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In this current technological drift, boredom is seldom appreciated and not always welcomed. We all need a break to get away from the often mundanity of life. We need excitement and adventure to spice up our life, and there can be no better place other than online slots adventure games with a myriad of adventure themes. The variety of these games differs in genres from simple racing to ancient Egyptian and Babylon expeditions, jungle treks and other variety of journey experience.

In this article, we have put together a list of famous and top trending slots adventure games. Let’s get a thorough analysis of how such online games can give beneficial offers and exciting gameplay.


Top Slots Adventure Games:

Here are the more common slots of adventure games which you will find interesting to play online.

Gonzo’s Quest:

Starting with Gonzo’s Quest, it is an iconic production of the NetEnt game. In this online game; Gonzo is a Spanish explorer who is out in the wild in search of gold. When the game starts, you will see him jumping into a ship, which is directed towards a Peruvian jungle. This solo adventure takes him to attempt multiple quests and, in the process, you will acquire skills and points. Entering the jungle with one goal to find El Dorado.

This online slot adventure game was the first one to introduce the Avalanche feature. This new feature essentially replaces the more common and traditional spinning reels and cascading symbols. The gameplay allows you to explore the Mayan symbols, with the explosion of one, the next cascades and falls into the space created. This is a lucrative technique where you can pocket multiple payouts from each spin.

Additionally, the multiplier effect will be added to each consecutive spin that will help you gain even more scores. The free falls feature which, when achieved, will give you ten free spins and avalanche multipliers that can soar as high as 15 spins. The features added are not only innovative, but the graphics quality is one of its kinds.

With exceptional fun-filled activities and a high RTP (95.97%) rating, Gonzo’s Quest surely makes it to the top. It is a player favorite and has an attractive gameplay style with exciting features. It comes highly recommended and the top pick for you in slots adventure games.

Avalon II:

Next up is Avalon ll, where you will be joining the royal cuisine with King Arthur and the royal knights to go on a quest for the Holy Grail. This one is filled with numerous quests, embarking you on a journey with King Arthur. This Microgaming video slot is filled with exciting adventures. It provides an extensive3D gameplay, which includes ethereal music and other features that will put you in awe of this game design. Avalon ll is a sequel to the popular slot Avalon.

Like many other variants, Avalon ll has five reels and 243 ways to win. The story is enthralling and takes you on an adventure with characters and imagery artistically accurate, according to the legend. The characters which you’ll be playing with include King Arthur, Merlin, and Guinevere. There are a total of 8 bonus rounds, which include the Holy Grail Bonus; this can be triggered while you travel through the kingdom during the journey.

The journey brings to life many numerous legends like that of the Lake, where the re-forging of Excalibur takes place, resulting in cash prizes. The misty vale free spins are a must try out because they give an additional multiplier wild symbol.

Since Merlin is a character, you can use some features related to her. Merlin can appear randomly on a spin and award cash prizes or even a multiplier. The Lady of the Lake also shows her presence, keeps an eye out for her in the wild, for she will fill the middle reel. This slot adventure has so many features you’ll never get bored of it.

Book of Dead:

With so many famous slots adventure games in the line, Book of Dead surely needs to be mentioned amongst the top. Rich Wilde is the main character who embarks on a journey and goes on to fulfill numerous quests in the online adventure-themed game. Play’ n Go with their character Rich Wilde has created an original story for this game. He appeared in Aztec and Indian ventures and the current Book of Dead online slots adventure games pick, he goes on an Egyptian expedition.

This online slot adventure boasts of exceptional sound quality and immersing graphics that take you on a journey in itself. The Book of Dead covered with Gold is a wild and scatter symbol. If you land three or more scattered books, you will be rewarded with ten free spins.

Before spinning your free spin, you are shown a symbol that expands, and if you chose the right one, you could only win big. The special symbol that is shown covers not only your entire reels but also boosts your chances for a big payout. Like other games, the Book of Dead ten pay lines and its rating is favorable standing at 92.61% RTP, and certainly an impressive maximum win of 250,000 coins.

The Goonies:

To dip yourself into nostalgia, the Goonies bring back to life a cult 80’s adventure movie. Since online slots adventure revolves around a story to back it up on the adventure-filled features, this movie provides us with an entertaining storyline.

Many online games get inspired by movies, and here it’s the movie in which a group of friends find an ancient map, and they set out on a quest to find the long-lost treasure of the infamous Pirate, one-eyed Willy.

The Goonies slot will take you back on a nostalgic journey back to your childhood with special key effects. You can even hear the original sound bits from the film when you unlock features in the game. To get yourself a chance to pocket One-eyed Willy’s treasure in this slots adventure, you need to experience the game itself with its unique and extremely interactive features. The interactive display of reels and symbols while you shuffle through the strings of fate hoping for a big payout. The Goonies will give you a chance to try out your luck. You can spin Willy’s wheel to trigger 1 of 6 bonuses.

Games like The Goonies present spin wheels, which give extra bonuses. In The Goonies, the bonus round also includes picking up Fratelli’s hideout feature and super sloth free spins. To pocket a big sum, you will have to unlock one-eyed Willy’s richest feature, which will randomly trigger 1 of 6 modifiers, which includes Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle, Moth’s Lucky coins, and Mikey’s Hidden treasure. To experience the real deal and play the original storyline with better style, exciting features and with an extra touch, it does justice to the movie and will give you a time worth playing.


Tarzan is the epoch of adventure-filled games, which is a top take in a slots adventure game. The exhilarating experience of Tarzan in the wilderness of the jungle with nothing but his instincts and skills to survive to help him. The game boasts of absolutely stunning 3D graphics with superb gameplay control and features. Tarzan or the infamous “King of the Jungle” stands proudly with his head up beside the reel as you are about to play the game. The graphics and sound will immerse you into the very depths of the game, with every feature and action beginning to look more and more realistic.

The game logo can be looked on by, stacked on top of the different reels. These symbols are a chance for you to pocket bigger payouts. These games include high and low valued symbols. There are many high valued symbols which include that of Tarzan himself, Jane and a rather stern-looking explorer.

You will find a variety of characters, including animals with an exotic leopard, a bird, and even a monkey. Other symbols are relatively low valued; they are illustrated by traditional fruits etc. The Tarzan slot is the high valued symbol whereby spinning can give you extra bonuses, free spins and wild cards. The bonuses are cash prizes and Pick-A-Potamus Bonus.

Wild Gambler 2 Arctic Adventure:

It’s time to climb up north and zip your lines. You are required to get ready for an exhilarating adventure into the arctic. This kind of game requires you to explore multiple reel features and increase your chances of winning big. The wild gambler two arctic adventures is a kind experience that you will enjoy the most. It has a unique interface with cartoon animals that are placed as symbols.

This game features a Lock & Spin option, which allows you to play in your way. This in itself is a big bonus, and the symbols that are locked in its place will further increase your chances to pocket a big payout. You can simply tap on the cards and remove locked wilds.

This will also help you create a multiplier wild; your boost can reach up to 5x. Wild Gambler 2 slots adventure is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line slots that includes free spins and other bonuses. You can get as much as 20 free spins. So off you go on a journey to the arctic and unlock features and wild cards!

Moby Dick:

Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is a classic, and almost everyone has read it or known it in some way. This game is taken as an inspiration from it where you will experience the dazzling adventures on a nautical ship with the revenge quest of Captain Ahab to find the whale that cut his leg off.

This Great American Novel is narrated by a sailor named Ishmael, and among slots adventure games, such original adventures are rare to find and are worth your time. The game takes you on a quest, which includes a variety of features and nautical symbols that you will see on reels. It includes a white whale, the Captain himself and an anchor.

The story of Moby Dick will be playing in the background and plenty of action taking place. The waves of the ocean are not kind and will carry the whaling ship through its brute currents and throw it off many times, but to win big, one must risk it all. The Captain is ready and will, at any moment, stick the harpoon in the body of that majestic white whale; you must be careful about your spins.

Among these games, this game enthralls you by offering a Win freezing feature. It works in an incredibly unique fashion, i.e. when you line up any win, the symbols freeze, and you get a chance for a free bonus spin. This is a big shot at getting bigger payouts and winning huge sums. The best part is that it comes with every win.

Additionally, an extra feature is of free spin rounds, with up to 20 complimentary spins you can take in this slot adventure. Last but not least, if you want your multiplier to reach as high as five times, then don’t miss out on the gamble game, which will be offered to you in this online game where you can score big and pocket larger sums.

Alice Adventure:

Going down the memory lane, another classic to add to the Microgaming online slots adventure Alice in Wonderland. The famous classic novel, which has been adapted to a movie, is now offered as an online slots adventure game. This opens up many avenues, including unique features that separate its enthralling game play from the rest. iSoftBet, with its distinctive adaption of the original story of Alice in Wonderland, takes us down the rabbit hole once again in anticipation of exciting and terrifying quests.

The world of fantasy awaits your arrival with mystery and a load of characters to play from. The main characters are included in symbols with Alice, The mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat, Queen of Hearts and the White rabbit.

These amazing features also come with an enchanting and magical background soundtrack. If you want your boost to reach an x multiplier, then this game will offer it with wild multipliers. To trigger Alice bonus, the Drink me Bottle reel is the key where you can win up to 15 spins and wild reel extenders. This will turn the entire reel wild and lock them in place in the duration of the free spins.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem:

If you want to put your life in the fast lane and prefer going on a racing adventure, then this racing mayhem will let you drift on the city streets wildly. Drive brings you a unique opportunity to run through the city in speed. This racing will get your adrenaline up by offering you a fast and furious experience on the reels.

This racing game is full of innovative features and stunning graphics that will not let you take your eyes off of the screen. The multiplier wild boosts in Drive are far more enthralling and exciting that will offer you to pocket huge sums of money with extra bonuses. The gameplay features many distinctive symbols with the wild and scatter symbol.

This allows players to carefully apply their winning combinations and score high with these symbols. This slots adventure offers a drive slot with free spins, which are called Nitro symbols. The best thing about these Nitro Symbols is that they will award you extra free spins and can even overlay multipliers wilds. This increases your chances to win loads and genuinely enjoys the ride.

There is a Nitro Collect Meter, which, when filled, will help you unlock many different levels, and you can race against different opponents. This will take you to explore higher levels and additional games for free. This slot adventure game has 15 pay lines and has a high rating RTP of 96.7%. So it’s time to buckle up and sit on the driving seat and put the pedal on the gas.

Ticket to the Stars:

If you ever wanted to find out the secrets of the cosmos and gaze profoundly into the infinite abyss of the universe, Ticket to the Stars will take you on a journey to outer space. This game is one of its kinds with an innovative futuristic feature to boast. The adventure towards the stars is exhilarating, and to wander between the intergalactic destinations will surely make you love every bit of this online adventure game.

The graphics of Ticket to stars are among the best of slots adventure games. Its unique futuristic edge and mesmerizing soundtracks with stunningly admirable graphics that captivate you will put you in awe of it. You will be transported to the beyond, and with an exciting storyline, many interesting symbols are to follow. The high valued symbols include a pretty space rocket hostess, a handsome pilot, and a robust host. There are other low valued symbols, which are a selection of sparkling gems.

A win at any moment can trigger the swooping reels feature, which will cause the existing symbols to be replaced with new ones. This step will allow you to gather more wins to your collection and also unlock bonus features.

One of the main and attractive features of this game is the ultimate free spin with an unlimited multiplier meter. This is a key bonus add, which gives you up to 25 free spins and with that, the multiplier increases after every third win awarding two extra spins. Slots adventure games include many genres, but Ticket to the Stars stands out with its unique gameplay.

Ghost Pirates:

Hoist the mains and trim the sails with your captain aboard on a pirate ship. This time online slots adventure games offers a unique quest in search of a hidden treasure. This new edition is brought by NetEnt slot production. This game not only has stunning but extensive and detailed graphics. There are a variety of items, collectibles, and characters to surf with. Ghost Pirate has five reels, three rows and 243 ways to win.

Therefore, instead of regular pay lines like many other games, if you get to achieve matching symbols from left to right, you are certain for a big win. For low betting players, you can reduce the number of ways to win to 3,9,27 or 81 bet ways, but all of this comes at a cost, and it is that the possibility of winning will drop as well.

No doubt winning matters and to win with bonus features and spins, slots adventure games like Ghost Pirates introduces their distinctive symbols. Instead of lower-playing card symbols, detailed images were made. They include anchors, skulls, crossbones, treasure maps, pistols, cannons, compasses, etc.

The characters, however, include Pirate captain Peggy rotten, Mad Monkey, One-eyed Ed and Polly, the parrot. There are wild symbols in ghost pirates; the significant one is the Skull, which is only achieved on the 4th or second reels. This will substitute all the symbols on the other reels and will create for you better-winning combinations.

The scatter symbol is a treasure chest symbol, which, when activated, will give you free spins and also multiply your wins from the given participation. It works in a way that if you get three scatters in with a winning combo at hand, you will receive a 2x multiplier.

A 20x multiplier goes with four scatters and 50x for five treasure chests. The welcome bonus of ghost pirates can reach up to 1500 pounds and will offer up to 400 free spins.

Relic Raiders:

With adventure theme games being played by the majority of players, online slots community has introduced many slot adventure games. They include different genres, but the most popular one consists of Relic Raiders. This online casino game is full of exciting adventures and fun-filled activities. It includes the adventure of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider mixed up together with a unique blend of treasure hunting and mystery revealing journey.

This online slots game has a myriad of unique bonus features that will mesmerize you and keep you captivated. This slot has five reels, four rows, and 50 pay lines. The symbols in Relic Raiders are exceptional and incredibly detailed. They include colorful gems, monkeys and snakes, maps and planes, etc. The wild symbol in this game is the Tribesman wild symbol, which substitutes other symbols. The scatter symbol is a treasure chest that will trigger free spins round.

Since the main characters are two, therefore, the bonuses associated with it are unique, too and have two special bonus features for both male and female characters. You can unlock an additional bonus game if you have three bonus symbols on an active pay line. If that’s the case, you will automatically be transferred to a separate screen, and a new set of maps will open for you from which you can choose.

Here, every location will have urns for you to smash and find relics. The bonus features can also be availed, i.e. three treasure chests will give you ten free spins; similarly, five treasure chests will give 100 free spins. Your extra spins and wins can give you a 5x multiplier increasing your score for a big payout in this slots adventure online game.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality:

Online slots games include many genres, of which Pyramid Quest is the most intriguing one. This journey will take you to ancient Egypt on an expedition with a quest for immortality. This will take you through the valley of kings from the statues of pharaohs in its entire splendor to his mistresses and the breathtaking art.

You will find traditional Egyptian symbols on the slots. Pyramid quest includes the Avalanche feature, which is a bonus add taken from Gonzo’s Quest slot. Slots adventure games boast of many features, but Pyramid Quests boasts of originality and richness in its gameplay. The slot design and mesmerizing display of art and history makes it worth playing. It has got a set of 5 reels and a structure of 3x4x5x4x3. There are no pay-lines included but certainly 720 ways to win with this particular combination.

The symbols of these slots adventure-themed games are unique because they consist of many interesting characters and items. They include the Sphinx, Cleopatra’s mask, golden snakes and eagles and also the infamous and mysterious betel called scarab. The avalanche technology is a new but amazing feature with increasing multipliers. This replaces the spinning wheels, and instead, the symbols fall to the bottom, and some of them even explode.

Slots adventure games have introduced this technology to increase the chances of winning and bigger payouts. The chances of winning increase if you couple it with a winning combo, which unlocks bonus features and wild symbol multipliers. The Wild symbol here is that of the golden ankh, which also signifies life in Egyptian mythology. It looks like a golden cross which has a purple background.

Pirates Plenty:

Pirate ship genre is trending in Slots adventure games where Pirates Plenty was able to make it to the top contenders’ list. It will take the player into the depths of water in the quest of a hidden treasure to be recovered in the form of bigger payouts. You will be sailing against the current of the wind into unknown places where the sea won’t be kind to you, but your courage will accompany you into fulfilling your quests. The gameplay of Pirates Plenty slots adventure is captivating and will surely capture your attention.

While embarking on the journey, you need to keep an eye out for numerous collectibles that will help you in your winning bet. This includes a treasure map, which, when formed, will unlock a sixth reel and a humongous bonus will be in the wait for you. The wild symbol is that of a mischievous monkey which, when cast, will land across the reels and drop of other low paying reels.

This will open room for more re-spins and many higher symbols to play with. There are other symbol bonuses, including the ocean free spin bonus with which you can trigger ten free spins. Slots adventure games might offer many key features, but Pirates Plenty offers much more by providing ancient keys. Finding the correct key will help you unlock the sunken sailor’s treasure. So try out your luck in slots adventure with Pirates Plenty and its unique features that can help you pocket big money.

The Elf Wars:

Now when we have started exploring different genres, there is a special mention of the magical realm of the elves that slots adventure games usually are famous for. This realm opens tons of adventures, and exciting gameplay, which includes multiple and fun-filled quests often loved by the majority of online players. The storyline of elf wars is that of a character named Rudolph who is causing mayhem and has run amok to destroy Santa’s workshop, the elves are in panic and have gone into hiding.

The special feature in this slots adventure game is the guaranteed features that it provides. The motif for symbols is Christmas card design. The wild symbols are that of Santa and Rudolph, while Rudolph expands. Now at the start of the game, you are present in Santa’s workshop, and with the mayhem, in action, you are to rescue as many elves as you can to trigger bonuses and free spins, which will take you to the next phase.

Spinning the reels will give you a chance to win a bonus, which will also help you in getting multiplier if you get a wild symbol or scatter symbol. The guaranteed feature also includes the interest factor, which helps you score huge sums in this slots adventure game. The extra add is that of the extra money which you can win by spinning the wheel to trigger a bonus, but you must wait when your chances are above 50%.

The Wild Chase:

Who doesn’t like a thrill in their life? Online slots adventure games have different genres, but The Wild Chase which belongs to the racing category is one of its kind. The streets of Monaco await your arrival with a nitro boost and burning passion for staining the race track and leaving your mark. This slots adventure racing game is extremely popular.

Here, you will embark on a thrilling adventure where you will be trying out sticking winning combinations. Quick spin is responsible for the magnificence and brilliance of this game, and it has also contributed to making other online slots games. With amazing gameplay and interface, it has a variety of control features and plenty of sums to pay out, including diamond rings, watches, and cash. The wild chase provides you with an opportunity to spin the reels try out your luck and win big.

Spin the reels in online games of this category and its collection of rock music and boost up your adrenaline. It is a perfect package to try out along with your winning combinations. Every time you hit a winning combination, you are rewarded with a free spin, which inevitably leads to further winning chances. You need to be careful to cash out such opportunities. The wild chase has five reels and three rows for you to play on. It has got 25 pay lines and has multiple bonus features. The bonus features are similar to other slots adventure games but slightly better and include a re-spin feature, multiplier wilds, scatters, and a unique give me more features.

Treasure Island:

Treasure Island is the epoch of online treasure hunting games. It is jam packed with countless features and, of course, a worthy and rich treasure waiting for you. Among slots adventure games, Treasure Island is certainly the easiest and the most lucrative. Quick spin gaming production is responsible for creating this piece of magic and charm. Treasure Island tops all the competition with its bonus features and with that also comes bigger and better payouts. The game is inspired by Louis Stephenson’s book, Treasure Island. Among slots adventure games, this includes a treasure hunt quest like no other.

A unique Treasure hunt feature is there, and once when activated, it will take you to a different screen. The new screen will offer you a different map and a location where you can play ‘x marks the spot’ options. You will have to pick up two to reveal cash prizes.

Such online slots games allow you to play additional games as bonus features to increase your multipliers and win cash prizes. The game setup includes five reels and four rows for you to play with. Unlike many others, Treasure Island has 40 pay lines. Treasure Island and other online slot games are famous for its bonus features, among which Free spins, Treasure Hunt, Pirate attack wild and island Hop bonus are the more famous and lucrative ones.

Jurassic Park:

Millennia later, we are still fascinated with the magnificence and fieriness of these gigantic creatures. Everyone is familiar with dinosaurs and the movies that brought them back to life. Now you can play with your favorite characters and run from dinosaurs to get a higher cheque at the end. Slots adventure games ensure thrilling adventure to captivate the players’ attention. Thanks to online casino gaming, which produces such games that make us love them right at the moment with a bit of nostalgia and thrill to spice things up.

Online slots games have a winning combination that varies from game to game. Jurassic Park, however, belongs from a list that offers 243 ways to win. It boasts of many other special bonus features that you will get a liking to among other slots adventure games. To keep you on your toes, this game has a T-rex alert mode; this feature lasts six spins and causes the T—rex to pop up and behind the reels on the third spin.

This can count up to 35 wilds, which are added to the reels for the spins and can not only increase your chances of winning but is also a humongous win-win situation. The game setup, like any other, includes a five-reel and 3-row setup. It has got 243 pay lines, which is a pretty good number for slots adventure games. It has a variety of bonus features which include T-red alert mode, Brachiosaurus, Dilophosaurus, and Triceratops Free spins, scatters, wilds and multipliers.

The Orient Express:

The Orient Express surely tickles our Travel buds, where one travels across Europe to Istanbul. This journey is like no other and among slots adventure games rather rare to find. To make sure you get the best of this adventure, online slots have included this to its list. With artistically beautiful graphics and splendid gameplay for any given game, the orient express has outdone them all. You will feel the flow of time through every passing minute and will be mesmerized by the scenery that crosses you.

Slots adventure games are putting effort into stunning gameplay effects to ensure players’ attention. Here the Orient Express tops the online slots gameplays lists with the original story and adventure journey. Its game setup includes 55 reels and three rows. It has got 20 pay lines. The special features for the Orient Express are unique among other online slots games and include four game modes; the Paris and walking wilds, Venice and the Multiplier clock. Other features are Belgrade and Wild reels, Istanbul and random wilds.

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