The Best 10 Royal Slots That Will Earn Your Real Money

Do you love online slot games? Are you attracted to royal casino slots? Experience maximum fun and entertainment with online royal slots. With exceptional outstanding royal themes and awesome features, royal slots are interesting and fun to play.

In addition to this, if you are interested in making money from royal slots, then we are going to get into fine details of the best and most interesting royal casino slots for you to play. We have considered things such as ease of use, graphic details, features, earnings, bonuses, spins, and many more considerations to come up with the list of only the best games.


The following top 10 best royal slots have special features that make players be actively engaged, entertained, and a step closer to earning money as well as getting rewards and winning jackpots.

In addition to convenience, people have other factors that they look for while choosing online royal slots games.

These factors include the security of royal casino slots. It is important to be sure that slots royal games sites will provide banking options, confidential details security, options, and tools to make royal slots game playing to be safe and entertaining.

Online slots developers should ensure that they put layers of encryptions and security to secure the investments and earnings of their customers.

Customer support is another interesting factor that royal casino slots players need to consider. When you get stuck or have difficulty with withdrawing your earnings or playing certain online royal slots, it would be awesome to get instant customer support.

Free trial offerings. This is also another interesting thing to consider when choosing royal slots. The online casino you choose should provide royal slots free trials so that users will be able to investigate a certain game before they invest in them.

The final factor to consider when selecting an online casino is perks such as no deposits, higher roller bonuses, free trials, and more. These features make the royal slots games rewarding and attractive to you.

It is important to take time to evaluate certain slots royal games, their offerings, bonuses, offers, terms and conditions, and many more before signing up.

The good news is that we simplify this process for you because the following list of top royal casino slots is selected by experienced experts in online slots, and we can confidently confirm that these 10 royal slots are the best and capable of earning you real cash. Check them out.

The following are the top 10 and most interesting royal slots for those who are passionate about royal-themed slots.

1. Sherlock Mystery

Sherlock Mystery royal casino slot features literature and film that are based around novel series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The novel features prominent characters such as Dr. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, who are the symbols in this royal slot game. These legendaries are loved by many people, making this Sherlock Mystery an exciting and top slot royal game.

Sherlock Mystery is an interesting royal casino slot from Playtech software; it features Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a legendary character. Sherlock Mystery video royal slot features 20 pay lines, 5 reels, a huge jackpot of up to 10,000 as well as 10 free spins, and 5X multipliers.

Sherlock Mystery has a minimum playable of 0.20 Euros on every spin across platforms such as mobile desktop and tablet. There are also great cash prizes, free spins, and rewards available for players.

Features and Bonus of Sherlock Mystery Royal Slots Free

The game feature 20 pay lines, 3 rows as well as 5 reels. It also features an Auto Play button and the Turbo Mode which makes your gameplay to be seamless. There are 3 interesting features of the Sherlock Mystery royal slot. These include:

Crime Scene Bonus

This feature opens up when a player acquires about 3 magnifying glass symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 respectively. This will trigger a promotion whereby the players can scan the environment to discover cash prizes.

To continue getting further rewards, the player can pick items of evidence. There are 8 various pieces of evidence which the player can continue to collect until the word “collect” is revealed. When this happens, the player will be returned to the base game and coins earned will be added to the balance.

Sherlock Meets Watson

This is another awesome feature of this royal slot machine. The feature is activated when the player finds Dr. Watson’s symbol that is on the right of Sherlock Holmes symbol any place on the reels. When these two symbols merge, they form one animation whereby character Sherlock uses his famous “Elementary my dear Watson” catch phase. This triples the current wager of the players.

Free Games Feature

When players acquire at least 3 221b Baker Street symbols on any reels, they will get 10 free spins. The extra wild symbol is a gun for this feature.

The extra wild symbol creates a winning combination of 2X, 3X as well as 5X. An additional free spin is acquired when users create a combination of 3 or more scatter symbols.

If you love royal slots games, then Sherlock Mystery is the best royal casino slot for you. It features a great theme, quick play, autoplay, bonuses, free spins, and selectable paylines.

2. Rising Royals Slots

This is a royal slots game that was released in November 2019. It has gained popularity due to its powerful combination of features and awesome graphics. The royal casino slots machine is from Just For The Win Company.

Rising Royals video royal casino slot features 20 paylines that are fixed. The slot royal machine has an RTP of 96.01%, 300X maximum for your bet wins as well as medium volatility. This royal slots free features 5 reels and a jackpot prize of 15000.

Rising Royals slots offer flexibility to its customers because it is playable across all devices be it PC, Android or Mac devices. With a minimum of €0.10 and a maximum of €250 for every spin, you can play this game.

Features and symbols

The Rising Royals Slots is designed to feature luxuriant regal palace. In the gameboard, there is a window or portal whereby the castle can be seen. The royal slot has transparent reels where the symbols float. On both sides of the gameboard, there is a marble pillar that is decorated with 4 chandeliers.

This royal casino slots game is unquestionably lovely. There are two features of Rising Royals these features are triggered by each other and thus creating huge opportunities for players to earn big.

These features include:

Symbol Lock

Why you happen to get a combination of some high-pay symbols in Rising Royals slot, you will get a re-spin. This feature creates additional occurrence of these symbols which will be locked into place for a re-spin and these allow players to win even further in this royal slot.

If you happen to land more tiles that match the locked symbols, then you will earn more re-spins. The feature can be continuous until you no longer need additional re-spins.

Meter Symbol Upgrade

When you get 1 or more Symbol locks features, you will get Symbol Upgrade meter. This will go up one level on the side of the reels. When the levels are full, all the locked symbols will upgrade to a more valuable symbol.

When this happens, the Prince will progress and become a Queen, in turn, the Queen will become a king and the king will become the logo of Rising Royals slots game.

This will move the 5 title match from a 7.5X returns to about 15X royal payout of your game’s bet.

Earning more from upgrades and locked symbols will be dependent on the time you spend with the royals; the more time the higher the chances of earning more. It is therefore important for you to stick around for a while.

With the Rising Royals slots, you can sit on the throne soon because of several spins you will get. There is about 20.97% hit frequency for every 5 spins and this means that you can easily win more with Rising Royals slots game.

3. King Arthur

King Arthur is a video royal casino slot. The game is from Ash Gaming Casinos. It features the history of the greatest legends. To earn a great fortune, players need complete quests and exciting features in the King Arthur slot.

The game has 20 paylines and 5 reels. In addition, the minimum coin size is 0.05 and the maximum coin is 10. King Arthur slot has a jackpot of 5000 and the RTP of the King Arthur slot game is 94.8%.

The royal slots game features detailed graphics and offers a detailed interpretation of the royal theme. The symbols and features available on the King Arthur royal casino slot are just like the ones available on stories such as King Arthur, a golden goblet, Excalibur, Camelot, and Merlin.

Features and Bonuses

There are several things that you will get to see with the King Arthur slots royal. There is a soft-focus feel with the coastal backdrop as well as Camelot Castle. The wild symbol is a highly lucrative symbol which awards about 15, 50 and 500 times of your bet.

The following are the 3 bonus features of King Arthur royal slots game:

Free Games Bonus

With this feature, you will get 10, 15 or 20 additional free spins if you land 3, 4 or 5 on payline on the same spin.

To select the special symbol, the wheel spins and has a table bonus active. When this happens, it fills and expands the whole reel.

The cool thing is that these special symbols do not have to be near one another in order to form a winning combination. These offer even more bonuses.

Jousting Bonus

The feature triggers at random when you lose a spin. 1 knight rides on the reels form the left and the other one from the right. When they happen to meet on the same row, they create extra wild. On the other hand, if they land on different reel rows, they create a symbol transformation.

In these two cases, it is possible to transform a losing combination into a winning combination.

The most interesting thing is the table wheel feature, which will allow you to access high-value symbols to enable you to accumulate coins and get you on your way to winning bigger.

With this NexGen Gaming software, this offers slots royal wins of up to 500 times your bet from about 5 scatter, the maximum free spin. We can conclude that the solid and spectacular design of King Arthur slot royal game makes it fun and engaging. Users can earn real cash as they engage in this fun royal slot.

4. Excalibur

This is a NetEnt online slots royal that is based on legendary King Arthur’s sword. To play this online royal slots game, the minimum cost is 20p and the maximum amount is £80.

The best thing about Excalibur is that it offers its players awesome free spins features. Users can get up to 30 free spins using a 3X multiplier.

It is possible to win up to 1500X your bet per every spin, the features we are going to look at below.

Excalibur royal casino slot offers a free demo for the players to investigate various game features before they commit.

Excalibur royal slots free has 20 paylines and 5 reels, this makes it a simple and beautiful royal slots game. It is based on the legendary Merlin, King Arthur and Excalibur a magical sword. Other important characters in this slot machine include Guinevere, Morgan, Mordred, the Lady of the Lake as well as Sir Lancelot.

Symbols and Features

In Excalibur slots royal, we have two major symbols. These symbols include; golden chalice as well as Excalibur. Let us look into details about these two symbols.

Golden Chalice

When you get 5 of these symbols, there will be 500 times multiplication of your bet. 4 golden chalices will multiply your bet by 25 times. 3 golden chalices will multiply your bet by 5 times. Finally, 2 chalices will double your bet.

The golden chalice symbol is also a scatter symbol. This means that it doesn’t need to be on a payline in order to create a win.

Golden chalice scatter offers flexibility because it can be placed anywhere on active reels to make a winning combination though there needs to be at least 2 gold chalices available.


This is yet another interesting symbol that provides awesome benefits in Excalibur royal slots free game.

When you get 5 Excalibur swords on any active payline of the royal slot, you will be awarded 1000 times of your stake.

Excalibur royal slot is a medium volatility online royal casino slot game. There are frequent wins on this slot but they are not that big.

Just like so many online slots nowadays, the best way to earn extra money from the Excalibur slot is to use the free spin bonus as well as multipliers.

The wild symbol for this royal slots free game is the Excalibur sword. It replaces the regular symbols in the game to multiply winning by two times and to create winning combinations.

The Excalibur sword symbol does not replace golden chalices or scatters.

We can conclude that the Excalibur royal slots free is an interesting game to play. There is no much risk involved and the winning frequencies are high.

If you love royal-themed slots games and online royal casino slots, then you are going to love the Excalibur slot. It is possible to win big and impressive 1500 times of your bet.

5. Henry VIII

Most of us learned about Henry VIII while in school and it is such an awesome feeling to get to revisit this through online royal casino slots machine.

Henry VIII royal slots offer 20 paylines as well as 5 reels that are set inside a palace. When it comes to symbols this slot royal game has two high-value symbols. These include a knight on horseback, a helmet, a pillow, a crown, a game’s logo and a tent view of Henry’s castle.

For the wild symbol, Henry VIII online slot game is a jester that is capable of substituting other symbols except for the Henry scatter symbol.

If you are capable of landing 3 or more scatters, then you get spin Feature Wheel. When you spin, you will be rewarded either the Wild Joker Spins, King Spins, or Royal Roller.

The Royal Roller provides 5 symbols wins which are guaranteed. It also offers many free spins and other random games bonuses that can be activated or triggered at any time during gameplay.

Features and Symbols

Henry VIII royal casino slots offer minimum coins of 0.01 as well as a maximum of 12.5 coins. With this online slot game, you are capable of getting a huge amount in bonuses and jackpot.

The following are the features of the Henry VIII royal slot that will make it a profitable and entertaining royal slot game.


A fool is a man who plays the role of entertaining Henry VIII. This symbol is capable of replacing any icon in the slot except the Henry VIII himself.

Henry VIII

There are 3 symbols of this legendary and famous king. They can appear in any order and are capable of activating the Bonus Feature Wheel of this online slots royal free game.

When you spin the wheel you will be increasing the chances of acquiring other features of the game.

The Wild Joker Spins provides 3 free spins. On every spin, there is one random reel that turns into the Wild reel and sticks in its designated space until the end of this feature.

In Royal Roller, all the reels in the Henry VIII royal casino game are filled with one icon at random and this can bring about many winning combinations.

King Spins provides you with 2 different games to choose from. You can choose from unlimited spins with an increasing multiplier or 8 spins with wind quadrupled.

Every time you see the executioner on the screen, the multiplier increase by one and if the executioner appears 5 times in the royal slots game, it will end.

The King Henry VIII symbol is capable of modifying the reels in the royal casino slot game. The symbol is capable of moving reels down or up so as to reveal the Henry VIII portrait. It can also turn 3 reels into a 3 x 3 icon.

Henry VIII is an awesome royal slots game that offers fun, possibilities as well as wonderful prizes.

6. Royal Win

This is another interesting game. The game is developed by Spinomenal. The game features a 4 X 4 grid where all the action and wins happen.

The characters available in the Royal Win slot are a deck of cards, royalties who have mid-century garbs like a prince or jester, a king, and a queen.

The Royal Win slot features unlimited paylines as well as 4 reels. The slots royal game has an RTP of 96.00% as well as autoplay features.

The minimum bet for the Royal Win online slot is 0.2 and the maximum bet is 200.

The volatility of the Royal Win casino slot is medium.

The online slot machine is easy to permeate because the player just needs to set up their wager using a button. In addition, they need to select from 0.02 to 200 stakes of their choice.

Features of Royal Win

This online slots royal game contains features that will enhance your gameplay and also provide an exciting and profitable win.

It is important to realize that the Royal Win slot does not have paylines. The creator of this online royal slots machine turned all icons into scatters.

To win in this game, you will need to get about 5 or more similar pictures anywhere on the gameplay interface.

Another important thing about Royal Win is that it has free spins. The most exciting thing is the way you get these free wins. You will have to lose in order to get these free spins.

If you get non-winning rounds consecutively, you will be a step closer to getting free spins.

When you get 5 lost rounds consecutively, the free spins will be activated until you acquire your first win.

It is possible for you to get prizes of up to 500X of your bet at no extra cost. When you change your bet the meter will begin to go down to being empty. When you receive the payout, the meter will reset back to zero.

There is an auto spin feature that will enable you to automatically spin the reels. To stop the automatic spins, you need to click on the auto spin feature one more time. The auto spin may also stop once your funds are used up.

In Royal Win slot, the payout is usually referred to in multiplier values; so the higher your bet the more chances of getting higher rewards.

For those individuals who are looking for slots royal games, then the Royal Win slot is the best bet. It does not offer complexities like other royal casino slots. It is a simple, good fortune royal slots game for people who don’t like complexities.

7. Kings and Queen

The King & Queen from Bally Wulff features a 5 reel and 30 payline slots. The King & Queen game is a royal-themed slot and it comes with bonus features that provide its users with random high-value symbols that trigger great rewards.

You can play the game for as low as 10p per spin. It gives you the flexibility to play using 10, 20 and 30 paylines that can affect both your maximum and minimum stakes.

There is a regal feel in the King & Queen slot. The backgrounds feature grounds of the castle, purple reels, low-value playing cards as well as bangle, falcon, king & queen.

If players are capable of landing 5 kings on an active payline, they will receive an award of 250 coins.

The King & Queen logo represents the wild symbol and is one of the most lucrative symbols in this slots royal free game. The symbol is capable of replacing all other symbols in the royal slots game apart from the scatters. The symbol also pays 10, 50, 200, and 1000 if the player is capable of landing 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the active payline.

Features of King & Queen Slot

There are several awesome features of this game that make it very interesting. In order to start the game, you need to fill up reels 2, 3 and 4 with the crown or stacked scatter symbols. When you do this, you will be provided with 7 free spins.

The winning chances are supported by the availability of superblocks. Before you begin the spin, either of the falcons, bangle, queen or king will be the bonus symbol.

The symbol exists as a giant black icon during this feature and this may potentially fill many reels on every spin.

The gameboard of the Kings & Queen royal slots free game makes is designed to make it highly acceptable and to give it a majestic feel.

The King & Queen slots royal gameplay is fun engaging. It offers a solid play and beautiful looks. The simplicity of features makes it easy and simple royal slots machine to play.

It is important to note that if you happen to place 5 logos in the payline, you will stand a chance of getting 2000 times of your bet.

Gold and the red crown represents scatter symbol which is capable of awarding awesome bonuses and 7 free spins. To trigger this bonus, you will need to have more than 9 scatters.

We can conclude that Kings & Queen royal casino slot offers easy gameplay as well as generous bonuses that can make you earn extra rewards and create more fun.

Want royal-themed online royal slots free game, then the King & Queen is a great option for you. Try it out to get exciting rewards and cash prizes.

8. Royal Masquerade

The Royal Masquerade is a video slot machine. The slot has 10 paylines and 5 reels. The royal slots game has graphics that resemble the royal castle and Venetian theme.

With Royal Masquerade, it is possible to get 20 free spins. On all these spins, you are guaranteed one winning spin.

You can win up to 10,000 times your bet when you look out for the hooked-nosed mask that shows up as stacked wild.

Royal Masquerade can be played with just 10p minimum and a maximum of 100 for every spin. The higher your stake, the higher your chances of winning.

Another interesting thing about the Royal Masquerade slots royal game is the music theme. The music is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera.

Symbols and Features

Royal Masquerade slot has symbols that represent characters such as queens, kings, madams, bards, and jesters.

There are 2 major symbols that are scattered and stacked wild and they are represented by masks.

The wild card for Royal Masquerade is a hooked-nosed mask. The card appears stacked on active reels for both Win Spins and base game features.

The following are the features of Royal Masquerade.

Win Spins feature

This is an outstanding feature of the Royal Masquerade online royal slot. If you happen to get 4 golden masks anyplace on the reels, you will trigger the Win Spins features.

When this occurs, you will get 5 free spins that have an assured 1 winning combination. Players also activate the feature and get up to 20 wins spins.

It is important to look out for the appearance of scatter because it will offer an extra 2 spins for free.

Standard Gamble Feature

This feature allows you to guess the color of a facedown card or a suit in order to double your current state. With this feature of the online slots royal, you will get 5 gambles consecutively.

Royal Masquerade is a well-designed game that has staked wild. The royal slots free game has a high variance with top and double payout available.

It is possible to grab up to 10,000 times your bet on Royal Masquerade.

Royal Masquerade is a powerful royal casino slot game that can facilitate a big win to players. If you love royal themed online slots games, then Royal Masquerade is the best option for you. Its simplicity, cool features, and tools make it a favorite slot machine for many people.

Most players enjoy huge success with Royal Masquerade from Play ‘N Go. Therefore it is a slots royal game worth trying.

9. Arthur’s Quest

This is an interesting video royal slot from Chartwell gaming. The game features 9 win lines, 5 reels, and 3 special bonus features.

There are a ton of classics such as pulling the sword from a stone as well as casting a spell using Merlin. The game is royal-themed; making is one of the most interesting and engaging online slots royal game.

There are prizes up for grabs up to $62,500 jackpot. Arthur Quest slot also features maximum coins jackpot of about 12,500.

The royal slots game is based on the legendary Excalibur sword, Maidens, Arthur, flags, spears, arrows, golden chalices, hats, and swords.

You can start the gameplay with just 0.01 per spin this goes all the way up to 225. This is suitable for high rollers and attracts big royal slots free wins.

Arthur Quest Special Bonus Features

In Arthur’s Quest, the legendary sword known as Excalibur acts as a wild symbol that can substitute any weapon. Other icons whether a bonus icon or standard icons cannot be substituted in this royal slots free game.

The following are the 3 bonus features that can be triggered through a combination of 3 specified icons. These bonus features include:

Sword In The Stone

When the user gets 3 Arthurs icons in any place of the reels it triggers this feature. You will get a screen with several swords in a stone. Here, you get to select from several swords to show the multipliers.

When you pull a sword that reveals the word “Finish” then the round ends. If you happen to reveal this in your first attempt, you will be able to collect all the multipliers.

Merlin Bonus Games

This bonus is activated by a combination of 3 of Merlin’s icons. Once this happens, you will be faced with 4 spells whereby you can choose the one to unveil instant win before the reels refreshes.

Enchanted Dragonfly

With 3 or more Guinevere on the reels, you will trigger this feature. It is an automated feature because there will be an animation of dragonfly hovering around as it picks a fly to eat and this will earn you rewards.

Final Bonus Games

This bonus opens up when any 3 princess symbols appear. When this happens, the system plays an animation whereby a frog catches bugs to show instant wins.

For all these bonuses, 3, 4, or 5 matches will provide 1x, 2x or 3x multiplier of the bonus win.

We can conclude that for this slot royal game, the higher the betting amount the higher the prizes as well as bonus games.

10. Snow Queen Riches

This is a royal setting game that features ice-like reels. It has 25 paylines, 5 reels as well as 2 x 2 gaming board.

The fairy tale adventure of Snow Queen Riches has several re-spins as well as multipliers of up to 4 times. There is an additional bonus wheel that provides awards of up to 100X.

To play this royal casino slots, you will need anything between 25p and 25 per spin.

The gameplay interface overlooks the queen’s castle. The symbols and icons feature a chunk of ice, mirror, flowers, reindeer and female characters.

The most rewarding icon in this game is the woman with a hat because if you happen to land 5 of these in a payline, you will receive a whopping payout of 32 times of your total bet.

Features of Snow Queen Riches

There are exciting features of this royal slots game that makes the gameplay to be exciting and highly rewarding. These features include;

Frozen Wild

Snow Queen is the wild symbol in this slot royal free game. It is capable of substituting all other icons when it appears on reels two, three and four.

The wild expands and fills the whole reel; this award the player extra re-spins. When players win on re-spins, the will get doubled payout and receive another re-spin in addition.

This feature is repeated while the staked wilds stay frozen. The multipliers increase by one in each re-spin. This stops when you reach a maximum of 4X multiplier or get a spin without a winner.

Snow Queen Bonus

This is another interesting feature of this royal slot game. If you land three castles scatter icons on 3 reels in the middle you will trigger this feature.

This opens up 2 features for you to choose from these include;

Bonus Wheel

When you spin the wheel you can receive prices ranging from 4 to 100 times of your total bet. This depends on the place where the pointer lands.

Free Spin Feature

You can choose a free spin because you will get 10 free spins. The rewards in these options are higher up to 3200 times your bet and if the scatter appears in the middle reels you will be awarded 10 more free spins.

The Snow Queen slots royal is well designed, has great visuals and offers incredible soundtracks.

All these make the royal slots gameplay to be exciting and fun. If you enjoy royal-themed slots then Snow Queen is a great option for you.

Do you love royal-themed games; the above 10 slots royal games will be the best fit for you. Check them out to get unlimited fun and exciting rewards and bonuses.

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