UK Gambling Industry to Get Back to Its Normal Operation in December

December 7, 2020 John Isaac

The UK sports wagering and sports industry will try to re-open and get back to its old way of operation in December. This is because Prime Secretary Boris Johnson, on Monday 23 November, declared that England will end the national lockdown on the beginning of December.

The lockout on Tier 2 would now allow affected companies to resume their operations in the areas, starting on 5 November and culminating in the closure of betting shops and casinos.

UK Gambling Industry Will Go Back to Normal in December Which areas will reopen again and which activities will be allowed rely entirely on the amount of positive COVID-19 cases, reproductive rate, and the capacity of local National Health System (NHS) divisions to be able to handle all those cases of COVID-19. 

In order best to resolve the crisis, the government will implement some strict measures. Of course, the biggest beneficiaries are betting shops that have to close en masse as the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has long argued against the change.

Not All Venues of the Gambling Industry Will be Reopened Immediately

Casinos and betting shops, which the government considers necessary to remain closed in some areas, will have to face the consequences once again.  The shutdown will happen during Tier 3 while the reopening will happen in Tier 2.

Another huge announcement from Prime Minister Johnson was that supporters would return to the stadium and engage in live events.

This is excellent news for those who have been waiting to return to the stadiums since March when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. However, if that happens the live attendance will definitely be in a reduced capacity.

Venues in outdoor stadiums in Tier 1 can hold 50% of their capacity, no more than 4.000 people. Just 2,000 viewers will be allowed in Level 2, at least before 19 cases start to decline quickly.

In the meantime, indoor stadiums will have either 50% or 1000 fans to participate, whichever is less. In the conversation with the government’s colleagues from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland the steps should be reopened and shut until at least March, the Prime Minister announced.

The BGC was delighted with the news and has for many years been in support of a more targeted strategy to shut down companies and particularly the use of scientific data as evidence of the need for shutdowns.

Dugher Believes that It Will be Unfair if the Government Won’t Reopen Casinos and Betting Shops in Tier 3

BGC has long held that all types of firms were entirely able to guarantee consumers’ protection and limit the chances of spread of the disease when it comes to betting shops and casinos.

“On top of the stringent anti-Covid measures betting shops already adhere to, our members have agreed to further restrictions to limit any chance of Covid-19 being transmitted in their premises,” – said Michael Dugher, BGC CEO.

Dugher also emphasized that it would be incorrect for the government to tackle casino and betting shops in Tier 3 regions and should advise them to determine their real risk of disease spread in these areas.

He informed the government that casinos have been unable to achieve the protection of employers and workers in the hospitality industry. Dugher and the BGC were both delighted that the deadline would be extended to 11 p.m. and companies could generate revenue a little later.

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