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Sports Betting in Arizona
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Arizona represents one of the many states with confusing gambling laws. With offline sports betting legalised at 55 locations, and Indian Casinos monopolising gambling in Arizona, it is a bumpy road toward fully licensed online sports betting. Our complete analysis of the Arizona laws also includes the current debate surrounding these issues, and the news networks covering the issues. All the info will be your one-stop-shop for learning everything you need to know about this situation. At this stage, it is considered that online sports betting in Arizona is illegal, but change is on the horizon. Read on throughout this page to learn when we can expect the state to accept online sports betting as law.

Gambling Laws in Arizona

The law on gambling takes a lot of context regarding Native Indian Gambling. This is due to the vast amount of land that is owned by the tribal Indians. The state has more land in this category than any other state in the country. The state is very much overrun by the Native American run-casinos, with 24 of them currently existing within the state. The law in Arizona prevents any online gambling, punters have to be physically present at the place where they place the bets. This has led to the casinos resisting the switch to online gambling and harnessing their lobbying power to block and impede the legalisation of online sports betting.

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Most Popular Sports in Arizona

The state of Arizona is one that truly embraces all types of sport and has a diverse population that enjoy international leagues as well as domestic. The main four sports that people love to bet, and watch are listed in the boxes below. Let us guide you through each one and inform of the biggest clubs relevant to Arizona, and the tendencies that punters from this state have when betting on each of these sports at their local bookmaker shops / casinos.

United Soccer League – Phoenix Rising

The elite level soccer club in Arizona is currently Phoenix Rising FC, playing in the second tier of American soccer in the USL. Given the fact the state doesn’t have its own MLS franchise, it is quite incredible how popular the sport has become in Arizona. The Arizona State University soccer club is also a cornerstone of this sport, attracting thousands of people to their weekly matches, and inspiring younger generations of local players to get involved with the sport. Betting on soccer remains difficult due to the online ban, but punters have shown they love to bet on MLS matches, and many European divisions including the Premier League and La Liga.

National Football League – The Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald is a superstar within Arizona, leading the way for offence at the Arizona Cardinals NFL franchise. With such a deeply rooted love for football in Arizona, one can imagine just how enormously popular the betting markets would be if there were to be a fully regulated and licensed method to bet on the sport in the online medium. But currently as it stands, this is not possible, and the resistance from the Native Indian casinos is preventing this from materialisation. Hopefully, with more liberalised legislation coming in the next years, we will see this day come for all Arizonians.

National Hockey League – Coyotes of in Pacific

The Arizona Coyotes represent the elite level hockey of the state. There perseverance and energy on the ice is something that has whipped up the crowds for many seasons in the past. Despite struggling for many years to make waves in this conference, they have been contending in the play-offs for the past seasons. The day in which they win a Stanley Cup may still be some way to go. There is a demand for more ice rinks in the city, and freedom to bet on these matches in the online medium.

National Basketball Association – Wildcats

The National Basketball League is one of the country’s biggest betting markets. Punters from across the world tune in to watch these matches for their millions. With the Arizona wildcats maintaining a respectable position in the Pacific conference for the past several years, there is certainly a demand for more investment and more infrastructure to support the sport in its grassroots form, and at the elite level. For punters wishing to engage in gambling on NBA matches, the same rules apply here as with all the other sports mentioned thus far in the review.

History of Sports Betting in Arizona

There hasn’t been much change in the gambling laws of Arizona since 1912, when it officially became a state and integrated the laws that allowed profit to be made from sporting activities. With a state that has had one significant federal acts, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, effectively monopolizing the industry within the state for the past decades, there has been very little flexibility for economic competition. This was further embellished by the Arizona Tribal-State Gaming Compacts, which was granted to the communities to solidify their grip and power over gambling within the state.

Arizona Sports Betting History
1912 Arizona was the first state that outlawed the concept of ‘house profit’ in the industry of gambling.
1988 The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act passes, allowing Native American tribes to set up and run casinos.
2012 The Tribal-State Gaming Contracts are confirmed in Proposition 202 to be renewed for 10 years.
2017 Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs legislation banning dog racing, which had been legal in the state for 72 years.
2018 Arizona made steps toward fully liberalized sports betting laws by allowing 55 new off-site sports betting locations.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Arizona

The laws in Arizona allow for all three of the activities below to occur for people who are of the appropriate age, but with certain conditions attached. The gambling aspect is restricted to the physical medium, and you have to be at least 21 years of age to walk into a casino. The same age is applied to the consuming of alcohol state wide.

  • Online Betting Age
    There is no legal online gambling age in Arizona as all forms are banned.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age in the state of Arizona is 21.
  • Marijuana Age
    Medical Marijuana is legal to those who are at least 18 and hold a government-issued ID.

Online betting in the United States is gradually being given the recognition and autonomy that it requires to operate without the crippling nature of fees and restriction. The tide is turning. There are now several states that have acted upon the US Supreme Court decision to legalise the services that facilitate online sports betting, outside of licensed premises. This has opened up a huge debate in almost every state across the country. This has to do with the main hindrance currently being the tribal lobbying power within many states that have a thriving casino industry. This resistance will likely be short-lived, and the economic potential of these new initiatives will become the force that drives the change.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

The question of online gambling is one that has largely been influenced by taxation conundrum. The federal reserve can see that there is a huge benefit to implementing gambling laws and taking a cut in the tax revenue. Unfortunately, any information about how much this should be, and where it should be collected from, remains an issue of debate. Many European betting sites charge a 5% tax on winnings, so this would be about the region we can expect a tax percentage when it is legalised in Arizona.

Regulation Changes in Sports Betting Law

The good news for the Arizona sports betting fans is that Governor Doug Ducey has come out and thrown his support behind the legislation. By supporting the legalisation and regulation of gambling, the state itself should see a piece of the profit. On the other hand, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl who took over the office from the late John McCain is an aggressive opposer of gambling.

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