Pokerstars Kicks off Scoop Afterparty Tournament Series

May 19, 2021 Scott Bowen

New Scoop Afterparty Tournament Will Be Launched by PokerStars The online poker tournament series SCOOP has just ended, but that does not mean the celebrations are over. PokerStars launched the SCOOP Afterparty a few days ago. It is a short series of tournaments for users looking for more SCOOP.

The tournament will continue until Sunday, May 18th. It will feature 60 events across three levels for a total of 180 events. The event takes the same technique as SCOOP, as each event has three buy-in levels. On May 16, there were 3 main events with buy-ins of $ 55, $ 530, and $ 5200.

PokerStars also runs freerolls regularly, which give away 250k dollars’ worth of tickets for two weeks.

Scoop Give 140 M Dollars in Cash Prizes

The SCOOP itself ended the last event with over 1.7 million entries. These contributions helped to exceed the $ 100 million to $ 140 million guaranteed prize pool.

According to Severin Russet, it was great to see the PokerStars launch SCOOP using the calendars, promotions, and giveaways we created. He also said it was one of the most famous events, and players have been waiting for it all year round. This year, the total jackpot prize pool to SCOOP users over the years has exceeded one billion dollars. It is a great success, and credit goes to the gaming community.

There have been six major SCOOP tournaments, including 3 Pot-Limit Omaha and 3 No-Limit Hold’em.

The best event of all this was the No-Limit Hold’em with 10300 dollars. It attracted 664 participants and brought 6.64 M dollars in the prize category. The 109 dollars No-Limit Hold’em drew the most number of entries with 38913 participants.

Many players have had outstanding streaks in the SCOOP event, but RunGodlike is one person who deservedly stands out and won his 6th title. Since 2018, RunGodlike has won at least one SCOOP prize every year.

PokerStars Apologized to Leonard

In addition to the general classification, the player in the series who took first place was Zapahzamazki. Following the final event, Patrick Leonard was named the undisputed champion. He finished eleventh and gave the prize to Leonard.

After the series, Leonard tweeted PokerStars that he believed he accidentally earned qualifying points for the event that he did not trade and therefore should not get any score. He considered Zapahzamazki should be on the show. It means that he would win a 25k dollars prize on an all-or-nothing basis.

After the following day, PokerStars verified that he mistakenly earned the score that he hadn’t earned. He was crushed, although he knew what could happen since he was the one who reported it.

Later, PokerStars sent him an apology text message, stating that they were still giving him the prize. After that, he decided to give everything to charity.

For those who are not familiar, Patrick Leonard is a British professional poker player. He was born in 1989 and is considered to be one of the biggest MTT players worldwide.

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