shifting towards no download slots. When playing no download slots, all the player needs is a strong internet connection and supported browser. Punters can play from anywhere and do not need to install or update anything on their devices.

Some players still prefer the old fashioned downloads and apps, which aren’t expected to become obsolete any time soon. However, the merits of a free instant play slots that do not require any downloads overshadow any benefits of cramping your storage with downloads and installations. Nonetheless, each category is unique. No download slots suits players that want to enjoy free instant play slots in online casinos. As the name suggests, free no download slots are free to play and do not require any download on your computer or the device you use to play.

The benefits of playing a no download slot

There are several advantages of playing a no download slot, explaining why many players prefer these offers. However, not all free slots no download casinos are safe. It is still crucial to compare your offers and choose trustworthy platforms that can guarantee sleek experience and gameplay. Although playing no download slots in reputable online casinos has many benefits, the four key merits include:

Saves space

With no download slots, you do not need to download any software or install them on your computer. Once you have a browser that can access the online platform that offers the slot, you can join from any device. Traditional download slots involved installing the casino client software that can take space and eat your RAM, making it harder for the machine to multitask, especially for smartphone users. However, the download slots came with a much improved gameplay, rendering speed and graphics quality. With modern technology advancements, casinos can render full feature instant play slots with decent graphics and light code that bear little strain on the processor. Because no downloads, installations and updates are needed, these slots suit players that have space restrictions. You can enjoy them and clear cookie and history any time to clean your device for more space. The casino will keep your detail, so you can continue from where you left.

No compatibility issues

Compatibility is another major issue when it comes to download slots. Installing the client on every device is inefficient and time consuming for both players and slot developers. It requires creating software for each operating system and making upgrades of the same. Instant play no download slots, on the other hand, are played online and no installations are required. This instantly eliminates compatibility issues. It is still crucial to check supported browser from the casino and install them on your PC or smartphone. However, most casinos accept popular browsers, so this shouldn’t be a tough hunt. Once you have a browser and internet connection, you can enjoy exiting online slots, make profit and withdraw cash without downloading or installing anything. As such, no download slots suit old computers and devices that run on old operating systems and have disk space issues.


If you are looking for online slots you can play, make fast big wins and wipe out your history, no download slots are the best offer. You can also enjoy your favorite video slots anytime anywhere without having to install anything. Once you are done playing, simply clear the browser and cookies to remove any trace of your adventure. Instant play no download slots leave very few traces that can lead back to you as there are no updates and you don’t have to accept cookie policies to enjoy the free slot. What’s more, you can wipe the cookies and play from different devices. However, it is crucial to find credible licensed casinos that can guarantee safety and security, especially when playing for real money. If the platform is secure, you can enjoy anonymous casino time anywhere at home, office or during vacation provided you have internet access.

Wide variety of slots

There are several thousand online video slots thanks to instant play. If you love to explore new slots, bonuses, RTPs and other casino offers, downloading or installing all the games would literally max out your storage. You can only enjoy a few games at a time or delete some to add new. No download slots, on the other hand, do not require any downloads and installations, so you can enjoy limitless games each day. You can explore several free instant play slots and casino games without worrying about space, RAM and CPU power. Since no download is required, you can play the slot at anytime and the gameplay is also fast.

Pros and cons of free slots no download

Free no download slots are the most popular video slots you will come across, and most players prefer games that don’t require downloads or installations. While instant play slot offer numerous benefits, they also come with drawback. It is essential to keenly review each slot or casino game before playing. This will help you avoid unsafe platform and slots. Here is a brief look at the top pros and cons of no download slots casinos:


  • Compatible with old computers and smartphones
  • No strain on disk space and processor
  • Offers more privacy and anonymity
  • Fast gameplay
  • No software updates are needed


  • Some slots aren’t safe and secure
  • Light graphics
  • It’s overwhelming to make an informed choice

Top 10 best no download slots casinos

Here are the top 10 best no download slots casinos to join:

The Grand Ivy

The Grand Ivy often ranks as the best casino overall in the UK for obvious reasons. The casino offers over 800 no download slots, up to £1500 bonus plus 100 free spins. The bonus is distributed across sign up, first, second and third deposits, but you can still enjoy high RTP slots and low wagering requirements. This platform has a solid five star rating in most casino review sites and offers a secure exciting interface with smooth navigation and fast payment method. They also have 34 different jackpots and over 700 mobile slots you can enjoy on your smartphone. The Grand Ivy also offers sports betting, making it a one stop site for punters seeking for multiple gambling experiences and options.

Mr. Play

Mr. Play often ranks as the best casino overall in the UK for obvious reasons. The casino offers thousands of no download slots that you can enjoy from a wide variety of devices. The casino is famous for fun challenges, easy withdrawals and fast payment systems. You can also qualify for 100 free spins on five different games of your choice. Mr. Play also offers an exclusive 200% bonus on first deposit up to £300. Other benefit of joining the platform include user friendly interface, safe and secure gaming site, growing reputation among players and exceptional customer service. Mr. Play has been providing online slots and games to UK punters for a long time and is among the most trustworthy online casinos in the region.


Betway is another amazing platform available for players seeking free instant play slots you can enjoy on a PC, smartphone or tablet. The site has a welcome offer up to £250 and over 500 slots including mobile friendly video slots and jackpots. Betway is a long serving gambling site that boasts one of the best interface and most secure platform. The site has no history of breaches, offers casino services in several regions across the globe and provides regular bonuses to their loyal customers. Betway also has one of the best online reputation and reviews among players. The casino policy is straightforward, making it an easy pick for seasoned punters. It also appeals to newcomers that want a simple interface to enjoy their favorite no download slot.


Genesis is another premium online site that provides access to a plethora or video slots and casino house games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat, among others. However, Genesis is famous for incredibly generous bonuses and promotions, hyper speed for VIP members and Monday free spins. New players also get a matching bonus up to £100 as well as 300 free spins on Starburst slot. The site offers numerous exciting slots that do not need any downloads or installation. You can stat enjoying the slot as soon as you sign up for an account. Genesis also boasts a sleek platform that is easy to navigate for both new and seasoned punters. The casino offers slots from popular developers including Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, NexGen, Betsoft and more.

Dream Vegas

While the name is reminiscent of American casinos, Dream Vegas offers some of the most attractive welcome bonuses and deposit matchups in the UK. You can receive up to £3000 on your second deposit and £1500 on the third deposit. The site also offers free spins, over a thousand no download slots, 700 mobile friendly slots and 23 jackpots. If you are looking for a fantastic online casino that offers popular slots from reputable developers and hefty bonuses, Dream Vegas won’t disappoint. The site has featured among the top 10 best UK casinos for several years and continues to draw positive reputation from the online gambling community. The platform is also beginner friendly and accommodates more payment methods.


Having won the International Gaming Award for gaming operator of the year, Mansion is worth every top five list for best online platforms offering no download slots and casino games. The site is popular for its exclusive cashback bonus offer and high limit mobile and live table games. You can also enjoy several slots from top developers and amazing bonuses to give you more gaming hours and profits. Mansion offers a 100% deposit match up to £200 on you first deposit and a 10% exclusive cashback bonus. Mansion boasts an exciting theme with sleek interface and easy access to existing features. It is also one of the most secure platforms providing online slots that don’t require download or installation of any kind. You can also enjoy amazing mobile gaming experience.


Grosvenor isn’t as popular as Betway or Grand Ivy, but is still one the most notable casinos among UK players. The platform offers several no download slots and games that you can enjoy on a myriad of devices. However, it is popular for their jackpots, providing a total of 88 different jackpots you can participate in for a chance at incredible RTP. Grosvenor casinos also enjoy growing reputation in the market and combines simple platform with popular slots and games. It is one of the natural choices for players looking for online video slots from premium licensed platforms. You can enjoy over 700 slots on this site and there are regular bonuses available for all players.

All British

All British is a unique casino that offers a permanent 10% cashback with no restrictions. However, the site has several merits that attract many punters thanks to a global reputation. You can enjoy over 70 live dealer games, 100% sign up bonus up to £100 and bonuses for depositing with Skrill or Neteller. All British won the best casino of the 2019 according to various reputable lists and is one of the top platforms among high rollers seeking higher maximum bet size and slots with lucrative return to player percentages. The site offers numerous no download slots you can play on your PC or smartphone and also boasts hefty loyalty rewards. All British Casino also boasts a thriving reputation among UK punters.


Casimba offers matching bonuses for your first, second and third deposit up to £500 as well as fifty spins you can use to enjoy free instant play slots. The casino has several video slots and exciting games you can enjoy while making profit. Besides its hefty bonuses, Casimba has thirteen jackpots with amazing prizes and you can also play over 300 slots on your smartphone. The site enjoys decent reputation among slot lovers and rarely misses the list of top platforms to join in the UK. It also boasts a simple interface that is beginner friendly and supported by exceptional customer service.

Play Zee

Play Zee are known for a couple of things including the free 100 Zee spins, 500 bonus points and over a thousand no download slots available on both PC and mobile. You also get a 100% matching bonus up to £300 and 45 different jackpots. Other benefits of playing at Play Zee online casino includes sleek user friendly platform fast withdrawals and payment systems, regular casino bonuses and 24/7 customer service. Like other casinos in the top ten list, you do not need to download or install any software to start playing. Play Zee has a thriving market reputation and is a perfect addition if you seek extra casino bonuses and experiences.

Top 10 best no download slots and games

Here are the top 10 best no download slots you can enjoy in online casinos:

Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly Big Event is a unique virtual slot machine from Barcrest and premiers as the best no download slot for its straightforward gameplay and amazing payout. It is one of the few slots that boast 99% RTP, especially when you play the Big Event Mode. This is a typical five reel video slot that features sticky and extra wild, multipliers, free spins and hefty bonuses. Monopoly Big Event entails making a £30 wager on five special spins that can result in stunning profit margins. In terms of potential return to player, it is only bettered by NetEnt’s Mega Joker. However, the slot boats a different gameplay and experience unique to game from Barcrest. It also requires bigger stakes to win significant profits, so naturally draws high rollers and players looking for high risk slots that can provide fat big wins.

Jackpot 6000

This is another authentic classic slot from NetEnt. The five reel slot offers a mystery price of 6000 coins you can win from wagering one to ten coins per spin. Like most NetEnt slots, Jackpot 6000 offers a Supermeter Mode for the highest payouts, where players can enjoy RTP as high as 98.8%. The slot has an old fashioned vibe to it, providing chilling ambient music to guide you through to the jackpot. It suits seasoned players looking to take advantage of slot that reward high RTP to punter that use skillful betting strategies. Nonetheless, to enjoy the maximum return to player, you must wager maximum coins, which is ten coins for each spin. The slot also has a user friendly interface simple and intuitive enough for beginners and experienced players respectively. If you play in reputable casinos, Jackpot 6000 is easily the best free no download video slot you can enjoy in online casinos.

Mega Joker

This is a classic fruits machine video slot from NetEnt. Mega Joker is known for its high payouts, with RTP as high a 99% if you bet maximum coins. This slot offers five paylines that allow you to benefit high return to player for wagering more money. You can wager as low as one coin and there is a mystery price. The slot boasts one of the most reputable developer, offers a Supermeter Mode where players can win bigger profits and uses a simple interface friendly to both new and seasoned punters. Mega Joker is among the few slots that has been consistently among the top online slots you can play without downloading or installing any software. It also boasts the highest payout ratios in the market and has one of the best reputations among online punters, especially slot lovers.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is another top no download slot from NetEnt. As the name suggests, this slot feature a vampire theme and intriguing sound effects that offer the best canvas for enjoying online gaming. Its impressive 98% RTP makes the slot an easy choice for punters seeking high payout slots. However, Blood Suckers offers an experience beyond typical wild subs, multipliers and bonuses. You can expect full feature slot with free spins, auto play, interactive elements, cinematic theme and other cool feature. It is one of the old slots in the market so many players can attest to the amazing experience. Blood Suckers also never misses in top 10 lists and is among the most praised NetEnt slots. Whether you seek high payout casinos slots, or simply want to enjoy an interactive game, the slot is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint, especially if you play in reputable no download casinos.

Kings of Chicago

Kings of Chicago is another excellent slot you can enjoy in reputable no download online casinos. This authentic five reel slot offers unique gaming experience that combines classic poker with modern cinematic video slot elements to provide sleek gameplay and intuitive interface. As a slot from the world’s leading virtual video slot developer, King of Chicago boasts amazing graphics, feature rich interface and interactive element that attract modern punters. Its impressive 97.8% RTP is among the high payouts you will get in online casino slots. The video slot also provides a relaxing music, dynamic theme and live dealer, distinguishing itself as one of the most famous and interactive slots. Kings of Chicago is popular in many countries and highlights all trademark features from Net Entertainment. It is also secure, beginner friendly and light on your processor, making it a perfect addition to your no download slots.

Ooh Aah Dracula

Ooh Aah Dracula is an exciting video slot that offers two different modes where players can enjoy RTPs of up to 99%. The slot is very popular among no download casinos, as it is a favorite for many players seeking high payouts and interactive games. It features lucrative wilds, free spins and jackpot price that pay up to five thousand times. However, high payout is only one of the beauties of this famous slot from Barcrest. Its 10 paylines accommodate a wide betting range of £0.10 to £500, which allows high roller to make hefty profits. Ooh Aah Dracula also offers an amazing slot experience with enough cinematic elements and interactive feature. Many players commend the slot for its gaming experience, which has been ranked as one of the best overall. The interface is also beginner friendly and the slot has no history of breach.

1429 Hearted Seas (Thunderstruck)

If you are looking to enjoy symbol rich slots with up to fifty free spins and hefty bonuses, 1429 Hearted Seas Thunderstruck is among the top choice you will come across. Rarely missing the top ten list for best slots in no download casinos, it offers a lucrative RTP of 98.6%, which is one of the highest paying video slots. While it maintains the standard five reel gaming experience, the slot features modern cinematic elements and ambient music that keeps you engaged to scour the numerous colorful symbols that encapsulate its theme. Powered by Microgaming software provider, 1429 Hearted Seas Thunderstruck is available as a free to play slot in most countries and highly praised for its simplicity and wonderful gameplay. However, it is important to find trustworthy casinos that can provide a safe and secure platform. The animal themed slot offers some pretty fast wins, explaining its high return to player.

Joker Strike

Joker Strike by Quickspin offers a unique experience ideal when looking to break away from popular game developer. Its distinct 98.11% attracts punters of all kinds, especially those seeking fast big wins. Joker Strike coupons and promo codes are also very popular. The slot offers new feature upgrades, as it is a sequel to Second Strike, which is another famous five reel video slot. Its retro atmosphere and chill ambient music offers the perfect sound effects to exploit the hefty in game bonus spins and wild strikes. Joker Strike also suits high risk punters that seek to place large bets and win big profits during peak winning streaks. Its smooth gameplay and interactive elements also make it a natural choice for beginners seeking to enjoy full featured online casino slots. Joker Strike is also very similar to its predecessor, so you will probably love it if you already fancy the experience playing Second Strike.


As the name suggests, Starmania is all about stars, which form the theme of this beautiful slot from NexGen. Although it doesn’t offer superb return to player, the 97.87% RTP is impressive enough to draw punters seeking profitable opportunities. The colorful theme, relaxing ambient music, free spins, extra wilds, bonuses and four times multiplier all add to the mass appeal Starmania boast. The slot also offers exciting features and modern cinematic elements that support its fairly simple gameplay. Starmania is perfect for both beginners that don’t want to struggle on their first attempt at an online video slot and seasoned punters that want to enjoy higher payouts while feeding their senses with spacey themes. The five reel ten payline slot also has a jackpot with a price of up to 2000 coins. You can play for free or find a bonus code, which is popular for slots by NexGen.


Magicious is another simple slot that appeals to all punters seeking to make fast big wins without having to navigate a ton of feature. The theme and interface is still interactive enough to cause excitement and a 97.6% RTP draws players that want to play in profitable slots. Magicious offers ten paylines like most slots by Thunderkick and also has one of the fastest gameplay among online video slots. This translates to fast wins on a good day and the speed also augments the excitement and thrill of playing. The slot appeals to both new and existing players, providing a standard gaming experience with high payouts and fair chance of winning. Nonetheless, it is important to play in reputable no download slots casinos that can guarantee authentic gaming experience intended by the developer. This way, you can enjoy the fantastic gameplay and high payout ratios characteristic of Magicious casino slot.

How to find the best no download slot

Virtually all slots you will find in most online casinos require no download and are free to play. However, you will need to wager real money to make profit from the casino. Finding the best no download slot can be a taxing task, especially for beginners. Casinos often use slot variety to attract and keep players, so many platform offer your favorite games and slots. However, not all are interesting to play at or safe. Slots also come with various shortcomings, stemming from developer inadequacies. Usually, playing the best no download slots involves the three steps:

Find a reputable casino

It is crucial to play no download slots in trustworthy platforms licensed to operate in your country. The site should have a reputation of offering numerous safe and secure slots, hefty casino bonuses, sleek user friendly interface and gameplay, fast payment methods, exceptional customer support and more. You can also find expert rating or customer complaints to learn more about the casino. All the sites in our list have been thoroughly reviewed and compared with other top offers to ensure they are trustworthy and safe to play. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid all casinos that do not have credible license from major gambling authority.

Compare the best free slots no download

Once you have a few trusted casinos that offer free no download slots, you can start comparing the top or most popular games. A standard reliable casino offer up to five hundred slots or more and all could be no download games. You can quickly compare exiting slots, developers, player reviews to help form your decision. However, this is a time consuming process, considering there are several aspects to review. The simplest way is to use our list of top free instant play slots you can start enjoying immediately. After all, the only way you can determine if the slot is exciting and worth your time is when you play.

Sign up and play your favorite slots

There are hundreds of free slots no download casinos offer to their players. Out top 20 list provides a quick start, but developers are continually releasing new exciting games with fantastic graphics, cinematic elements and interactivity. If you love to play slots, it is essential to keep tabs with emerging slots and games. Once you find your top picks, simply sign up for an account and begin playing. If the experience isn’t what you are looking for, there are several more offers to enjoy. Make sure the slot is safe, secure and from a reputable developer.


There are numerous online video slots you can enjoy without having to download or install anything on your device. Slot developers continue to produce games that can be played across multiple operating systems without necessarily requiring different versions. No download slots are the mainstay of online casino slots and games, which makes finding them effortless. Nonetheless, players must compare offers carefully to ensure they play in credible platforms that provide a fair chance to win. What’s more, there are several things to consider before playing casino slots.

Not every free slots no download promotions you come across lead you to reputable casinos and without proper review, you might end up playing in scam sites that offer rigged games. As such, punters should prioritize playing safe and secure slots from licensed, trustworthy casinos. If the website or slot has any bad history and player review, you should probably find another. There isn’t a single slot perfect for every player. However, with so many safe, exciting slots, you shouldn’t risk your money in sites you do not trust.

You can quickly compare and play the slots recommended on our list. All slots have been tested and thoroughly reviewed to ensure they meet the minimum criteria for safe, exciting and rewarding gaming experiences.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I win real money playing free instant play slots?

Yes. If you play in casinos that offer real money slots, you can win money playing free instant play slots. In most cases, you will need to deposit a starting bankroll to make wagers on your favourite slots. However, you can qualify for amazing signup bonuses and win real money before making your first deposit.

What is the best free slot no download?

Because each player has a preference, there is no single best free slot no download casinos offer. However, several slots have all the desirable attributes of an exciting video game with a real chance to win. If you are looking for the best payout casino slots, compare RTPs and bonuses. On the other hand, if you fancy immersing in the different worlds of video slots, compare graphics, interactive elements and user experience.

Is playing free slots no download casinos safe?

It is recommendable to play safe and secure slots. This requires playing at licensed casinos with a growing reputation in the area. If you play in safe casinos, you are guaranteed a safe experience, although there are several other aspects to review if you want the best offers. You can compare slot developers and player reviews to determine if the slot is sage and exciting quickly.

What does no deposit slots no download mean?

No deposit slots no download means the slot is free to play without any download required. You need to deposit money to your account if you want to wager and profit from playing casino video slots. However, casinos provide various kinds of bonuses, so you don’t always have to deposit money. Nonetheless, most no deposit no download slot are casino bonuses that come with a wagering requirement you must fulfil.

What is RTP?

Return to player (RTP) is the percentage that a player gets back from their deposit. If a slot has a 98% RTP and a player wagers £100 playing the slot, they will receive at least £98 back. RTP is an average percentage calculated over the long term, so there are still low and highs to watch out for. However, slots with higher RTPs are more recommendable if you want to make a significant profit from online video slots.

How much can I win playing free slots

Some casinos do not have a cap on the maximum amount you can win. However, if you are playing free slots using a bonus, it may have wagering requirements that include maximum bet size and winning. It is therefore essential to read the casino bonus terms and conditions before accepting it. Return to player, bonuses and bet size all influence how much you can win from playing online slots.

Can I play on my mobile phone?

Yes. Casinos and slots in our lists are available for smartphone punters that seek mobile-friendly video slots. However, several amazing slots are yet to be available for mobile operating systems, so it is recommendable to inquire from the casino. However, most no download slots casinos offer mobile-friendly platforms that allow gaming through your smartphone.

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