9 of the Best Classic Slots You Can Play For Real Money Today

The term classic is often thrown around but what does it really mean? Classic can be used to refer to classy, steady or familiar. This term is often used to denote something special or unique that characterizes or defines a given period. It may be viewed as one with highest quality in providing phenomenal entertainment. When thinking of classic, think of stylish and reliable rather than old and outdated.

Playing classic casino slots provides an opportunity for the player to wind back to great old times while immersing themselves in the game. In classic slots, you explore the familiar; one-armed bandits and clumsy rattling machines that remind you of the great gambling days that originally attracted many gamblers to casinos.


Online casinos around the world provide classic slots in different styles and forms. Most classic casino slots feature three reels, one payline and old-school themes. You should expect to interact with old style themes, golden bells and plenty of fruit while playing classic slots. Modern technology has also improved the visual effects perfectly merging them with animated action to provide you with a great gaming experience.

Many modern gamblers think of classic casino slots as old and outdated. Such a statement isn’t true since classic slots are some of the most exciting games that are out there making them relevant to date. More and more people are embracing classic casino slots including young gamblers.

The new generation of slots has indeed taken the lead but classic slots continue to thrive silently among enthusiasts who like to catch up with the good ol’ days. Did you know that classic slots were the first generation of slots? There were common in diners in the hey days. Still are to this day. Yet, classic casinos were also the first to go online.

If you’re just starting to play classic slots, you can look to some of the oldest providers on free online slot machines, such as Microgaming, Novomatic, Bally, WMS Industries and Playtech. We always recommend that you start with the free classic slots and once you feel you’re well adjusted to the classic casino slots; you can then wager real money.

In this piece, we review and recommend. Some of the best classic slot games out there.

Jackpot Jester 50,000

Do you love and miss the traditional Las Vegas style? Do you often remember with nostalgia making great wins on the traditional slots that were heavily themed with fruit? If so, Jackpot Jester 5,000 is just the right option for you.

A classic casino slot, this game is available in many online casinos. Created and designed by Nextgen, Jackpot Jester 50,000 is a 3-reel slot machine game.

Traditional fruit machine symbols found in most classic casino slots are also included in this slot game. They include; Lemons, Cherries, Melons, Plums, Bells and 7s. The symbols have different payout options.

Staying in tune with the Las Vegas style, Jackpot Jester 50,000 offers the Jester Jackpot where you can win up to 50,000x your stake. This is one of the highest jackpot combinations that you can ever find among classic casino slots.

Platform – Mobile and PC

Are you one of those people who prefers playing the classic casino slots on their mobile phone? You don’t need to worry. Jackpot Jester 50,000 has this option on mobile on both Android and Apple devices. Besides, it is also available on tablets and the PC.


10 coins 20 coins
3 cherries – 20 coins 3 cherries – 40 coins
3 lemons – 30 coins 3 lemons – 60 coins
3 bells – 150 coins 3 bells – 300 coins
3 7s – 200 coins 3 7s – 400 coins
3 Jesters – 1000 coins 3 Jesters – 2,000 coins

The betting pre-pay options in this classic casino slot is either that of 10 coins or 20 coins. You’re supposed to pick either of the two. However, the 50,000 Jester Jackpot is only available when you use the 20 coins option. This jackpot is available on the lower 3-reel.

For the 20 coins options, a combination of three Cherries gives you a payout of 40 coins, three Lemons give you 60 coins, you’ll receive 300 coins for three Bells and 400 coins for three 7s. Landing 3 Jesters will give you a total of 2,000 coins. In comparison, playing with the 10 coin option will give you half the amount you could have received playing with the 20 coins option.

There is the option of playing 20 coins a spin. Each win, in this case, will give you the opportunity to play the resulting winnings on the upper 3-reel matrix where each spin in this category is for 100 coins.

Here are the ratios of the upper matrix which are different from those on the lower matrix.

3 Cherries 100
3 Lemons 200
3 Plums 400
3 Melons 500
3 Bells 1000
3 7s 3000
3 Jesters 10000

In case you land all 9 Jesters on the upper matrix, you will win 50,000 coins!

In comparison to other classic casino slots, payouts are limited in Jackpot Jester 50,000. The only difference is that this classic slot game is simple and with the lower stake, using 10 coins can land you 1,000 coins which is still a handsome reward. However, if you want to reap the big benefits and achieve the big wins, you can choose the upper matrix which gives you a chance of winning the 50,000 mega-jackpot.

Our Take

Although Jackpot Jester 50,000 is a traditional type of slot and some may find it old fashioned, we assure you that it has exciting features and it is a lot of fun to play. The background is similar to what you can find in a Las Vegas casino including the palm trees and the flashy lights. Playing this classic slot makes you feel like you are playing the real fruit machine as you win those quarters.

2. Jackpot 6000

Fancy a classic fruity? Jackpot 6000 may not be exactly what you expect. A product of NetEnt, this classic casino slot is one of their most popular games. There are many classic slot games but there are very few that capture one’s attention like Jackpot 6000.

If you’re a fan of classic slots, then there is no need for an introduction. You must have interacted with this game before. However, in case you are a beginner and you’re looking for some recommendations, let’s dive deeper into the game and explore what it has to offer.

On the surface, this classic slot is a fruit machine with the predictable Grapes, Lemons, and Cherries that are next to the Wilds and Bell Stars. Looks, in this case, may be deceiving. The game is definitely more than the 3 reel and 5 payline feature.


Once you make any wins on Jackpot 6000, you’re taken to the second set of reels that are located on top of the screen. Here you have two options; cash the money in or play the money back. However, the mobile version is different since it assumes the ‘play money back’ option. It is important to have this information since not lacking it may result in you spending back your cash.

The little down arrow button will help you cash in your winnings although we always advise that you try your luck and multiply your awards. That’s the goal of gambling… isn’t it? To win BIG.

Slot Jokers

The real cash and great prizes are available in the Supermeter mode. It’s also at this stage one can win the in-game jackpot.

The joker acts as the wild symbol both in the normal game and the Supermeter mode. Getting 2 Jokers presents you with a mystery prize. It is not unusual to get 50x your bet and at times you can be lucky to get 100x your bet. To win the top prize of 6,000 coins, you need to get 3 Jokers.

Playing with the slot jokers takes courage since you need to place back your winnings and take the chance. If you’re a pro and belief in yourself then this game is meant for you. Remember that the winnings are small and average if you opt not to play the Supermeter. Return to player rate when playing with maximum coins is 95.1% – 98.9%, an aggregate that should encourage you to explore the Supermeter. On the lower scale, playing with minimum coins has a return to player rate of 74.9% – 79.2%.

Our Take

We recommend Jackpot 6000 to those who at least have some gambling experience and are looking forward to big winnings. In case you’re just beginning, you can opt to play with minimum coins before going ahead to play the Supermeter series. We found Jackpot 6000 to be a dynamic and exciting game. Among classic slots, it passes out as decent and one of our top picks.

Jackpot 8000

Jackpot 8000 is a product of Microgaming. A classic slot game, Jackpot 8000 is a three-reel with an unconventional 5 payline system. What does this mean? Chances of winning on this slot game are high and for gambling enthusiasts this is great news. There is also the bonus feature that can astoundingly award you 8000x the amount you bet thus giving the slot game the moniker 8000.


Expect all the whistles and bells that you come across on a typical Vegas casino slot on Joker 8000. The shape and layout of the game are almost identical to real-life slots and it’s among the reasons many players find themselves engrossed while playing the game. For example, while playing, it is common to see other machines in the background also a common feature in Vegas slots.

There are six unique icons in the game that include; lemons, cherries, melons, crowns, bars and the joker. The sound effects are great although they are the classic type. If you don’t like them, you can always mute them on the options panel located below the slot.


The betting range on Jackpot 8000 is between $0.20 and $100. This, therefore, means anybody can play and have an opportunity to win the great prizes. There is also the option to play the classic slot for free in most online casinos. You can, therefore, take your time to learn more about the features of the game with the free play option.

Slot Features

What are some of the slot features that you can expect from Jackpot 8000?

There are two Joker icons and when activated during the bonus round, you can be awarded an amount that is up to 8,000x your bet. Note that prizes are offered from 20x the bet you placed. Since the game is multiple choice, winning comes down to luck rather than skill.

An additional feature is the 50/50 gamble mode that is played using the Ace of diamond and the Ace of spades located beneath the reels. The idea behind the 50/50 gamble is simple; guessing the correct card correctly doubles your prize. However, guessing it wrong wipes out any wins you would have made.

Our Take

This classic slot option is excellent because of its rich features including the bonus round and Supermeter. The graphics are also quite appealing greatly capturing the gameplay. Back to the bonus feature – winning 8000x your bet? Placing $10 can give you $80,000 in return. Who wouldn’t want to win this amount?

Try the free version and when you’re ready, you can start small with $5 or $10 and try out your luck.

Joker 8000 remains one of our top rated and recommended classic slot game. It still retains the classic features and remains interesting and quite rewarding. Trying out this classic will bring back your fondness of classic slots. Don’t worry. Even without the 8000x jackpot, you can win great prizes with the Cherries, Watermelons, Lemons, Crowns and Bars delivering up to 100x your bet.

On winning, you have the option of wagering your winnings on the SuperMeter feature which can further multiply your winnings between 20x and 800x.

Go ahead and win big on Joker 8000.

Fire Joker

Characterized by simplicity, Fire Joker is a product of Play’n Go. The classic slot consists of a 3-reel, 5-payline game. Throughout the game, fruits grace the screen as you play the slots. You can win up to 800x your initial bet and the highest paying symbol in this slot is the Joker.

Fire Joker Theme

As we mentioned earlier this classic slot game has a fairly simple theme. The background is that of a fiery pattern and the game takes on a red, orange and bronze color scheme.

On top of the game is the title logo characterized by fiery edges. Anytime a player scores a win, the logo, and the reels blaze.

The gaming symbols are normal to those you may have encountered in other classic slots. These symbols include fruits such as Cherries, Grapes, Lemons, and Plums. Other symbols are Red Sevens, Gold Stars, Gold Bars, X’s and the mighty Joker.

Betting Options

The game’s betting range is from $0.05 up to $100. In addition, a coin betting range is also offered from $0.01 to $20.

At the bottom of the game, you find the bar of betting options. You just have to click on any of the options and once selected, they will be highlighted. The plus and minus arrows are at your disposal and you can use them to reveal any additional options that are not visible.

To start the game, you only need to press the “Spin’ button located at the bottom, right corner. On pressing, the reels will be set in motion and will begin revealing possible combinations.

Fire Joker provides the ‘Auto Play’ option which can set the reels to spin automatically. When you select the ‘Auto Play’ function, a screen will appear and here you can choose the number of spin denominations that you want and the Auto spin options.

Slot Features

Fire Joker wild symbol is the Joker. The Joker has the power to substitute all symbols on the reels generating immense wins in return. On hitting the Joker, all wins will be multiplied by the unique bet staked in each line.

Apart from the Wild (Joker), other symbols that pay handsomely in Fire Joker include the Gold Star, Red Seven, and the Gold Bar.

In case two reels hold the same symbols, a Respin of Fire can be initiated without the winning paylines and the player has a chance to win.

A player has the prospect of multiplying their wins up to 10x when they fill the reels with the same symbol.

Our Take

Although a basic slot game, Fire Joker is a great classic casino slot with its 3 reels and 5 paylines. Some of the interesting features that we found include Respins and the Multiplier feature.

Once you press the golden ‘Spin’ button, you set the different symbols in motion and the reels will turn and reveal in due time any potential winning combinations.

Beyond the jester in its name; Fire Joker, you shouldn’t expect any trickeries or deceit in this classic slot game.

Note that you can adjust your bets accordingly in Fire Joker by using the plus or minus options located at the bottom of the screen.

There is an additional Free Respin feature in the slot game. Free Respin is activated anytime any of the two reels have similar symbols on them. In case three similar symbols appear on a reel, the player is given an opportunity to spin the Bonus wheel and further receive a 10x multiplier.

We encourage beginners to try this classic casino slot for free before wagering real money.

Wheel of Wealth

As its name sounds, this game created by Microgaming takes the popular style of turning a Wheel of Wealth. A classic slot, it has the key features of a Vegas slot bundled up with some modern enhancements.

In comparison to other classic slots, Wheel of Wealth stands out since it includes multipliers, wilds and features a bonus game.


If you’re a fan of classic slots, then be assured that you will feel at home playing Wheel of Wealth. On the right-hand side of the slot is a full-sized paytable, on the left are three reels and the logo is at the bottom.

Wheel of Wealth is nostalgic as its quite similar to casino slots or arm bandits that are found in real physical casinos. One great thing we noticed about this game is that it is fast-paced and the user experience is friendly.

On the paytable you can get to use the different icons and their accompanying information related to payouts. In total, the slot has six icons that are arranged in this order; Cherries, Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar, Wheel of Wealth Logos and Spin.

Betting Options

The betting play on Wheel of Fortune is based on a fixed value slot. Each coin is worth $/€/£1 and you can place one, two or three coins. One can only receive the highest prize when they place three coins worth $/€/£3.

Turning expert mode on in this classic slot game will facilitate automatic spins. Setting this mode further adds three buttons: 5,10 or user set automatic spins that use the coin bet that you’d initially set.

Note that the Default Control Panel of Wheel of Wealth doesn’t have automatic spins and you have to switch onto the ‘Expert Mode’ to access them.

Slot Features

In case the Wheel of Wealth logo appears on the payline and replaces any other icon, the prize will subsequently be doubled. In case it appears twice, the prize will be quadrupled. In case there are 3 Wilds (Wheel of Wealth logos), you will win the jackpot which is either 1000, 2000 or 5,000 coins depending on the coins you had placed initially – either one, two or three coins respectively.

Some great features contained in the Wheel of Wealth include shiftas, nudges, holds and randomly generated bonuses. There is an additional feature named ‘Wheel of Plenty’ which is a real life, spin the wheel kind of bonus.

When the Spin icon appears on the third reel, you will be awarded a bonus game. How does the bonus game work? A different screen will pop up. On this screen, you will be asked to spin the wheel. Before returning to the main game, you will instantly be awarded a prize of up to 1000 coins.

Our Take

Wheel of Wealth is unique since it boats a range of features. It balances the features of the classic casino slots as we know them while also incorporating modern aspects. We highly recommend it to beginners.

Wheel of Plenty Slot Feature

To trigger the bonus game, you need 3 Wheel of Plenty logos appearing in any position. When this happens, you will see the ringmaster next to the huge segment. The segments contain nudges, prizes, and additional on-reel or win-spins. Awarding of the additional on-reel or win-spins takes you back to the main reels which play automatically.

Holds, nudges and other pub slot features are also provided in the main reels. After some spins, these are awarded and can be managed using the square button which you can locate below each reel.

Double Diamond

Double Diamond is a classic casino slot game created by International Gaming Technology. The game consists of a classic 3-reel and a single payline. Over the years, the slot game has maintained its popularity due to its simplicity. Many casino enthusiasts love this slot because of its low wagering requirements. The multiplier feature in Double Diamond is 4x the amount wagered while the payout percentage is between 85-98 percent.

The maximum bet you can place in Double Diamond is 3 coins and the ultimate prize is 2500 coins. Symbols in Double Diamond include the same old classic symbols such: number 7, the ‘BAR’ symbol, the Triple and Double BAR symbols, ‘ANY BAR’ symbol, the Double Diamond logo, and cherries.

The highest paying symbol in Double Diamond is the Double Diamond logo and it can pay up to 2500 coins which are the maximum reward. One great thing about Double Diamond is that there is payout whether you get a combination of the symbols or only one on the payline. The slot allows multiple denominations and the second highest payout is 1600 coins.

Don’t think of this casino slot as a mere 3-reel and look down upon it. You will be surprised. There are up to 27 different ways players can win while relying on a different combination of symbols.

The LED lighting in Double Diamond provides memories of the classics. It is a great recommendation to today’s casino lovers and as you play, you’ll definitely have the nostalgia of the good old times.

The sound quality and graphics definitely give it a modern feel while the symbols e.g. the Sevens, Diamonds, and Bars provide the authentic old classic feel to the game.

How to Play

It is simple to play Double Diamond. You only need to first place the amount you wish to bet and thereafter click on spin. You can place your bet either using USD, Euro, CAD or GBP.

The minimum amount you can place on a bet is 25 cents (USD) while the highest amount varies and can go as high as $100.

Under the jackpot, you can win up to 2500 casino credits which are equivalent to $15,000 (USD). As you play, you can always follow and see the payout chart on top of the screen that lets you know the combinations that pay and those that don’t.

Bonus Rounds

A simple 3-reel slot, Double Diamond does not have many bonus features. The key bonus feature in the classic casino slot is a wild multiplier symbol. The Double Diamond logo is its wild symbol and accordingly is the highest paying symbol. It plays a crucial role when it comes to replacing other icons to create the winning lines.

In case the wild symbol appears on the winning payline, it acts as a multiplier. The multiplier is determined by the number of symbols the player gets on the payline. For example; if you get one wild symbol, the bet will be multiplied by two. If you were to get two wild symbols on the payline, the bet will be multiplied by four.

Mobile Experience

You can play the Double Diamond classic casino slot on your Android phone. All you need to do is download the game from the PlayStore. Downloading the game is free.


What do you expect in this classic slot?

Offering a player two coin options, the slot game consists of one payline and three reels. In addition, there are the obvious wild symbols that act as a bonus. During the bonus round, you have the opportunity to spin the wheel with a maximum award of 1,000 coins and further win up to 5,000 coins in the main game.


Expect glitz and glamour in Spectacular classic casino slot with flashy lights, vibrant reel icons, showgirls and sparkling diamantes. The background of the game is blue and black.

There are 5 different icon symbols in Spectacular including, Tickets, Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar, Spectral and Blue 7 logos. Unlike traditional classic slots where the icons are animated, in Spectacular, the icons are not animated but are still designed with a high standard.

Betting Options

The coin value is set at €/$/£/1 and per session, the player can use one or two coins. Prizes in the game vary and depend on the number of coins wagered.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth

Spectacular also has the admit one ticket icons which on appearing in any position on the payline, they award prizes to the player. For the other icons to award a prize, they need a combination of three on the payline.

With the exception of the spin icon, the Spectacular logos are wild for all other symbols. In case a win uses one wild, it is doubled and when it uses two icons, it is quadrupled. If you are betting with one or two coins, getting 3 spectacular logos will award 2,000 or 3,000 coins respectively.

Whenever the wheel appears on the third reel, the Wheel of Wealth bonus is activated. A twenty-segment wheel appears and contains prizes ranging from 20x to 1000x the activating stake. All you have to do is spin the wheel and once it stops spinning you will win the prize.

The Spectacular Wheel of Wealth feature is available to players who place two coins.

Our Take

On reviewing Spectacular, we gave it a nod. The classic casino slot game consists of great features in addition to the Wheel of Wealth. During normal gameplay, the Wild symbol has the power to multiply wins making the game exciting. You will for sure also enjoy the showgirls.

Spectacular classic casino slot is powered by Microgaming.

Double Wammy

Two is better than one, so they say. Double Whammy is an expression used to imply that one gets something that can be either good or bad in two’s (double).

The classic slot consists of 3 reels and 1 payline. The Double Wammy feature is the wild symbol that has the power to either double or quadruple your winnings. The possible jackpot win in Double Wammy is 2,500 credits.

Double Wammy is a product of Microgaming.


The slot game’s logo and wild icons are two large Diamonds and the Double Wammy respectively. The logo takes a large part of the space beneath the reels and each time there is a win, it flashes giving the game a touch of color.

A large paytable lights up every time you win displaying the precise figure(s) of the associated win. During the gameplay, the number of coins placed match with the lit-up columns on the paytable, therefore, assisting the player to set up their bets.

Double Wammy includes 6 classic designs which include; Cherries, Blue Bar, Pink Bar (x2), Yellow Bar (x3), 7 and the Double Wammy logo.


To select your bet, you first have to select a coin value. Coin value range from $/€/£0.25 to $/€/£5. You can choose to place either one, two or three coins. To win the largest prize, one has to use three coins.

This classic slot game consists of two control areas which include the Default button layout and the Expert layout. The Expert layout has other features that include automatic plays.

Slot Features

You guessed it right; the wild symbol in Double Wammy happens to be the Double Wammy emblem. During gameplay, the Double Wammy emblem can replace any icon and result in double wins. In case there are two wild symbols, the win will be multiplied and if there are four wild symbols, the wins will be quadrupled. The jackpot is won anytime the three wilds appear.

Our Take

Double Wammy is a great and decent classic slot. With the three coin slots, it has rich features that provide one with an opportunity to multiply their winnings. This is seldom provided for in most classic casino slots. The jackpot in Double Wammy is also larger than that found in most classic slots and for a $15 stake, one has the potential of winning $7,500.

We recommend the Expert feature to players who at least have experience with betting. It is a great feature that can rapidly increase the size of your winnings. To win the jackpot a player has to spin 3 Double Wammy symbols across the reels on a wager of 3 coins.

Cash Clams

Designed by Microgaming, Cash Clams is a classic three-reel casino slot that offers a lot of great features. Cash Clams has only one payline. The game comes with generous prizes and its wild symbols provide multiple betting options.

If you’re among those people that enjoy old school classic casino slots, Cash Clams is definitely one of those slots that you can enjoy playing.


Cash Clams has a deep-sea theme complemented by beautiful and amazing aquatic features. If you are a lover of either the ocean, deep-sea or the beach generally, you will be happy to know that the game has deep-sea creatures as its symbols and this includes crabs and wild crams.

The three reels are with a cartoon logo are located on the left side while and the residual area is occupied by the paytable. The classic slot offers additional reel icons and for a three-reel slot, this is quite outstanding. Icons appearing on the reels in Cash Clams include Crabs, bar, Stacked Bars, Triple Stacked Bars, 7s’ and Cash Clams. At any given point in time, 6 icons appear.

The control buttons are found at the bottom of the slot with the exception of the mute button that is found above the reels. It makes it easier to mute the sounds in case you don’t like them.


Bets in Cash Clam range from to $/€/£0.25 to $/€/£10. The bet and coin value buttons are used to set the amount that you want to bet.

Cash Clams offers prizes and one has the potential of winning up to $10,000. To win the largest awards, you need to bet at least using two coins.

A non-progressive jackpot, a player can win 5000x the amount they initially wagered. Using the 6 available icons a player can make up to 9 combinations which are the maximum.

Slot Features

The Wild Clam symbol acts as a substitute to other icons on all the three reels and anytime it appears, the player will be awarded. In case it appears once on the payline, the winning combination will be doubled. In case it appears twice, the winning combination will be quadrupled (4x). Depending on the number of coins you were playing with, you can win a jackpot of either 2,000 coins (if you placed one coin) or 5,000 coins (if you placed two coins).

Our Take

The fast pace of Cash Clams makes it an exciting game. The Wild symbol and its multiplying ability further make the game enjoyable. The prizes offered are also generous and since you’ll likely be chasing the jackpot, it is fair to say that you have a high chance of winning.

In comparison to other classic casino slots, Cash Clams is an ideal option for beginners because of its 3 reel and 1 payline option.


In this piece, we have looked at the 9 leading classic slots that you can play for real money. The listed classic slots contain some of the best features in addition to offering high returns. If you are a fan of the traditional classic casino slots, we definitely recommend you try out some of the classic slots we listed. In case you think there is any we left out, you can leave a comment below and tell us more.

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