The Number of Women Gambling Increased During the Pandemics

August 18, 2021 John Isaac

According to the latest details from GamCare, the number of women seeking to find help for gambling addiction has increased during the pandemic.

Three Women Playing Poker and Drinking ChampagneThe shared data shows that the amount of women who need help with gambling addiction during the pandemic is increased by 4%.

While 2,764 women call for help to the GamCare hotline in 2019-2020, their amount raised to 3,005 in this year. Women made up about a quarter (23%) of people who called for help from April 2020 to April 2021, up 19% between 2018 and 2019. It is calculated that only 1% of people have access to GamCare Helpline.

The Pandemic Increased Gambling Addiction

The manager of women’s programs at GamCare, Marina Smith, said that the rise in the number of women seeking help is likely due to the lockdowns that make people spend more time on the internet at home.

It made a lot more possibilities for women to bet, she says, and it also comes combined with the economic burden of last year. She claims that it generates an ideal storm for betting. The more time you spent at home, the more you access the platforms that offer gambling services.

Many women were away from their colleagues, families, and friends during the lockdown. Social gathering is very significant to recover from gambling addiction.

Ms. Smith said that the problem with betting is a “hidden addiction” as it has no visible signs; but warned that it is twice as true for females, as the problem with betting is usually seen as a problem that impacts males.

“There is an additional shame. Although black and ethnic minority women tend to gamble less, they are at greater risk when they gamble,” she noted.

The organizations claims the rise in problem gamblers can be credited to the increase in online gambling, as females are no longer required to join male casinos. Roughly seven out of ten women players play it on mobile, through websites or apps.

Gambling Seems to be an Escape from Reality

Gamstop is a free service in the United Kingdom that allows users to block betting websites and apps from mobile. Now, has over 50k women subscribed to this tool. In March 2020, the percentage of female users was 26%, but in September 31%.

According to psychotherapist Liz Carter, when men and women become addicted, they look for different experiences. Females became addicted because it can calm them down.

Psychotherapist Ms. Karter noted that gambling is often used as a way to deal with mental issues by many people.

Jenny, a chief accountant aged 40+ took a therapy with Mrs. Karter as she found her betting addition uncontrollable after the pressure of isolation became alarming. During the lockdown, she felt stifled at work and home. She felt overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety of being overworked at work so she turned to gambling. Jenny warns that gambling is sometimes a type of “self-medication” for depression, anxiety, or stress. However, it ultimately turns out to be even more destructive.

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