Horse Racing Ireland Launches CEO hiring Program When Kavanagh Retires

April 7, 2021 John Isaac

New CEO Recruiting Campaign After Brian Kavanagh RetirementBrian Kavanagh, CEO of HRI, will retire in September after 20 years in office. HRI is hiring a new chief executive officer as the company’s current president, Brian Kavanagh, declared he would step down in September.

As executive director of the administrative work accountable for horse racing in Ireland, Kavanagh managed many key landmarks and tasks throughout his career. It includes the execution of the state’s new gambling tax structure that accurately reflects the POC system established in December 2014 and introduced in the United Kingdom.

More about Brian Kavanagh’s Career

Other successes include the regular growth of the game and its inclusion in the complete source of income. HRI recorded sales growth of 6.6%, which was a crucial moment for Ireland horse racing, which has dropped 75% over the past decade.

Financial recovery and tax changes have made a meaningful share to the Ireland economy. Government revenue from gambling rights totaled 95 M euros in 2019.

According to Kavanagh, “He has been honored to be the CEO of Irish Horse Racing, and under the leadership of three different presidents, each of whom has developed an important concept for the horse breeding and horse racing business.”

In addition, he led the HRI during the very tough year 2020, overcoming obstacles in the form of the COVID 19, which has forced racetracks across the country to close their doors to viewers.

Kavanagh stated that the recent period was a nice one for the race, but we do not have to stop, and there are still a lot of tasks before September.

Although Coronavirus and Brexit present main difficulties, there are great possibilities for the industry as well. Our people and horses are our main power.

To provide the significant improvement to the television coverage and global audiences; an agreement is signed between Irish broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) and House Racing Ireland.

Other People Honor Brian Kavanagh

The President of HRI, Nicky Hartery, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Brian Kavanagh for 20 years of extraordinary service and intense dedication to HRI and the business in Ireland.

Once again, Kavanagh was the first chief executive of HRI when he was selected in 2001. At one time, he performed a vital role in Ireland horse breeding and horse racing. It allowed him to become a head worldwide and manage the development of a viable rural region across the country.

His skill and experience in the country and worldwide will surely assure that Kavanagh proceeds to perform an important role in the business, and we wish him all the best.

Horse Racing Ireland, the state-sponsored horse racing organization declared that CEO Brian Kavanagh will retire in September. Horse Racing Ireland started its hiring campaign on March 26th. The applications will be accepted by April 19th.

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that is believed to have started in the 12th century when English knights returned to England with Arab horses which to this day are considered the fastest horse breed.

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