Best Payout Slots for Online Casinos

If you wager real money, the fun of playing online slots comes from winning profits from your stake. There are several online casinos available for the modern punter and finding high payout slots is a dauntless task. As a punter seeking to maximize profits from online video slots, you should play high payout slots in secure, licensed casinos only. This will guarantee the safety of your account and winning. There are other vital considerations other than the payout, so you will note that slots with the highest payouts aren’t necessarily the best high payout slots. As such, you should always review the slot, and casino that provides it, before making any money transfer. Below is a comprehensive overview of the best payout slots, including pro tips on how to find secure, trustworthy high-paying casino slots.


What influences payout?

A simple definition for the best payout online slots is simply one that provides the highest profits to the player. However, other things also come into consideration when evaluating the gaming experience a slot offers. There are several factors used in calculating the payout rate of a slot, considering all slots are unique. A typical five-reel slot with high RTP (return-to-player) may feature high bonuses, free spins, high multipliers and progressive jackpots, all which influence the payout you can accumulate. Some of the crucial factors to consider when seeking the best payout slots that online casinos offer:

The return to player (RTP)

The RTP, which is usually provided as a percentage, is the most important factor used to identify top payout slots quickly. RTP simply refers to the percentage a player gets back from their bankroll. For instance, if a slot offers a 96% RTP and you deposit £100, you are at least guaranteed to get £96 back. The RTP is calculated over the long term, which means all the highs and lows are evened out. The slot still characterizes random “highs” and “lows” of fair play. Seasoned punters usually use the scale below when comparing slot RTPs:

  • 98% and above – Superb
  • 97% to 98% – Excellent
  • 95% to 97% – Good
  • 93% to 95% – Weak
  • 93% or less – Low

The best payout slots don’t always provide 99% RTPs. However, they offer excellent and superb RTPs paired with secure exciting gameplay. It is also essential to find a sleek platform that offers fast payment methods, exceptional customer support and a wide variety of high payout slots.

Bonuses and free spins

The best payout slots often include free spins, several pay lines, wilds, multipliers and bonuses. These elements increase the total payout punters can win with a single wager. It is recommendable to review casino bonuses, free spins and in-slot features that increase the chances of winning bigger payouts. Developers and casinos usually use free spins to promote new slots, so you can take advantage of slot-specific bonuses.

However, most slot-specific bonuses come with a wagering or utility requirement the punter must fulfil before they are allowed to withdraw their winning. As such, you should read the bonus policy and determine if you can fulfil the wagering requirement. Nonetheless, slots with more free spins, bonuses and multipliers offer the best chance of winning more each time you spin its reels. In-slot elements such as wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins make a significant contribution to the RTP of the slot.

Slot betting limits

Each slot comes with a cap on the maximum amount you can win. If you are looking for slots with the highest payouts in the market, you can quickly check the maximum amount one can win playing the slot. You should also check the maximum wager, which directly influences how much you can win if you land the best combinations. However, slots that have the highest maximum payouts do not necessarily have the highest average RTP.

When comparing high payout slots, it is important to review the number of pay lines, minimum and maximum bet per spin. High roller slots often accept up to £500 or more per spin, which can translate into significant profit and return to player. Slots with a smaller bet size per spin, on the other hand often attract lower payouts, although you can still increase your profits through free spins and multipliers.

Slot speed

Slots are different and offer unique experiences that can be exhilarating, relaxing or merely profitable. Regardless, each slot has a different speed at which you can play and spin the reels. A swift slot means big fast wins, but this may also imply fast big losses. Slower slots, on the other hand, involve playing a while longer before you can make the big win. None is necessarily better.

However, if you prefer quick wins, you should choose slots that offer fast gameplay and payment. If you seek to enjoy a relaxed experience, you can find slow-paced slots to take you on memorable virtual gaming experience. What’s essential is that you stick to secure high payout slots from licensed casinos that have a good reputation online.

Top 20 best payout slots

Here are the top 20 best payout online slots punters can enjoy:

Mega Joker – Get up to 99% RTP

Mega Joker is one NetEnt classic fruit machine slot that offers incredible payouts. It is considered one of the high payout slots, boasting an old-fashioned interface with classic five pay lines and mystery prices. Mega Joker is different as it allows the player to work up their RTP. Wagering low amounts like one coin give you an underwhelming RTP of 76.1%. Betting ten coins, on the other hand, raises the RTP to between 88.1% and 99%. Players can also enjoy higher RTPs by playing the Supermeter Mode, which is an extra game with higher payout than the base. Besides providing the highest payout ratios, Mega Joker offers a classic simple user interface ideal for both new and seasoned slot players.

Jackpot 6000 – Get up to 98.8% RTP

Jackpot 6000 from NetEnt offers an authentic old-fashioned vibe that features five pay lines that accept wagers between 1 and 10 coins per spin. Triggering Supermeter mode offers the highest payouts for this slot and this requires betting the maximum ten coins per pay line. Jackpot 6000 also offers mystery prices of up to 6000 coins and a jackpot payout of the same price. Like Mega Joker, players can increase their RTP depending on their skills and betting strategies. However, betting below eight coins will attract lower RTPs. Jackpot 6000 suits anyone looking for straightforward slots that are beginner-friendly, but its high RTP attracts all kinds of players.

Monopoly Big Event – Get up to 99% RTP

Monopoly Big Event is among the best payout slots ever released by Barcrest and boasts some amazing bonuses and features besides its high RTP. It is one of the few slots that allow players to enjoy RTPs up to 99%. However, the high RTP is only activated when you play the “Big Bet Mode,” which offers sticky wilds, free spins, multipliers and extra wilds. Big bet mode also requires a £30 stake places on five enhanced spins and is ideal for punters looking for high-stake slots and big profits. Apart from Mega Joker, no other slot has a return-to-player as attractive as Monopoly Big Event, although you need to have a deeper bankroll to enter the rewarding big bet mod

1429 Hearted Seas (Thunderstruck) – Get up to 98.6% RTP

1429 Hearted Seas Thunderstruck is another amazing high payout slot that ranks among the few games with a superb return to player. Produced by Thunderkick, this five-reel video slot has numerous symbols and wilds that help to boost your winning. The slot also offers up to 50 free spins and various in-game bonuses that make is one of the popular choices among seasoned slot players. Its 98.6% RTP is also among the highest in the market and isn’t as varied as most. You can still win a decent profit without necessarily placing the maximum bet per pay line. Besides, 1429 Heartless Seas provides an exciting gaming experience for those looking to enjoy modern cinematic elements.

Ooh Aah Dracula – 96% – 99% RTP

Ooh Aah Dracula offers two gaming modes with RTPs of 96% and 99% respectively. Players can choose the low price five-reel with the 96% RTP or spend more for higher profitability. The slot also provides lucrative free spins, extra wilds and a jackpot with a price up to five thousand times. Ooh Aah Dracula allows a betting range of £0.10 and £500 per spin, which also makes it easier to win hefty profits. Besides its high RTP, Ooh Aah is highly rated for one of the most exciting gaming experience. It is virtually present in all reputable online casinos and has amazing cinematic elements as well as beginner-friendly gameplay.

Blood Suckers – Get up to 98% RTP

NetEnt Blood Suckers is among the high paying online slots with a vampire genre that has been getting more popular over the past few years. It offers an impressive RTP of 98%, but this is the least of what draws punters to play the exciting video slot. Blood Suckers special features, scatters, free spins, multipliers, wild subs and multiple bonuses make it a natural choice for any player. It also boasts the reputation of a known developer and provides some cool features to make the gameplay effortless and exciting. Blood Suckers has been around for several years and remains one of the most played online slots with high payouts.

Joker Strike – Get up to 98.11 RTP

Joker Strike is another fantastic five-reel slot you can enjoy when looking for high payout slots. As a sequel to the popular Second Strike slot by Quickspin, this slot comes with new features, including a wild strike, ten extra wilds, high-roller bets and higher RTP of 98.11%. Joker Strike also offers an exciting gameplay with ten pay lines and retro-style that borrows several elements from the initial release. This slot is ideal for high-rollers seeking slots with higher maximum wager per spin and maximum wins. It offers several features and opportunities to win, including in-game bonus spins.

Starmania – Get up to 97.87% RTP

Starmania provides a colourful theme that features star symbols and spacey ambient music for a relaxing experience. This NexGen slot narrowly misses the spot for superb RTP slots, but still offers high payouts of 97.87%. It includes free game features, free spins extra wilds and multiplies that can quadruple your winning. Starmania also boasts a sleek interface with great graphics, amazing gameplay and exciting slot features. It is an easy choice for those looking to feed their senses while enjoying their favourite slot. Everything from the ethereal music to simple gameplay and high payout distinguishes Starmania as one of the best online slots for any punter.

Kings of Chicago – Get up to 97.8% RTP

Kings of Chicago offers a unique experience that is different from most classic five-reel slots. By combining elements of a video slot with old-fashioned poker, this slot pays for having poker hands rather than matching symbols. It still has five reels and uses free spins and multipliers. Kings of Chicago also boasts amazing graphics and interactive elements that draw those seeking exciting cinematic experiences. With its 97.8% RTP, this is among the best high payout slots overall, if you seek secure online slots. The theme, music and dealer experiences also add to the charm of this famous online casino slot, making it an effortless addition to any player’s list of the favourite slot.

Wolfpack Pays – Get up to 97.75% RTP

NextGen’s Wolfpack Pays is another amazing five-reel slot offering 243 different ways to win. With a maximum bet size of £80 per spin and impressive RTP of 97.5%, this slot provides a unique addition for anyone looking to enjoy exciting high payout slots. Its picturesque backdrop and free spins awarded for each win draw both new and experienced punters. Wolfpack Pays is among the most paying slots and uses beginner-friendly features, simple enough for anyone looking to make a profit and enjoy a stirring online gaming experience. It also rarely misses any top 10 list for best high payout slots that casinos provide.

Devil’s Delight – Get up to 97.6% RTP

Devil’s Delight is another incredible high payout video slot from NetEnt. Its devilish theme features a tombstone backdrop that offers a canvas for the exciting five-reel underworld slot experience. Devil’s Delight also offers multipliers up to five times and free spins to increase the chances of winning big profits. Its 97.6% RTP is also impressive and more than what many popular casinos can boast. The slot offers unique graphics that make it a distinct addition for anyone who loves to play multiple high payout slots. It also has decent gameplay and boasts the trademark attributes of modern NetEnt slots.

Magicious – Get up to 98.6% RTP

Although it only provides ten pay lines, Magicious is a special online slot with fantastic, straightforward gameplay. It is often compared with Starburst, although most punters consider Magicious faster and prettier. Its 97.6% RTP also draws players looking for high payout slots with simple gameplay. It is one of the fastest online slots, so on a good day, you can land fast, big wins and exit before the slot even out its highs. The slot’s speed also adds to its thrill and excitement, making it popular among slot enthusiasts as well as experienced punters.

Simsamabim – Get up to 97.5% RTP

Simsamabim is a magical themed slot that offers impressive RTP of 97.5%. This high-payout slot also boasts unique interactive elements, stunning, hypnotic graphics, wilds, multipliers and a bonus round. You can win a cash price of up to 50500 coins in the bonus round alone. The slot also offers free spins round and a triple winning multiplier. Simsamabim suits high-stake players that want that fancy making quick profits while exploring one of the best magic-themed video slots. It boasts a dynamic interface, advanced gaming, premium graphics, and enchanting ambience music that make it perfect for players seeking highly interactive high payout slots.

Supernova – Get up to 97.5% RTP

Supernova is an amazing three-reel video slot from Quickspin offering 27 pay lines and high payout RTP of 97.50%. While this isn’t a standard five-reel slot, it has several features integrated to help players maximize profits. You can get multipliers of up to ten times with a maximum bet of £50 per spin. Supernova also boasts great graphics and a quaint theme that explodes to life each time you win. The slot also has simple gameplay, and while it features no in-game bonus, it offers regular wins, making it the ideal retreat when you want to boost your bankroll. You can also enjoy a high return to player despite wagering low.

Retro Reels Extreme Heat – Get up to 97.5% RTP

Retro Reels Extreme Heat is another old-school five-reel video slot popular among punters seeking high payouts. The slot is developed by Microgaming Slots and offers a classic fruit machine experience decorated with free spins, re-spin and multipliers among other features. The innovative re-spin feature highlight’s the slot’s appeal, which allows players to win bigger payouts per spin. After the first spin, the player can activate the re-spin feature, which offers one spin with significantly higher payouts. The slot appeals to punters that love high-risk and stakes that often translate into quick big wins.

Hot Ink – Get up to 97.50% RTP

Hot Ink is another fantastic high payout slot from Microgaming. The slot has been around for nearly half a decade. It is among those that have issued the most payouts. Its impressive 97.50% RTP appeals to anyone looking to make a significant profit while enjoying a solid experience you can always return to when other slots get boring. The slot offers free spins, a re-spin feature, mini-game and over one thousand ways to win. It also accommodates stakes between £0.20 to £125, allowing both low and high rollers to make a profit. The slot is centred on tattoos that people could get, providing intuitive graphics and visual appeal.

Wild Orient – Get up to 97.50% RTP

Wild Orient was released back in 2016 by Microgaming and is still one of the best high payout slots available for punters’ enjoyment. The standard five reel slot offers 243 pay lines around its oriental theme and features amazing cash prizes, triple multipliers and up to 15 free spins. With stakes of up to £125 per spin and a 97.50% RTP, Wild Orient is one of the easiest picks among those seeking high payouts and trustworthy slots. The slot is also very secure and has survived for several years making it to the favourites list of many online slop players. The gameplay is straightforward and winning is also not hard to come by.

Zombies – Get up to 97.20% RTP

Zombies is one of NetEnt’s oldest standard five-reel, 25 pay line video slots, so you can expect classic gameplay and thematic expressions. Its 97.20% RTP means it always appears near the bottom of the list. However, Zombies offers a unique video slot experience that features high multipliers of ten times, wilds and free spins. You can also wager up to £200 per spin for maximum payouts. The slot’s gameplay is simple, but you can explore advanced graphics and the exciting world of brain-eating zombies. Zombies also boast quite a reputation in the market and is one of the famous video slots, although this is partly because the slot has been around than most.

Mad Dash – Get up to 97.10% RTP

Mad Dash is another of Microgaming’s many standard high payout video slots. Its 97.10% RTP isn’t as impressive as other slots on the list. However, Mad Dash is popular for its incredible payouts, especially if you wager the maximum £500 stake per spin. It also offers up to 25 free spins, four-time multipliers attached to the total win and a racing mini-game with more coins to win. The slot can fetch Super RTP on a good day and offers an exhilarating gaming experience that suits punters looking for fast wins. Concerning graphics and theme, Mad Dash is excellent and provides a memorable experience.

Jack Hammer 2 – Get up to 97.10% RTP

Jack Hammer 2 provides one of the most exciting experiences, drawing elements from comic book styles to present unique crime adventure backdrop and exhilarating sound effects. The slot was developed by NetEnt and features 99 pay lines, 20 free plays and extra wilds. Its 97.10% RTP is player-friendly and you can still win decent profit from your stake, especially if you take advantage of the maximum bet per spin. The gameplay is also simple and NetEnt ensures you enjoy a secure, smooth video slot experience. Jack Hammer 2 is an excellent addition if you are looking for high payout slots that also offer great interactive gaming experience.

How to find the best high payout slots

Online slot developers continue to provide new video slots with new cinematic effects, advanced technology and exciting gameplay. You can also find slots with RTPs as high as 99.99%. However, not all online slots with high payouts are ideal for playing. It is still crucial to review the slot and make sure it offers a legitimate fair opportunity. Some high payout slots feature security vulnerabilities while others, especially those from sub-standard developers, have terrible gameplay and interfaces. To find the best, you must compare top offers in the market. Some of the things to consider when comparing high payout slots include:

Slot developer

There are many online video slot developers available today, naturally creating a surplus of online slots. A typical online casino offers 200 to 500 different slots for its punters. However, not all slot developers have made a reputation for a great concept and gaming experience. Some popular names like Microgaming and NetEnt are noteworthy for their consistency and experience. On the other hand, there are new game developers that boast unique interactive slots. As such, it is always recommendable to review the game developer and their reputation. If any of their slots have bad reviews and history of breaches, you shouldn’t play slots from that developer until their status quo changes.

Interface and gameplay

The slot’s interface is a unique property you should review before wagering your money. Most casino slots have amazing demos and the first interface is as charming as possible. However, not all depict fantastic navigation throughout the gameplay. The best slots offer sleek interface decorated with easily accessible and utilizable features. The graphics, theme and other interactive elements also play a crucial role in the overall experience, which makes interface a crucial aspect to review when comparing high payout online slots. You can gather information about the slot’s interface from playing trial mode (if available) or player reviews. If the gameplay is poor, which is characteristic of slots provided by non-licensed casinos, the high RTP is only for marketing, so you may never win anything playing the slot.

Mobile support

There are many high payout slots that you can only enjoy from a personal computer or laptop. However, you can still find several amazing online slots that can be played on smartphones, tablets and other modern gadget operating systems. More punters are looking for flexible online slots they can enjoy anywhere from a wide variety of devices including web browser, PC and mobile apps and wearable peripherals, among others. If you are playing the slot via a web browser on your smartphone, both the platform and video slot should be mobile responsive. Mobile support might not be a crucial factor if you prefer to play on your PC, but still offers a cool addition you can use when comparing high payout online slots.


Slot safety is a crucial factor when playing in online casinos, especially those that are not licensed by a recognized gambling authority. It is essential to play safe and secure online slots that have a growing reputation among punters. If the slot has a history of being breached, you should avoid it. There are numerous secure and exciting high payout slots in online casinos, so it makes no sense to risk playing a slot vulnerable to cyber attacks. Security boils down to the slot’s developer and the online casino you play at. You should therefore always choose slots from credible licensed platforms and slot developers.

User reviews

User reviews and expert ratings can also be used to determine the best payout slots. RTP, bonuses and all the other elements are only valid if real players agree. The best high payout slots have a good reputation among players and others in the gambling industry. If the slot has unique gaming experience and high payouts, players will be happy to spread the good news. Nevertheless, you need to find reliable, impartial reviews from real players. Our list provides the top 20 best high payout slots for online casinos, but you can find several other reputable slots. Simply look up player reviews and expert rating to gauge the overall market reception.

New high payout slots vs old high payout slots

When comparing the best high payout online slots, you should examine both old and new offers. Old online slots mean you can review history and find user comments that tell you more about the experience. It is also easy to identify past breaches. This is also the same for long-serving slot developers. New slots, on the other hand, promise advanced technology and modern features that threaten to revolutionize the online gaming experience.

As a punter, it is essential to find secure high payout slots that offer exciting experiences and modern conveniences. There isn’t a distinct difference between old and new slots other than thematics and interface. You can also find newer versions of classic online slots. To ensure you play a secure slot each time, it is recommendable that you join licensed online casinos that have a positive reputation among players.

Play the best payout slots today

The best online slots payout percentage shouldn’t fall below 97% RTP, so all slots in our list have excellent Good to Superb return to player on the scale. However, there are several other hallmarks of the best high payout slots other than RTP. It is still essential to play an exciting interactive slot that allows you to enjoy your time. This also means finding a trustworthy casino that can guarantee exceptional gameplay, slot variety, fast, secure payment methods and more.

Numerous online slots offer high payouts, and while landing one takes a few search words on a browser, distinguishing trustworthy sites and best high payout slots can be overwhelming. To make the process simple, you can use our list of the top 20 best high payout slots, which features the best popular slots offering high payouts. There are hundreds more to try, as developers continually release new slots and improved versions of old favourites. You should also watch out for emerging high payout slots. Make sure they are from popular, trustworthy developers and casinos before wagering real money.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is RTP?

RTP (return to player) refers to the percentage a player gets back when they play a slot. Several factors are used to calculate the RTP, which is often the long-term average. This means there isn’t a fixed return to player that every punter gets to enjoy. In most cases, placing bigger wagers will give you’re the best online slots payout percentage, but you can still make big wins without necessarily wagering the maximum bet size.

Do I choose slot with high RTP?

It is highly recommendable to play slots that have higher RTPs of 98% and above. Since the figure is an average, high RTP means higher chances of making a profit and low losing streaks. However, make sure you play safe slots in reputable online casinos that can guarantee secure gaming experiences. Superb RTP is only favourable if the slot is secure and offers exciting gameplay and experience. As such, you should review the RTP alongside other crucial aspects before making a wager.

How much can I win playing online slots?

Several factors influence the maximum profit you can win from a slot. You bet size will mostly determine how much you will win. The bonuses, multipliers and free plays you gather will also contribute to your total profits. Slots have different maximum payouts and jackpot prizes, so you can win anything from a few hundred to several thousand Euros. It is recommendable to play in slots known to provide some of the highest prices, especially if a reputable online casino offers the slot.

What is no wagering online slot bonus?

Most casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement, that specifies the number of wagers or spins the player must make to be able to withdraw money won from the bonus. No wagering online slot bonuses simply have no requirements to fulfil, so you can quickly utilize your free spins and withdraw your profits. While rare, no wagering free spin slot bonus is one of the best. You can enjoy free bonus spins and make a real profit without worrying about expiry dates and unreasonable wagering policies.

Which is the best high payout slot for online casinos?

There are several high payout slots for online casinos and choosing one as the ultimate choice is a tough ask. You can compare our list of 30 best high payout slots for a start, but there are plenty of slots that offer attractive RTPs, multipliers, free spins and opportunities to make big wins. As a punter seeking high payout slots, the priority is to find reliable casinos that offer safe, thrilling video slots with high return to player percentages.

How do I find the best high payout online slot?

Finding the best high payout slots often involves reviewing the limitless number of online video slots available today. The comparison is made concerning gameplay, interface and interactivity, features, automation, graphics, security, developer reputation and more. A simpler alternative is to browse our list of high payout slots or find impartial reviews of the same. You can also compare other trustworthy reviews and lists for more offers. Make sure you review all the critical aspects before playing the slot.

Which game developers offer high payout slots?

Microgaming, NetEnt and BarCrest Games are a few popular names when it comes to online video slots, so most high payout slots will come from these developers. However, you can still find high payout slots from other lesser-known slot developers. The priority is to play slots from credible, reputable developers only, to avoid cyber attacks, rigged games and scams. Virtually all game developers can offer a high return to player percentages of up to 99.99%. However, not all slots are interesting enough to play.

Can I play a new high payout slot?

Yes. While it is recommendable to play slots that already have a strong reputation, you can still have amazing experiences playing new slots. Since game developers continue to provide new slots with superior experiences and technologies, there are many exciting slots yet to garner global reputation. Nonetheless, make sure the slot is safe and secure by choosing reputable casinos. You can keep tabs with emerging slots, new casinos and gaming trends to spot the best opportunities.

What is a low payout slot?

As the name suggests, a low payout slot is the exact opposite of a high payout slot. As a general rule, slots that have 93% RTP and below are considered to be low payout according to the return to player percentage scale. However, if you are accustomed to playing superb RTP slots only, you might find slots with RTPs below 97% unfavourable. It is also worth noting that RTP isn’t fixed, so you can still suffer low RTPs of 70% in a slot that offers an average of 98% RTP.

Are high payout slots safe to play?

Yes, there are several safe and secure high payout online slots. However, not all high payout slots are safe to play. Some scam casinos and sub-standard developers provide high RTPs of up to 100% to mask what they lack in gameplay, user experience and data protection. It is, therefore, essential to choose credible licensed casinos that offer safe slots from trusted developers. This way, you are guaranteed safety on every slot you play.

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