13 Best IGT Slots 2020 – Top Real Money and Free IGT Slots Online

If you have come across one of the IGT slots, you will see how fun and rewarding it can be. Upon hearing the International Game Technology (IGT), many gamblers already know what it is.


IGT is one of the famous casino gaming software developer that innovates different gaming solutions worldwide, and their base is in Nevada. Many legal casino operators feature IGT games because of their reliability and usability.


In the 1950s, William Redd owned a small company. It was in 1975 when he founded the IGT in Las Vegas. In 1981, that was the time he went public through the IPO on NASDAQ, and it was the time when it began to become famous worldwide.

IGT acquired Electronic Data Technologies. In 1984, it began venturing into the world of casinos and gambling. Since that year, IGT started to grow and developed new products that provide gaming solutions. It was one of the first companies that digitalized players’ data that they can use for tracking and offered the Frequent Player program.

It also developed several casino games that became well-known. The S-Slot is one of the company’s first IGT casino slots. The Player’s Edge, which is a video poker game and the company’s famous Megabucks Slot that offers a base price of whopping 1 million dollars.

This company began venturing on theme-based IGT slot machines in 1989. Among its first creations are the Red, White, and Blue and the Double Diamonds.

In 1991, IGT reached its European clients and established its branch there, and became a part of the NYSE. It also created its first product in Japan’s pachisuro machine when it acquired a license.

When the US legalized the riverboat, more opportunities came for IGT. Because of it, IGT created almost a total of 164,000 machines in just two years from 1994 to 1994. It even branched out to other nations, including Argentina and South Africa.

IGT also expanded when it acquired some companies like the Sodak and Barcrest Gaming.

In 2000, the IGT produced its one-millionth machine, which is the Red, White, and Blue. The company also presented the EZ Pay in that year.

IGT’s continuous growth did not just end there. In 2001, it became an S&P stock. It also reached to the clients of more nations such as in Canada, Mexico, Macau, and Russia.

In 2006, IGT introduced its MP series, which is one of its most popular developments and the Fort Knox program.

Therefore, in 2010, it was no wonder why the IGT received the Best Slot Manufacturer Award. It was also that year when it celebrated the development of its two-millionth innovation.

When IGT acquired the Double Down (previously owned by Facebook), IGT ventured into social gaming.

One of the Leading Companies for Slot Machine Software

Because of its achievements, it is no wonder why IGT became one of the leading companies when it comes to the development and innovations of IGT online slots and machines. Their creations are the paradigm of casino software and slots built with the combination of great ideas and the latest technology, which are among the best nowadays.

You can find their creations on several legal casinos operating online today.

IGT Games

IGT is a famous developer that caters not only to the land-based casinos but also to the several online casino operators. The company partnered with legal online casino operators to present their products for a win-win outcome. Here are the types of products that IGT develops for its partners.

  • Video Poker

    IGT is one of the pioneers of the development of video poker games. Currently, the company has developed about nine variants of video poker.

  • Table Games

    The table games are among the traditional casino games in land-based casinos. It gives a thrilling and exciting emotional high to the players, which are difficult to replicate when done online. Unlike the land-based ones, you cannot communicate directly with the dealer, and socialization is difficult.

    However, the IGT is one of the few developers who were able to replicate the user-experience that is as close to what a land-based casino table games can provide.

  • Slots

    The IGT casino slots are among the famous and favourite online casino games. Therefore, it is no wonder that IGT is one of the leading suppliers of slot games.

To make these games more exciting, the company has developed several IGT slot games online based on popular themes and brands. Among the basis of these themes are movies, TV series, historical figures, and the like.

Some of its creations with such themes are Monopoly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, X-Factor, Family Guy, Star Trek, Ghost Busters, and American Idol are the few of them.

IGT Mobile Games

Almost everyone owns a smartphone or iPhone nowadays. If IGT would stick to producing IGT online slots only for browsers, they know that they will get left behind. Therefore, like any other developers who are always adaptable to technological changes, IGT also develops casino games for mobile. These games are the usuals like table games and slots.

Some of the games that they developed are the Cats, Elvis, Treasures of Troy, and Da Vinci Diamonds.

IGT Facebook Casino Games

Because the use of social media is prevalent nowadays, IGT also ventured into it when it acquired the Double Down Casino from Facebook. The Double Down Casino has more than 5 million players. This social media casino gaming has more than 30 games to offer, which include their usual table games and slots.

For this reason, the IGT became more popular because it tapped a wider audience from diverse backgrounds, even those who are not casino players. Because of this venture, the company catered not only to the players from Australia and Europe. It also reached Africa and Asia.

IGT is one of the pioneers of social casino gaming. IGT is proud that the Double Down Casino caters to 5.4 million gamers each month.

IGT Best Slot Games

Although IGT began humbly as a small private company, its innovations for providing gaming solutions are the key to its success now. Its games have provided entertaining and rewarding experiences to the gamblers, which is why the players keep coming back.

The IGT’s land-based slot games have several varieties, which include the video, multi-game categories, and spinning reel. The games feature wide area and multi-level progressives, and standalone.

The company has gone a long way to provide a smooth and fun experience to its players. Some of the series of the IGT slot machines are the following:

  • AXXIS 23/23
  • Cobalt 27
  • CrystalCurve
  • CrystalCurve TRUE 4D
  • CrystalCurve ULTRA
  • CrystalDual 27
  • CyrstalDual+ Stepper
  • G20 version 2
  • MegaTower Universal

What You Need to Know on How to Play the Slots

Now you know that the IGT online slots are among the most reliable games that you can play to make money, the next thing that you should know is how to start playing.

It is easy to find the company’s games on the web because there are reliable and legal IGT casino slots platform online. You only have to select the most trustworthy casino operator before you start playing.

You should also know some guidelines so that you whether you win and lose, you can still leave the platform with a smile on your face. Learn some quick tips and how you can have the opportunity to win big.

Quick Tips

  • Take advantage of the free games

    Most IGT slot games offer free play. You can try this version to get the hang of what playing these games feels.

    There are tons of free IGT slot games, and each of them offers different kinds of features. Therefore, you should also have the opportunity to read the pay tables and guides so that you will learn the features of the game.

    What makes the IGT free play slots amazing is that these do not require any signups or downloads. You can play directly on your browser for as much as you like, before topping up with real money.

  • Make use of the autoplay feature

    Although playing online slots offers no guarantee of winning, you can at least enjoy the fun of the free games. If you are tired of pressing the spin button for a hundred times, you can simply select the autoplay feature, and choose how many spins you like.

  • Know the jargons of playing

    If you are a beginner online slot player, you need to know the casino slot jargon so that you will have a better idea of how you can play and develop a strategy on your bankroll.

Casino Slot Jargons

The terms stated below are just the typical ones that you can find in most IGT online slots. There are more of them, but the ones listed below are what you will encounter most of the time.

  • RTP

    It is a percentage that refers to the total amount of money that the game can give back to you as you play. The acronym means return-to-player. If the game has a 95 per cent RTP, it means that the return, in the long run, is 95 per cent of your money.

    The 5 per cent goes to the company as its long-term profit.

  • Free spins

    As you probably notice, as you play a free IGT slot game, there is always a deduction every time you spin. With this feature, you do not have to worry about deductions on your balance. If you trigger the free spin in the game, you will notice that there is no deduction on your balance.

  • Volatility

    Variance is another term for it. The higher the volatility, the riskier it is and requires a more significant payroll.

  • Reels

    Reels simply refer to the columns. If a game has five reels, it means that this slot game has five columns.

  • Bonus games

    It is like a hidden game that you can play when you are lucky enough to acquire certain combinations.

  • Lines

    If reels refer to the columns, the lines refer to the rows. If a game has five reels and three lines, it means that the slot has five columns and three rows.

  • Bet max

    The maximum amount of money that you can bet.

  • Bet min

    The minimum amount of money you can bet.

  • Pay lines

    It refers to the symbol combinations that result in the win.

  • Scatter symbol

    It is a special symbol. It is essential to read what is the scatter symbol of a slot game because making it appear is what you want to happen. The appearance of the scatter symbol, depending on the condition stated in a slot game, can win you some bonuses like additional cash or free spins.

  • Wild symbol

    Wild is another symbol that you would want to appear on the pay line. Wild can replace any symbol that can result in winning. You should find out what the wild symbol is on the game and how its appearance can earn you some bonuses and cash.

How to Win Big

  • Mind your volatility preference.

    When you grow tired of playing slot games for free, and you think you are ready for a more significant challenge of playing with real money, you need to know your risk preference. As mentioned, a slot game with high volatility is risky. It also requires a hefty bankroll.

    Play within your means by identifying how much risk you can take. Always remember to gamble the amount of money that you can only afford to lose.

  • Play the bonus game.

    Playing the bonus game has hidden gems depending on the slot game that you are playing. Some bonus games offer a sure win no matter what the result of the spin is.

  • Select a game with high RTP.

    Selecting a slot game with high RTP is a no-brainer. The higher it is, the higher the return will be. Do remember how much volatility the game has before jumping right away.

  • Win combinations.

    Acquiring identical combinations of symbols in consecutive reels is the standard way to win. Pay attention to the wild, scatter, and bonus symbols, because these are gold.

    Read beforehand what kind of rewards and bonuses that can trigger by bringing out the mentioned symbols or winning the combinations of them.

Selected Slot Games

IGT developed several games with different features and themes. Here are a few of them.

Wolf Run

Wolf Run is not the only wolf-themed free IGT slot games. Among the other games with similar themes are the Wild Wolf and the Wolf Rising. The Wild Wolf is what this game resembles the most.

What makes the Wolf Run unique is you can play the events in the middle of the day while the events appear at night on the others. It uses the paw symbols that replace the letter ‘o.’

You will fall in love with its music because it suits the theme of the game. The sound effects also make spinning and winning more exciting. The graphics have an impressive design, and the story is interesting.

The game consists of five reels and four lines, where the theme evolves on wildlife, nature, and wolves. You have the chance to win huge prices even as much as 9,999,999,999.

In Wolf Run, the wild symbol is the howling wolf. It may replace the others except for the bonus one. If you get a combination of three symbols on the centre reel, you will get twice the amount of your bet and five bonus spins. If you use the round of free spins, you can get five more bonus spins.

  • RTP: 94.98 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Wolf Run: 888, Next Casino, Casino Chan, Thrills, Casinonic


If you are going to review your history lessons, you know that Cleopatra’s life is not all sweet and wonderful. It was during her reign when the Romans came to conquer Egypt, and she committed suicide.

Although her life was difficult and tragic, this Cleopatra-inspired game is not as challenging as her life. The plot is unique and straight-forward, and even new gamblers can try their hands on this game.

The music fits the historical theme, and the sound effects make the game more exciting. The graphics are impressive because of the palace background, magical vocal sounds, and jewellery design.

It is one of the best IGT slot games to play if you find history, kings, and queens interesting.

The game has five columns and three rows. You can win huge prizes like a jackpot of up to 9,999,999,999.

The wild symbol is Cleopatra, and the bonus symbol is the Sphynx. Like any other slot game, the Cleopatra symbol can replace the others except the Sphynx.

When a wild symbol comes out and replaces one or two for the win, the player can get the twice of his bet. If the player got a combination of three Sphynxes or more, the player would get an additional 15 spins.

In all free spins round, the player has a chance to get triple awards and more free spins unless you acquired five Cleopatra symbols.

  • RTP: 95.02 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Cleopatra: Playamo, 888, Power Spins, Mr Green, CasinoLuck

Da Vinci Diamond

If you have played Candy Crush before and like this game, you will love the Da Vinci Diamond more because, unlike the former, you can augment your money here.

Da Vinci Diamond is a straight-forward game with typical music and graphics. The sound effects, however, cheer you up every time you get a winning combination.

Da Vinci Diamond is one of the unique free IGT slots because of the Tumbling Reels that resembles the Candy Crush game. By hitting the spin button, the old blocks will vanish, and the new ones will replace them, coming from the top of the slot. When some symbols form a combination, those symbols will disappear, and those blocks on top of them will take their place, and the value goes to the win meter.

The evaluation of the symbols continues until there are no winning combinations left.

The wild symbols are the Wild that may replace any symbols except the bonus. The bonus symbol has the “Extra Pay lines Bonus” logo.

When you are successful enough to acquire three bonuses on the same line, you get three spins, which can award you with six more.

You can also get 20 pay lines aside from the 40 that you get by default.

  • RTP: 95.22 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Da Vinci Diamond: 888, Casinonic, PlayFrank, Thrills, Mr. Green, CasinoLuck

Double Diamond

If you are a traditional type who prefers classic slots that are popular in Las Vegas land-based casinos, then you are in for a treat with the Double Diamond Game.

The Double Diamond is another straight-forward game that resembles the traditional IGT slot machines. Unlike the others, you will not see any unnecessary features, and it is simple to play. However, because it resembles a traditional slot machine, there are no free spins and bonuses. The music also resembles a typical slot machine.

What makes the Double Diamond an ideal game is that you have a higher chance of winning because it only consists of three reels and one line. Therefore, there are only fewer combination probabilities, and there is a higher chance that you can take home the jackpot.

However, compared to others, the value of the prizes on Double Diamond game is lower, but if you are up for a higher chance of winning, but with lower returns, this game is for you.

The wild symbol in this game is the Double Diamond, which provides twice the payout. If you are lucky enough to fill the three slots with the wild symbol, you can get 1000x the payout, which is the maximum jackpot of this game.

  • RTP: 95.44 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Double Diamond: Casinonic, PlayFrank, PowerSpins, Ahtigames, King Billy Casino

Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf is one of the players’ favourite IGT slot machines online. It is simple to understand and unique. Therefore, compared to others, winning here is much easier.

This game has beautiful sounds and graphics. From the title itself, you know that the theme is all about wolves. The plot of the game is in the forest at night, where you can hear wolves howl. Upon winning a great combination, you will listen to the howl of a wolf, which makes this IGT slot a cute casino game.

Wild Wolf consists of five reels and four lines. You can win as much as 25,000,000 in this game.

What makes this game famous for most players is that it does not have extra features, unlike most IGT slot games. It is straight-forward because the only features are the symbols. The wild symbol is the Howling Wolf picture. This picture can substitute the others except for the bonus.

If you are successful enough to achieve the three bonus symbols on three reels centre, you can get twice the amount of your bet with an additional five bonus spins. If you use the free spins, you have the chance to win five more of it.

  • RTP: 94.97 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Wild Wolf: Casinonic, Power Spins, Mr Green, VideoSlots, Thrills

Pharaoh’s Fortune

Who does not want the Pharaoh’s fortune? If you are going to ask anybody that person will want the fortune of a Pharaoh. However, you have to become a tomb raider to do that, which can be dangerous.

Thankfully, IGT provides a more accessible and entertaining way to get a Pharaoh’s fortune with this game.

The Pharaoh’s Fortune has exciting graphics and music inspired by “Walk Like an Egyptian” that will make you dance as you play a bonus round. The game takes place in Ancient Egypt. The background is an ancient temple, and the symbols are Egyptian.

Even if you are playing it free, you will keep coming back for more because of its exciting graphics.

Pharaoh’s Fortune consists of five reels and three lines. You can win as much as 25,000,000 if you are fortunate. It is also like most of the IGT slots because it has full of features that make the game exciting.

The Pharaoh’s Fortune logo is the wild. Aside from the bonus symbol, which is the head of the Sphynx, it also has a scatter symbol.

The scatter is the picture of Golden Beetles.

The Pharaoh’s Fortune symbol can take any place of the others except the Golden Beetles and the Sphynx. If you are lucky enough to acquire two Golden Beetle symbols, you can win some money by multiplying the bet to the scatter’s value.

If you acquire three Sphynx’s heads, you can get a round of free spins game where you can get a generous pay.

  • RTP: 96.53 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Pharaoh’s Fortune: Playamo, 888, Power Spins, Casino Chan, Thrills

Prowling Panther

The Prowling Panther is one of the unique free IGT slots because it is among the few that have a feature called Multiway Extra.

This game takes place in a rainforest in which the symbols resemble some of the animals in a jungle. The background is a jungle, and the graphics are attractive.

It encourages you to play more because the animals move when you win and produce live music as if to cheer you.

It consists of five reels and three to five lines. You can win as much as 25,000,000 in this game.

This feature allows a player to win in 720 ways. IGT slot games like this work when you are lucky enough to acquire combinations of identical symbols in consecutive columns.

You have a chance to earn more if all the symbols are in one column.

The wild is unique because of its 2X inscription, which means that you can earn twice the winning symbol. However, it can only appear on selected reels, which are from the second to the fourth reel. The wild symbol can replace the others unless it is a Golden Panther, which is a bonus symbol.

By having the bonus symbol on the reel, you can get eight bonus spins. The pay for this game is equivalent to your bet, and you can also get as many as 96 bonus spins in it.

  • RTP: 96.09 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Prowling Panther: VideoSlots, CasinoLuck, Mr Green, King Billy Casino, NextCasino

Wheel of Fortune

Many developers attempted to create games based on TV shows, movies, and famous personalities. They have been trying to incorporate some of the themes’ features to give the players the same feeling when they play the slot. However, only a few developers are successful in this area, and IGT is one of them.

IGT created the Wheel of Fortune, in which its inspiration is a famous TV show of the same name. Like the original TV show, IGT features the same music. The feel is Vegas-like.

This game closely resembles the Prowling Panther because of its Multiway Xtra with few unique features. Like in the Prowling Panther. This game has five reels and three to five lines, and you can win as much as 25,000,000.

If you are lucky enough to acquire identical symbols in consecutive reels, you can win some money. Because of its Multiway Extra feature, you have 720 ways to win.

The wild symbol only appears on the second to fourth reels. It can replace any other symbols except the scatter and the bonus.

If you are lucky to acquire three or more scatter symbols, it triggers the Mini Wheel bonus game that pays in a massive amount of at least 50 times and a maximum of 3,850 times. Meanwhile, if you acquire three bonus symbols or more, what you will get is a Triple Extreme bonus, where you can take a few envelopes depending on the number of symbols that triggered it.

  • RTP: 96.08 per cent
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Wheel of Fortune: PlayFrank, Power Spins, CasinoChan, Thrills, Casinonic

Golden Goddess

If you want to escape the difficulties of reality, you can play the Golden Goddess for once in a while. The theme is like a fairy tale where there is a beautiful woman, a man, horses, and flowers. The background is green valley and mountains, and the music is simple but calming.

The Golden Goddess is a unique slot game because of its Super Stacks feature when you happen to trigger the bonus game. This game has five columns and three rows. The maximum amount that you can win is 25,000,000.

When you start playing, you can already see the symbols, and as you spin, these symbols change. The wild symbol is a logo of Golden Goddess, which can replace all except the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is a pink flower photo, and only appears on the second to fourth reels.

If you are lucky to bring out the nine pictures of flowers in reels two to four, you will get seven bonus spins, where you can earn more.

  • RTP: 96 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Golden Goddess: Playamo, 888, Power Spins, Ahtigames, Mr Green

Crown Egypt

If you feel fascinated with Ancient Egypt, you are in for a treat in this game. Crown Egypt is one of the unique free IGT slot games because of the 1024 ways that you can win and the terms to acquire the rewards and bonuses.

Crown Egypt’s graphics match its theme. The background is like the ancient walls of Egypt, and you can see pieces of jewellery everywhere. The music is entertaining too.

It is one of the few IGT slot games that offer the Multiway Extra feature. If you are lucky to acquire identical symbols in consecutive reels, you can win some prizes.

If you are even more fortunate to acquire them in one column, your win will multiply.

The wild symbol is the Crown Egypt encryption, and the bonus symbol is a pyramid. Crown Egypt can replace any symbol except the pyramid. Also, it can only substitute those that are in the second to fifth reels.

If you are successful in acquiring two or more pyramid symbols in the third reel, you can play in the bonus game with free spins.

  • RTP: 95.03 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Crown Egypt: Casinonic, PlayFrank, Thrills, CasinoLuck, VideoSlots

Noah’s Ark

If you are one of those people who always feel amazed by the story of Noah’s Ark in the bible, it is your opportunity to remember it and earn some bucks.

The IGT’s Noah’s Ark has a lively and cheerful graphics. The music makes you feel like each spin is like an adventure. The background is a wooden ark with animals as the symbols.

Noah’s Ark has five columns and three lines. You have a chance to win as much as 25,000,000. Although this game is simple, it is also one of the unique IGT slot machines online games. When the wild symbol replaces the symbols of animals, you can get twice the pay.

If you are lucky to reveal four bonus symbols, you will get twice your bet. Meanwhile, if you are even more fortunate to show five to six bonus symbols, you will get free spins. Unlike the other games, the free spins do not offer additional bonus spins.

The wild symbol is Noah’s Ark, and the bonus is a white goose.

  • RTP: 94.93 per cent
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Noah’s Ark: Casinonic, Playamo, 888, Power Spins, Ahtigames

Kitty Glitter

If you are a cat lover who loves to try luck in gambling, this IGT slot game is for you. It is also a unique game developed by IGT, but also one of the most rewarding. The background is red and contains lots of beautiful gems.

You will die because of the cuteness overload that you may feel while watching the different breeds of cats that look realistic. It is not surprising because the theme of this game is cats and gems.

The Kitty Glitter slot contains five reels and three lines. You have the opportunity to win as much as 25,000,000. Like any other slots, the Kitty Glitter has wild and bonus symbols. The wild is the Kitty Glitter inscription, and the bonus is diamonds.

The wild symbol can appear in the second to the fifth reel. It may substitute for the others except for the diamonds.

If you are lucky to have three bonus symbols on the reel at the centre, you can get free spins and thrice the amount of your bet.

  • RTP: 94.92 per cent
  • Platforms: iPhone/ Android phone / iPad / Tablet / Mobile Slot
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Kitty Glitter: Playamo, PlayFrank, Power Spins, NextCasino, Mr Green

Red Mansion

Chinese culture is one of the most intriguing. If you find the Chinese culture fascinating, you will love the Red Mansion slot game because it features the Chinese households and culture.

The graphics are impressive because of the far eastern theme and encouraging music.

Like a few slot games, the Red Mansion has a Multiway Extra feature, which allows you to win in 1024 ways. It gives you an award every time you acquire identical combinations in consecutive reels. It also has five columns and three rows.

If you have similar symbols in one column, it will multiply your pay. Like any others, the wild symbol replaces the other symbols except the bonus.

The wild symbol is a Red Mansion and the bonus a Diamond Ring. If you are lucky to acquire at least two Diamond Ring symbols on the third reel, you will get free spins. You also have an opportunity to have more free spins for every bonus.

  • RTP: 95.03 per cent
  • Some Casinos Where You Can Play Red Mansion: CasinoLuck, Thrills, CasinoChan, NextCasino, 888

The IGT’s free slot games provide you with the opportunity to play without risking some money, while you can get the hang of it. You can also immerse yourself with its entertaining graphics, sounds, and playability without depositing money, registering an account, and downloading an application.

While you are planning what you can do to your spare money, try to play on some free IGT slots to practice.

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