Online Casinos in Washington D.C.:The Best Washington D.C. Casino Sites for 2021

Online Casinos in Washington D.C.
Online Slots Illegal
Online Roulette Illegal
Online Blackjack Illegal
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The capital of the United States is a very small territory, it often goes overlooked and regarded in-consequential compared to the gigantic neighboring states Virginia and Maryland. Being so close to the federal government, you may assume that Washington D.C. online casinos have been completely suppressed in the capital, but it is not the case. Residents of Washington D.C. have many options to gamble, despite online casinos being illegal to host, there are a number of avenues for access via an inter-state network. In the following sections we’ll take a look at the available options for gamblers in this territory, and analyze the legal situation and future possibilities for a regulated market.

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Available Casino Games in Washington D.C.

Due to the irregularities in the law, residents in Washington D.C. can freely access online casinos hosted in legalized territories. Despite the law explicitly prohibiting companies establishing their servers within the territory, casino favorites are regulated enjoyed by D.C. gamblers. Below is a list of the games you can expect to find at the territory’s favorite inter-state casino network offerings.

  • Roulette: the popular game of chance is played in USA and EU formats.
  • Slots: online slots can be accessed from external providers.
  • Charitable: casino nights are held by corporations to raise money for special causes.
  • Lottery: the Washington D.C. lottery has been active for many years.
  • Blackjack: you can play online blackjack at casinos based outside Washington D.C.

History of Casino Gambling in Washington D.C.

The law is difficult to change, previous attempts have been made to introduce a legalized online casino in Washington D.C., but were quickly shot down due to controversy and public outcry. In 2011, the issue was finally raised in the State Senate. Lawmakers openly introduced the idea of expanding the already flourishing Maryland casino network, and they gained a lot of traction when the idea was first floated. But less than 12 months into proposing a huge overhaul of the local casino business into the online space, the bill was scrapped, emphasizing how much resistance still exists to liberal gambling legislation. To discover more key gambling milestones in the Washington D.C. history, keep scrolling down.

Washington D.C. Casino Laws History and Facts
1982 In a bold move, lawmakers in the Senate decide to introduce the first ever established gambling entity that is controlled and managed inside the limits of Washington D.C. The territory launches a lottery that becomes an instant hit with residents and gambling enthusiasts around the country.
2011 As we mentioned above, the year 2011 was a pivotal moment for online casinos, not just in Washington D.C. but in the entire country. The territory becomes the first to legalize online casinos. Despite a federal reprisal against online poker services, officials vow to implement the games to access online.
2012 In an embarrassing turn of events, officials backtrack on the bill that was passed just 12 months earlier and decide that legalizing online casinos is not the right course of action. Reasons for the change of direction are lack of oversight and vetting of the consequences that can be inflicted by readily available online casinos.
2018 The Columbia District Council moves to legalize sports betting. An exception is granted for several sports venues within the territory to begin preparing to offer real-money bets at fixtures. The Washington D.C. state lottery body is given exclusive rights to the emerging market.

Casino Gambling Age in Washington D.C.

In order to access online casinos in the state of Washington D.C. you’ll need to be 18 years old. This is standard across the country, and the entire inter-state gambling network that is visible to residents outside the regulated territories will require new players to prove they are 18 years or over. Unfortunately for residents of this territory there are no brick and mortar casinos you can visit for the unique in-person experience. But the good news is, Maryland is just a short drive away and there are plenty of luxury venues you can visit.

  • Online Casino Age
    In order to gain access to online casinos in the United States you‘ll need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Alcohol Age
    The minimum age for drinking and purchasing alcohol in Washington D.C. is the national limit, 21 years old.
  • Weed Age
    Marijuana is banned for commercial sale, but it is legal for medical and recreational use. Smokers must be at least 18 years old in the eyes of the law.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

One of the great advantages of belonging to a state that promotes the safe use of legal online gambling sites is gambling addiction assistance. The mental sickness of gambling addiction is very often misunderstood, and not given the level of attention and seriousness that many of addictions carry. We all probably know some people that can’t help themselves when it comes to placing bets. If you’re feeling the pressure to gamble, and have been worried about losing too much money, then quitting for a period of time will help clear your mind and let you take a break. Always gamble responsibly and look for bookmakers with effective protections in place to assist you if things start turning sour.

Can I Play Without Deposit?

Real-money casinos are just that, gamble and risk your own money for the chance to win more. But there are opportunities all over the internet to bet with trial funds, these sites allow you the unique opportunity to bet without making a capital investment. The chance to get a feel for the product, understand what the strengths and weaknesses are before losing your own money are invaluable. If you are particularly interested in finding a service that can offer you this flexibility between trial cash and real-money – then you certainly won’t find one in D.C. But look throughout the inter-state, and you may find what you’re looking for.

Upcoming Casino Regulation and Expected Changes

With Washington D.C. continuing to engage in its dance precariously close to the realms of outright online casino legalization, one would suspect the law change is imminent. But due to the fact they are not actually a state, rather a territory, there are no senators that have taken the bit between their teeth on this issue as Washington D.C. is not represented in the house or the senate. There are commercial interested in legalizing this industry, and the government will not be able to ignore the growing insistence of state officials who see the potential revenue and touristic interest gained from a fully regulated, licensed and legalized online casino industry in the United States.

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