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Sports Betting in Utah
NBA Illegal
MLS Illegal
ECHL Illegal
MLR Illegal

Sports betting is illegal in the state of Utah, at least at the time of writing the following lines. No form of gambling is legal, this includes tribal casinos, charitable and social betting and the lottery. Even though the federal ban on sports wagering was struck down, the state is in no way filing or discussing any bills to legalize any form of sports betting in Utah. Daily fantasy leagues operate in a grey zone, as they classify themselves as a game of skill and no legislative bill appears pending.

Gambling Laws in Utah

As any form of gambling is highly illegal in Utah, this pertains to sports betting as well. The states’ laws are so restrictive and comprehensive that even playing social casino games can be prosecuted. Utah along with Hawaii is considered one of the strictest states in terms of their gambling laws and enforcement. Residents inclined to gamble typically visit one of the neighboring states with Nevada considered as gambling heaven.

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Most Popular Sports in Utah

Residents of Utah are sports enthusiast, in terms of pursuing as well as following sports. Due to its location there are diverse recreational activities to follow in the winter, like skiing, snowboarding, hockey and much more. During the summer Utah offers a lot of hiking and residents really enjoy golfing and soccer. The state is home to some major league sports teams such as an NBA and MLS team. College sports also plays a major role, with residents enjoying following the local NCAA football and basketball teams.

National Basketball Association – Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz were founded in 1974 in New Orleans and moved to Salt Lake City in 1979. They compete in the Western Conference Northwest Division. For its first few years the team was one of the least successful in the league, culminating in their first playoff appearance 10 years after its inception. Their home Stadium is the Vivint Smart Home Arena.

Major League Soccer – Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake aka RSL competes in the Major League Soccer Western conference and are home at the Rio Tinto Stadium. Since its inception in 2004 the club has won the 2009 MLS Cup and were runner ups in the 2013 MLS Cup. They were the first American team to advance to the CONCACAF Champions League in 2011, where they finished as runner up.

Major League Rugby – Utah Warriors

The Utah Warriors are a relatively new team, being founded in 2017. They compete in the Major League Rugby and their home stadium is Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman. They made it to the Playoffs their first season losing their semifinals to the Glendale raptors.

East Coast Hockey League –Utah Grizzlies

Founded in 1981 the franchise has changed names 7 times until becoming the Utah Grizzlies and play their home games at the Mavericks Center in West Valley City. They have won 2 Turner Cups and 1 Division Championship since inception.

Local History of Sports Betting

In the 1840s a group led by Brigham Yung from the Church of Latter Day, nowadays known as Mormons settled in Utah. The church frowns upon any vice, including gambling which has largely impacted Utah’s stance on gambling. A majority of residents identifies as Mormon, and is largely against gambling as well as the authorization and regulation of it.

Utah Sports Betting History
1851 The anti-gambling legislation is implemented, called the ordinance to Suppress Gambling.
1875 All kind of gambling are officially prohibited.
1917 Pari-Mutuel betting is legalized and banned within a matter of 2 years.
2012 Online gambling is banned in Utah and House Rep Jason Chaffetz tried banning all forms of gambling.
2015 House Rep Jason Chaffetz tried banning online gambling federally.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Utah

The legal age for marijuana in Utah is currently 18 years, albeit for medical use only. Only citizens 21 and above are served aclhoholic drinks in Utah, while the sports betting age is yet to be defined, given the activity is not even legal yet. We think that’s going to happen sooner rather than later, and the legal age for betting is in all probability going to be 21 years as well.

  • Sports Betting Age
    Currently sports betting is illegal, hence no legal sports betting age has been set in Utah
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is set at 21
  • Weed Age
    The minimum age to acquire medical marijuana is set 18

There are many US states where sports betting is legal and where it is not. The major change from last year by the Supreme Court put a real setback in the legalization of sports betting and therefore, the number os states where you can place a bet on your favourite sports decreased significantly. Nevertheless, there is a number of states that have passed bills legalizing sports betting as well. Nevada, one of the neighbouring states, has offered gambling for decades. Sports betting first commenced in 1975 and has since expanded. On Oct 16th, 2018 New Mexico aslo became a part of of the sports betting world. Remember that those are only a couple of examples and it would be nice to see more and more states joining the sports betting industry in the future.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

No taxation has been set in Utah because of the illegality of the sports betting itself. As there is no similar industry to compare taxes to within the state, one can deduct it may be similar to that of neighbouring states if sports betting were to be legalized. Nevada, where sports betting has commenced in 1975 currently imposes 25% federal taxes on winnings from gambling related activities. New Mexico, where sports betting has been legal since 2018 imposes 6% state taxes on top of federal taxes on winnings. It is to be anticipated if sports betting were to be authorized in Utah, taxes imposed on winnings would be within that range.

Upcoming Regulation Changes in Utah Sports Betting Law

As previously discussed, Utah is one of the strictest states in terms of gambling being outlawed and its enforcement. Part of it is due to the state’s history another part is majorly shaped by the Resident’s believes and customs. At the time of writing this, no effort has been made to legalize sports betting. In fact, Utah has heavily rallied against online gambling on a federal level and it is expected to be one of the last states to authorize sport betting, if ever.

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