The White House Is Planning to Re-open US Companies in Three Stages

April 22, 2020 John Isaac

The new coronavirus that first appeared last year in November in the Chinese town of Wuhan and later on took over the entire world, has “forced” the White House to temporarily close the US companies. Companies in the gambling industry were not an exception to this measure either. Last month, over 1,000 casinos all around the US were closed in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID 19.

Night cityscape of Las Vegas

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Nevertheless, these days the White House came up with a proposal to re-open US companies in three stages and experts are trying to determine how it will affect over 1,000 casinos that, as already mentioned, have been shut down due to coronavirus pandemic. The program also includes guidelines for the health and safety of both people and businesses.

Since the closing timing is not the same for each venue, it’s also anticipated that they will not open simultaneously. Joel Simkins, Head of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey’s Gaming and Leisure Investment Banking, made the statement that regional markets are likely to open up before the destinations, such as the Strip or Atlantic City.

It is Not Clear How Social Distancing in Casinos Will Look Like

Moreover, John DeCree, analyst of the Union Gaming Community, also suggested that casinos should be regarded as large venues and that, as long as they follow the conditions contained in the program, reopening could be achieved by obeying the rules of social distance.

“It’s still unclear what distancing protocol would look like for casinos, but could include lower gaming capacity, greater spacing between active slot machines, fewer seats at live gaming tables, and dealer masks.”- noted Decree.

Matt Maddox, CEO of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas also has some great news for the clients. He announced that the casinos in Las Vegas should start with operation again in the middle of May. However, he mentioned that all the safety measures will be taken and there will be reduced occupancy, on-site physical distancing steps, temperature controls, and no large gatherings. Masks will be also used.

While Governor Steve Sisolak did not include a timetable for the end of the lockout, casinos in Nevada are keen to return to business. For the casinos of his company, Maddox introduced health and safety guidelines to include a limited number of people in an elevator and automatic or propped-open entrance doors. Nevertheless, there is also a threat that may change all the plans casinos have. Health experts are warning of a possible second wave of the new coronavirus that might take place in the following months.

The US Is the Most Infected Country from COVID 19 in the World

At the moment, the US remains to be the most infected country from COVID 19 in the entire world, even more than China which is believed to be the country where the new coronavirus originates. Up until now, there are over 784 200 cases of COVID 19 on the territory of the US and over 2 million cases all around the world. The new coronavirus has infected over 210 countries and territories in all the continents in the world except Antarctica which remains intact. The epicenter of the virus at the moment is considered to be New York with most cases of infected people.

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