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Everyone loves a little bit of magic, don’t you think? Magical slots are considered by many to be one of the most popular online games. Everyone believes that they’ve touched by magic at any point in their lives. The magic theme fascinates people all over the world for centuries, why don’t slots do the same? Everyone needs a little bit of magic, even if is just to relax from real life for a while. There are several online slots that explore the magic theme, you have to pick the right one for you and play whatever slot suits you the most. You can learn all about them here and start to play right away!


Are they called magical slots because they take our money away magically?

No, you can trust online slots as well as you trust the physical ones. They are called magical slots because their theme is about magic. Remember when you’re younger and someone took a coin behind your ear and you believed that was magic? That’s that kind of magic that we are talking about. Magicians are almost gone and as a way to remember them, casinos created the magical vegas slots. Casinos are always finding new ways to innovate and finding ways to make you remember the misdirection and illusions that you once believed.

Who didn’t run away from a black cat on 31st October or stayed at home on a Friday the 13th?

13 slot is one of the most popular magical vegas slots, it’s all about mystery and magic. Provided by novomatic, this magical vegas slot has several icons that you recognise has magic, such as a crystal ball, a magic mirror, a voodoo doll and even a door with the number 13 on it. Would you dare to enter this last door? If you do so, the 13 game it’s a magical slot game with five reels, 15 symbols and has always 10 active paylines. Every bet you make is a bet per line and it give you prizes like free spins. When you bet, the most basic symbols only pay out if you manage to line up a combination of them from the first line to the last one (from right to left). The prizes you get are determined by the amount of your bet, with a higher bet you get a higher prize. 13 appeals to you by their colourful design, the amount of winning combinations and the frequency that you can win free spins.

Everyone wants to enter an enchanted forest, with magical plants and magic animals. So, why don’t give it a try?

The beauty fairy slot gives you the opportunity to fulfill a dream, to enter a new dimension, with magical creatures. Developed by Amatic games developer, everything glows at an enchanted forest. On this magical slot game, the colorful symbols glow against a blue backdrop. This slot game is not a conventional one, instead of three or five reels, they’ve over six reels. If you match three or more symbols across a line from right to left, you get paid. If you trigger a free spin feature, a magical butterflies crosses your compute and sticks around until the end of this bonus. If you get the chance to unlock free spins, you can win up to 125x your initial stake.

Behold Excalibur! said Merlin

Have you heard of King Arthur? I bet you did! His magical sword is the inspiration for the Excalibur Slot Machine provided by NetEnd, this is a 3D magical slot machine that shows you magic in a modern way. Their design catches your eye with colourful and clear icons, their flute music catches up all your senses and takes you to the medieval times where you are the King! It’s a 5 reel slot and offers you features like multipliers, scatter symbols and extra spins. As the other slots, if you match symbols from right to left, you can get paid.

Don’t read that or you’ll be unfortunate until the rest of you life!

Books of spells exist for centuries and are textbooks about magic, they have instructions on how to create spells, charms or talismans and amulets to protect us. Some believe that the books themselves have imbued magical powers. I can assure that this magical vegas slot, has them too! The book of spells is an online slot with five reels that has the basic symbols like “A” “10” “Q” “K” but also magic symbols like poisons, soups and that symbols make you win big time. All the magical slot scenario is dark so you can feel the spells cross the game.

Oh, crystal ball, save us all!

I’m sure that you’ve heard about a crystal ball at any point of you life. People believed for centuries that a solid globe of glass or rock crystal could tell them their future. If you believe it or if you believe in astrology or fortune telling this is the right slot for you made by Gamomat. Enter the crystal ball and it will deliver your future. This slot is not like the others, although it has five reels it has also three progressive jackpots called major minor and mini and you can trigger these jackpots at the end of any spin.


Magic can be performed by the tip of your fingers, you can spin any slot and get lucky and be awarded with excellent prizes. Many developers have done some incredible work by designing magical slot games that are enchanted with some magical elements. So, enter a magical space where you can get a great return over your investment and make real magic. Magical Vegas Slots are very popular and make you enter a new dimensions with their sounds and their magical images. This kind of slots, are not just about the scene that the symbols on the reels provide but also about the magician himself who can stand by in any reel and perform tricks to make you win some real money.

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