The best Pirate slots to find online

Nothing feels better than the thrills and adventures of being a pirate. This is the main reason why there are a lot of pirate slots lovers all over the world. The best part of loving pirate slots is not just to go on the adventure, but the fact that you can play any pirate slot at the comfort of your home. The fact that this genre of slot games is famous is one of the reasons why it is easy to access. However, this ease of access also led to the availability of tons of pirate-themed slots. This is a good thing if one takes a close look at it because there are tons of graphics and storylines to choose, and it is no lie that one can’t play them all even in a lifetime! Variety is definitely the spice of life this time.


However, a lot of pirate slot fans would not want to go through the stress of searching tons of slots to find out which of the slots is the best. This is why we have compiled a list and set of tips to put you through on the top pirate online slots available. Sit tight, and enjoy the ride.

What are Pirate slots?

Before diving into pirate slots, let us help the newbies among us by explaining what pirate slot games are.

Pirate slot games are just like every other slot game, but only cooler. They are much fun in terms of gameplay and graphics. Playing Pirate slots aims at giving out fantastic cash prizes more than other online slots if you play for real money. In essence, every pirate voyage must have an ample booty to be found at the end of the journey. This is why nothing beats the thrills of playing a pirate slot and the spoils you get from it.

Many pirate slots are available on online casinos or the websites of the developers. These exciting and fun-filled casino slots feature high-quality graphics and unique bonus games. Pirate themed slot games are a perfect fit to combine adventure with technological advancement and the dream of making cool cash off online casinos with real money. Pirate slots are quite different from other regular slot games. They have features like that of the funny fruit slot machines, cartoon-themed slots, or online slots that depict popular heroes, movie characters, or popular historical events. This is because it presents a more exciting and intriguing theme – Pirates! And their quest to make as many spoils as they can, no matter how far towards the edge of the earth it takes them. Pirate slots are adventurous. So you should expect to see some quests, challenges, and search for treasures, among others.

Are my funds safe?

The word “pirate” might strike fear into some of the squeamish or new online gamblers. This is mostly because of the numerous online casino fraudsters out there. There is no cause for alarm, though. Pirate slots are governed by some authoritative bodies such as the UKGC and the MGA to ensure that all players are safe from fraudsters and information thieves. Pirate slots are closely monitored and regulated by these gambling authorities, which means you are safe to play the game in the casino with a license or approval by any of the regulatory bodies. Any casino with a reputable license will ensure that the pirate slot games on their platform are fair and safe.

In the world of Casino slots today, pirate slots have the best offers. Although it is fresh in the casino industry, it still promises a great deal of fortune to be enjoyed ahead. A lot of pirate slot games have appealing graphics and spooky interface. The sounds are usually fantastic and spot on. This makes pirate slot games look more like cinematic masterpieces. From the insane graphics to the dramatic soundtracks, nothing on a pirate slot is out of place.

Interesting features

Pirate slot games are usually similar and having almost the same features, such as a peaceful sea, a pirate ship mostly in the distance, and a foreground with stolen treasure surrounded by lush green plants. This emanates some sort of tranquillity and a storyline that depicts the end from the beginning. The treasure is the target, and the pirate ship is where you are going to have to start from.

If you are a bit scared to take on the adventure as soon as they appear, then you can go for a little practice. This is to soothe your nerves and prepare you for the dangers and adventure ahead. In the game, there is a free bet option – a feature that allows you to practice bet strategy and other skills. This allows the newbies to get a hold of the workings of the game, especially the parts of the game that need some skill and mastery.

The best part about playing pirate slot games is that you don’t have to be an outlaw to know the ropes. Even the timidest person in the world can get skilled at it. Just don’t get greedy like most pirates are when they discover a new island with a lot of spoils. All pirate-themed slot games have a lot of features associated with it. The developers are continually thinking of features and ways to make the game more exciting and to prevent you from losing a lot of cash from being greedy. One thing that is common to most of them is the adventurous nature of the games – the treasure that you and the pirates are hunting for. The voyage would be so immersive and exciting that you might not even worry much about losing.

Basic things to keep in mind

But, you still have to keep a winning mind whenever you are behind the reels. And for this reason, you should familiarize yourself with the basic symbols of the game. In every pirate-styled slot machine game, you would find the Pirate, a hand well, a hook, a Black Jack, and the head and bones sign as the primary game symbols. The varieties of pirate-themed slot games available have made sure players find something for their tastes. There are both simple classic slots with three reels and a couple of pay lines and complicated video slots with detailed graphic information. These graphical slots look like you’re playing a full-fledged computer game with a variety of bonus rounds.

Both the graphics-intensive and straightforward varieties of the slot are accessible on most devices. Either you want a full experience on your PC or something to keep you engaged while you’re on the go. There are no boundaries, regardless of where you are located. So, if you can’t be with your precious laptop, then grab your mobile phone and log in to the website to make cool cash. Play any Pirate Slots Casino’s games any time you want and have fun.

Pirate slots also offer VIP treatment to some players that have been loyal to them for a while. The VIP treatment is not provided to you directly as a player. You earn it by depositing more and playing games to earn Kudos. To maintain the VIP status, you have to meet up with the monthly requirements. Finally, pirate slots offer free payments method. You can withdraw a tiny amount of money, which is not allowed on other slots. They also provide a considerable amount of bonuses you shouldn’t miss.

How to play Pirate slots online

Getting started

Playing an online pirate slot is not entirely different from playing every other online regular slot. Developers have made Pirate online slot casinos look so real that you feel like you have a real-life experience. Pirate online slots have some cool features in them, which include the reels, the maximum bet button, a pirate-themed background, etc. Playing Pirate slots online saves you the stress of leaving the comfort of your room. You get more excellent comfortability and convenience when you play from your mobile device than when you have to travel down to Vegas. But, you still have to learn the basics of how to play pirate slots.

Sign up

Like every other casino slots online, you are required to sign up to their website. You can click on the pirate slots download icon to get the software on your personal computer or a mobile device. Signing in is the very first thing you should do. The software will need an internet connection to be able to function. Although, this depends on the pirate slot game. Some games are available offline after signup. This is not something difficult, and it does not require any technicalities. Registering on an online casino is as simple as clicking on the link or the download symbol and waiting a few minutes for the software to download and install.

After signup, the next thing is to try out pirate slots free of charge by using the free game section provided by the developers. This gives you the chance to practice and get properly acquainted with the game. You need to get familiar with the inner workings of the game before even venturing into the game with real money. Playing the game for free would let you know whether you are good to go or not.


After practicing with the pirate slots free games, the next thing to do is to make deposits. Online casinos have a structure that ensures that new player accounts have to make a specified deposit before getting access to the casino games. This is a business model that is adopted by most of the online casino games. Each casino sets a limit for your first deposit – this known as the first minimum deposit. The limit differs for each casino but is usually $10.

In making deposits, the casino would require that you add a card or another payment method. All you have to do is to enter the required details, and there you go. The deposits ensure you stake real money on games to be able to cash out real money. For most pirate online slots, they give bonuses to newly registered members to ensure continuity. The rewards for newbies in the pirate online casino world include:

  1. Card registration bonus: Card Registration Bonuses are gradually becoming the go-to bonus for many players when choosing an online casino to register with. Online casinos depend on having as many active users as possible – this is how they generate their revenue. This is also why they employ the services of casino affiliates. Players love bonus and loyalty reward – and nothing says thanks for choosing us than a juicy card registration bonus. This bonus comes when you register a card with the casino, without even making any deposit. The card registration bonus does not come in the form of credits on your online casino account alone. In essence, it can also come in the form of access to free spins.
  2. Welcome Bonus: Welcome bonus is the first welcome offer or bonus offer that a player gets after registering and making their first deposit on that online casino. Welcome bonuses are a way online casinos say thanks to new players for choosing them as their preferred online casino. The truth is there are many online casinos to choose from, and one of the ways casinos ensure that a player registers an account with them is by offering juicy welcome bonuses

These bonuses should be used as an advantage by players. Deposit casino bonuses increase your chances of playing pirate slots for free online. The more you play pirate slots free games online, the higher your chances of winning real money. If you get a $50 no deposit bonus after signing up, take advantage of this as much as you can. It will increase your chances of playing online slots for free while allowing you to win real money. Playing free games on pirate online slots also helps you discover new strategies for playing the game. It also gives you numerous chances to learn about multipliers, pay tables, and wilds.

Deposits are made through different payment methods such as the MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Paysafe. The details of your card are entered into the section where it is required. For emphasis, it is best not to play with real money until you are sure you can do so. You’re only good to go with real money when you have mastered the gameplay. One candid advice from us is that if you are losing too much in a particular slot, it is better not to go ahead with real money so as not to lose in every way.

You also need to understand that these pirate-themed slots games are not designed to make you lose, even though they are tough. They work randomly so that you stand an equal chance of winning no more than the next guy.

Pirate slot apps and where to download them

Pirate themes are definitely on top 10 lists of the most used online casino game themes. This is why they are available in abundance and easy to find. There are many online platforms to find them if they are not available at your local app store. Here are some platforms where you can play and find pirate slots to download easily.

  1. LEO VEGAS CASINO: This is one of the relatively new online casinos. It was launched in 2013 and has done well to rise to the top as quickly as possible. Although you have to bear in mind that the casino has one of the best collection of games from top providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, NextGen, and lots more. Having a rapport with these top-level of providers is an indicator of being a legit casino.
  2. GENTING CASINO: This online casino platform is a grand casino that does well to impress everyone, including its land-based casinos. It has a sleek design and is an excellent online casino platform. However, it does not come with beauty alone and is a straightforward platform to use and navigate. There are more than 300 games on this platform, with about 250 of them being slot games. The mobile app is swift and works excellent with a lot of games. It is easy to navigate, and there is quick and helpful customer support if you get lost in any way. All in all, Genting is one of the best online casinos you can sign up for. You can rest assured that you are not getting scammed, and it is more likely that you are going to have more fun than you intended.
  3. PADDY POWER CASINO: The Paddy Power online casino is a place to find whatever you want. It offers live betting and live streaming for all sports and casinos, as well as the live casino, bingo scratch card, and video poker. In comparison to other slots, one would say that the Paddy Power Casino did great. This platform is fully licensed and secured. They ensure that your money is protected very well. Paddy Power casino takes its services and customers more serious than you think.
  4. SPIN IT CASINO: Spinit Casino is one of the newest and fast-rising casinos on the internet today. Its interface is designed by people who love slots very much. There are pirate slot games that are more likely to send a powerful adrenaline rush through your body. They all come with numerous bonus rounds and free spins. If you are looking for the sweet taste of adventure, then the Spinit casino is the best place for pirate slots. Download and install the mobile app before you proceed. So that you can access the pirate slots without having to log in to the site every time you want to play the game.
  5. 32 RED CASINO: This casino was launched in 2002, and it is a multi-award winning online site for gambling. It offers everything any player would need, regardless of their skill levels. 32 Red casino prides itself on producing a proper brand name within the gambling industry. It is known to offer a lot of slots and games from top developers such as Microgaming. The app has a wide array of games that most players are familiar with. To get the app, all you need is to look for pirate slots, download the app, and you are good to go. The casino boasts of several licenses, so you shouldn’t expect anything less from them!
  6. GRAND IVY CASINO: Grand Ivy Casino is a casino brand from the Imperium Network Solutions. Its primary focus is to bridge the gap between modern-day online gambling and traditional gambling at a casino. One would say that this is a sophisticated website that is full of a lot of beautiful features for its users. Here you would find a wide array of contemporary slot machines and tons of casino games. Everything you need all in one place. No matter what you are looking for, you would find it here! All you need is to give it a try, and it might just be the one for you!
  7. 888 CASINO: 888 casino is one of the best online platforms to find pirate slots. Download slots on this platform to get access to a variety of games. They proudly boast of having big game provider names like Evolution Gaming hosting their live gaming section and providing a number of their games. The banking methods are also unavoidable, as they are reliable and efficient. You would need them to make your first deposit to acquire the welcome bonus offer for new members.
  8. CASUMO CASINO: The Casumo casino was launched in Scandinavia in 2012. It made a substantial positive impact since its debut. It expanded to the UK market to provide a uniquely entertaining casino experience to its users. The Casumo casino marketed itself as a unique kind of casino as it brought up distinct qualities in its marketing. These qualities led to winning the 2016 EGR Nordic awards for the Best Marketing Campaign. There is no doubt that they deserved the award, considering the plethora of casino games they offer their users.
  9. MR GREEN CASINO: Talking about Mr. Green online casino is like talking about one of the most exciting places to play online casino games. This online casino was established in 2008, and it runs on a multi-software platform. In essence, this means that the online casino would offer more games from a wider range of suppliers. Mr. Green Ltd. operates the company, and it has several licenses under its belt. Some of these licenses include the Malta Gaming Authority. The platform is also under the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission, but we would dwell more on that later.
  10. 777 CASINO: One of the things that makes this online casino rank higher than most other online slots is the plethora of games they possess. The games are provided by the best online gaming providers such as IGT, iSoftBet, NetEnt, Amaya, Leander Games, and Bally. The games from these providers are usually the most popular ones on any online casino that you find yourself. On the 777 online casinos, you won’t have to worry about a new game getting released soon. Even the ones on the platform are going to take a lot of your attention.

Top 10 Pirate slots

There are diverse Pirate slots on online casinos, which makes it difficult for players to have a preference. These slots have come up with different themes that are enticing and attractive to the players. If you check online for pirate-themed casino games, you’ll see that there is a wide range of Pirate themed casino games available all over the world. Here are the top 10 pirate-themed games to make choosing one easier for you!

  1. Piggy Pirate Slot: The provider of this game is Red Tiger Gaming. The game has six reels with about 40 pay lines. It has a maximum bet of £40 and an RTP of 96.06%. The maximum payout is 2,000 times the bet. The features include: wild, scatter, free spins, and mobiles. The features do not include multiplier and bonus games. This game reverses the fortunes of the original fairytale of the three little pigs. The pigs are turned into pirates here. They get to sail the high seas in pursuit of the evil wolf and his gold coin treasure. The graphics and animations are breathtaking. The sea soundtrack with splashing waves and squeaking calls from albatrosses is only interrupted by the usual reel stop and win count sounds. Playing this game gives gamers a proper sea adventure with pirate slots free spins that are unlimited and also a pile of wild coins. The 40 pay lines offer unlimited free spins once you collect all the piggy scatters.
  2. Pirates Charm: This is one adventurous game you can find online. From the catalogue of Quickspin, the game has a piece of very intriguing background music that can leave you breathless during the gameplay. The background music gives the players a sailor ambience similar to that of a pirate. Think of it as the feeling of being captain of the ship. Around the reels and rows of the game, there are very beautiful and decorative carvings. There are also lots of bonus rounds and free spins in this slot game. The game has 243 pay lines in total to ensure that you win big. It also offers scatters and wilds symbols to make the game more exciting and unlock many additional surprises. The characters and symbols set against a wooden plank effect reels are crystal clear, and there is no doubt that the players would enjoy this state of the art graphics. The black sailed ship is the bonus symbol in this slot machine, and it will trigger ten free spins if it appears on any three or more reels at a time. If you still have cold feet in making a wager, there is nothing to worry about. You can choose the minimum bet of 0.10 because staking up to 100.00 is for the experienced players and high rollers.
  3. Five Pirates: This game can be a lovely addition to your collection of adventurous Pirate slot games. The provider of this slot game goes by the name Lightning Box. The game has multipliers of 10x, 750x, and up to 2500x. The game also has some exciting bonus rounds that can unlock pirate slots free spins. The biggest win pays out a jackpot of 200,000 credits, which is usually rewarded by the scatter lady. The graphics quality of the game is very high. Although it looks like something from the 80s and may not sit well with some modern-day gamers, it accurately depicts the ambience of being on a pirate ship. There is a ship deck surrounding the reels. The game offers a pleasant and breezy atmosphere, all thanks to the joyful sailor’s music and sound of waves in the background. If this doesn’t make you feel close to the ocean, then you need a better device with excellent audio capabilities. The two main characters in the games are the male and female pirate symbols, which represent wild and scatter.
  4. Barbary Coast: This is a pirate slot machine by the software developer ‘Betsoft.’ The graphics also look outdated, but this is precisely what makes it look like you are back in time with the pirates. It is a 3D slot with interactive symbols. The game has five reels and 150 pay lines, enough to pour out enough cash if you spin the reels right. Getting three or more parrot symbols on the reels will trigger a free spin game. The dashing sawyer feature will also bring you instant bonus credits when clicked. The bonus game in this pirate casino slot is a fight, and it is activated when you get three or more Captain Blackbeard symbols on the reels with an active pay line. You have to fight with the pirates and win to take their spoils.
  5. Clash of Pirates: This is a game from the game developers at Evoplay. It is a five-reel and 30 pay line slot machine. The pirates in this slot game don’t look friendly but can become your friends and help you land big wins if they appear on the right side of the reels. The game has nine main symbols, and for you to win, you need to land 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbol across a single pay line running from left to right. Players that land any three of a kind on one row will be awarded x5 their line bet, while full lines can payout up to x150 your bet, depending on the symbols that appear on the reels. The Avon boy will pay out x25, x125, and x500 when they are 3, 4, or 5, respectively. The higher the symbols, the higher the wins.
  6. Wild seas: This is a game from the game developers at ELK Studios. This game provides you with a wonderful playing experience with bonus rounds and free spins. The game also boasts of smooth graphics and immersive gameplay. The lady captain is the highest paying symbol, and she is sure to grant you 1000 coins as soon as she appears on the reels. The game is set around the tropical island of port royale. Here you would join forces with the infamous she-pirate. You are to search across the five reels with four rows of symbols in the hopes of spotting gallons that can be raided for treasure chests. The chests are filled with bronze, silver, and gold coins, and to come face-to-face with rogue captains across 178 connecting pay lines. Coins are rewarded for capturing and delivering the Portuguese captain and also bringing the gravy captain to face the lady captain. The lady captain rewards you with 200 coins for delivering the Portuguese captain to her and 300 Coins for the French captain.
  7. Queen of the Seas: GameArt provides this Pirate themed slot game. The game comes with insane graphics. Unlike other games mentioned earlier with catchy background music, the queen of the seas has no music in store for us. Although you can enjoy some of the sound effects during the game. This is a game of 5 reels with 20 pay lines and a treasure hunt. This gives you tons of opportunities to make a winning combination with every single spin you make. Try to match at least two symbols on a pay line to receive a payout. The wild symbol is the queen of the sea. Matching 5 of her on the reels will award you a very high multiplier payout on your initial stake of up to 9,000 coins. Any winning combination you complete by using a wild would lead to a 2X multiplier on your winnings. The characters in the game award different payouts depending on their value and the number of times they appear on a pay line. A maximum payout of 750 coins will be awarded when you match five symbols. At the same time, a maximum payout of 10 coins will be awarded when you pair two symbols.
  8. Black Beard: This is a top-rated pirate-themed game slot among online casinos. You will find it in the best online casinos. The provider of this game is Leander Games. They created a sort of funny and amusing addition to the collection of online pirate slots. The graphics are quite pleasing with all the laughing skulls and parrots. The crossed pistol, golden chests, and coins represent the adventurous life of the pirates as they rule the seas. There are 20 pay-lines on the five reels of 3 rows. Scatter symbols only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 in the form of pirates while wild doubloons can appear singly anywhere on the reels. There are also three bonus rounds in this game, and this is where it gets interesting. They include Pirate Spins, Sea Battle and Super Spins.

    In Pirate Spins, the game starts with 3 Lives. They will try to take one of the lives unless the Blackbeard manages to shoot them. You get special sticky wilds in the form of pirates, and the spins keep going until the three lives are lost. In Sea Battle, the spinning continues. This time, you have four enemy ships to face. The game is over if the Blackbeard ship is sunk. In Super Spins, each bonus scatters will change to a super fit expanded wild, and reckless reels spin once to give you a guaranteed win.

  9. Captains Treasure: This is another online pirate slot from the leading software developers, Playtech. It is one of the best games for those that want to play at the best slot sites. The music and graphics are quite funny, and it seems like a kid’s movie. However, the palm trees in the background give an additional idea of some overseas adventure. The major symbols and characters in the game slot are ship wheels, maps, treasure chests, anchors, and a black-bearded captain. It is a five-reel game with nine pay lines, which are way less in comparison with other available slot games. Players will be sure to be discouraged by this feature until the game is played. The good thing about the five reels and nine pay lines in this game is the pair of swords symbol that pays out up to 5000 coins at a time. The sad thing about this slot game is that it does not offer bonus features or free spins.
  10. Ghost Pirates: NetEnt provides the last pirate slot game on the list. They did a great job of making this game very enticing and exciting. The game boasts of beautiful graphics, creepy music, spooky atmosphere that would make you shiver as though you are a horror or scary scene in a movie. Ghosts, maps, and hidden treasures are just a small part of the features that will take you into an adventure of mysterious seas and beyond. Ghost Pirates is a five-reel game and has an incredible 243 pay lines in total. The ghost pirates video slot is played with win ways instead of win lines. This different game configuration means that players can choose from 3, 9, 27, 81, or 243 ways to win. These wins require certain symbol combinations that run from left to right to land on the reels to create winning payouts. These unique combinations can be found in the game’s paytable schedule, which you can view by clicking the paytable button in the lower-left of the game screen.

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