Children Will Learn About Gambling Addiction Prevention in Schools

March 25, 2020 John Isaac

Education on gambling will become a mandatory feature of the political, educational, health and economic (PSHE) school curriculum of the UK Department of Education starting in September 2020.

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Through regulation, schools must be mandated at the beginning of the next school year to educate kids about the dangers involved with gambling, such as increasing addiction and the ability to build financial debt by gambling.

The new curriculum guidelines were originally published in June 2019, and even though the Department of Education has instructed schools to embrace these last September, it will now become mandatory.

This curriculum will operate as part of a larger effort to raise awareness and educate young people about the similarities between the online and physical realms and will continue to help them become more cautious consumers of information they find on the internet.

To support the new curriculum, the PSHE Association has established a sequence of lesson plans which incorporate the new curriculum, providing teachers with advice, resources, and training. The last lesson plan for the Association was released in collaboration with GambleAware in late February. This comes as a result of the UK statistics which claim that around 55 000 children are considered to be problem gamblers.

Nick Gibb Is Hopeful This Will Train Young People for Adulthood

State Minister for education standards, Nick Gibb said the department would like to help schools ensure that young people are prepared with skills and train them for adulthood, including the dangers of risky behavior and addiction.

“Many schools, through existing Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, already teach about the dangers of gambling – including the psychological and financial impact. But I want to ensure every child understands the risks, which is why we are making Health Education – including issues such as addiction and cumulative debt – compulsory from September” – concluded Gibb.

This Comes After the Issue with Betway

The PSHE program will also educate adolescents about the services available for gambling-related injury, in addition to risks and obligations, as well as recognizing social systems that benefit victims and disadvantaged customers.

In other words, PSHE focuses on providing a clear understanding of risks and information for pupils to make responsible and knowledgeable choices on adult topics relating to alcohol prevention, money control, sex and relationships, and the value of keeping a healthier lifestyle.

This comes after a record-breaking fine was given to the online gaming firm Betway by the Gambling Commission for numerous regulatory violations connected with gambling issues as well as money laundering.

In the last few years, the gambling industry has significantly expanded, especially since it became available online, which is one of the main reasons why it became so easy to reach for children and teenagers. To avoid children growing up and becoming gambling addicts, the UK Department of Education has developed the previously mentioned program where children and teenagers could receive all the necessary information and education not only in terms of gambling but also in a number of other topics that are part of every adults’ daily life. This should help them more aware of their future and inspire them to make better decisions now and when they become adults.

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