Gamblers in Pennsylvania Now Can Exclude Themselves From Gambling

September 28, 2019 John Isaac

Pennsylvania introduces a new feature in the state’s gambling industry that it has never been introduced before! A few days ago Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) announced that from now on individuals who want to voluntarily exclude themselves from participating in gambling could access the self-help tool at Video Gaming Terminals.

Video Gaming Terminals in a casino

Casino from above © captainunibrow /Unsplash

This self-help tool introduced by the Video Gaming Terminals Self-Exclusion Program people who want to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling could choose to limit their access to the terminals for 1 year, 5 years or even a lifetime. Once the individuals make this decision, the program must ensure that they will deny gambling activities to them as well they exclude them from targeted mailings and promotions.

What If the Self-Exclusion Program Is Violated?

On top of that, the self-excluded people who did gamble on a VGT while they are on the ban-list are not eligible to collect any winnings nor recover any losses during the self-exclusion period. In fact, if the person receives any winnings or violates the terms of the self-exclusion program in any way they may be even subject to arrest. Moreover, those winnings issued to, found on or redeemed to the self-excluded person will be sent to the PGCB and will be used towards its responsible gambling programs.

The gambling authorities of the state of Pennsylvania announced that they would most likely launch Video Gaming Terminals in the Commonwealth by the end of this month. They also revealed that a truck stop establishment would have the opportunity to operate up to 5 Video Gaming Terminals which would be only accessible to people who have at least 21 years.

Where Could People Find More Information About VGT Self-Exclusion Program?

On the other hand, people who want to join the self-exclusion program could check it out by visiting the enrollment site for the VGT Self-Exclusion Program which could be found on the PGGB’s website. There people could find more specific information regarding this program and decide whether they want to join or not. In addition, there they could also find some details about the iGaming and Fantasy Sports Contests Self-Exclusion program which they can sign-up for. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this program is not the same one as the existing casino Self-Exclusion Program so that individual who wants to join that one should visit the Gaming Control Board office in each casino they want their access banned.

This program is important and highly beneficial for those individuals who have a gambling addiction and are determined to get rid of is, therefore, it is one of the best things that Pennsylvania gambling industry could ever introduce to their users. In fact, with this, the industry in the state showed that they care about the mental health of their clients.

PGCB also issued a reminder which allows consumers to file complaints and disputes for land-based and interactive gaming. Moreover, the local Race Horse Development and Gaming Act provides the PGCB the right to investigate all possible violations of the Act. Patrons are also given the right to request PGCB to make an investigation in case they have a licensed gambling entity in the state.

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