Guide to Online Gambling in Oregon: The Best Oregon Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Oregon
Sports Will Be Legal: 2019
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2017
Casino Will Be Legal: TBD
Poker Will Be Legal: TBD
Lottery Will Be Legal: TBD

Oregon Daily Fantasy Sports

Currently, online daily fantasy sports are available to Oregon residents. Although there is no official bill that has legalized the activity, 2017 legislation gave authority to the State Lottery Commission to oversee DFS in the state. For more detailed information, you can check our dedicated page about Oregon daily fantasy betting. In case you are eager to learn more, you should know that DFS are legalised in a lot of states and some give you great opportunities, like for example the Iowa daily fantasy sports betting.

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Gambling Laws in Oregon

Situated in the north-western United States, Oregon is one of the more bountiful states when it comes to gambling options. The legal forms of Oregon gambling include horse race betting, the Lottery, and charitable gaming. Traditional casino games can also be played at charitable casino nights, Indian casinos, and during social games. Those interested in a trip also turn an eye towards Nevada gambling, as there are interesting options not too far away.

Social gaming has been around since 1973, but Portland didn’t allow the activity until 1984. Today there are several active card rooms, in which residents are allowed to play casino card games because they are considered a game of skill. Oregon law states that the house cannot profit from the operation of a game. Prizes are given to players who win.

In 1989 66% of voters approved the creation of the Oregon Lottery, which offers a wide array of draw and scratch games to players. Money generated from the state lottery is allocated the state’s wilderness and natural sites. Unfortunately, players searching for Oregon online gambling sites will never find one. The 2017 Oregon statute § 167.109 prevents players within the state from engaging in online sports betting, online casino gambling, or online poker games. Violation of this statute is a class C felony in the state of Oregon.

Oregon Online Sports Betting

America is a nation obsessed with its sports, and since the repeal of PAPSA (which means states now can decide whether to legalize sports betting or not), many prospective players have looked to the internet to learn how this impacts their state. Oregon has a more liberal stance towards sports betting, which currently isn’t legal but is likely to be legalized by the end of 2019. If you’re on this site, chances are that you’re not just interested in gambling, but you’re rather looking for online gambling options. Currently there are no legal online sports betting sites in Oregon. That being said, the Oregon Lottery is looking into developing a sports betting app that will allow players to bet from anywhere in the state right on their phones, should sports betting be legalized. Traditional online sportsbooks, however, are not currently on the horizon. Still, if you want to read more details, you can jump tp our page about Oregon sports betting. We know that it is somehow disappointing, so we thought that we can refer you to another page – the one that talks about sports and betting in Rhode Islands.

Online Casinos in Oregon

Overall, Oregon is not as strict as other states when it comes to casino games. Not only are there a handful of tribal casinos within state territory, but state law also allows charitable casino nights (which is not the case in every state). However, Oregon statute § 167.109 prevents internet gambling sites from operating within OR. So, although Oregonians can play casino games online for fun, they are not able to play for real money. There are no legal ways to play at an online casino in Oregon. For more information about this, make sure to check our casinos in Oregon guide!

Online Poker Sites in Oregon

For the same reasons listed above (statute § 167.109), online poker is prohibited in Oregon. Although the law only prevents business and operators from providing services in the state, it means that there is no legal way for residents to play for real money online. Should the state’s laws change, my team and I will update this page with new information. At this moment in time, it does not seem likely that these laws will be changing anytime soon.

The Oregon State Lottery

In 1989, 66% of voters approved the creation of the Oregon Lottery, which offers a wide array of draw and scratch games to players. Half of the money raised through the lottery is dished out in the form of winnings, while the other half is utilized to improve the state’s parks. Since 1999 the state lottery has generated over $685 million for state parks, nearly three billion USD for job creation, and nearly seven billion dollars for public schools in Oregon. Today, the lotteries are the second largest revenue producer for the state. However, Oregonians are not able to play the Oregon lottery online, and according the Lottory’s official website, the Lottory “does not have any plans to sell tickets over the Internet.” We will update this page should the state lottery start to offer online sales of its lottery tickets.

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History of Gambling in Oregon

The first form of legalized and regulated gambling in Oregon was horse racing. In that regard, OR is similar to other states in the U.S. In addition to horse racing, the state played host to greyhound racing from 1933 until 2004. The biggest developments to Oregon’s gaming laws occurred in the 70s and 80s, when the state finally began to permit charitable gambling and lotteries. The 1988 federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act gave the right to tribes to operate casinos on sovereign tribal lands in Oregon. However, it wasn’t until 1993 that the first tribe was successfully able to negotiate a pact with the state to allow casino-style gaming (blackjack, video poker). There have been a few legal attempts to introduce commercial casinos to Oregon, but these attempts have yet to be successful.

Oregon Gambling History
1933 First greyhound race is held in the state.
1971 Casino based fundraisers legalized.
1973 Social gaming is allowed as long as there are no cash prizes.
1989 Voters approve the creation of the Oregon State Lottery.
2007 Licensed poker rooms open in the state. These rooms reward prizes instead of cash.
Present- State Lottery pushes for the legalization of sports betting.

Oregon State Facts

The state of Oregon has been the most popular place to move to in the states for the last few years, and that’s because it has a lot going on. Oregon is known for exceptional natural beauty, world-class breweries, and the world’s smallest park (Mill Ends). Nike was also founded in the state. All of these factors make for a place unlike any other.

Facts About Oregon
Population 4,142,776
Min. Income $1,950
Biggest Offline Gambling Location Spirit Mountain Casino
Gambling Commissioner
Spoken Languages English 72%, Spanish 8%, Other less than 1%
Biggest Local Sports Team
Oregon Tax Authority
Link to the State Law
Gambling Winning Tax 7-10%
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers Annie Duke

Legal Gambling Age in Oregon

Most casinos in Oregon sell alcohol on their game room floors. For this reason, all casino gambling is limited to patrons, who are twenty-one years of age or older. The only exceptions are bingo and the lottery, which people can start playing once they are 18 years of age. about the gambling age, underage gambling prevention and penalties

  • Online Gambling Age:
    Players in Oregon must be at least 21 years old to play at one of the state’s casinos.
  • Alcohol Age
    Only parents and guardians, can provide alcohol to a person under the age of 21.
  • Weed Age
    Recreational and medicinal uses of marijuana are permitted as long as you are at least 21 years old.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

In more ways than one OR is a forward-thinking state. In 2016, an estimated $1.7 billion was spent on legalized gambling in the state, bringing in a revenue of nearly half a billion USD. Because gambling is so popular in Oregon, the beaver state takes its commitment to problem gambling seriously. OR invests a lot of state funds to help addicted players. The Oregon Health Authority, oversees the topic, and there are helpful sites geared towards helping Oregonians. These include the Oregon Problem Gambling Resource, and the Oregon Council on Problem Gambling. At any of these sites, players can find any necessary resources to help combat problem gambling.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

Although Oregon is somewhat liberal about gambling, the state’s laws preventing online gambling mean that it will most likely be a while before residents can utilize online casinos, poker sites, or sports books. It appears that the only imminent development will be the legalization of sports betting. Most people in the state imagine that sports betting in Oregon will be legalized in 2019. My team and I will update this page should any laws change, with regards to online gambling in Oregon. Meanwhile, we highly recommend the full guide on US gambling if you are looking for more betting opportunities!

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