Step by step guide how to succeed in online slot tournaments

There is nothing as thrilling as being a participant in a tournament. Whether it is a video game, a poker game, or an outdoor sport; as long as it is a tournament, intrigues, excitement, suspense is guaranteed as well as the prize money to be gotten by the winner. This article would focus solely on online slot tournament, which is the version of the regular slot games, played online.


Slot games are top-rated because they require no expertise before you can play them. A lot of gamers are very fond of slots, making slot tournaments to be on the increase. This increased popularity has made a lot of casinos come up with the online version of slots games, enabling gamers to win money daily from the comfort of their homes.

Nevertheless, you might ask some questions like: How exactly does an online slot tournament work? How does someone become a participant in an online slot tournament? Most importantly, how do you massively boost your chances of winning? This article would answer these questions and more. It is necessary; we know what an online slot tournament is.

What are online slot tournaments? The term might sound complicated, but the game in itself is simple. An online slot tournament is a social meet where you get to compete against other players in slot machine games contest. The overall aim of an online slot tournament is to accumulate as many points as possible within the time given and a certain number of credits to be declared the outright winner.

Moreover, to compete in an online slot tournament, the first thing to do is to search out a casino that runs slot machine games online. Red Stag, Liberty Slots, and Lincoln are some of the casinos that offer online slots gaming experience. After getting an online casino, you should endeavour to read through their terms before signing up with them. This move lets you know if you have to part with an admission fee, or you can participate in an online slot tournament for free.

After getting a casino that offers online slot gaming, you would choose the tournament you want to play. Read the terms and conditions, then the payout systems of the different slot tournaments, which is made known in the paytable of the competition. In some cases, the total prize money is broken down in stages, while in other cases the prize money is given at the end of the contest. So read through and understand the terms before joining a tournament.

Furthermore, as the contest begins, each player will make use of the virtual credits available, to spin the reels on their devices. Upon every spin, the credits balance deduction will occur.

It is necessary you know the specific time duration to play every tournament. When the time is up, the slot machine automatically locks up, with the player having the highest points tally been declared the overall winner. You can view the points tally and positions of all players when the contest ends.

Online slot tournaments could be short or quite long. The strategy to use in either duration differs. Users who enjoy playing a brief match, the quick timed contests are the ideal option. Long tournaments are suited to those who have enough cash to spend to last the whole duration.


The first thing to grasp as a smart person in whatever you decide to engage yourself with is making yourself knowledgeable with all it takes to become a guru in that endeavour. We came up with a detailed list of how to play in a slot tournament. The necessary steps to get to that height you desire are as follow;

The Rules of Online Slot Tournaments

The rules guiding play in online slot tournaments are not that different from the regular slot tournaments that take place inside casinos. There are essential things you have to consider when playing online.

Betting Limits

It does not matter the type of online tournament you are playing; there is always a limit; you can bet. This bet limit is vital in your playing strategy. To make sure you boost your winning chances with a good plan, make sure you go through the rules of the tournament you choose to play.

Elimination tournaments

It is a straight knockout game, with two players squared up against each other. The winner of the face-off goes on to the next round. Winners at the end of a knockout tournament decided by the highest points accumulation within a set time.

Time durations

Each player in an online slot tournament is allowed to accumulate as many points as possible. It is best to know that when the time runs out, the player with the highest points tally or who played the highest number of games takes home the overall prize.


There are two ways you can accumulate points in an online slot tourney. You can win based on:

  • Bet amounts
  • Prize amounts

Bet Amounts

In this scenario, the player who has a bigger budget will ultimately garner the most points. Whether the player wins or loses out does not matter in this case. All that matters is that he continues placing bets, which adds to his overall points tally. Which enhances the player chances of winning the online tournament.

Prize Amounts

A player on an online slot tournament that plays based on a prize amount, you would have to make use of a different playing strategy; this is because it is not all about having a huge budget and just placing bets. The players with the biggest winnings get a place in the top ten. So if it is your lucky day, you could win the online tournament with as little as $10.

So, before you join an online slot tournament, endeavour to go through the rules guiding the competition and know how you can earn points. Find out if spots are garnered by betting or by outright wins.


The modern advancements in technology have offered a significant impact. You can quickly join an online slot tournament by using your personal computer or laptop or even your mobile gadgets. It is necessary you know that your mobile device has to be compatible with the software version of the casino.

Most of the big casinos have mobile applications through which you can become part of their online slot tournaments in recent times. The need for mobile apps has become necessary following the popularity of mobile casino gaming. The rules and regulations that guide the regular slot tournaments are also applicable to mobile App slot tournaments. Winning strategies which we will discuss later on in this article are essential while enjoying your mobile slot tournament.

The mobile slot tournament does have one significant advantage; it allows you to participate in an online slot tournament from anywhere and at any time. The mobile apps are available for download in Android or iPhone device.


A user with a winning payout in an online slot tourney, the account gets automatic credit at the end of the tournament. Moreover, you should be aware that only players that understand how to play in a slot tournament get a win. It is pertinent you learn the basics first, if you win a cash price, your playing account gets credited without delay. On occasion you get rewarded with free spins by the casino, you would see it on your account dashboard.

Users who win cash prizes, withdrawal of cash is immediately, and it is wager free. Otherwise, for the reward that is not cash, you may have to satisfy wager criteria.


It is an analysis of cost/benefit you should reason out before placing bets. The following are the different kinds of prizes:

Prize pools

The prize pool in an online slot tournament is from the amount gotten from the admission fees paid by players. A percentage of the total amount collected is up as the prize pool by the casino. The players on the top ten positions at the end of the tournament will share the percentage.

Jackpot wins

The grand prize to be given at the end of a tournament. In a competition with a jackpot prize attached, many players contest in the game. Sometimes the jackpot prize amount is determined by the number of players that ate competing at the time.

The overall winner takes all jackpot prize, and others take none.


The prize reward offered by some online casinos at the end of an online slot tournament could be bonuses, free rounds, and free spins. This type of compensation is common in freeroll tournaments, where the competition is more fun than competitive. New players should first get accustomed to this kind of reward before aiming for real cash prizes.

Fixed price rewards

The casino sets a cash reward at the beginning. It is a guaranteed price that does not change, no matter the number of players that participate in the contest. A $5000 prize stated as the price in a tournament, it stays fixed even if more than 50 players register as participants in the competition.

A tournament is naturally known to be won by the best participant. But in online slot tournaments, you do not have just one winner.

The paytables of online slot tourneys give a rundown of the prizes each player gets at the end of the tourney. So, do not be so pumped up towards making it to the top spot all the time. Winnings depend on the number of players.

Consequently, the player who occupies the first position gets the highest percentage of the prize money.


Slot tournament in online casino ranks among the best games online. When you decide to start up a set of your choice as listed below, do not forget the first step is to understand and acquire the knowledge on how to play in a slot tournament before staking with real money.

The different types of online slot tournaments available to the online slot play are:

Freeroll Tournaments

It is a lighthearted way of introducing you to the online game with no admission fee required. There is no cash prize for this slot tournament, though. The reward most casinos offer is free spins and free rounds.

Guaranty tournament

This tournament is often used by casinos to attract more players to online slot contests.

Scheduled Tournaments

This type of online slot tournament is advertised well before it starts, with an admission fee required to pay before you can play. The prize money is quite attractive. Players can make use of the rebuy feature in this type of tournament. The downside involves a lot of players, and you have to wait long before seeing the overall results.

Sit and Go tournament

This type of competition is limited to a few gamblers, with an admission fee required to pay before you can participate. The game has low prize money attached. Sometimes, you have to get an exclusive invite before you can play.

Few numbers of players are involved with the fact that you get to see the overall results quickly, are the reason some players prefer playing this tournament. The rebuy option is not available for this type of competition.

Survivor Slots Tournaments

It is a very competitive format with elimination rounds. The winner of each elimination round plays the winners from other series. In this type of tournament, there is no avenue for rebuying. The prize money is usually significant in this type of competition.

One-shot Tournaments

It is a keenly contested tournament, as you only get one chance to progress to the next stage of the competition. There are no rebuys and add-ons.

Reloader Tournaments

In this type of tournament, you pay a competition fee, which allows a fixed duration of time to play. When you lose out, you can rebuy for more time to play.

Extender Tournaments

This tournament is similar to the reloader except that you have the chance to make use of add-ons.

VIP tournaments

In this type of competition, you can only play when you get an invite from the casino. To get an invite, as a carded player, you will have to be recognized by the casino. You would also have to accumulate a particular point tally.


A user that wishes to make way up the leaderboard during a tournament successfully, you need to do more than just spinning the machine reels. There are several game features you can use either by purchasing them, to boost your chances of winning the tournament.

The following are the features:


With this attribute, you can gain access to a slot tournament after losing out, but your score is back to zero. This option is made available in big online slot tournaments.


This game feature helps to boost your score as it gives you more time to play through to the end of the tournament.


This feature gives you the avenue to continue with your progress even as the tournament is active, with your score the same.


As is usual with any competition, having a clear-cut strategy in place is paramount. Ir is the same with online slot tournaments, to win an online slots tournament, along with a slice of luck, your strategy depends on the type of competition you are playing. Most importantly, you need to be smart and make the right moves ahead of other players to win the prize, money. There is no one clear-cut strategy that guarantees you been the winner each time you participate in an online slot tournament.

We will share with you the top-notch strategies on how to play in a slot tournament, which has to be a formula usually used by professionals, this will give you the essential guide for a win-win play in any chosen slot tournament of your choice.

Play the Demo Version

It should be the first step to be taken by newcomers in mastering how to play in a slot tournament. You must get used to the game, by playing the demo version is an excellent move before you get involved in the real action of staking with cash.

This will help you to understand the button functions, how to spin the reels, then where and how to place your bets. You will also get to know the particular slot tournament you are knowledgeable. Always start with practising with the demo game, with time, you would get quite good at the chosen game.

Have a budget

After getting a clear understanding of how to play the game, the next important thing would be to set up your funding limit. Place yourself on a strict budget and work hard at not exceeding it. Choose an online slot tournament that the wagering requirement does not make you exceed your limited budget. The game is quite addictive, and you could end up emptying your bank account and even running into massive debt if you do not caution yourself.

Plan for the long term

Every smart player has a long-term strategy. They do not play without restraint, as they have points as to which to enter into a contest. Discipline yourself by giving yourself a strict time duration for gameplay and a budget plan. A long-term strategy prevents you from becoming addicted and running into financial debts; you find it difficult to pay.

Play with a fixed amount

When you want to play, always make sure the amount you wish to spend is available. Do not exceed this amount no matter how tempting it might be. Make sure it is only the amount you want to use in placing bets that is in your betting account. It should be in tune with your budget and long-term plans as earlier discussed.

Play more prize-based slot tourneys

This strategy on how to play in a slot tournament by applying the play more of prize-based slot tournaments, which gives you more chances of steadily gathering points. In bet-based tourneys, it is only the players with big money that have a big opportunity of being among the top ten positions.

Moreover, playing an online slot tourney with a tight budget, you would be better off participating in a prize-based tournament. Well, you would have to compete against more players, which means you would have to spend more time actively playing if you want to beat them to the prize.

Get rid of all distractions

During a tournament, avoid activities that can distract you. Social media is the number one distraction these days. Also, try as much as possible not focus on your position on the leaderboard. It is a counterproductive move that distracts you from playing well.

Furthermore, when participating in an online slot tournament, keep your mind focused at all times.

Be Alert

The repetitive structure of an online slots game can make you easily doze off as the tournament progresses. It leads to a drop in your overall speed and productivity. You now find yourself not making use of your available virtual credits before the time runs out.

Nevertheless, if you need to avoid dozing off at all means and wants to be alert throughout the tournament? Get yourself some caffeine to keep you awake.

Understand the Paytable

Another excellent strategy on how to win in a slot tournament, before you start playing the real thing, understand the paytable of the competition. Taking a good look at the paytable helps you get a good grasp of a number of the tournament features such as the particular combinations that would result in a payout, the number of lines you have to reach before a payout, and special features like add-ons and bonuses.

Do Not Start Playing Immediately

When an online tournament starts, do not immediately join in the fun. The servers could experience glitches from the rush and slow down the speed of the Spin button, even when you are using a fast internet connection.

Join the contest like 15 minutes after it has begun, as the servers would have become more stable then.

Click the spin key as several times as possible

The play for online slot tournaments is for a specific duration of time, so you would play more rounds when you click the spin button repeatedly until the time allotted for a break. You increase your chances of winning with the higher number of rounds you play.

You must be sure the connection to the internet is at high speed. Lagging internet connections would cause delays, slowing down the rate at which you get to click the spin button. That split second wasted due to a lagging internet connection could be your obstacle to a huge payout.

Maximize on all high bets

All bets that are up to during a game cannot be up again. Which alone should make you use up all those top bets in every round of online slot tournaments you play. Using up all the highest stakes in all rounds increases your chance of ending up with a more top position on the overall leaderboard.

Play different games

More games more chances of getting a winning result, do not just stick to one game. Play other slot games that give out high Returns to the player (RTP). To get high returns, choose slot games that have a minimum RTP of 90%. This choice means you only get to lose ten cents for every dollar you use in placing a bet.

The higher the percentage returns to the player, the higher the winning payout -a great strategy on how to play in a slot tournament, which you should start applying.

Make use of bonuses

Some casinos offer players free money to participate in an online slot tournament. Read through the promotion terms and wagering requirements of competition before opting in. Choose the game with the best bonuses and low wagering requirements.

It will help you to make use of bonuses, have more playing time and progress through more game rounds, which will boost your winning payout.

It is paramount you take advantage of the bonuses. Choose the tournaments that have a lot of rewards attached to them.

Jackpot slots

You have the opportunity to get a huge payout when you make use of jackpot slots. The rewards for progressive jackpot slots range from $500 to as high as $5,000,000 and even more. In jackpot slot games, stakes are stake by a lot of players who opt-in from all parts of the globe. The winner of the jackpot slots game is the player with the highest accumulation of points.

Do not focus on small winnings

It is only human to get joyous when you get a few small victories. Who would not? But this only takes your focus off the bigger prize to be won at the end of the contest. Celebrating small winnings eats into the precious time you should use to spin the reels as many times as you can. Try and get a hold of yourself until the end of the tournament. Only celebrate when the competition has ended.

Activate All Paylines.

It is another excellent tactic on how to win in a slot tournament. Before you place a bet, endeavour to get all pay lines of the competition activated. When you activate all the pay lines, a winning combo on any of them automatically gets you an increase if you win.

You should avoid feeling disheartened when you spot a winning payout on a line you did not activate before staking. Be smart and see the bigger financial picture by making sure you enable all the pay lines available in a slot game.

Do Not Make A Top 10 Finish A Priority

It may sound like a bit of awkward advice, but it is true. Getting yourself worked up to get the point tally that lands you in the top ten can be counterproductive. Sure, a top ten finish boosts your chances of ultimately laying your hands on the big money prize. The fact is apart from the first position prize; there are loads of other prizes to be won during a tournament.

All players in an online slot tournament do get rewarded with a prize, no matter their position on the leader board. It could be free spins, different bonuses such as a cashback bonus or loyalty bonus. Aim for a place in the top ten, but do not forget there are other prizes available.

Payout Tickets

When you win a tournament, you get a redeemable pay ticket, which you could turn into real cash. So, when opening an online account with a casino, make sure the details you give them tally with your means of identification. It makes it easy for you to make use of the cash-out option, especially when you want to withdraw and transfer your cash to your bank account.

Managing your cash during an online slot tournament

The efficient management of your finances during an online slot tournament is of paramount importance. You cannot bank on pure luck alone to win an online slot tournament. When you have no idea of how much you have used in placing bets, how would you know when you have made gains or won in the real sense of the word?

A lot of players are guilty of not taking note of the money they used in placing their bets after getting a winning. Setting a stake of $50 and celebrating a winning payout of only $10 is complete mismanagement of your hard-earned finance. If you are not taking records of how you spend your money on stakes, you might end up thinking you are making a profit, whereas the opposite is the case.

The proper way to efficiently manage your money during an online slot tournament;

  • It is essential you get to know all the financial requirements involved. 
  • Make sure you read and understand all the terms, the winning payouts of each stage of the tournament before opting in. 

When you have fully grasped all of these, take a good look into your financial capability. Do not join a tournament that would make you exceed what you have in your bank account.

Always understand that you have to bet with money you can afford to lose. You are not guaranteed a wining return every time you engage in gambling. You should prepare to fail also. In gambling, there are absolutely no guarantees. Be a smart player, and have a free mind after placing a bet.

There is no guaranteed strategy on how to win in a slot tournament. Making use of the bonus features is one strategy that boosts your chances of coming out the top.

Bonuses are a great way of luring players to participate in a tournament. Casinos give out free spins, free virtual credits, and sometimes when you are lucky, free cash. There are different types of bonuses offered by casinos during a tournament.

These bonuses include:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Cashback bonus
  • Match bonus
  • Loyalty bonus
  • No deposit bonus.

You can use these free bonuses to your advantage, as they help to increase betting limits. Research the type that is available for every kind of tournament, the bonus codes to be used to activate them, and the criteria before you can get these bonuses.

The bonuses that have low wagering criteria are the best type to acquire. Another way of using it is to win by using the promo codes.

Applying ways of using the bonuses mentioned above can solidly grow your bankroll, which will boost your chances of making much progress during an online slot tournament. In a situation where cash is not enough, you are likely to be dropped out at the early stages of the competition.


When going through the terms and conditions of an online slot tournament, be sure to take note of the following:

Registering for competition in time

Most online players miss this out. They do not take note of the timeline given to enrol in a tournament and eventually miss out on some big online slot tournaments. Your endeavour must be aware of the duration of registration.

The prize pools

The prize money to be won is of importance, especially if you are working with a budget. A $5000 prize is pretty huge, but when it gets divided among 50 players, the overall winner does not get more than a few hundreds of dollars. It is not worth spending as much as $1000 in a tournament, where the prize money is a mere $500.

Eligible slot machines

It is essential to take note of this before joining an online slot tournament. Some slot games do not have online competition.

Wagering requirements attached to prize money

Some casinos offer prize rewards with some wagering criteria expected before you can get such bonuses. It is essential you get acquainted of the wagering requirements as some of these requirements could reduce the value of some prizes.


As exciting and financially rewarding as the online slot tournaments can be, there are downsides. Here we will take a brief look into the pros and cons of participating in an online slot tournament.

Pros of an online slot tournament

  • Getting a prize rewarded for your participation.
  • You can sign up quickly and become a participant.
  • The cash prizes are wager free; the withdrawal of your cash prizes is when you win.
  • It is possible to win a huge cash prize using a small admission fee or even no fee charges.

Cons of online slot tournaments

  • It is addictive
  • Bet based competitions are very tricky
  • You could run into debts


We believe this article has provided you with all the necessary details that will aid you on how to play in a slot tournament.

You should endeavour to play the demo version of slot tournaments before actually engaging in the real game situation where the money is involved. Also, read through the terms of the different types of competitions available to you before opting to play. Choose the tournament that you have a good hang of, to boost your chances of winning.

Endeavour to make use of the strategies we discussed earlier to increase your chances of becoming the overall winner in an online slot tournament.

Online slot tournaments are exciting and are new means through which you can make money in a casino without actually going to a casino. It is necessary to stick to a strict budget, do not exceed the amount you spend in staking throughout your playing time, manage your cash efficiently during a tournament and make use of a reliable, fast internet connection.

It’s not a good thing to run into huge debts, all in the name of wanting to win the top prize money. Play with restraint and keep your emotions in check always.

The best strategy on how to play in a slot tournament online is; be focused, fast, and have fun! Best of luck as you start spinning those reels.

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