Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge Paved the Way to Launch a New Land-Based Operation

August 23, 2021 John Isaac

Baton Rouge Boat Casino Moves on Land in August Following the announcement almost a year ago that the Louisiana Gambling and Control Board had received approval to move its gambling establishments from the Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge riverboat to a suburban building on August 10, 2021, Gaming and Leisure have Properties, Inc. 

(NASDAQ: GLPI) has embarked on a development project with an initial budget of $ 60 million.

GLPI’s an investment, initially estimated at between $ 21 million and $ 25 million, has grown significantly.

The move was made possible by 2018 legislation allowing Bayou State River Casino to land near the port’s original site. Before the new law came into effect, most of the casinos in Louisiana were limited to barges or riverboats. Governor John Bel Edwards signed the SB316 bill on May 23, 2018. It allows Louisiana’s floating casinos to move 1200 feet onto land from their previous position.

Economic Benefits

GLPI plans to finish this project at the beginning of next year, which will bring significant financial advantages to downtown Baton Rouge. Ronnie Jones said that this is the right choice.

Jones also said that this measure would be of a great benefit not only to the city of Baton Rouge, but will also help Louisiana as it will raise earnings from its tax base. In addition, it will open more job positions. According to Jones, they are truly thrilled for this unique opportunity.

Details of the Project

The following projects for the new land-based casinos were outlined by GLPI in a previous news statement: 

  • Outdoor and Indoor games, including a full range of facilities and services
  • Laker Shaquille O’Neal Opens Big Fried Chicken Restaurant, which brings together the love of former LSU Tiger and 4-time NBA champion for adult grilled chicken, barbecues, and cocktails with outdoor and indoor dining and the outstanding view of the Mississippi River
  • Sports bar/restaurant and 250-seat playground, including an attic overlooking the River and an outdoor terrace for watching live music, sports, or parties.
  • The sports watching area is a convenient place for guests to drink and watch games.
  • Flexible gathering area for over 200 visitors with reception and dining areas for VIP or private events

In addition, there is the opportunity that a sports bar or exhibition venue will become a sports betting provider after Louisiana legislators pass the structure for legal sports betting. From autumn 2021, users will be able to play in person at casinos, bars, and racetracks.

Sales and Other Changes

Moving to land is one of the main changes that await us. The property was acquired by Casino Queen Holding Company Inc. from Illinois in a $ 28.2 million deal which is likely to finish at the end of this year. The name change may be possible.

The new Hollywood Baton Rouge casino is expected to be completed at the end of 2022 and will have around 500 employees, while the casino currently employs almost 300 people. In addition, the project aims to create about 160 or more jobs in the construction sector in the region.

Tuesday’s grand opening was special for him, according to Ronnie Jones, a recent chairman of LGCB after leaving his post in the Louisiana Senate.

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