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Online Lottery in Pennsylvania
Draw Games Legal since: 1972
Instant Games Legal since: 2018
Fast Cash Games Legal since: 2017
Keno Legal since: 2018
Virtual Sports Legal since: 2018

If you’re tired of casino games or you’re just a die-hard fan of prize draws, the PA online lottery, also known as the Pennsylvania iLottery is the thing to try. It was legalized almost half a decade ago, and fortunately for players from the Keystone State, they can experience the lotto thrill on the Internet as well. We’ve made sure to present to you the best PA lottery online site with an exclusive bonus, so without further ado, start playing PA’s best draw and scratch games! Best State Lottery Website Betting to Play for Real Money:

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PA Lottery Online Games

Due to the ever-growing variety of lottery games, it’s important to note that there are a lot of options you can choose at the Keystone State. From draw games to fast play variations, keno and more, you will have the chance to play for great prizes. The following list has been made with the purpose to ease your navigation through our Pennsylvania lottery online guide, so use it – it is quite convenient!

Since we’re going to dedicate separate paragraphs about all of the mentioned above PA online lottery games, you can expect a lot of valuable details around. From ticket prices to jackpots and availability in the state, we’ll cover all important details that would help you along the way. Regulations and legal statuses will also be observed, so let’s not waste any more time and start with the PA lottery draw games!

PA Lottery Draw Games

First, in our PA lottery online guide, we’ll have a look at the best draw games you can encounter in the state. The jackpots of those can go up to millions, and the prices of tickets are insignificant compared to potential earnings. Just to illustrate the rich choice you’ll have, we’ve listed the most popular and played lottery draws, so don’t miss out on them!

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Pick 2
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Pick 5
  • Millionaire Raffle
  • Cash4Life
  • Wild Ball
  • Pennsylvania Lottery Cash 4 Life

Apart from the fact that you can participate in these lotteries online and buy a ticket without the need to enter a physical store, another major advantage is that most of these draws can be seen on TV, as well as on live streams. Bear in mind that most of them are held daily, but Powerball and Mega Millions, for example, are held twice a week, meaning that there’s a certain schedule you’ll need to check out.

PA Instant Lottery Games (Scratch-Offs)

Next in our lotto games list are PA instant lottery games, also known as Scratch-Offs. The name is self-explanatory – you simply buy yourself a ticket and scratch it to see if you win a prize. Since these lottery options are very popular, there are different scratch-offs you can try, and below, you can check the most popular ones. From modest prizes up to millions of dollars, the range of potential winnings is quite diverse!

  • Cash Bonus
  • $50 Or $100
  • Great 8s
  • Bingo Bingo
  • Gold
  • Flamingo Bingo
  • $3,000,000 Money Millionaire

The prices of these tickets start from just $1 and can reach anywhere around $30. They are indeed quite fun to play as each ticket is different and has various rules of gameplay. Note that not all tickets contain prizes, and the games have been created in a way where jackpots and big money earnings are limited. However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying your luck!

PA Lottery Fast Play Games

Next, in our overview of the PA online lottery landscape, we have fast play games. This interesting lotto variant is quite similar to scratch-offs, but with one major advantage – you don’t need to scratch anything! This means that you will see if you win or not at the moment of buying your ticket and observing the rules, of course. Check out some of the most popular Fast Play games in Pennsylvania below!

  • Skee Ball
  • The Money Game
  • Bankroll
  • Money Tree
  • Heads of Tails
  • Shooting Star

Although we’ve added only six fast play games, there are many others. Depending on the game itself and the specifics of the rules, ticket prices might be different. Ticket sales start at $1 and can go up to $20, and you’re once again presented with great prizes. Fast Cash Fever, for example, gives you the chance to win a progressive top prize of more than $600,000 – quite a hefty amount, given the fact that the winning odds of this game are 1:3.

Keno – Great Alternative for PA Online Lottery

If you want to play PA lottery online, you also have the option to enter the world of keno. Although it is a game that’s similar to classic lottery drawings, keno has differences that might be more appealing to some of our readers. One interesting detail is that keno draws are more frequent than regular lotto draws – they are usually held every 4 minutes. Apart from that, you have great theoretical chances of winning, which we’ll explain in the next paragraph.

Keno has numbers from 1 to 80, and out of those, twenty numbers are drawn. You have the option to participate with one to twenty slots with the main relation being that the more slots you guess, the bigger your prize will be. Furthermore, you decide whether to add a multiplier to your wager and what your bet will be, making the gambling experience even more exciting. Apart from that, you can also see which numbers are “hot” and “cold” – an indicator that can help you develop a strategy when picking your combinations.

Virtual Sports

Last but certainly not least, players from Pennsylvania have the option to play Xpress Sports. We must admit that the selection is only narrowed to two choices at the moment, but there’s big potential in this market, and we’re sure it will expand soon. Starting with Derby Cash Horse Racing, you will be able to participate for prizes of up to $800,000. Draws are held every five minutes, and once again, you can determine betting specifics such as a multiplier, the number of consecutive races, play types, and more.

Xpress Car Racing is also another great virtual sports game. The rules are similar to its horse racing alternative. The objective of this game is to correctly predict the first, second, and third-place finishers of a 12-car race by having in mind the starting position of each car and the most recent race results. Each race is with a duration of 2 laps, and here you’ll once again have different betting options, as well as frequent draws held every five minutes.

Pennsylvania Lottery Odds

Odds and probabilities have always been a big part of any gambling game, so knowing your chances play a huge role in the mindset of a player. Just like other games of gambling in Pennsylvania, online lotteries are also based on the perception that fair odds and return-to-player percentages should be presented to participants. In the following table, we’ve included games that would surely help you understand better how they pay out:

Best Odds of Pennsylvania Lottery Games:

PA Lottery Game Odds %
Powerball 96.10%
Mega Millions 96.00%
Cash4Life 92.90%
Xpress Car Racing 91.50%
Cash 5 91.30%
Pick2 90.20%
Treasure Hunt 84.50%
Oh, What Fun! 82.70%
PA Lottery Game Odds %
SKEE-BALL 81.70%
Shamrock Shuffle 80.70%
Cash Bonus 80.00%
Keno 80.00%
Jewel Heist 79.40%
Shooting Star 78.70%
Magnificent Millions 77.20%
Fast Cash Fever 75.40%

As you can see, the odds we’ve included illustrate how well it is expected for these games to perform in the long run theoretically. Bear in mind that the percentages included show the average chances of winning any prize in a particular game and the odds for jackpots of PA instant lottery games, for example, will be quite different than the ones included here.

PA Online Lottery Bonus Offers

It’s time to have a look at one of the best features a player can encounter in the world of gambling – welcome offers. Greeting newcomers the right way has become a necessity, and all types of gamblers are looking for the best promotions that can give them a slight edge in their experience. That’s why below we’ve listed the best PA lottery bonus you can use at some of the biggest draws!

Top Offer

Pennsylvania Lottery
100% Up to $250 Bonus Code: DEP250

Apart from traditional welcome offers, you will be able to find PA bonus code promotions, daily bonuses, and even free funds from friend referrals for lottery websites. Having a wide range of offerings is always beneficial for lottery operators and players as well. That’s why in the next paragraphs, we’ll have a look at the promotions you can claim alongside some of their most valuable terms and conditions.

Daily Promotions

We’ve mentioned the importance of welcome offers, but what if you’re entitled to daily bonuses that can minimize your potential losses? Cashbacks are a great way to keep players engaged and act as a second chance of winning, meaning that you can recover a particular amount of lost money that can be used in the future. There are also other offers you will be able to encounter at our top PA online lottery, but the best in our opinion is listed below:

Top Daily Offer

Pennsylvania Lottery
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Bear in mind that this offer is available only on Monday, and it does come with its own set of T&C’s. All other promotions also have requirements that need to be met if you want to take advantage of their perks fully. However, if you’re a fan of different types of promotions, every Thursday, you will receive a one-time bonus if you’re subscribed to the PA iLottery newsletter. Overall speaking, this lottery operator has made sure to offer different promotions to its players, and we encourage you to try them out for yourself!

Other Promotions

Apart from daily promotions and the PA online lottery welcome bonus, there is one other offer you can try out for yourself. Here you’ll have to inspire a friend to register with the operator and once you refer him successfully, you receive $50 for your efforts. Apart from that, your friend will also receive $20 in bonus money just for choosing the PA iLottery – a great way of welcoming a referred newcomer, don’t you think?

PA Lottery App for Android and iPhone

Nowadays, with the constant development of useful technology, it shouldn’t be a hassle to enter an online lottery. Due to the evolution of player preferences, mobile gameplay has turned out to be the most preferred way of gambling on the Internet. Online lotteries are no exception to this rule, and that’s why they offer convenient ways of playing and checking your results from the comfort of your phone. To be more detailed, just see for yourself some of the mobile features you’ll encounter at our top PA lottery operator:

  1. Play iLottery
  2. Scratch-Offs
  3. Fast Play
  4. Xpress Sports
  5. Ticket Checker
  6. Keno
  7. Winning Numbers
  8. VIP Club

Using a mobile app is always easy to use, but let’s see how you can start using it. The first thing you’ll need to do is to download the PA lottery app, which is available both for iOS and Android devices. All you’ll have to do is go to the website and enter either your mobile phone or just text APP to number 66835, so you can download the needed software.

Top Lottery App

Pennsylvania Lottery
100% Up to $250 Bonus Code: DEP250

Mobile gameplay has proven to be as equally reliable as its desktop alternative, so whenever you can, make sure to try buying some lottery tickets from your phone. However, if you don’t want to download the native app, you can always enter the mobile version of the website, which has been made HTML5 compatible.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Next, on our PA lottery website review, we’ll provide more in-depth information about the available payment methods – another factor you should always consider when choosing a lottery operator. Although you can always see traditional methods such as debit cards and bank transfers included, our top PA lotto website offers even more options such as PayPal, iLottery WebCash, Pay Near Me, and more!

PayPal Available

Pennsylvania Lottery
100% Up to $250 Bonus Code: DEP250

When choosing your most preferred financial service, make sure to be properly acquainted with its limits and fees. What we saw at our top lottery website is that you will rarely have limitations when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. On the rare occasions when this is a fact, the limits will be sufficient even for high rollers who would like to collect their winnings. Speaking of the latter, let’s see what the process of claiming your prizes is!

Claiming Your Winnings

Since you already know the games, odds, bonuses, and much other valuable information, now it’s time to prepare you about claiming your winnings. A couple of things worth mentioning would be that for winnings above $600, you’ll need to file a Claim Form, and when it comes to jackpots, you’ll need to go in person to the lottery headquarters in Middletown. Apart from that, bear in mind that prizes for different lottery products are valid for a particular period in which you can claim them.

Play PA Lottery Online: How to Get Started

You know which is the top PA lotto online, but how should you get started? Are there any steps you’ll need to take once you enter the website? The short answer is “yes”, but the truth is in the details. That’s why in the following lines, we’ll present to you all of the necessary steps you’ll need to undertake once you enter this great Pennsylvanian lotto website!

  1. Enter the website.
  2. Fill in the needed information for your account.
  3. Make sure you are based in Pennsylvania territory.
  4. Verify your id.
  5. Claim your welcome bonus.
  6. Participate in the draws responsibly!

As you can see, the process of registering with this lottery operator is easy, and generally speaking, all you’ll need to do is follow the needed steps. One thing worth mentioning is that the rules of playing PA online lottery should be followed strictly, so attempting to lie about age or personal ID won’t be tolerated in any way.

Lottery Law in Pennsylvania

Lotteries in Pennsylvania have been regulated since 1971, and at least 40% of the revenue is allocated for programs related to the benefit of elderly people. Just like in other states as well, you need to be physically located in the Keystone State if you want to participate in some of the draws.

Apart from these general regulations, lottery play in Pennsylvania is subject to taxation, and depending on your earnings, there are various ways of declaring your winnings. Apart from that, the institution which looks after the safe and transparent control of this type of gambling is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

PA Online Lottery Gambling Age

Pennsylvania has legalized online lottery play for all residents 18 years and older. Those who wish to play, however, must register for an online account to verify and meet the age requirement, which is strictly enforced given that this was a major concern of lawmakers when allowing for online gaming of any kind.

Those who don’t meet the needed requirements and have somehow managed to fool the system will be either heavily fined or prosecuted. This can rarely be seen as online gambling operators have made sure to enlist checks that would verify the player’s age in a very decisive way. Apart from the minimum lotto age in the Keystone State, here are some other interesting facts:

  • Online Lottery Age
    The legal online lotto age is 18 in Pennsylvania.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is 21 in Pennsylvania.
  • Weed Age
    There is no legal recreational cannabis age in Pennsylvania as it is currently illegal.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

The IRS considers lotto earnings taxable income and will collect accordingly. This applies to Pennsylvania’s online lotto as well. Currently, the state’s Department of Revenue withholds federal taxes at 24% and State taxes at 3.07% on prizes over $5,000. However, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, winners of prizes between $600 and $5000 will be subject to a different process in taxation and will need to fill a W-12 form.

History of Pennsylvanian Lottery

Pennsylvania’s lotto started up in the early ’70s, around the time that many states voted to create their lotto systems. As with others, the lotto was formed to collect revenue that would benefit the state, but Pennsylvania is unique in that all proceeds go exclusively to programs for the elderly. Today Pennsylvania’s residents can enjoy a wide range of betting options, especially after an extensive bill passed in 2017 allowed for online sports betting, online poker, and online lotto!

Pennsylvania Lotto History
1971 The state passes Act 91, allowing for the formation of a state-run lotto, specifically to benefit older residents.
1972 The first tickets are sold, and the lotto proves to be an instantaneous success: More than $57.7 million is earned in revenue in just the first year, doubling initial projections.
2017 Pennsylvania passes an extensive gambling bill, allowing for many forms of online gaming, including online lotto.
2018 The “PA iLottery” launches with a host of interactive games and instant tickets, making Pennsylvania the seventh state in the country to legally offer online lotto. MUSL draws are not yet included.

Famous Winners – 48 Lucky Workers!

Forty-eight workers at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority hit the big time in 2012 when their lottery pool — consisting of 120 quick-pick tickets — earned them the win of a Powerball jackpot worth $127.7 million. The group always creates a lotto pool when the jackpot passes the $100 million mark.

There were plenty of feel-good stories among them, including recent breast cancer survivor Marylouise Wagner, and a co-worker who had opted out of the jackpot but had been included last-minute because the buyer owed him some money. Generally speaking, these workers were able to change their lives due to a tradition they had, and we wish the same for our readers as well!

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Playing responsibly is always of utmost importance, but some gamblers tend to turn out their fun experience into a bad nightmare. The need for professional help and organizations with structured programs has never been more severe, and that’s why there are certain mechanisms you need to be aware of.

One of them is the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, which is a part of the Pennsylvania government. Problem gamblers can take advantage of a 24/7 hotline or enter a voluntary self-exclusion program from gambling. Another organization is the National Council on Problem Gambling, where contact information for Pennsylvanian resources can be found.

Is Online Lotto Legal Outside of the State?

Fortunately for Pennsylvanians, the state is one of the few that offers legal online lotto via its own PA iLottery platform. A couple of other states, including Kentucky for example, offer their own range of MUSL draws, instant scratch-tickets and more. However, most states have not yet legalized online lotto, and you should always check individual state laws before you play.

However, you need to be physically located in the state if you wish to participate in certain draws or buy lottery-based games. Apart from that, you don’t need to be a permanent resident of the Keystone State, and as long as you are above the minimum gambling age in Pennsylvania, you can take advantage of playing the lottery there!

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

Pennsylvania has already legalized online lottery, but one major change could come if the state strikes a deal with a third-party mobile lotto app such as Jackpocket. This would offer more convenient gameplay for the residents. It could also potentially offer tickets for MUSL draws like Mega Millions, or daily deals on its state-run app, increasing the playing possibilities exponentially. At the moment, the state also must contend with casinos, who have complaints about its instant tickets being too similar to games offered at their venues.

Lottery Guides for Nearby States

Frequently Asked Questions About PA Lottery Sites

To finish off in style, we decided to include a brief yet informative FAQ section. It contains answers to the most common questions that PA online lottery players could have with regards to the lotto industry in the state, its availability, and safety, among others. Check out the highlighted questions below.

✅ Is Pennsylvania's online lottery legal?

The PA lottery law has made online lottery legal in the Keystone State, meaning that you can safely play at the state lottery website. There are a lot of games you can take advantage of, and we're sure that the selection will continue to expand!

🙋 Can you play the lottery online in PA?

Since the online lotto market in the state is legalized and can be safely trusted, there are PA online lottery games that are similar to traditional prize draws, but require a different type of gameplay. Such are scratch-offs, fast play games, and many more you can check in the PA lottery website!

💰 How to claim bonus on PA lottery online?

The PA lottery website bonus offers a great head start to lottery fans. It does come with a set of terms and conditions, and the requirements for claiming it are easily achievable. Make sure to have an account and deposit the minimum amount required for the offer.

👀 How to play online PA lottery?

Knowing how to play the PA lottery online is essential and one of the fundamentals is to register with the state lottery website. The steps to do that are easy, and once you create your account, you can take advantage of various promotions as well.

🎫 How to check PA lottery tickets online?

Lotto fans that want to have everything accessible at the tip of their fingers should be very pleased with the dedicated PA lottery app. Through it, you can easily participate in second-chance winnings, buy instant lotto tickets, and check the ones you have bought already.

💳 Can you use a debit card to buy lottery tickets in PA?

Having a wide range of PA online lottery payments is something you will be able to encounter at our top suggestion. Not only does it offer debit cards as a financial service, but it has included other more modern payments such as PayPal, for example.

💡 How much does the PA Lottery tax winnings?

As is the case with essentially everything, the lottery is also subject to taxation from the state. Players hoping that their winnings might not be affected should think twice, although this does only apply to wins of $5000 or more. The Department of Revenue is the responsible entity for collecting all lotto taxes.

📱 How to buy lottery tickets in PA online?

Apart from creating an account and verifying your details, you should also suit the minimum lottery age. This is a major requirement for everybody that want to participate in any gambling game, regardless of whether you play online or buy tickets at land-based vendors.

🎲 What PA lottery online game has the best chances?

Although there are lots of types of lotteries, the odds of PA drawing games remain the highest. Their RTP rates are higher than the ones of scratch-offs, for example, but that doesn't guarantee more frequent winnings than the ones at other lotto games.

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