Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Casino Restores the Requirement to Wear Face Masks for Employees

August 9, 2021 John Isaac

Company Members Wear MasksCasinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are ordering staff to wear masks indoors again as COVID-19 cases rise. The COVID-19 pandemic has broken out in the south. Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama have the maximum number of cases, and the number continues to rise. Regarding casinos in Mississippi, the authorities are now requiring staff to use masks at all times inside. By wearing masks, authorities expect to help reduce the number of infections in the Gulf region. The workers need to wear a face mask whether they are vaccinated or not.

Why Wearing a Mask is Mandatory Again?

The decision to resume mask use among workers was made shortly after the US CDC released new information on the need to wear masks.

MGM Resorts and Boyd Gaming already asked workers to wear masks. Moreover, Biloxi sites have re-enforced this order and will not endure workers who do not fulfill instructions.

Health professionals are worried that slow vaccination is referring to a large number of positive cases. Since casinos include social activities and users touch slot machines, cards, and chips, it is also significant to regularly clean and sanitizes. Casinos continue to maintain sanitation procedures to ensure proper disinfection of high traffic and high contact areas.

On the other hand, masks are not mandatory for customers. However, casinos provide face masks for anyone who wants to use them. Unvaccinated customers need to cover their faces, but Mississippi casinos do not request anybody to show proof of vaccination.

The casino expects the lottery will encourage users to get vaccinated. Treasure Bay Casino does not require the use of masks but does encourage staff vaccinations. A drawing will be held among the exhibitors, and the winner will receive a cash prize of $ 500.

Will the Lock Down of 2020 Happen Again?

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, many wonder if the rise in positive COVID-19 cases will get worse. The Delta variant is the leading type of corona virus currently spreading and it affects children more seriously than the parent strain. With a maximum prevalence, a lot of positive cases may continue to rise.

In the US, several casinos like Scarlet Pearl, the Palace Casino, the Treasure Bay, and Scarlet Pearl Casino have demanded staff vaccinations and re-masking.

Closing is not an option for casino operators. Operators are committed to keeping staff and users healthy. Casino operators believe that social distancing, mask mandates, and regular cleaning; these measures will be sufficient to keep the sites open.

It is currently unknown if closings are coming, but it depends on whether they remain open depending on the casino. It should come as no surprise if additional restrictions are introduced in the future, including the use of guest masks, if the virus keeps spreading at its current rate.

It remains to be seen if the gambling business suffers as it did in 2020. However, if the number of infected cases gets reduced then perhaps, the casinos might remain open.

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