A Kings College Research Shows That There Is Lack of Empirical Data about Gambling Harm

April 3, 2021 John Isaac

A meta-analysis by the Institute of Politics at King’s College London found that there is not enough empirical research on the harm done by gambling in the UK and that British gambling research is at stake.

Empirical Research Results of Kings Collage Study This research has been led by Benedict Wilkinson, Caroline Norrie, Rachel Hesketh, Lucy Strang, Caroline Norrie, and Vivienne Moxham Hall at the Policy Institute.

The research pointed to a ratio of the profits and expenses of access control, the impact of young age betting on mental health, the impact on people’s help, and problems involving female betting as essential measures for which research has not been conducted.

More about Poverty and Gambling Addiction

Researchers analyzed search results of betting-related damage in databases and journals. After reviewing the research, the investigators analyzed 26 on affordability and financial disadvantage, 28 on games, 20 on women, and 56 studies on children.

In terms of research on the link between betting and financial loss, the analysis found that the study is currently missing.

It states that, “The quick study of the history and its holes shows that the possible proof of financial harm from betting is varying.”

While the study said that the link between poverty and gambling addiction is good work, according to it, the work mostly lacks in terms of the damage associated with online gambling on Public services.

More about Childhood Gambling

Regarding the study about betting and children, the research tells that the current research has shown a clear link between gambling among teenagers and different other adverse consequences, including crime, mental illness, drug addiction, and low school performance.

Also, school interference has been found to get information on betting among young kids, but proof from this research on harm prevention effects is diverse.

Moreover, they said that especial concern is the data proposed that male preference in the betting study has resulted in an inability to identify and meet the needs of women. On the other hand, research on betting in sports was again varying. Existing research usually concern with particular fields, for example, fantasy sports and the impact of betting marketing in games on children.

According to the researchers, it looks like more analysis is needed in this area in general; and to fill gaps in the evidence. It involves the demand for more lengthwise research to properly follow the path of the connection between sports betting and other harmful outcomes.

Seema Kennedy is the President of Action against Gambling Harms

According to the conservative politician Seema Kennedy, investigators would address the gaps recognized by the investigation.

She also said that the significant research proves how much we yet don’t be aware of betting and its impact on the UK community. We expect that these results will motivate research organizations and policymakers to start new work to address the gaps.

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