Gov. Sisolak Investigating New Restrictions to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

December 2, 2020 John Isaac

COVID-19 Molecule Zoomed in Over a Blue Background The administration of Gov. Steve Sisolak is investigating all possible prevention measures in order to deal with COVID-19 while struggling to manage public health and economic impacts. Around the same time, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights have sent a letter urging him to insist that all state casinos follow a smoke-free indoor regulation which they believe is a safer choice than to close gaming facilities once again.

“My administration is exploring all mitigation options available to get this under control while walking a tightrope to balance public health and economic impacts. The goal is to have the most impact on mitigating the spread and the least impact on our fragile economy,” – said Gov. Sisolak.

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Has Sent the Governor a Letter

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights sent the letter to the Governor on Thursday asking him to encourage all state casinos to enact a smoke-free indoor program that they say is a much safer solution to closing game properties once again.

They claim that this is the only way to preserve the economy and secure people. The group has already previously made this suggestion back in July when the casinos were reopening after the lockdown that occurred after the World Health Organization declared COVID 19 pandemic.

According to Dr. Constantine George, there are three main reasons why going smoke-free is better than closing casinos and sportsbooks again. First of all, keeping the mask down to smoke is a risk to everyone, secondly, smoking causes coughing which could be additional exposure to the virus, and thirdly, smoking is risky because the smoke particles travel further when someone exhales.

Park MGM Is the First Smoke-Free Resort

When Park MGM reopened in late September, it became the first smoke-free resort in the Strip.

In March, the government closed venues like casinos, hotels, and bars to avoid COVID-19 spreading. Restaurants could provide more options for taking and delivery and reopened for dinner in early May. Bars reopened at the end of May only to see those who were forced to close in July without any food. Bars reopened at the end of September. Casinos returned in late October in June, with the newest in the Strip, The Cromwell.

Nevada also has a mandatory mask order requiring public space facial covering, even outside where it is not possible to distance people from others. Reopening enterprises should preserve the capability and social gap of 50%.

Nevada has recorded 1,288 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, with a positive test of 15.6% monthly. The state has reported more than 125,000 cases and 1,947 deaths since the pandemic began in February.

Meanwhile, Sisolak tested positively on 13 November for the COVID-19 and is now isolated, however, he is feeling relatively well.

Many countries are now entering lockdown for the second time this year and the hospitality sector is one of the industries that has been most damaged. However, it is still not known when and whether Gov. Sisolak will close the hospitality venues again in an attempt to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

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