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Sports Betting in Arkansas
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NFL Sports Betting Illegal
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In recent years we have seen a number of laws related to gambling enacted. Unfortunately, none have been in relation to Arkansas sports betting. It seems as though for the meantime residents will not be able to legally partake in sport betting, both at physical establishments and online. Of course, the state’s main pass-time, hunting and fishing, preoccupies the minds of residents, but it is hoped that in the future they will dedicate some time to changing the course of gambling in the state.

Gambling Laws in Arkansas

This independent state has had mostly a bleak history when it comes to gambling. Recent developments are encouraging and signal that there is some room to manoeuvre. Even though we are focused on online sports betting in this article, we must mention the fact that four land-based casinos were granted licenses in 2018. This is perhaps the first step on an upward trajectory for gambling. What’s more, in 2017, it was ruled that Daily Fantasy games were to be permitted. The only form of sports betting takes place at land-based racetracks, and only allow pari-mutuel betting to take place. For those looking for more, they can only hope the future is brighter.

Why You Can Trust
  • We are a team of experts who have dedicated our lives to sports betting. We research all of the laws and regulation in Arkansas to provide you with all the relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Our sources include, but are not limited to, the reputable Arkansas Times and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette . We will relentlessly find any breaking news and updates.
  • Our experts focus on online sports betting in the US here, but we have also branched into other areas of gambling such as roulette, and slots.

Most Popular Sports in Arkansas

Arkansans love sport. Whether it is college football, soccer, or even minor leagues, they will put their support behind them. Despite this, there has never been a professional outfit from any sport take roots here. It’s a disappointing history for many fans, and there is hope the NBA will arrive at Little Rock soon. In the meantime, most sports enthusiasts turn towards college teams and the passion on display at different games is astounding.

English Premier League – Elite Level Soccer

As there is no MLS team in the state, or any good up and coming teams, many soccer fans find solitude in watching the English Premier League. Naturally, many take a shining to Manchester United; however, it is Chelsea who rules the roost. The Blues have won over the hearts of the Arkansans, particularly with the recent title win in 2016/17 and an F.A. Cup in 2017/18 showing their true grit and determination. This season may not be as good, but there is hope they can bounce back to glory soon.

College Football – Arkansas Razorbacks

Part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Razorbacks have a long history of competing against the elite in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). As part of one of the power five conferences, they enjoy big crowds, and many top teams come to face them. They last won a division back in 2006, and the last conference title was 1989. Furthermore, they have only one claimed a national championship and that coming way back in 1964. Even so, this hasn’t perturbed the fans, with the 76,212 capacity stadium often being full during games.

Minor League Baseball – Arkansas Travelers

The Travs are a Minor League Baseball team playing in the Texas League, bases out of North Little Rock. They are a Double-A affiliate of the MLB team the Seattle Mariners. With players such as Matt Festa, Chase De Jong, and Brandon Bishop, all making the step up to an MLB roster, it has proven good testing ground for rising stars. They have won a few league titles in the course of their history with the most recent coming in 2008. They play their games at Dickey-Stephens Park, a 7,200-seater stadium.

College Basketball – Arkansas Razorbacks

Much like their footballing counterparts, the Razorbacks are a college team competing in the NCAA Division I. Their apex was in the 1990s when they made three Final Four appearances and won the Championship in 1994. They play their games at the Bud Walton Arena and are often playing in front of a full capacity 19,368 crowd. Although they have made appearances in the final tournament recently, they haven’t made it past the final 32 in over 20 years. Hopefully, with new coach Eric Musselman, the future will be brighter!

History of Sports Betting in Arkansas

As we have already mentioned, there is almost no legal history when it comes to sports betting in Arkansas. It remains a taboo subject and is not part of any legislative talk at the time of writing. Even so, there have been some developments over the years, such as horse racing, and greyhound racing being allowed in some ways. What’s more in 2018 four casinos were allowed to operate in the state, giving turn to in-house sports betting. However, online is still not allowed, and it remains to be seen if and when a change will be made.

Arkansas Sports Betting History
1929 Parimutuel betting on horse racing is legalized and regulated.
1957 Parimutuel betting on greyhound racing is legalized and regulated.
2017 According to our research, the Arkansas State Government passes a new amendment. It is stating that paid fantasy sports are legal in the state as they do not constitute gambling.
2018 During the November 2018 election, 54% of voters agreed to allow the granting of four land-based casino licenses, and as a result on-site sports betting could be implemented.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Arkansas

When the time arises, and online sports betting becomes legal, it will be essential to know what age you will have to be to bet. If you take the other age restrictions in the state, for both Alcohol and Marijuana, it’s safe to assume that it will be 21. This is a national consensus and is also imposed at a federal level, so it would make sense to follow suit in this regard.

  • Sports Betting Age
    n/a – As of yet it is still outlawed in the State of Arkansas.
  • Alcohol Age
    The minimum legal age for drinking alcohol in Arkansas is 21 years.
  • Marijuana Age
    Medical marijuana is approved in Arkansas for the treatment of certain conditions.

It is legal in several states to gamble both physically and online. However, the sites operating there are regulated and must prove that players are residents of the state. They do this by asking for proof of address, I.D. cards, and so on. So, it is not too easy to circumnavigate. It would probably be easier to hop on a plane to New Jersey and have a weekend of fun!

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

Like most lotteries and other types of betting, we’d expect your winnings to be taxable. This is all theoretical, of course, and it will be at the mercy of the State of Arkansas to implement their own rules. One way could be to follow the European method. All winnings are taxed up to 5%, so every time a bet is won, the State receives some form of taxable return.

Upcoming Changes in Sports Betting Law

In November 2018, 54 percent of voters were in favour of allowing four casinos to be licensed in the State. This is still in the legal stages and hasn’t been fully enacted as of yet. Presently, two casinos in Garland and Crittenden counties have been erected. We will update you when the next two will be developed. Keep up to date with all the news by re-checking this page, as it is sure that more changes will be coming soon. The laws dealing with gambling in Arkansas can and do change, so it is hoped they remain in a favourable position for Arkansas.

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