Where and How to Find Top Real Money and Free Slot Games with Bonus Features

Spin and win (or lose) are the two primary concepts of slots with bonus games. These games are easy and fun to play. With this straightforward gameplay, you can concentrate on how to get the best possible way to win and get that jackpot prize.

Can you play slot games with bonus rounds online? Yes, but before we discuss the top sites with real money and free slot games with bonus features, here’s a briefer on some terms. Later in this article, we’ll answer some frequently answered questions that you might have in mind.


Gameplay: Understanding Slots Games

As we mentioned above, it’s easy. You spin the reel and wait for the “machine” to create a pattern. If you hit a specific pattern of symbols on the payline, you win the jackpot prize. The prize can have a multiplier, slot bonus, bonus rounds or other bonus features.

Return to Player (RTP) Rate

This rate is much the same as ROI. It is the amount of money that a player gets back after placing a wager. A higher percentage means better for the player.

RTP rate isn’t essential in free slot games with bonus. The importance of RTP rate arises when playing in slot games that involve real money wager. As a player, we want as much payout as possible concerning our bet.

So far, the RTP rate I encountered is 94% to as high as 97%. This computation takes into consideration the long term return to players, wager, reels, and volatility.


This term refers to the dispersion of winnings throughout a game session. In simpler words, it refers to how many times a player can expect a payout from a wager.

A low volatile slot game often yields frequent wins with a mid-level range of payout. On the other hand, high volatility involves high winnings but rare occurrence. Usually, highly volatile slot games have progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

Winning and losing are parts of the fun. Often, some slots games offer progressive jackpots to entice players to place more wager for every payline. But not all games provide these types of prizes.

A wager can range from lowest to highest, depending on the minimum and maximum set by the game. These jackpots have low RTP and high volatility.

Even though it has a low RTP rate, players find it exciting and more fulfilling than slot games with ordinary jackpots. We think this kind of gameplay is applicable for people with a high bankroll to spare with wagering.

Wager/Bet Level

This term refers to the amount a player can bet into the game. Some slots games place wagering requirements while others don’t. These wagering requirements unleash a bonus once a player met the required amount.

Wager differs. Some have small bet levels, while others offer high stakes wager. The best ones depend on your risk appetite. Before you place a bet with real money, make sure to understand the game first.

Pay Table

This table enumerates the possible winnings you can get from playing the slot game. All slots sites will show this table, so you know what to expect. Study them and compare these pay tables.

Real Money Slots Sites Versus Free Slots Sites

Players, especially beginners, often contemplate whether to play for money immediately. We recommend that you should try free slots sites first, even if you played the classic penny slots in your local casino.

Why Visit and Play Free Slot Games

Some players play free slots with bonus games to research and understand how they work. The gameplay is almost the same, but there are some limitations.

Often, these games lack the thrilling edge of real money slots because winning in free slots games is quite easy. Some slot sites offer demo play for their real money slots so that you can get a feel of their gameplay.

Remember, slot sites hire different software developers. Thus, their RNG systems differ from one another. Here are our top free slots if you aren’t ready yet for the real money slots.

5 Free Slot Games

Phoenix Sun

Phoenix sun is the product of Quickspin and free UK slots with bonus games and free spins for every win. The number for paylines in this game is a bit high. If you’re okay with this high-numbered paylines, you can check this out and spend some time to study the gameplay. This game can bring you some gambling experiences before trying a real money game.


With an RTP of 95.9% and decent payouts, Kiss offers some positive experience for slot gamblers. You can find it with some slot casinos online. Search for the word and see if shows up in the results.

Flaming Hot Slot

Flaming Hot is a game developed by Euro Games Technology (EGT). It contains wild cards that heat reels and scatters that offer up to 500x your wager. It’s a traditional slot game that can let you win big prizes.

Titanic Slot Machine

This slot machine is a three-reeled game with up to 25 paylines. Its unique Titanic-themed match will bring a nostalgic vibe, especially if you’re a fan of the movie.

Thunder Cash

Are you a fan of poker game? Thunder Cash uses poker card symbols and is a classic slot. This game is excellent for mobile slot players.

Playing Slots Games with Real Money

Now, let’s discuss the real deal, playing slots games with real money. The gameplay is almost the same with free casino slot games with bonus rounds, except that the RNG system is more extreme than the free slot machine games with bonus rounds.

Real money slot games with bonus rounds have higher RTP and more volatile than free slots with bonus games. Some real money slots require deposits before you can use the game. While some sites offer demo plays, others will not give you that privilege.

We know that probably at this point you already know, so here’s our top pick for real money slots with bonus games and with the highest RTP rate. Some of these sites offer demo play, so make sure to grab that opportunity to study how the game works.

Real Money Slot Games with Highest RTP

Goblin’s Cave by Playtech

Goblin’s Cave has 99.32% RTP rate with three paylines and three reels. The unique element is its hold feature. You have the option to hold symbols as these symbols spin in front of your eyes.

This hold feature adds some elements of excitement for players. Develop that skill to “catch” a symbol for a specific pattern, and you’ll get the highest payout.

Head there now and see how it works and enjoy holding those elusive symbols.

Ugga Bugga by Playtech

Ugga Bugga is another catch the symbols and win the prize. Similar to Goblin’s Cave, this game has a hold feature. However, the RTP rate is slightly lower, with 99.07% than Goblin’s Cave. The game is a 3-reel slot with a single payline.

Do you want to see if this game fits your game style? Visit it now to see how simple it is.

Mega Joker by NetEnt

Mega Joker is a classic slot game with 99.00% RTP rate. It displays retro-style gameplay with fruit and joker symbols. Its unique features include Supermeter mode and random progressive jackpot prizes. The Supermeter creates boosted payouts.

If you aren’t ready for the more modern styles, this classic slots will help you in your transition from the conventional slot machine to the world of online slots.

Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt

NetENt has a penchant of creating classic styles. Here’s another retro slot game with three-reeled slots. This game has 6000 prize coin as the jackpot, thus the name. Impressive features include gamble option, Supermeter mode, and 98.90% RTP rate.

If you think this simple and straightforward game is your thing, play it like a pro before proceeding with more complicated gameplay.

Blood Suckers by NextGen

Blood Suckers is a video slot with 25 paylines, wild cards, free spins and a bonus game. Vampire-themed, get spooky with the symbols and sound effects. Although this game is best during a Halloween month, its high RTP rate of 98% makes it a good slot game even if it isn’t Halloween.

It’s a NextGen slot game. Are you interested in a themed-gameplay? Blood Suckers slot game might be your preferred game.

Starmania by NextGen

Starmania is an arcade-themed slot with bonus games. It also features free slot games with bonus features, a gamble option, and stacked wilds. Starmania has 97.87% RTP rate with five reels and ten paylines.

It’s an engaging game with lots of free spins and bonus. Try its demo before wagering real money in the game.

Kings of Chicago by NetEnt

Kings of Chicago is a video slot game that uses traditional gameplay infused with an innovative twist. It has free slot machine games with bonus features. Players line up poker cards with wild joker cards. The RTP rate is 97.8%.

Try this game if you’re into traditional slot combined with modern style.

Devil’s Delight by NetEnt

Devil’s delight is a sizzling, wickedly fun, and Soul Reaper themed game. It is one of the slots with bonus games that has 97.60% RTP. Players match sinner card with their sin. Collect souls, and the grim reaper triggers Sin spins. It has free slot machine games with bonus rounds.

Have that hidden desire to know what it feels to be a grim reaper? Now is your chance. Play this game in free mode and real money options.

Couch Potato by Microgaming

Another classic slot with bonus games, Couch Potato, is a three-reel slot with single payline. It uses traditional symbols, perfect for slot players who transitioned from a land-based casino to online slots. It has 97.43% RTP with multiplier wild cards that can give players up to 25 times the standard payout.

It’s fun, and you’ll never want to leave your couch for the rest of the weekend. Try free slot games with bonus features. When you know the ins and outs, you can play with your real money as a wager on it.

Alchemist’s Lab by Playtech

Alchemist’s Lab is one of the slots with bonus games. It features a pick-and-win bonus game, big payouts with an impressive 10,000 coin jackpot. It’s a three-reel slot game with bonus rounds and 97.32% RTP. Alchemist’s Lab is a classic game with a mystical theme.

Try the free slot games with bonus features to get used to the gameplay.

Slots with the Highest Wager Using Real Money

Some slots with bonus games have a large wager, offering higher payout than those slots with a low limit. We know free slot machine games with bonus rounds are addicting.

Every win puts you in the mood to place more bets. But, make sure you put some limits on your gambling money. We don’t want you to lose more money than your bankroll can afford. Here are three slots with bonus games and high bet levels.

  • Firestorm (Game system developer: Quickspin)
  • Sevens High (Game system developer: Quickspin)
  • Gonzos Quest (Game system developer: NetEnt)

Slot Sites with Low Wager Requirement

Many online slot machine games offer a bonus upon sign-up. However, this signing bonus isn’t automatic. Players need to fulfil wager requirements to get this bonus.

What is a wagering requirement? It means a player has to play and bet real money to trigger a bonus. Wagering requirement varies, so read the fine print before making a deposit.

One tip: never sign-up for sites with a slot bonus of up to 50x. This kind of wager requirement will make you shell out hundreds or maybe a thousand pounds before getting the reward.

Free Slot Games Tournaments

Online slot games hold tournaments to encourage potential and existing players. Some competitions require a minimal entry fee while others offer free.

Players get credits and win cash prizes during the tournament. Cash prizes may vary from low to significant amounts. Often, players earn small rewards during the first few days or weeks. As the end of the tournaments draws near, cash prizes pile up or will have a fixed jackpot amount.

Slot With Bonus Game Guide

Slots with bonus games have a different game system, but the elements are the same. Which slots should you choose then? Factors may include the type of slots, bonus rounds, free spins, game developer, mobile integration, and your bankroll.

Number of Reels

Slots with bonus games have numerous reels, and the type of reel a player chooses is entirely a matter of preference. It can be three reels or 3D.

We won’t force you to choose what’s best. This section aims to give as much information as we can to help you find a good fit. Read on to find out more.

Three-Reeled Slots

A three-reeled slot is a classic style that dates back since the land-based casino first came out. It’s the simplest and easiest to play because it involves lesser combinations. For the math wiz players, it’s easier to calculate.

However, three reels are a rarity in an online casino. But, this doesn’t mean that slots with three reels are obsolete.

The characteristics of a three-reel slot include fruit symbols, joker wild card, low wager level and prize amount. This gameplay is excellent for mobile integration and fits well with mobile devices.

Five-Reeled Slots

The most popular online slots are the five-reeled machines. It’s odd, but players tend to favour this gameplay over other free casino slot games with bonus rounds.

We’re not sure what brought this preference. Perhaps, it’s the aesthetic quality of the game or the increased excitement of dealing with more combinations than with three-reeled slots.

Whatever the reason behind, we think these slots will rule the internet for a year or so before mobile integration requiring more optimised gameplay will take the spotlight.

Six-Reeled Slots

Some players choose six-reeled slots with bonus games because they think they can win more with that extra reel. This kind of thoughts is a misconception.

The odds of winning are still the same despite the number of reels in the game. The only difference is the number of combinations a player can have.

The added number of a reel is more of a visual effect rather than increasing your chances of winning. If a player wants to earn more, a player has to place more wager. That’s how slot games work.

Seven-Reeled Slots

Why do game developers create or add another reel if players don’t have more odds of winning? Again, because of its visual appeal.

Players prefer high numbered reeled because they enjoy the excitement and the fun of seeing so many reels spinning like crazy in front of their eyes. We suggest that you do the same. Make the game enjoyable and fun.

Never think that it’s an opportunity to win more because you’ll just feel disappointed. Eight-reeled slots are still far from getting a come out, but it’s possible with players hungry for more challenging gameplay.

Types of Slots

Video Slots

All online slots with bonus games are video slots, even the next types we will discuss in this section. Game developers use Javascript or Flash to create these games. The difference lies in the visual effects on each class.

If in case the gameplay requires Flash, be careful in activating the Flash in your browser. Flash technology has some security concerns. These security concerns are real.

Fruit Slots

Fruits are the classic slot machines symbol. It’s odd, but the reason behind is to make this game less of a gambling spotlight. It worked.

Nowadays, players can still see and play online free casino slot games with bonus rounds with fruit symbols. The traditional slot symbols give off a nostalgic vibe, especially for people who play offline slots.

Penny Slots

A penny wager results in a low amount of prize. On the contrary, penny slots are what made slot machines famous in brick-and-mortar casinos. Some lucky players take home large winnings because of the progressive jackpot prize.

A few online sites offer this type of slots and will give players a starting point and some big wins. However, the excitement isn’t comparable with higher-reeled and more sophisticated gameplay.

Classic Slots

These slot machines either have three reels or five reels. It may feature fruit symbols or themes such as vampire (Blood Suckers) or mystical (Alchemist’s Lab).

Classic slots don’t usually offer massive game bonuses but offer enough variety for players who prefer traditional gameplay. Free spin or bonus is sufficient to give a vibe of excitement.

Players still love this gameplay because of its certain predictability that players feel when spinning the reels. They know what to expect, and we understand if you prefer this one.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The prize money adds up until a lucky slot player hits the right trigger. Some slots games with bonus rounds offer this kind of gameplay but not all for promotional purposes.

However, it requires a specific trigger, amount of wager, or combinations to win the prize. Imagine a lottery ticket with a huge amount of jackpot prize. A lottery is the perfect application of a progressive jackpot.

Gameplay Developer

Game developers are the creators of real money and free slots with bonus games while the casino owners are the planning team.

A game developer might have more experience with creating classic themed slots compared with others. Furthermore, some developers are experts with complicated RNG system.

The RNG system has something to do with the randomness of symbols and combination. More complicated means more exciting for some players. Often, complicated RNG system involves high numbered reels with 3D slots.

Your odds of winning are still the same, though, regardless of who developed the game. Aesthetic quality and friendliness of a user interface are likely the factors involved if players want to look at the game developers.

Slot bonus in the gameplay

Free spins, sign-up bonus, match bonus, multiplier, and other bonuses are also important factors. These bonuses give players to spin more with a specific wager.

To determine whether a slot bonus is the best for your gameplay, make sure that you get the value of your money. It’s unfair if a player has to place a thousand-pound wager and never get a single free spin.

Moreover, it’s too good to be true if you bet a penny and you get a thousand pound for a sign-up. What we mean is there should be a balance between the wagering requirement and slot bonus a player has to achieve.

What is the right amount of slot bonus, then?

We suggest that you evaluate it with your gameplay. For example, a player has to place a 300-pound wager. Upon reaching this amount, you will get 300 free spins. We think this slot bonus sounds fair enough.

The next thing is to look at the RTP rate. If the RTP is 97%, out of the 300 pounds you wagered, you’ll get at least 291 pounds winnings and payout.

Now, the 300 spins aren’t part of the computation, but you can use the RTP rate to compute for the probable winning you get. However, this basis may not work with other slot machines.

Why do we discuss this? To give you some ideas about how worthwhile is the slot bonus. If you can’t win any single prize from that spins, we think that a slot bonus is useless.

Your ultimate objective is to maximise your winnings even with free slot games with bonus.

8 Online Slot Strategies

Whether a player is doing it for real money or free slots with game bonus, strategies are essential. When we say slot strategies, we are referring to your future decision with the game.

We’re not going to discuss how to increase your odds of winning because slot machines are a pure game of luck.

No matter how many times a player compute for winning odd rates or how many years you spend documenting the pattern, you’ll never get the bottom line.

The random number generator (RNG) system is like that, random. We know we are redundant, but we want you to understand how difficult it is to pinpoint specific patterns and trends.

So, here are our tips for strategies with online slot machines.

1. Maximise Your Money’s Worth

This strategy is simple. Free spins and high RTP are the main factors of evaluating, whether you get the value of your money. Moreover, it has to do with your risk appetite. Also, do our number 3 strategy.

2. Look for Big Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are enticing and don’t refrain from hunting those big jackpots. Two things you should remember when you do this strategy.

  • RTP rates are low
  • Games are highly volatile.

3. Watch out for Special Promotions

Online slot sites offer different promos at different times. One of these special promotions can be free slots tournament, free slot machine games with bonus rounds or free spins.

Stay updated with these promotions and giveaways. These promos can help you maximise the value of your money.

4. Sign up with a new slot site

We know it takes some time of getting used to playing online slots. Online slots may still be the same, but the gameplay is still a little different from brick-and-mortar slots.

However, ignoring new slot sites that offer welcome bonuses is a no-no. We suggest that you try these new sites because these sites have the same system.

Why sign up if the game is the same? To get those bonuses and free spins for a higher chance of getting a prize.

5. Diversification is the key

Think of slot with bonus games as an investment. Play in low-level bets for a small prize. Dip your hand (or feet whichever you prefer) to high stakes jackpot.

What we mean is you’re spreading out your chances of hitting the jackpot with other slots games. If you stick to a single game, you might miss other jackpot prizes with another slot site.

How many slot sites should you maintain? It’s up to you. If you have a lot of spare time, then, sign up for real money and free casino slot games as many as you want.

6. Max out Paylines

We suggest that you lower the wager and increase the number of paylines. This strategy will help you maximise your chances of winning a prize.

7. Enrol for Loyalty Programs

Many sites, offering slots with bonus games, have a loyalty program. Some will automatically activate your loyalty membership while others require enrollment.

A loyalty program will increase your odds of earning slot bonus or free spins. Keep track of the best rewards to improve chances.

8. Select games with the highest RTP

If you intend to bet low levelled games, look for slot games with the highest RTP. RTP rate is your chances of getting a payout for all the wagers you placed. Often, RTP relates to long-term objectives rather than with short ones.

Online Slot Games Tips

Fun Factor

Choose a game because you like the user interface and the visual effects. The prize factors come after. Trust us. It’s more enjoyable to study the schematics behind reels if you like what you’re seeing.

High stakes, High Pay-outs

Why do you think some slot players spend some fortune on classic slot machines? Because of the stakes at hand.

We know we are a bit contradictory here with our number one tip. We still give this tip if you want to diversify your gameplay later on. Remember, it’s a general rule and not an absolute thing.

Time, Risk, Stakes

Create gameplay strategies based on the number of hours you can spend in a day for slot games with bonus rounds. Factor in your risk-taking personality. Never go overboard these criteria. Otherwise, you’ll lose your hard-earned money, faster than you expected.

Most importantly, always play within your bankroll. Never wager beyond your means. If you can’t seem to stop wagering, stakes after stakes, stop. We don’t want you to make some gambling habits that’ll put you in compromising situations.

Fast Games, Highest Pay-out

In an hour, you can already make lots of bets. Slot casinos want you to spend more money without realising it. So, be careful in making high stakes at a short time. You can win, but you might lose a significant amount, too.

Always check out the odds

UK gaming sites always show RTP and pay tables. This display of payout chances is a requirement. It allows a player to make crucial decisions, before spending real money in gambling.

FAQ on Slots Games

Before we end our discussion, we round up some frequently asked questions for you. We hope these questions are a big help in your decision making.

Does the government regulate real money slots in the UK?

Yes. All real money online slots need to secure a license before they can operate. The UK gambling commission (UKGC) approves such applications for permit to run a gambling business. Before approval, these online sites have to pass strict requirements for compliance and regulations.

Is my money safe with these slot sites?

Yes. Aside from strict documentary requirements, the UK government engages the services of e-Commerce And Online Gaming Gaming Regulations And Assurance (eCORGA). This organisation examines online casinos and slot sites to ensure the implementation of rules and regulations imposed upon them.

If in case players have disputes with online slot sites, Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) takes care of these disputes. So, make sure to check for IBAS certification.

IBAS is impartial and ensures fairness within the gambling industry. These certifications will make you feel safe, whether you're playing real money or free slot machine games with bonus rounds.

Can operators of real money slot machine games tamper the system?

No, because if an online site will tamper the RNG system and players find out about this, these sites will lose the license to operate.

Besides, the RNG system is difficult to tamper with, even the most expert game developer can't create software to "rig" the system. It ensures that all players have an equal chance of winning prizes.

Why do other players win big prizes and I don’t?

It has something to do with the decisions you make. Veteran slot players never stick to a single game. They are always on the lookout for something new. Another vital thing to know is the value of persistence.

Many of the big winners never stop with a single bet. These winners have careful plans and strategies. Either that or they have a pure stroke of luck.

But, of all the success stories we have seen so far, winners don’t get the prize in their first try.

What is the legal age to play at a slot casino?

Eighteen years old and above is the legal age to play slot games in the UK. Even if you are a day short of eighteen, you can't play. Also, if your parents allowed you to play, you can't play either.

Never even think of faking your age because at payout the slot sites will know because they often require proof of identification, especially for jackpot prizes.

Can online slots site change the RTP rate?

No. The site can never change its RTP and RNG once the game becomes available online. The only changes that an online operator is the promotions and bonuses it offers.

Can I view the RTP on each slot I want to play?

Yes. In UK gambling sites, an operator has to display the rate. This explicit information will help you make an informed decision. Often, you can calculate the RTP of a slot in the paytable.

How fast is the payout for slots sites?

The answer depends on two things, your choice of payout method and the site's processes. Some real money slot sites have quicker payouts because they utilise e-wallets or cryptocurrencies. Other payout methods may include bank transfers, debit/credit card transactions.

The thing is to check for the slot sites with many payout methods. Always read the payment page terms regarding minimum and maximum payouts.

Are slot sites compatible with a mobile device?

With the move to mobile integration, many slots with bonus games are now changing gears. They want to ensure that rollers can play their favourite free slot games with bonus features anywhere, anytime.

Final Words

Slots with bonus games are fun to play. With straightforward gameplay, you get the hang of it in under thirty minutes. However, if you are planning to win big prizes, in the long run, give a few hours every day to understand the quirks of each game.

Always try the demo mode first of a slot site, if there’s any before spending. If you aren’t sure of a particular free slot machine games with bonus rounds, don’t spend real money at all. It’s your money, and it’s yours to decide whether to spend on slot gambling or not no matter how lucrative the prizes are.

Try signing up on new games because to get the gist of the latest trend in slot gaming technology. Stick to your proven strategies even if a site offers you about new ways to win big prizes.

Remember, your odds of winning don’t depend on knowing the patterns. Instead, it depends on the decisions you make. So, plan some strategies based on your available time and gameplay style.

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