2021’s Best Monopoly Slots Games


Monopoly slots are exciting board games and slot machines available throughout the world. Monopoly online slot machines have been known to be played and entertain both children and adults over the years. A monopoly simply means one person that controls a particular market or area. In monopoly slots, online games, a player is required to develop the areas by establishing various buildings such as houses and hotels. The player also reserves the right to trade these properties in the game if a particular circumstance suits them. By developing the areas, the player can get revenue from his opponents. The goal of this board game is to ensure that the money in the bank of a player is increased and making the opponents lose out and go bankrupt ultimately. Monopoly online slots provide the experiences of online gambling as well as the thrill of a board game. There are a variety of Monopoly online slots which offer different interpretation and have different rules. Online monopoly slots are slots derived from the iconic board game of Monopoly. One of the advantages of playing online monopoly slots is the opportunity to win cash prizes while enjoying the game.

Monopoly slots

IGT cooperation and different other companies have managed to convert the board game of Monopoly to virtual reality by developing some of the best games the industry has ever seen. The companies have worked towards ensuring that all the essence of the game is captured in the Monopoly online slot game. It is important to note that online games do not work in the same way as board games. Some variations have been made to make the online monopoly slots an even better experience. You can play monopoly slots online like any other slot game by spinning the reels. Most monopoly slots online games come with an in-game bonus, which is activated after landing bonus symbols on the reels, which can eventually lead to significant cash prizes. Generally, monopoly slot games have 25 fixed pay-lines with a unique selection of symbols along the reel. Some highly paying symbols in the monopoly slots online game include Monopoly guy himself with his monocle, the white terrier dogs, the guy in a yellow suit, cruise ship, and the taxi cab.


Below, we are going to review some of the Best Monopoly Slots Online games 2020 which include: Monopoly Mega Movers, Monopoly Big Event, Monopoly On the Money (OTM), Monopoly Bring the house down, Monopoly once around deluxe slots:

  • Monopoly: Mega Movers

Monopoly mega movers is a monopoly slot online game with five reels and thirty pay-lines. The game accommodates both the high-risk takers and the conservative gamblers, allowing investments from fifty pennies to around seventy-five pounds. Many tactical players enjoy the online game due to the chance of winning up to one hundred free spins. The creators of the game put in a lot of energy to ensure that the game is trendy, with the match having five fixed jackpots, which increase the chances of a player winning big from playing the game. Another feature of the game that makes it a popular option among gamblers is the chance for achieving up to 12 wild symbols. While playing this game, a player has the opportunity to personalize the game by choosing his or her token with amusing options offered by the Mega Movers.

When starting the game, the player is allowed to choose from a wide variety of characters, which include; a duck, a car, a hat, a battleship, a train, or a penguin. Mr Monopoly is the most critical symbol in the game; therefore, if a player sees his face while playing, Mr Monopoly awards the player by multiplying the prize by five. This only happens when the player manages to collect five on one of the pay-lines. Wild symbols in this monopoly slots online game multiply the prize. In the game, wilds appear in three middle slots, and in case they arrive with an arrow, the symbol that pointer points to also becomes a wild one.

Signs in the background of the game can trigger the wheel features. When you notice three or more of the flashing from the background appearing hand in hand and connected in the same row, it is time to spin the wheel. The wheel feature is dependent on the number of background features collected at once. The wild spin bonus feature offers more symbols that can bring profits appearing on the second, third, or fourth row and may open a new exciting option, which is the extra bet. The additional chance increases the number of wilds in all the wheel features. Triggering the extra bet option doubles the potential profits of the player. Through the free spin bonus feature, a player can win up to one hundred free spins, depending on the wheel feature previously triggered.

When a player unlocks five in a row, the wild spin bonus and the free spin bonus features are activated. The player also stands a chance to win jackpots that multiply the initial investment by up to two thousand times. When a player unlocks four in a row, the wheel feature offers the option to level up and jump on the opportunities that come with achieving five in a row. On the other hand, the player may decide to stay put, and a wild spin bonus can be triggered; therefore, the free spin bonuses may be unlocked, and the jackpot winning may reduce. When a player opens three in a row, they earn a wild spin bonus and be able to trigger free spin options eventually and also have a chance to win one of the smaller jackpots. Like four in a row, landing three in a row also has the opportunity to upgrade to a more profitable option. Play monopoly slots online and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes, including jackpots.

  • Monopoly: Big event

This was the first online monopoly slot game from Barcrest and William game studios. This monopoly slots online game is played with five reels and twenty pay-lines, which makes the game a thrilling game to play. The returns to a player playing monopoly significant events are high, and the gains get even higher when the player is a high roller. One of the advantages of this game is that any person can engage in the game and have a good time. Many players recommend this game as an excellent way to pass time without needing to invest a lot of money into this online monopoly slots. Virtual coins are used while playing this game due to its online nature. This game can accommodate both extravagant gamblers and conservative gamblers with the game allowing as little as 20p on the lower side and as high as five hundred dollars per spin. The biggest allowable payout in this game is $250000, which by all stands, is a high payout. The top payout is one of the reasons that the popularity of this online monopoly slots grows by the day.

Before you play monopoly slots online games, it is essential to know of the two features available during free spins, which are locking winds and dancing winds. When a player unlocks the dancing winds, one of the reels will go insane while the locking winds are used to turn the wild reels back to normal. The return to player percentage stands at 96% for low-risk gamblers and increases to a whopping 99% for high-risk takers. Therefore, the chances to win are increased, especially when a player stakes highly.

As a rule, in this game, for a player to trigger a big event, the player should focus on reel one, three, or five. There are two kinds of previews while playing this game, the green and red ones. When a player manages to collect two symbols on reel 5, they trigger the green big even, and when they land three of them, the big red event is triggered. In both these events, the player is required to choose between two types of cards. The chance card is one of the cards which dictates that the player is awarded a bonus and the community chest option, which dictates the player to be awarded a free spin or wins which are guaranteed. The jail card feature makes the monopoly slots online game an even more captivating game. When the jail feature is triggered, the lowest paying symbol on the reel is removed. Before a player is done playing the game, and the player is left with some guaranteed wins, a separate event will take a course on a particular reel, and this is usually a chance to walk away with a big payout. The main objective of the game is to get to the free spins where a player picks monopoly chance cards for a chance to win star prizes. Play monopoly slots online to have an enjoyable experience.

  • Monopoly: On the Money (OTM)

Monopoly OTM is one of the popular free online monopoly slots and is known for its trill right from the beginning of the game. Unlike other monopoly slots online games, OTM is known for being exciting right from the start of the game. The game is also known to be captivating for long periods, and gamers often lose track of time while playing the game. This free online monopoly slot is based on the monopoly board game. One of the properties of Monopoly OTM that makes players enjoy indulging in the game is its high-quality graphics, which makes the experience playing the game even better.

One unique feature that is contained in this free online monopoly slot is the “Pass go” feature. In case this feature is triggered, a player stands a chance to win up to twenty free spins. In this game, when Mr Monopoly makes a personal appearance in this monopoly slots, this translates to severe multipliers that increase the winnings of a player. Monopoly OTM is enjoyed by high risk-takers who enjoy spending a lot of money on the game. It is documented that Monopoly OTM returns 97.75% to its players; therefore, the chances to emerge a winner is high. Through technological advancement, the monopoly OTM game has been developed and converted into software that is compatible with computers, smartphones, and tablets making the gaming experience even more convenient.

  • Monopoly: Bring the house down

Bring the house down by Barcrest is an online monopoly slots game packed with many bonus features, which makes it a favorite for players. Bring the house down online monopoly slots is one of the free online monopoly slots with its five reels and forty pay-lines. One of the factors that makes this free online monopoly slot very popular is that a player can make investments of as little as 10p. Gamers who enjoy the thrill that comes with spending a lot of money on the stake also get the chance to enjoy in Monopoly bring the house down with the opportunity to bet up to $500 per spin. Although the game was developed from the monopoly board game, the players need to keep in mind that this is an online monopoly slots game with slight variations. In this monopoly slot online game, the players are required to choose their token that may be; a cat, a dog, a car, or a ship, which is sometimes challenging for the players. This online monopoly slot has a maximum win of $100000, which is a big payout for any player. It is documented that the game returns 96.1% of the money to the players, which is a high percentage; therefore, the chances for winning are also increased. The game is known for its high-quality graphics as well as its groovy music, which makes the players have an even better experience while playing the game.

In this game, the hot zone wild pattern turns symbols wild, and whenever this happens, the monopoly slots app brings in a new factor, which is often a random multiplier that doesn’t exceed five. When the Hot Zone wild pattern gets in touch with the monopoly symbol, whenever it’s a hotel or a house in question, they will get mixed. Still, when a player manages to get three monopoly symbols, this sign is usually removed. However, this rule only applies to reel one, three, and five. Another feature that can be triggered during this game is the chance card. The chance card gives you input on the hot zone. The bonus drop feature increases the chances of a wild symbol. The Bonus selector feature can also be triggered and requires the player to react quickly because it grants the player the option to select a pattern. The prominent bet feature is another exciting inclusion to this online monopoly slots. The significant bet feature allows a player to make a bet from 20$ to 50$ and receive up to four picks from the community chest card. Play monopoly slots online for a chance to be thrilled, especially for high-risk gamblers who face the prospect of winning big. With high stakes, the multiplier can go up to five times with the possibility of additional prizes from community chest cards.

  • Monopoly: Once Around Deluxe Slot

This monopoly slots online game is known for being the most popular all-time monopoly slot game. Williams interactive cooperation built the game from the original board game. The game has five reels and three rows offering 15 pay-lines. The game has many different symbols that the players try to spin three or more times to stand a chance to win prizes. The bonus symbol is one feature that triggers lucrative rounds for the players. The dog, the boat, and the cat are three popular characters in the game and payout decent prizes for exclusively spinning them three times, four times or five times. The chance and community chest space present in the game could lead to a payout of between fifteen times to one hundred times of the initial investment made. Play the free online monopoly slots game to familiarize with more of the rules and the bonus systems present in the game and improve your general knowledge of the game.

Many of the gamers that indulge in online monopoly slots are low risk takes and, therefore, want to invest little money in the game. These gamblers also like to stand the chance of walking away with hefty payouts. Monopoly once around deluxe slot game provides players with the opportunity to win fabulous prizes even with a low stake, which is a feature that has made the game grow in popularity in the recent past. With as little as one penny, a player can indulge in the game. The feature available in the game that allows a player to place additional side bets on property space by building houses and hotels also makes the gaming experience even more thrilling. The return to player percentage of this monopoly slots online game is 95.95%, which is a reasonably high percentage; therefore, the players of the game have a good chance of emerging victorious in the game.

One of its features that have made the game grow in popularity is the free spin feature, which is enjoyed by many players. The game has a unique feature where a player can make a side bet on building houses and hotels, which is similar to the regular board game. The two utility features from the board game water and electricity have been added into the game, and they also pay good payouts to players that land on them. The free parking feature in the game allows a player to park for free and even earn payment from opponents that park in their parking areas. The ring and the dice symbols in the game also provide a hefty payout to the players. The once around deluxe bonus is triggered when a player collects three or more bonus symbols. Selecting a token starts the gift round to advance your token around the board. The token moves around the board, depending on the number indicated by the dice throw. Play monopoly slots online with once around the deluxe slot and stand a chance to walk away with hefty payout through the many different avenues present to win.


From the above-discussed monopoly slots online games, it is clear that the experience playing monopoly slots online games is exceptional. Whatever your interests in the game, one or more games will be suitable for you. With the many different bonus systems available in the games that allow players to stand a chance to walk away with high prices, the online monopoly slots provide to all the players the opportunity to have a good time playing and also stand a chance to walk away with great prices. The beauty in all these games listed above is that they are all derived from the original board game, which makes the players appreciate the thrill that comes with the game. Technological advancement has made the games available online, which is more convenient and accessible to more people.

The above-listed games have something for all the players and cater to the needs of the players. When a player intends to have a good payout and is willing to invest highly in the game, the games provide the right platform for this. When a player intent is to spend little money and still stand a chance to walk away with a big payout, this is still the right platform. Also, when a player just wants to have a good time and not worry about investing any money in the game, free online monopoly slots provide just that for the player. The games have been known to be played as part of team-building exercises for workmates and friends to have a good time together. I challenge you to play monopoly slots online games for a chance to have a great time and a chance to emerge victoriously and walk away with cash prizes.

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