H2 New Tracker Tracks How Gambling Companies Are Recovering From COVID 19

June 29, 2020 John Isaac

A new Quantitative Tracker has been added to the H2 Gambling Capital database which details the close-outs and re-openings of CO VID-19 land-based market gambling.

Displaying data on a computerConsidering that the lockdowns are slowly closing, the H2 COVID19 Recovery Tracker adds additional insight to the H2 COVID19 matrix by showcasing the effects of national and by-product shutdowns and re-openings in land-based gaming markets worldwide, from the start of the first lockdown to this date.

At the moment best estimated 73.5% of land-based gambling markets worldwide have opened their doors once again which represent 83.7% of the total market value. The matrix that is kept up-to-day on a daily basis tracks the shutdowns and reopening dates of every land-based company of this industry including gaming, betting and lottery verticals as well as general market restrictions and how it has impacted on some big sports events that are relevant for the industry

The company has created this analysis intending to reflect the aggregation of every change that is happening since the outbreak of the pandemic and how it has impacted the industry.

Furthermore, the intelligence made by the H2 COVID19 Impact Matrix serves to notify all of H2’s forecast revisions throughout the crisis caused by COVID-19.

In the first week of April 2006, the global industry was at its lowest, with 68% of worldwide gaming market closing, which accounts for 63.4% of market value.

North America, Asia, and Europe are actually the nearest regions to their maximum potential, with markets accounting for 88%, 87.3%, and 85.1% respectively, of the overall value of each region. However, for the foreseeable future, only 11,4% and 13,7% of its markets remain open for Latin America and Africa, with the majority facing indefinite shutdown periods.

Lotteries Were the Least Affected From COVID-19

Lotteries were the least affected by the COVID-19 lockdown as most countries allowed them to keep functioning as normal, only 22.0% of the global lockdown value at its lowest point had been closed and only 8.8% still had to be resumed. The most seriously affected were gambling operators with more than 83.4% of the market value closed at the peak of global closures while 20% of world gaming markets still have to be reopened.

Analysis of the recovery and reopening rate in markets that remain closed means that H2 does not anticipate that full return to 100% of open markets will take place until the late Q3.

COVID-19 Causes Many Companies to Fire Their Employees

The new coronavirus known as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization back in March when most of the governments around the world started tacking strict measures in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

Those measures have temporarily shut down many businesses and many of them were seriously affected by that to the point that they had to fire employees or even close some of their locations. Gambling operators were not an exception as they are also now suffering the consequences of the lockdown.

This tracker made by H2 serves to keep the industry up-to-date on how the industry worldwide is recovering from this crisis.

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