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September 2, 2019 John Isaac

Better Collective, the leading developer of educational platforms within the iGaming industry with headquarters in Denmark, has made a legendary move and acquired two US web portals: and

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The leader of the iGaming industry has paid even $20 million in cash for the two previously mentioned US gambling web portals while earlier this year paid $21 million in cash for purchasing 60% of the RotoGrinders network with an objective to acquire the remaining 40% in the period between 2022 and 2024. and have been on the gambling market for over 20 years and therefore, it is an honor for Better Collective to have them on their US portfolio.

CEO of Better Collective Believes In Their Potential On The US

Jesper Søgaard, the CEO and co-founder of Better Collective, has stated that the two web portals have the potential to become the largest revenue-generating assets within Better Collective in the coming years. In addition, he added that they have significant synergy effects with our other US-facing assets and that he is confident that they have put Better Collective pole position for a market-leading position in the US states where online sports betting will be regulated and available.

The main aim of Better Collective is to educate and entertain users in the US right in the period when a few states are starting to regulate online sports betting. For that purpose, after Better Collective’s acquisition of and will be changed towards affiliate marketing within sports betting or, what people know as, lead generation.

Better Collective Will Make Overhaul In The Two Web Portals

Better Collective is planning to make a commercial and technical overhaul of the websites with a purpose to facilitate regulated affiliate marketing and related revenue from the US states that allow online sports betting at a current moment.

Better Collective seems to be aware that during the transitional period of the web portals, the revenue and earnings might be reduced for a short amount of time, however, after the termination of that period, they expect a rise in the revenue without any profit for the remainder of 2019.

Why and

For people who are not that familiar with and – the two date back to around 20 years ago when both of the web portals were founded with the aim to provide a clear insight of the market-leading odds and sports statistics in the US.

Therefore, in order to continue the successful journey of these two web portals, Better Collective has already recruited 10 employees in Fort Lauderdale, Florida through a wholly-owned subsidiary. The team of 10 employees will work closely with Better Collective’s existing entities in Nashville, Tennessee and New York with a goal to establish a rapid transition into the new revenue model, as well as, to optimize the user experience within subscriptions and pick sales.

The acquisition of the two web portals has been made as a purchase of the domains and related databases by Better Collective Florida, LLC.

In a continues discussion with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement the transaction for the acquisition has been reviewed with the purpose of Better Collective using the sites under the licensing regime in the state of New Jersey.

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