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Daily Fantasy Betting in Louisiana
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Gambling in Louisiana is split down the middle in terms of legality. Land-based gambling is legal and has been for a long time, but online gambling is still illegal. This means that residents can place bets at horse races, play slot machines and table games in licensed casinos, and enter lotteries and poker tournaments, but only if all of these things are done offline. Online gambling is not only prohibited, it has been criminalized so those convicted of online gambling can face heavy fines or even time in prison. While there has recently been a lot of talk about legalizing daily fantasy sports in Louisiana, no legislation has yet gone through and the activity is still illegal.For more information about daily fantasy sports across the USA, you can check out our daily fantasy league page.

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What is Daily Fantasy?

Daily fantasy sports, as the name suggests, are similar to regular fantasy sports but with all of the action happening within a much shorter timeframe. You can win real money which, of course, also means that you can lose real money. The basic premise for each sport is that you draft a team, usually keeping within a set budget. Your draft is independent from everyone else, so it is possible to have the exact same team as another player. A contest usually takes just one day from start to finish (although a few can take a little longer) and you can claim your winnings as soon as the contest is over. DFS is very popular and many people enjoy it for its quick turnover and fast-paced action.

Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Louisiana – Overview

While for a moment it looked like daily fantasy sports might be legalized in Louisiana, but the votes are in and DFS enthusiasts will have to wait at least another two years for it to happen. In November 2018, voters in nearly three out of four parishes in Louisiana voted to legalize sports fantasy games. It looked like it would all work out but there was a surprise twist during the Senate 2019 legislative session where it was expected that the bill would pass.

Senator Danny Martiny ran out the clock by filibustering, meaning that the fantasy sports betting bill was unable to pass. He did so in retaliation after his bid to allow betting on real sports had failed. This means that it will be another two years before DFS can become legal in Louisiana. The senator’s actions went against what voters wanted, as 47 out of 64 parishes had voted to approve fantasy sports betting last autumn.

It does look hopeful that in a couple of years’ time, DFS will become legal in the state. Let’s take a look at what will hopefully be on offer then.

Online Daily Fantasy NFL – Football Frenzy

NFL is probably the most popular league in daily fantasy sports and it is bound to be highly popular in Louisiana too. The New Orleans Saints play in the NFL, so interest in the sport is high in the Pelican state! Playing fantasy NFL is really simple. All players must do is choose a contest in which to compete – either a public one or a private one just against friends. Then build a team, making sure to stay within the set budget. Once the team is drafted and the competition has started, wait and see how many points your players score in real-world performances. Hopefully, you’ll come out on top and can claim your prize.

Online Daily Fantasy MLB – Batter up!

Although Louisiana does not have a team in Major League Baseball, they do have one in the minor leagues. The New Orleans Baby Cakes (formerly the New Orleans Zephyrs) play in the Pacific Coast League (PCL). Once DFS is legalized in Louisiana, it should be simple to get in on the baseball action. Players draft a pool of ten players for their fantasy team, choosing no more than five hitters per team. Each player must be on that week’s playing roster, and be scheduled to appear in at least two MLB games.

Online Daily Fantasy Golf – Go Fore Gold

DFS sites promise that fantasy golf combines “the big plays, the sleeper sensations, and the nail-biting finishes with all the finesse and precision of golf.” When picking your fantasy players, you can select any six golfers for the week’s tournament. If a golfer doesn’t make the cut, he can’t win any more points for the rest of the competition, so you need to select the right combination of stars and sleepers, while staying under the salary cap. Once DFs comes to Louisiana, this is sure to be a popular sport. After all, huge names in golf like Sam Burns have come out of the Pelican state!

Online Daily Fantasy NBA – Proud Pelicans

As soon as DFS is legalized in Louisiana, basketball is bound to be a very popular choice. The New Orleans Pelicans compete in the NBA and this year received the first overall pick at the NBA lottery draft. In NBA fantasy, you must draft a lineup of eight players while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. Points can be won for a steal or an assist, and the player with the most points wins the competition and takes home the cash prize.

College Football – Success Stories

While Louisiana has numerous good college teams, an area where it really shines is sending its students on to play pro. Just taking a glance at the current NFL draft shows many students have come from Louisiana colleges, proving that the football programs at these schools are truly excellent. Three players in the NFL draft have come from Louisiana State this year, and seven were chosen from the school last year. Louisiana Tech saw Jaylon Ferguson go to the Baltimore Ravens. All together there were 22 players with ties to Louisiana who could have been called to the 2019 draft.

Timeline of Daily Fantasy Sports Legislation

Louisiana has an interesting history when it comes to gambling since many types of gambling have been legalized for a long time. Despite the state’s tolerance when it comes to many land-based forms of gambling, online gambling in all forms is still illegal. As we mentioned previously, many people recently expected a bill to pass to legalize DFS but the bill failed in the Senate. Let’s take a look at the state’s history of gambling. If you are looking for more information on gambling in Louisiana, take a look at our state-specific Louisiana gambling page.

Louisiana Daily Fantasy Sports History
1753 The very first casino opens its doors in Louisiana. It is run by the government.
1812 New Orleans becomes the first area of Louisiana explicitly exempt from federal law banning gambling.
1866 The first state lottery in Louisiana is established. It runs until 1895 when it is closed due to legal disputes.
1920 Pari-mutuel betting on horse races becomes legal and remains so – it is still legal today.
1991 Fifteen riverboat casino application are approved, and a new state lottery is given the go ahead.
1993 The Chitimacha tribe opens the first Native American casinos in Louisiana on their own land.
1998 Various amendments are made to state laws to make online gambling explicitly illegal in Louisiana.
2018 Proposals to legalize sports betting in Louisiana are unsuccessful in the state Senate but things may soon change.

Legal Daily Fantasy Betting Age in Louisiana

As we have stated, DFS is still illegal in Louisiana, although that might change in the next few years. The minimum gambling age for bingo and racing players in the state is 18 years old. The state lottery has a minimum age of 21 years old. Casinos require players to be at least 21 years old in Louisiana.

If you are caught gambling online in Louisiana, you can be fined $500 and/or face up to six months in jail. Underage gambling can also result in a similar fine or six months imprisonment.

  • DFS Betting Age
    Daily fantasy sports are still currently illegal in the state of Louisiana.


  • Alcohol Age
    As in most of the USA, the drinking age in Louisiana is 21 years old.
  • Weed Age
    Cannabis currently remains illegal for recreational uses in the state of Louisiana, although it is legal for some medical puposes.

Daily fantasy sports are legal in the majority of US states – Louisiana is unusual in its prohibition of DFS. Admittedly, many states have chosen not to make it explicitly legal yet, but there are very few states where it is actually illegal.

Taking a look at Louisiana’s neighbours, we can see that DFS is allowed in the majority of them. Both Arkansas and Mississippi have actively introduced legislation making fantasy sports legal in the state in 2017 and 2016 respectively. Alabama is actually one of the few states where DFS is explicitly illegal. Texas is a gray area, which is common on the topic of DFS. No legislation has actually made it legal but since there is also no law explicitly prohibiting it, DFS can be played in Texas without fear of repercussion. You can find out more about this gray area by having a look at our Texas betting page.

Taxes on Daily Fantasy Winnings: Legal Overview

Residents of Louisiana are required to report any winnings from gambling as taxable income on their federal and state tax returns. Any establishment that gives out a reward of $600 or more must report the winning to the IRS and Louisiana Department of Revenue, along with the recipient’s social security number.

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

It was hoped that sports betting and fantasy sports would both become legal in Louisiana in 2019. However, when the Senate met last month, things did not turn out as planned. The sports betting bill was not passed, and in retaliation, certain senators made sure that the fantasy sports bill also failed to get through. This means that it will be at least another two years until things can change. The people have voted on the matter though and it is clear that the voters of Louisiana want things to change and for fantasy sports to be made legal. Hopefully, the bills will have better luck next time around.

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