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Everyone loves history and would love to dwell in the past where rich civilizations existed and the world was covered with rare treasures and full of adventures. The Aztec Empire is one such civilization that existed from 14th to 16th centuries was full of rich relics and awesome treasures. This today has been exploited by art, movies and media and many visitors who wish to travel to the American continent do so to get a glimpse of the symbols, pyramids and numerous surprises that are in store for them there. Perhaps no other industry has exploited the richness of the Aztec civilization better than the casinos.


Just the right kind of exotic ambience would you say when you play games on Aztec slots. It takes you back to its unique history and either you play for free or you can try making money on it. There are various kinds of themes and you get hooked the moment you start playing a theme.

You get several Aztec themed slots and you may play them on your PC or on mobile on the go and that too from any parts of the world.

Popular Aztec Slots from Betsoft

Treasure hunts are always hot favorite among gamers and developers never ever rest on this one great niche. In other words, most developers across the world would have tried out one of the enjoyable and mystery filled treasure hunts for getting their slots to popular appreciation. This particular theme would never die due to very historic setting the game has. And Aztec always ranked way ahead of all other treasure hunts too.

You may therefore find the best aztec slots free for a unique treasure hunting expedition. The Betsoft developer has been in news for having brought in unique experience for gamers that choose to treasure hunts in its slots. There are numerous features that you may find rare in other slots while there are bonus rounds too that can help you winning a jackpot. It is seen that in betsoft aztec slot game you may win up to credits of 20000.

You may start to play the game free of cost before you finally decide to earn some money out of the bets. Some of the remarkable features that make the Betsoft game so popular are that it has more features built into it than any other game in existence. There are Wild and Scatter symbols along with free spins round and two bonus games apart from other unique features.

In fact, if you see a gecko in the Scatter symbol can bring you free spins in aztec slot. The Wild symbol is known here as the Random Wild. Here, in this game the moment you see a spear appearing you will find a man throwing it on other symbols. The target of this spear is known as the Wild symbol. This is just one example of a great gaming at aztec slot free. The best part of Betsoft aztec slot game is that it has no registration and no download is required. You can straight away start playing wherever you are if you have interned connected.

Among the two bonus games you will find ‘The Love Hut’ and ‘Secret Room’ extremely enchanting and is activated with colored gems. Guess what, you also find thematic symbols like jaguar, girl, tribal leader, vase, rubies and so on that is at once striking.

Other Hot Favorite Top Aztec Treasure Slots

As far as treasure hunting themes are concerned you may never forget games that have great following online. Their tales are full of mysteries and about huge amounts of riches, gods and other strange places. So you may while away your time or earn some money playing in any of their aztec slots.

The other very popular theme is about the Aztec Princess Warrior. You are at liberty to spin wheels here and get your darts to expel poison dart frogs, leopards or the most beautiful Aztec Princess Warrior and in the process make huge amount of money. It is fully engrossing play about Aztec culture and you are entitled to have 5 reels and 20 payouts. With your princess around with you at every stage of adventure what more can you ask.

You may also like Jungle Jim El Dorado aztec slots free and ha 5 reels and 25 payouts. It is all about a quest that leads you through thick jungles and stunning sceneries. It is the mythical El Dorado that you have to go. You have to play to get the winnings as there are both free spins and lots of money to have.

The next, perhaps it ought to have been at the top due to its mysterious history and the famous legendary figure in Aztec civilization, yet it up to you to decide. This is Montezuma, the ninth Aztec Emperor and for you to win fabulous gold and treasures you need to go for aztec slot game. It has most number of spinning on wheels to its credit.

You may find the picture below as one of the scenes that may light up your adventure in the ancient Aztec civilization.

The Amazing Aztecs is also another variant of the theme Aztec culture. It has 5 reels and is said to have enough options so that few gamers may really miss making a win. This is because the aztec slot has 243 ways to win. The characters are straight out from cartoon and you get a lot of re-spins where chances of winning are indeed more. So do not miss out of playing here. The aztec slot here is really beckoning for beginners and even for experienced gamers.

If you are a beginner in any of the slots then you better get experience by playing at all the aztec slots free. After that you may settle down with the best you have played. Or otherwise go straight out and play Amazing Aztecs as you have better chance of winning here. Later on, you may start to play at more difficult aztec slot game so as to make more money.

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