UKGC Seeking Advice on How to Improve Gambling Behavior

January 13, 2021 John Isaac

Gambling Commission Logo Over Wooden FigurinesThe UK Gambling Commission is searching for advice and feedback on how to improve your gambling behavior and how to investigate addiction.

The UKGC seeks to improve and update its technique for researching betting and wagering addiction. To this end, the UK Gambling Commission has started a conference to seek public comment and guidance. The outcomes will be used to enhance the efficiency of the new approach of the Commission. The absolute goal is to set a new model in the study of betting behavior.

UK Gambling Commission Adapts Its Research Methodology

One of the main legislative functions of the UK Gambling Commission is the gathering and spreading correct data on gambling. The UKGC will use this information to understand betting involvement, wagering addiction, and the associated elements that influence and encourage this behavior.

The UKGC‘s data collection efforts are guided and carried out under the “Statistical Code of Conduct” established by the State Statistical Service.

In the latest news, the UK Gambling Commission confirmed its aim and commitment to improving the strength, quality, and timeliness of its statistics. He also outlined his strategies to measure gambling prevalence and participation this year.

According to a recent statement by Lord Gard of Yarmouth, Chairman of the House of Lords Special Commission, our lack of understanding of this issue has undermined our addiction to gambling.

Gambling Addiction Has Increased in Recent Years

In recent years, gambling addiction and related factors and complications have attracted considerable attention from regulators and researchers. While there have always been people at increased risk of addiction. The problem of gambling has escalated dramatically around the world over the past year.

The increase is due in part to growing financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the resulting economic recession. However, our current understanding of the disease is full of gaps and misunderstandings that sadly make our countermeasures difficult.

Gambling addiction is also often dismissed and downplayed by individuals and legislators. The latest report from the University of Sheffield called on authorities to admit the disease as a genuine and major health problem.

One of the main topics of discussion of the problem of gambling is its relationship with professional athletes. Former British footballer Michael Chopra recently spoke about his struggle with the disease and the impact it has had on his life.

UKGC statistics and improved information are sure to help stem the tide of UK gambling problems. However, there is no doubt that gambling addiction is becoming a serious issue not only in the UK, but on a global level.

According to many people, gambling addiction has seriously increased during the last year when people were closed at home due to the pandemic and were having more time for online gambling. However, the UK government has already incorporated strict measures to protect people vulnerable to gambling. The aim is to make gambling operators more aware and more responsible for their clients’ mental well-being and prevent gambling addiction when they notice that someone is gambling more than usual.

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