Draftkings and Drone Racing League Announces a Sports Betting Deal

January 18, 2021 Todd Winkler

The DRL has announced an official agreement that provides DraftKings the label of Official Betting Partner and allows the company to have official betting and marketing benefits within its league.

DRL is a global professional drone racing company. DRL today announced an agreement with DraftKings Inc. to build an official partner with DRL. As a result of this agreement, the DRL drone race has become the most vital aeronautical sports event fans can bet on

Drone Races Betting is Legal in Many US States

Logos of DraftKings and DRL With Drone Image Over a BattlefieldMobile sports gambling on drone races is already legal in West Virginia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Colorado, with government permissions pending in other states. The 2020 Allianz DRL World Championship DRL drone final races will begin this Saturday on Facebook, Twitter, and NBC.

DRL President Rachel Jacobson said, “Now, there is no limit for players to be able to play, and we are excited to associate with DraftKings to turn our speed racing tournament into the perfect game. The possibility for us to expand our involvement in all forms of gambling and betting will only rise as the number of mobile bets grows all over the country.”

DraftKings and DRL Will Become Sports Betting Allies

DraftKings is a boss in the fast-growing esports betting and motorsport field and considers Drone Racing League will attract a whole new crowd of lovers to the game. Customer study shows that drone racing enthusiasts triple are highly possible to bet than big-league fans and 90% more involved in gambling than the avg worldwide sports fan. Since DraftKings first introduced DRL Drone Racing as a free group for customers in the 2020 season, he recorded over 30% more visits than the new sports average, with a total of over 1.5M visits in its first week.

This agreement grants DraftKings an official marketing license for gambling and brand integrations, including custom doors, following the conclusion of the current 2020 Allianz DRL World Cup season. Pre-game and Live On-Court Betting is available to supporters in states eligible to participate around main promotions.

Ezra Kuharc said that DRL (Drone Racing League) is growing its business at the same speed as drone racing, and they are thrilled to fly with it, as exciting and innovative DRL races are ideal for the custom bets we can create. He also said that their sports betting expertise, combined with DRL statistical competitions, offers fun and hassle-free opportunity to connect your passionate audience with tech-savvy sports enthusiasts.

Ahead of the Drone racing league’s final drone races of the season, DRL and DraftKings will host pre-flight programs. Best drone pilots and seasoned sports gamblers will keep fans updated on how to get involved.

Drone racing is a relatively new thing in the sports betting world, however, it is already becoming increasingly popular among sports betting lovers. An interesting thing that some people may like to know about drones is that they are even used for product delivery by companies such as Amazon and AliExpress.

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