The PM of Ireland Asks the Legislative Commission to Consider Introducing Stricter Measures Against the Betting Industry

August 7, 2021 John Isaac

The Ireland PM proposed that a multi-party legislative commission could consider ways to introduce stricter rules for the betting sector.

New Gambling Legislations Suggested by The Irish Prime MinisterAccording to Michel Martin, the administration will consider a labor law banning the advertising of gambling. Mr. Martin stated the issues associated with betting as a “terrible disease” that negatively affects people and their families.

The assessment of the betting industry should also include the creation of a dedicated betting regulatory body. The announcement of the possible introduction of stricter controls on the betting sector came just days after Michael D. Higgins noted it was necessary to address the problem of several bookmaker advertisements in the Irish media. It is the 2nd time Michael D. Higgins has condemned betting ads, the Casino Guardian reported.

Labor leader Alan Kelly said the number of bet advertisements placed during the Euro cup was excessive. A few days ago, Kelly asked the country’s PM to comply with Labor Senator Mark Wall’s bill to ban gambling advertising.

The Gambling Act 2021 Aims to Create a Dedicated Betting Regulatory Body

The Gambling (Advertising Ban) Act 2021 aims to ban all betting-related advertising media in audiovisual, digital media, and print in Ireland.

Kelly said that the number of gambling ads has been increasing incredibly. He also said that last year, local players wasted a total of 1.36 billion euros, or about 300 euros per person, adding that this is huge money, particularly knowing that cash comes from a small amount of money made by people.

If Irish lawmakers do not address this problem, the large amount of advertising for betting will continue to lead to serious mental health problems and betting addiction, including suicide. The adverse consequences affect not only the players themselves but also their families.

Kelly said that creating a custom regulator is the right move, but sadly it took a lot of time. PM Martin said the suggested betting regulator would have the authority to supervise both online and offline promotion. Until such a guardian is ultimately set up, a local lawmaker must comply with the abovementioned laws.

About the Operating Licenses

The betting controller will have executive authority to release operating permits and also have the power to enforce measures when gambling providers and individuals fail to comply with laws and regulations. The guardian has also set significant goals to provide a solution to the problem of betting. And to encourage secure and more liable betting among Irish clients.

Apparently, during the isolation from Covid-19, many users have internalized new habits and rules of the game that can prove hard even when things are back to normal. It should consider especially by those actively involved in betting, as they tend to play a wide variety of products and tend to pass money and time on the wager and betting services.

The Gambling Commission has advised betting firms operating in the country to always follow the improved regulator’s instructions during the first COVID lockdown and save the record of user behavior, expenses, and interest in their wallets in games.

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