Wyoming Sports Betting May Start 1st July

April 10, 2021 Matt Speakman

Wyoming may be the new State to authorize sports gambling, and lawgivers are producing a very aggressive schedule as to when to start. It is the 2nd occasion, sports gambling is being discussed in Wyoming, but at this moment, there seems to be more support.

First of July Pointed as Launching Date for Wyoming Sports BettingHouse Bill 133 was passed by 32 votes to 28. And the bill was returned as a proposal for reconsideration. Then the bill was sent to the state Senate, and the Senate made a decision as well.

The Senate committee had little objection to Horse Bill 133 and is now going to the State Senate for a final vote. Customer safety is central to this bill, but it is surprising how little resistance there is.

Sports gambling was originally dismissed at the beginning of the year, and it is unclear what prompted the House of Representatives to renegotiate the bill.

Possible Billing Information

The Wyoming Gambling Commission will be responsible for managing the business if the bill goes into force. Online and retail gambling choices are anticipated to be added, but nothing will be official until it launches.

Lawmakers expect the start date to be 1st July, but it is not sure. There is a possibility to extend the start date to 1st September to provide Wyoming more freedom to complete.

The betting will be legal only for people aged 18 or above.

Online sports betting providers operating in at least three other States may enter into the Wyoming business. There will be a 100k dollars new license price with a 50k dollars renewal price. The suggested tax rate of 10% goes to the general government reserve, some share of which goes to health programs in the Wyoming State.

DraftKing Will Probably Join the Market in Wyoming

The State is expected to attract one of the best online sports gambling providers in the United States, giving the Wyoming State a wonderful start. DraftKings is also assumed to apply for a state permit, and the organization has displayed support for the new bill.

According to DraftKings, one of the best advantages of this program is that the proposed tax rate is comparable to the Colorado rate. Online gambling is proceeding to control the whole United States market. It is also essential to include it in a final law if Wyoming needs to reach the full potential of sports betting.

Competition Surrounds Wyoming

Wyoming legislators are trying to bring sports gambling very quickly because this state has become a hot spot for the business despite that it is already legalized in Colorado.

Colorado had multiple sports gambling totaling over 320 million dollars in January. It has now set itself as one of the leading sports gambling marketplaces in the US. Wyoming may not be such a big market, but it can compete with Colorado.

Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem just signed the legislation to approve sports gambling in the country. One of the benefits for Wyoming is that online sports betting is not currently legalized in South Dakota.

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