UK Studies Ban Sponsorship of Betting on Team Shirts

October 6, 2021 John Isaac

UK Gambling Providers Officially Banned From Football Sports Outfit SponsorshipsThe loophole that enables overseas gambling companies to advert soccer jerseys and billboards for England and Scotland football teams is likely to be closed as part of government projects to decrease the impact of betting on the football game.

The UK ministers are finalizing the betting law reform bill are anticipated to present their plans in a few weeks, with a complete ban on gambling firm logos on T-shirts as a foolproof option.

The executive director of the SkyBet-sponsored EFL called the outlook “worrisome” on Thursday.

We believe that ministers are also thinking of moving ahead with T-shirt adverts by tackling the suspect white label system used by foreign betting firms, mainly from Thailand and China, which are negotiating trade deals.

Small Companies and Partnerships

These companies may get the way to the Scottish and English football industry through collaborations with UK-licensed small business owners, a condition for companies wishing to advertise in the United Kingdom.

White label companies, usually located in provinces like Malta and the Isle of Man, actually lease their permits to foreign companies, who can sell them to fans in the country through t-shirts and coffee shops.

The government expressed concern about the absence of clearness regarding the owners of firms represented on T-shirts and how these firms work.

The white label ban will prevent these companies from advertising on billboards. It often displays gambling offers in multiple languages and on T-shirts.

However, the DCMS also questioned whether UK companies should ban the front of T-shirts due to issues about exposure to children and weak people.

According to the latest research, betting logos look about 700 times per game.

According to CEO Trevor Birch, his ban would be worrisome for the England Football League and could have serious consequences for the Football League’s finances.

However, he argued that despite the changes, the betting industry must support financially to football, as sports play a significant role in the business models of most bookmakers.

The President of EFL questioned the possibility of the measure being approved, and the impact on finances could exceed £ 40 million per year.

More about Gambling Sponsorships

The UK government is considering a controversial move that could impact Premier League club finances. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the sponsorship of betting companies on the jerseys of football teams in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales can be vetoed.

English Football League (EFL) president Rick Parry, who represents 72 clubs in England, said he was against the measure.

This season alone, nine of the 20 Premier League clubs have sponsors linked to the betting market. There are six other teams in the Championship, English second division Combined, these deals are estimated at £ 40 million per year.

Despite the idea of ​​banning shirt sports betting sponsorships, the UK government does not intend to modify advertising on television, during football matches, and on advertising boards beside the field. However, it is needless to say that the gambling measures in the UK are getting more strict with time.

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