The CEO of Bet365 Earns $323 Million

January 17, 2020 John Isaac

Denise Coates, CEO of Bet365, has hit another renumeration jackpot as her year to year end salary is projected to $323 million according to the report released by BBC Radio 5.

Denise Coates during Bet365 2020 report presentation

Denise Coates, CEO of Bet365 © Gambling Insider

According to Martin Tideswell, the editor in Chief of Stoke Sentinel, the new figures sets Denise as the highest paid executive in England. However, the news was received by different opinions from different parties; with some being too critical considering that the returns from gambling is minted from individuals with impoverished backgrounds.

However, Mr. Tideswell defended the salary figure in the following words “Here in Stoke on Trent people take the view that Bet365 employs thousands of people – 4,500 worldwide – the vast majority are employed here in the potteries. Without Bet365 there would be a huge void. We are a post-industrial city that hasn’t enjoyed the renaissance and regeneration of other towns and cities and you’ve got a business that’s really successful. It’s grown over 20 years to employ about 3,000 people here in Stoke on Trent and given an enormous amount to charity. And they pay their taxes.”

Malta Issues an Operation License to Metric Gaming

Malta has finally licensed Metric Gaming to supply its B2B services in the iGaming industry. Metric is famous its production of sports betting software to a wide range of clientele.

The new license allows Metric Gaming company to supply products within the Island of Malta and its jurisdiction Martin de Knijff Metric Gaming’s chief executive said, “Securing this license from the MGA is an important step in Metric’s evolution from a start-up to becoming the disruptors-in-chief of an industry ripe for disruption,”

“We have been thrilled by the market’s reaction to our multi-tenant sportsbook proposition, particularly from Malta-based operators. In the coming days we will announce the first Malta-based sportsbook brands that will be launched using our Modulus platform over the next few weeks.”

“We’ve spent the last three years and significant capital developing an organization and product proposition capable of solving the biggest challenges facing the B2B sector of our industry,” said De Knijff.

“We are excited to be showcasing the modern capabilities of our multi-tenant platform and each customer will benefit from near total product autonomy from the rest.”

“We are confident this unrivalled degree of customizations paired with our superior sports betting products and features will deliver real leapfrog ability for our customers over their rivals.”

EveryMatrix Celebrates 5 Years of Service

Everymatrix is celebrating 5 years of its exception community service outside its gambling arena. In 2015, the brand launched a kids’ academy program which seeks to assist Romanian children learn English. The groups focus not only on English learning but also Mathematics and Science.

The Group CEO of EveryMatrix, said, “This project started almost 5 years ago when we’ve decided to be more involved in the community, and what more suitable way than to take care of the future generation. Our three teachers are helping the kids to do their homework; they host interactive learning classes and are there to assist the kids overcome rough times in their family life by counselling them.

“Beside sponsoring the centers with modern equipment and supporting the kids to travel to contests, we are also hosting fundraising events for them, such as Baking Day or Let’s Play D’Arts, where employees get involved and spend time helping the cause. We’ve seen amazing results, kids who made great progress in both their personal and academic lives, and we are committed to keep and expand this project for many years.”

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