Sports Gambling Ban in DC Was Lifted in October

December 9, 2019 John Isaac

Just a few days ago the D.C. Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) announced that it will start releasing applications for sports wagering licenses.

Washington D.C

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In response to a lawsuit alleging that District Lottery administrators unlawfully awarded Intralot a $215 million deal without competition from other companies, D.C.’s plans to move forward with sports betting were halted by a September court order.

The ban was lifted in October, allowing sports gambling to continue to be enforced.

“Our team has been working to establish a framework for regulating sports wagering that is fair and fosters public confidence and trust in the process while generating new revenue for the District. We look forward to receiving applications and to the sports wagering industry soon launching in the District of Columbia,” explained OLG Executive Director Beth Bresnahan.

Applicants Will Be Exposed to Background Check

The applications which will be available online on December 3 will appear on the OLG’s new sports wagering website. In addition, it will be also possible to access through the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affair’s business licensing portal

Those who consider themselves for potential applicants for licenses could contact the OLG Regulation and Oversight Department and schedule a ‘scope of licensing’ meeting with a purpose to receive all the necessary details regarding the application process.

Applicants are required to submit substantial information and documentation in order OLG to obtain the necessary insight into their qualifications for a license. On top of that, the applicants will be exposed to a comprehensive background investigation to determine whether they are a good fit for the market.

The OLG must issue a status report for all requests submitted by the Operator and Management Services Provider. This will include the name and purpose of the claimant, the position of the proposed sportsbook and the condition of the submission or the outcome of the investigation.

The OLG will post the name of the applicant, the location of its business, a description of its services and the status or outcome of its application review for applications in the supplier category.

Mayor Muriel Bowser of D.C. signed off on the Sports Wagering Lottery Expansion Act in January, with Intralot later winning a contract to run lottery and sports betting facilities.

D.C. Was Involved in a Scandal Regarding Sports Betting

Nonetheless, a D.C court ruled in September that the agreement would be temporarily suspended and a controlled market would be disrupted. The court ruling stated that there was a “substantial likelihood” that would succeed in a lawsuit alleging the deal violates federal law.

Mobile app developer Dylan Carragher filed the lawsuit against D.C, claiming the deal was in violation of the Home Rule Act establishing Washington D.C. powers.

According to Carragher, the deal without a bid in which Intralot received the deal is an ultimate violation of the DC citizens’ rights to receive the competition set by the government in a way that is fair and legal.

On the other, the contract between the D.C. Lottery and Intralot states that the operator would have powered a citywide mobile offering, betting via lottery retailers as well as businesses such as bars and stadia to apply for betting licenses.

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