How to Win at Slots: 10 Tips and Tricks You Want to Know Before Playing

Playing online slots is an easy thing but how to win at slots is tricky. After all, slots machines are a game of chance, whether you’re playing online or in a brick-and-mortar casino near your place.


So, how to win on slot machines? Before we can answer this question and provide you with some tricks and tips on how to win slot machines, you should understand three essential elements governing the game. These are:

  • Paylines and betting
  • Volatility
  • RTP rate or house edge

We aren’t going to discuss how to play the game because the mechanics are simple. Click the spin, wait for the slot machine to stop spinning, and see if you got any winning combination.

What to Expect

If this game is simple and involves pure luck, then, why do you need to know some tricks on how to win at casino slots online? Believe us. You’ll want to learn a skill or two in improving your odds of winning.

But, we want you to remember these two things before you continue reading.

One, this article isn’t about changing the rate of RTP because you can’t do anything about that. Even, we can’t do anything about it either no matter how many times we study and research about slot machines. Instead, it’s about making the right decisions.

Two, this article isn’t about how to win at online slots by rigging the system. It’s illegal to rig slot machines and is punishable. So, better forget about cheating this game of luck.

Are you ready to know more? Let’s start the discussion, shall we?

Paylines and Betting

Each slot machine has reels ranging from 3 to 7. Each reel has at least ten symbols on it or maybe more, and fewer reels are more straightforward to play than 7.

Simplified Payline

In classic three reeled slots, there are 1000 combinations if the symbols are 10. The slot with the fruity symbols and the number 7 is an example of a classic three-reeled machine. The winning combination for this classic slot is the triple 7, line up horizontally.

The winning horizontal line is what gamers and game developers refer to as payline. How much do money you win for each winning payline? The amount depends on the paytable, displayed above your slot reels (or anywhere in the screen).

Modified Paylines

Nowadays, online slots are a lot more complicated than the classic ones. Paylines no longer refer to the winning combination in the middle line. Some slots games paytable include different modified paylines that could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Other slots would even have zig-zag patterns. These newest sets of paylines make the mathematical computation of combinations a complicated one. Suffice it to say that more reels and more symbols mean more number of combinations.

For example, you are playing a seven reel slot machine with ten symbols on each real. The number of combinations you can get raises to seven, exponentially. In short, you’ll have 10 million combinations.

How to win on slot machines with so many combinations such as 10 million? You can bet on all the available paylines, which means it will cost you more money (and might lose you more than your bankroll).

Slots with no Paylines

Yes. Some slots don’t use the traditional or modified paylines. Instead, these slot machines use cluster pays where you must get four or more symbols to win. Another system of slot nowadays is the 243 ways on winning. Microgaming is fond of using this mechanism on most of its slot games.

Winning a Bet

Many online slot machines only give you the prize if your winning symbols land on specific reels. For example, you win if your combination lands on the first reel to the third (left to right). If the symbols land on the third to fifth, you won’t get any prize.

However, some slot machines pay the winning combinations from right to left. This mechanism allows you to win more winning combinations.

It’s essential to know how much a payline cost because it will determine how many paylines can you afford to bet. Betting on all paylines will cost more bets on your part but will give you one chance to hit the jackpot.

How to Win at Slots: the Importance of Paytables

Paytables summarise the reel symbols and the worth of each slots symbol in case you got them lined in a payline. Each slot machine always has one or two winning symbols that will give you the highest cashout. All the rests are either winning slot symbol at a lower payout or a losing symbol.

Included in paytables are wild, scatter, bonus, and multiplier symbols. Getting used to or memorising the paytable will help you how to win at casino slots because you’ll know how much to bet.

Moreover, studying the paytables will let you a glimpse of possible bonuses, extra spins or jackpot prizes. All of this information will increase your chances of getting the reward.

Free spins or extra bonuses will give you more opportunity to spin more. More spinning might mean closer to the jackpot prize.

Another importance of understanding the paytables is knowing how volatile a slot game is. This volatility in the game and understanding more about it are two more important things you need to do. We will discuss RTP and volatility in the next sections.

Return to Player (RTP) rate

This rate balances the slots game. The house edge and RTP rates are relatives and the yin and yang of a slot game.

RTP is your edge and correlates more with players. It is the payout you should expect from betting in slot games.

On the other side of the coin is the house edge. This edge correlates with the operator and allows a casino, online or land-based to keep a percentage of the bet.

Usually, the RTP is higher than the house edge. Otherwise, the online casino will lose business.

Game developers often have to weigh every factor to come up with the best rates for both sides. They have to keep the fun and excitement without you losing so much money and the casino business afloat.

In the UK, online casino, especially in slot games, displays theoretical RTP on its site because it’s a requirement.

RTP Rate in a Nutshell

With all things equal, the RTP rate refers to your payout for every pound you bet. Let’s say a slot game has an RTP rate of 96%. For an hour, you place a wager on 100 spins for one pound each. So, you spent 100 pounds.

If we use the RTP rate, you can win 96 pounds. Out of the 100 spins, only ten are winning combinations. Thus, the RTP rate doesn’t refer to how many times you win because your winning streak could even take hours or days.

But, what if you’re not the only one betting on a particular slot game, which is probable given the popularity of the game. What if, the game pays smaller winnings instead of bigger ones. What if, it’s the other way around.

How to Win on Slot Machines with This Info

Winning becomes a complicated matter when factors such as volatility, the number of people betting on one game come into play.

The theoretical RTP rate changes ever so slightly or significantly. One player hits the jackpot with one bet amounting to 5 pounds while you wagered 100 pounds only to get a few pounds.

Theoretically, the first player has more than RTP rate set by game developers while you didn’t even get to half of it. However, if you compute the average the outcome of winning, it will eventually give you the theoretical RTP rate, more or less.

So, how to win slot machines prizes using the RTP rate? Honestly, it’s hard to decide using this info alone. You’ll need one more factor: the volatility of a slot game.

Basing your decisions on RTP alone may lead to losses, and you need to keep the risk of losing money at the minimum.

Why RTP Matters

Despite its inability to help you make important decisions without considering volatility and house edge, RTP still matters. Why?

The RTP rate says something about the quality of an online slot and the bonuses that come along with it. A slot game with a high RTP features more wilds, multipliers or other types of slots bonuses.

Besides, game developers have to keep the game fun and fair. A high RTP rate forces game developers and casino owners to create a healthy competition. Thus, the quality of gameplay is of the highest calibre to encourage gamers.

Calculating Actual RTP

Actual RTP changes and is different for every slot game you play. The real rate is lower (most of the time) than the theoretical RTP. Here’s a piece of good news. You can calculate this rate using two things: the wager you made and the winnings you got.

Divide your winnings by the total amount you wagered. You’ll get your actual RTP.

Why calculating the actual RTP important? It helps you decide whether or not a game is worth playing again for your next session. Often, this rate is relevant for real-money betting.

Understanding Volatility

Volatility (or variance) refers to the unpredictability (or the opposite) of winning a game. We’ll categorise the slot games into three: low, medium, and high volatility.

Low Volatility

Low volatile slot games pay winnings frequently and have high RTP rates. You can win small payouts if you opt for these slot games. How frequent is your slot winning with low variance slots?

Game developers never publish the hit frequency of a slot game. But, you can observe how frequent you win. Some games will let you earn a small prize every five to seven spins.

The small prizes are more than enough to keep you betting for more paylines. However, jackpots are low variance slot games.

Bet amounts in these slot games are also lower, compared to high volatile slots. Beginners and conservative gamblers in slot games often play in small variance games in a hope to increase their bankroll.

Moreover, playing in low volatile slots takes longer than in high volatility. Think about leisure, walking in the park until you reach your destination.

In the case of slot gambling, the question, how to win at online slots, means to bet on low wager paylines and get the prize until you reach your goal. If you end up adding 25% more to your bankroll, you chose the right low volatility slots.

Top 5 Low Volatility Slots

  • Starburst (NetEnt)
  • Thunderstruck II (Microgaming)
  • Enchanted Garden II (Real Time Gaming)
  • Cash of Kingdoms ( Microgaming)
  • Bonus Bears Slot (Playtech)

4 Tips to Check a Low Volatility Game

  • The low payout means a high probability of wins in a small amount
  • Theoretical RTP is higher than 96%
  • Maximum payout of 200 times the wager
  • Few numbers of winning combinations

Medium Volatility Slots

Players prefer medium variance slot games because of the low to medium risks involved. Despite this fact, these types of slots games are a little frustrating to play because you don’t know what to expect.

These slots games pay more frequently than low volatility slots. Still, the jackpots are lower than in high volatility slots games.

You hit the winning combination every 20 spins and often include a medium level of slot prize.

Top 5 Medium Volatility Slots

  • Worms Reloaded
  • 88 Fortunes
  • Aces of Spades
  • Miss Fortune
  • Avalon

High Volatility Slots

These slots are high risk and require a lucrative bankroll because you won’t get any prize for a long time. If you’re unfortunate, you might not get winning at all.

The good news is the chance to hit the jackpot. Usually, the prize for these slot games is the highest. If you get the jackpot prize, you end up winning more than your initial bets.

Why some players gravitate to such high-risk slot games? Because of the exciting wait to get the jackpot.

Top 5 High Volatile Slots

  • Bonanza (Big Time Gaming)
  • Fat Rabbit (Push Gaming)
  • Book of Dead (Play ‘N Go)
  • Wolf Hunters (Yggdrasil)
  • Dwarfs Gone Wild (Quickspin)

3 Tips to Check High Volatility

Volatility doesn’t change, no matter how many times you wager on big or small amounts. Like the RTP, the developers set it during the game development. But, knowing the inalterable state of variance or volatility doesn’t mean you can predict the outcome.

Remember this: Slot game combination is totally at random. Despite the randomness, these games are still worth the try.

So, what are the factors, and how do you determine if a game is high volatility or not? Here are tips and tricks, so you know how to win at online slots using the volatility info.

  • Specific events bringing bonus rewards may mean a high volatile game.
  • Progressive jackpots have the highest volatility.
  • Significant differences on winnings between, 3, 4 and 5 symbols equals high volatile games.

How to Win at Slots: 12 Tips You Need to Know

All players want to know how to win on slot machines. Who doesn’t? With big prizes and bonuses, you also want to know some strategies to win the game. Unlike Blackjack or Poker, slots games don’t have specific procedures on how to win.

But, we can give you some tricks that will ultimately help you with your decisions.

Use No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses mean free money. Often, the slots reward may range from £5 to £10, and some will give as high as £20, but it’s rare.

Using these bonuses will let you play slots machine online for free. If you’re lucky, you win some substantial amount that you can withdraw anytime. We mean real cash.

However, many slots machines require a wagering requirement. So, take note of that because if you can’t reach the number of times to qualify for a withdrawal, you can’t get your winnings.

Online casinos might also require you to make a minimum deposit before making a withdrawal. Other online casinos, especially those operators running some promotions for a limited time, will impose a withdrawal limit to winnings even if you don’t make a deposit.

Usually, these winnings have withdrawal limits, and you need to undergo some kind of verification process.

Check Out the Casino’s Profile

Competition among slots casinos is stiff. Operators come up with their promotional contents, enticing potential players. So, choose your slots casinos carefully.

We mentioned that you need to satisfy a wagering requirement to withdraw your winnings. This wagering requirement is what separates the casino apart.

Some slots casinos have a too high wagering requirement. In the end, you end up nothing even though you got a lucrative offer on sign-up bonuses.

Volatility and RTP rates are also essential factors in evaluating which casinos to select. If you don’t understand about these factors, read again our guide above.

You also need to look at the partner developer. Casinos obtain game franchises from developers, and these developers have licenses from the gambling authority.

Know When to Change Course

Searching for online slots game doesn’t only include identifying how to win at slots. Your first plan is to study the paytables. Check out the symbols that pay the highest prize.

Ascertain if the slots games have wild symbols or some triggers that give bonuses. These essential gameplay features will provide you with an advantage in winning.

Volatility and RTP are essential factors in knowing how worthy is a slots machine. If you are playing for a while and you never get any win, even small ones, it’s time to consider other options out there.

Betting more money in one game doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hit the big jackpot anytime because that isn’t how a slots online works.

There are practically thousands of casinos online. Thus, don’t waste your time chasing prizes that will never come. Don’t let the big jackpot prizes flashing on your screen deter you from looking for other casino slots sites.

You should always set a loss limit and also a ceiling for winning. If you hit the number of losing streaks, it’s time to stop and look for other ways to regain what you lose.

Play Demo Slots

One way on how to win at casino slots is to start with free plays. Nowadays, slots games offer a demo play for you to try a game.

In more ways than one, you can glimpse on how a particular slots machine work. You can study the winning combinations, the paytable, volatility, among other things.

Besides, demo play will help you decide whether to continue with a slot game or not. However, some features of a slot game aren’t available in demo play.

Wager Accordingly

Many reviews and guides will tell you to max out your betting because you can win big on multiple paylines. Technically, this max betting tip is right.

But, you need to note about random generators. These generators give the same probability of winnings no matter how many paylines you bet.

So, if a slot machine has three reels, ten symbols and one winning combination, your chance of getting the jackpot is still 1 out of 1000. What good is it in maxing out your bet?

The good comes when the paytable pays a small amount of winning when you hit other combinations. If you bet on all the paylines, you have the chance of getting a win of different combinations.

You need to think about many factors when maxing out your bets. One of these betting factors is the amount. If you bet on max paylines, you’re increasing your cost, and your loses, too. It’s okay to max out your bet if the bet amounts are low.

Second, think of the game’s volatility. High volatility means fewer winnings but big prizes. It also involves higher wager amounts. Maxing out in situations like these isn’t practical unless you have a huge bankroll to support the wager amount and losses.

Start Small, Win Constantly

Beginners should always start with low volatility games. Doing so will stave off some frustrations. Even if you’re a penny slot player for a long time before switching online, it’s still good to start with low variance slots games.

Seasoned gamers with conservative gambling style should also use this tip. The objective is to win with small prizes until you reach your goal continually.

Play for a Few Hours

Set a goal daily or weekly on how many hours you should spend on playing slots games. Never play for extended sessions because the more time you spend, the higher is your losses.

Remember, no matter how many paylines you bet on or how many hours you wait for the jackpot, you are still going to lose money in the long run.

Play Within Your Bankroll

Aside from time setting, set an amount that you’re going to use for a single session of slot games. Generally, we recommend that you prepare an amount that will cover 250 bets.

The losing limit or the ceiling for winning is an excellent way to keep you grounded. If you exhaust your bankroll in an hour, stop betting. Take a rest and don’t play for another session of slots game for the rest of the week or until you have the necessary bank amount to support your gambling.

Gambling is fun and exciting, but the fun disappears if you keep gunning for big prizes. Obsession is never a good thing, so if you feel like your trying your best to win as much as you want, take the time to evaluate your gambling habits.

If necessary, ask the opinion of a psychologist if you’re heading to dangerous territories when it comes to gambling.

Watch out for Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses pop out of nowhere anytime. These bonuses may appear during holiday seasons or casino anniversaries.

Casinos may even send out comeback bonuses to encourage you to play again. Take advantage of these offers because it will boost your bankroll in some ways.

If you’re a regular player, check for log-in rewards once in a while. Subscribe for email marketing and updates, so you receive the promos immediately once they’re available for claiming.

Another way to get bonuses is to become a VIP member or sign-up for loyalty programmes. Loyalty programmes will let you earn points for every deposit you make.

Join Tournaments

Occasionally, casinos hold tournaments for their patrons and regular players. Some competitions are free.

How to win at online slots tournament? Your winning streak depends on the mechanics or system of the game. One example is earning points by winning. Players who obtain the highest scores win the game.

Other casinos use the elimination process. For example, you get to face your opponent, score some points or win big, and you advance to the next level.

Winning on slots tournament entitles you to some sort of bonuses and of course cash prizes. You can withdraw this prize or use it to play more with your favourite game.

Play Progressive Slots Occasionally

Casinos categorise jackpots into two: local and network. Local jackpots prizes are fixed amounts and the online casinos where you play only offers it. These prizes vary from one slot game to another slots game, from casinos to another casino.

You can increase this local jackpot prize with multipliers. Some slot games offer up to 500x your wager while others have higher multipliers

On the other hand, network jackpot prizes, also known as progressive slots involve other casinos. These casinos pool the prize money until a lucky winner hits the winning combination and get the bonus.

This kind of jackpot prize works and is fair if the system used on all participating casinos is the same. Since not all slots games are equal, we suggest that you stick to the local jackpot prize. You know what to expect.

If you still want to play for progressive jackpots, here are a few things to remember:

One, know your eligibility. Some progressive jackpot games allow equal opportunity regardless of the wager amount. Others will require you to make an additional bet to become eligible for the game.

Two, know that progressive jackpots have tiers on it. These tiers are bronze, silver, and gold. Some use level numbers to separate game tiers such as level 1, 2, 3. Remember, progressive jackpots are highly volatile. You’ll need to place more bets to win the prize.

Always on the Hunt for New Things

Casinos are creative people when it comes to promoting their products and services. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. These opportunities often appear on new online casinos.

Remember to always keep the fun in playing.

Myths You Should Ignore

Why did we include this particular section in our tricks and tips on how to win at casino slots online?

Sometimes, when you hear these myths, your decision becomes clouded and hesitant. So, here are the myths you should ignore

One more spin and I might win

This myth is like chasing a wild goose. You’re going nowhere. If you stayed and spin one more, you have two things. Either you lose, or you win. Your chance of winning is still fifty-fifty.

Because of the RNG system, you can’t predict what comes next. Even if you do understand how the RNG works, you won’t know which symbols appear next.

It’s like predicting the future. You might get it wrong or right.

No Real Money in Online Slots Games

Some people say that when you use free spins on a slots game, you can’t win real money. Well, that depends if you’re playing the demo play or not.

Playing on a demo play doesn’t yield real cash. However, playing in a full version with free spins is another matter. Check the wagering requirement and if games in free slot turn upon sign-up will entitle you to real cash withdrawal.

Someone Just Won the Jackpot Prize, No Winnings on the Next

This myth is entirely wrong. Games have random generators, and these generators decide if you can win two jackpot prize in a row.

These generators don’t keep a log of winnings on its system and decide on their own not to give a second jackpot prize in a matter of seconds. The random generator doesn’t work that way.

Using slots bonuses reduces your odds

Your odds never change regardless if you’re using a free spin or slot bonuses. It remains the same. If the slot machine has ten symbols, and three reels, you still have 1 out of 1000 chance to get the winning combination.

The slot bonuses only are useful in computing for the wagering requirement. Thus, the use of slot bonuses determines your eligibility for cash withdrawals on your winning, not on your odds of winning.

Progressive slots are for high rollers

Indeed, progressive slots with huge jackpot prize involve a high amount of bet. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play these games. Of course, you can and prepare to lose some money on your bank count.

Progressive slots are high volatility. Instead, we recommend focusing on gaining a profit out of your winnings most of the time. When you have the bankroll to support such gameplay, you can hunt for progressive slots or play it once in a while.

Online casinos manage the progressive jackpots

No, casino operators don’t control progressive jackpots, but they can be a part of the network. It was the game developers who create and manage the network jackpot prizes.

Remember, casinos obtain a franchise or license to use a game from software providers. Thus, the network created is under the jurisdiction of the software providers, not the casino operators.


This FAQ section on how to win at online slots will help clear some misconceptions.

Are casinos capable of manipulating slot machines?

No, casinos aren’t capable of manipulating online slots games because they don’t have the authority to create games themselves.

Casino owners need to franchise or partner with licensed game developers. These game developers have licenses from a gambling authority. Thus, both need to follow specific rules and regulations to create a fair and honest online gambling.

Can you pick a winning slot game?

It's challenging to pick one winning slot game. Again, we repeat. Slots games involve pure luck winning because of the presence of a random generator number system.

Even game developers who programmed the game can’t predict the outcome. That’s how random a slot game is.

What are the best slot machines in a casino?

The definition of best depends on a personal level. What we can offer as the answer is to look at factors like bonuses, volatility, RTP, free spins, and the number of winnings.

You can try demo play to ascertain the excellence of a slot machine. Test the waters before engaging on a slot casino online. Now, how to win slot machines? Read our tips above.

What kind of programmes do software developers use?

Game developers use a Random Number Generators (RNG) system to create different combinations.

Can software developers cheat the system?

No, they can't do that. Software or game developers follow the rules and regulations under the gaming authority.

Can you trick slot machines?

No. If you find out some glitches on online slot machines, report such errors with tech support. Don't take advantage of these kinds of mistakes because the casinos and tech people will eventually learn about these glitches.

If you are guilty of taking advantage of these errors, you are at risk of a crime. This taking advantage of a glitch on a system is tantamount to cheating, a punishable offence by law.

Is there such a thing as slots machine with the best odds?

Yes, if you want to compare online slots machines with others. We measure “best odds” characteristics based on the highest RTP of a slots game. The list changes frequently, so make sure to check our list regularly.

Do slots machines with identical symbols and reels have the same odds?

No. Even if you know the RTP of each game, you can't predict the odds of the game. You can't tell which slots games will yield a higher payout.

However, you can see the paytable and use this paytable to evaluate volatility. Moreover, you can use the information on the types of bonuses to get a clue on volatility.

Does waiting defy the odds of the slots games?

No. But, waiting is part of calculating the average payout in winning a jackpot.

Can you win by overcoming the house of edge?

No, you can’t. The house edge is a fixed element of a slots game.

What are skill-based slot machines?

This kind of slot machines requires some degrees of control over the reels. Often, you can increase your winning streaks as you become adept at these skills. Watch out for a detailed discussion on this matter.

What is a loose slot machine?

Some say that a loose slot machine has more than 97% RTP and often pays more than usual. Casinos launch these kinds of slots machines to keep online players happy.


How to win at online slots may not involve specific strategies similar to playing blackjack or a card game. However, you can influence your winning streak with your decisions.

Remember, slots machines are a game of chance.

Our tips may or may not work for you. When a particular tip doesn’t work on your favour, don’t lose hope or blame others for it.

If you like our article or you have a specific experience to share, we’re more than happy to hear from you. If get’s confusing, read our other reviews and posts regarding slot machines.

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