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Sports Betting in Georgia
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Gambling Laws in Georgia

We are yet to come across a state that is so tightly controlled as Georgia. There have been numerous attempts to overthrow the status quo of Georgia, but they have been mostly futile in their attempts. The best and most obvious reason against legalising betting in the state is due to the civil unrest that is predicted to ensue. With the GOP senate republicans staunchly against any attempts to bring in legalised betting, this state looks firmly set on remaining a place where online gambling will be completely illegal.

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Most Popular Sports in Georgia

Georgia, as a Southern State in the United States, is home to many sports fans that love to watch and actively participate in the success of their team. That is why we are going to dive deeper into the sporting culture of the Georgian state, bringing you the four biggest sports. As we discuss each sport on an individual basis, we will look closer at exactly which local teams are paving the way and setting the tone of this sport locally. Read below for the complete low down on this exciting part of the review.

English Premier League – Elite Level Soccer

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. There is nothing quite like it, and many consider it to be one of the greatest inventions of the human race. There isn’t any considerable local club that Georgian soccer fans can follow, besides the semi-professional standard of the local colleges, there is no professional outfit to mention. Broadcasting rights are very liberal in this part of the country, and residents of Georgia are more likely to be watching a high-profile Premier League clash than the match of a locally based team.

NCAA A-1: Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia is home to a fantastic college football team, the Georgia Bulldogs. With a huge amphitheatre to host their matches at the Sanford Stadium, this is a team that attracts crowds of up to 70,000 to home matches. The team plays at the elite level of college ball, and they have sent several players to the NFL in the past year. Recently was the line-backer Roquan Smith, who signed for the Chicago Bears for a deal worth $18.5 million last year.

Baseball from the Bulldogs and Tech

The baseball teams in Georgia are from the two main college teams within the state, the Bulldogs and Tech Yellow. The biggest matches are played in the home stadium, and here you can expect to attract crowds of thousands of spectators, cheering for their college classmates for the biggest baseball games played throughout the state.

National Basketball League – Golden State Superiority

The basketball situation in this state is very similar to the other sports we have already discussed. The university sits at the very centre of the basketball culture within Georgia. If you’re a local fan looking to get involved with one of these sports, then you can set your sights on impressing college scouts and being recruited from a high-school team.

History of Sports Betting in Georgia

The legal status of gambling in Georgia is backed by some of the strictest laws in the whole country.The state has a very tough stance on gambling. Therefore, looking back at the history of developments in the gambling industry is pretty dry. There are very few noteworthy mentions that include a positive reception for sports betting in Georgia, or even just a broad acceptance of gambling. The historical timeline below should give you an indication of how deeply rooted the anti-gambling sentiment in this state goes.

Georgia Sports Betting History
2000 Due to a loophole, Georgia sees an influx of video poker machines.
2011 The state battles to legalise the lottery in the online medium, and the law allows this to exist as it is not a violation of the Wire Act.
2017 The GOP state members reaffirm their position on gambling and a complete resistance to any future horse racing betting or casino gambling is stated.
2019 New plans begin to propose another bill for the 2019 General Assembly on the issue of online sports betting. It will need to be approved by Governor Brian Kemp.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Georgia

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy life, whether that’s enjoying an ice-cold beer, smoking a joint or having a flutter on the horses. In Georgia, you’ll be banned from doing two out of those three, and the age limit for alcohol is 21, the national law. With that being said, change is on the horizon, and we expect more liberalised legislation to creep in within the coming months.

  • Sports Betting Age
    Completely illegal.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is consistent with the national law of 21 years.
  • Marijuana Age
    There is no legal age, marijuana is illegal in Georgia. Although it has been decriminalised in Savannah.

There have been efforts throughout many states in America to bring in a new wave of online licenses for Georgia sports betting companies. So far only West Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have fully endorsed the attribution of online sports betting licenses to sportsbook providers within their state. The Georgia state government has been staunchly against any proposals

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

The classic issue for many Americans when encountering a new industry is how will the tax office respond to them and treat their needs as a customer. If you’re looking to make a quick buck from gambling tax-free, you’ll be sadly disappointed. There will likely be a tax levy of around 5% placed on all winnings of any eventual Georgia gambling and sports betting laws for online businesses.

Upcoming Changes in Georgia Betting Law

The situation is pretty bad for fans of online sports betting in this state. There appears to be a strong resistance within the GOP Georgian representatives, who have previously stated that the introduction of any sports betting and gambling legislation would spark a disastrous up-surge in civil unrest, drug addiction, burglaries and general civil misdemeanour. Although this stance appears a little over the top, it is impossible to deny that gambling comes without any negative side effects, and in a volatile part of the country such as Georgia, society is not yet ready to responsibly take on gambling as a legalised activity for adults.

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